Much like Beni facing a charging army in the cinema classic The Mummy, I abandoned you in your time of greatest need last week post-trade deadline. You know when a trade deadline wrap takes a few dozen mouse scrolls to fully read, the activity was substantial. With all of the moves, new opportunities opened up across the league for young players, wily veterans, and platoon heroes. For leaving you to the charging calvary of baseball information alone last weekend, I apologize. But hey, at least I compared you to the dreamy Rick O’Connell in my metaphor?

And thankfully, with another week of action since the deadline, we’ve gotten a chance to see some of the playing time battles settle. The passage of time has also allowed for some trends to surface that we can try and attack our waiver wires. The biggest change to keep an eye on is team wRC+ since the deadline to find the weakest offenses for pitching matchups. And naturally, we see some of the teams we expected to sink to the bottom post-sale like the White Sox, Rockies, and Guardians, all firmly in the bottom quartile. (Also joining them, sadly and predictably, is the Angels. Poor Angels.)

On top of new opportunities, keep a lookout for the number of games your players are slated for this week. There six teams apiece with seven games (ARI, KCR, NYM, SDP, SEA, and STL) and five games (CHC, CHW, CIN, MIN, PHI, and TOR) this upcoming week. So there are possibly opportunities to swap out a five-game guy for more games if you are in a weekly league.

The stats and ownership percentages below are updated as of noon central time on 8/11.

As always, if you want advice on specific roster decisions you might have, feel free to leave a comment. You can also find me on twitter (X) (@mcouill7).


10/12 Team Adds

Mitch Garver (TEX, 29% CBS Ownership) – Now that Garver has had a few weeks to acclimate to a full-time role behind the plate, he finally looks to be getting comfortable. The DH-masquerading-as-a-catcher has slugged his way to a .298/.375/.509 line (145 wRC+) since the All-Star break with three homers over 64 plate appearances. Some gaudy Statcast numbers over that time also back up that this Mitch-a-palooza is no joke – a 55.3% HardHit-rate and 15.8% Barrel-rate. He’s also regularly hitting in the middle-ish of the order (fluctuating between fifth and seventh) of the AL’s best lineup. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Travis d’Arnaud (ATL, 46% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Alejandro Kirk (TOR, 46% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Yainer Diaz (HOU, 40% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Danny Jansen (TOR, 36% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Gary Sanchez (SDP, 36% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Logan O’Hoppe (LAA, 28% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Endy Rodriguez (PIT, 23% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Ryan Jeffers (MIN, 10% CBS Ownership) – The Twins have finally, mercifully decided to stop giving the washed up Christian Vazquez regular playing time. Jeffers has walked right into the catcher spot and been the most valuable catcher per our Player Rater over the last seven days. I would consider suggesting him for 12-team ownership, but the swing-and-miss in his game (30.1% K-rate this year, 31.5% for his career) is scary. Even with his number one spot in the Player Rater due to four homers, it came with a 41.7% K-rate. But if you are considering rostering Gary Sanchez in your league, I would rather go with Jeffers as he’s picking up at-bats at catcher and DH thanks to Byron Buxton’s latest IL stint. (5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Patrick Bailey (SFG, 19% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Christian Bethancourt (TBR, 12% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Luis Campusano (SDP, 10% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Freddy Fermin (KCR, 9% CBS Ownership, 3-5% FAAB), Connor Wong (BOS, 8% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jake Rogers (DET, 5% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), James McCann (BAL, 1% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Davis Schneider (2B/3B, TOR, 36% CBS Ownership) – For wanting to be a feature film of a playoff team, second base has been an unusual weak spot for the Blue Jays over the past few years. A platoon of Santiago Espinal and Cavan Biggio just hadn’t been cutting it. And Kevin Kiermaier’s (inevitable) injury has forced Whit Merrifield into a full-time outfield role lately. So being able to pluck Schneider out of nowhere (he wasn’t even listed on Fangraphs’ Top 41 Blue Jays Prospects this year) has been a boon for Toronto. The 24-year-old simply obliterated Triple-A to the tune of .275/16/.553 (140 wRC+) with 21 homers and an elite eye (18.4% BB-rate). With his hot start in the majors (.406/.519/.682 over 27 PAs with two bombs), I don’t see the Blue Jays returning to the bland Espinal/Biggio platoon any time soon. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: J.D. Davis (3B, SFG, 46% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Geraldo Perdomo (2B/SS, ARI, 46% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Maikel Garcia (3B/SS, KCR, 45% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Carlos Santana (1B, MIL, 44% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Joey Votto (1B, CIN, 40% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Luis Rengifo (2B/3B/SS/OF, LAA, 36% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Zack Gelof (2B, OAK, 35% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Willi Castro (2B/3B/SS/OF, MIN, 32% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Ronny Mauricio (SS, NYM, 26% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Ji-Hwan Bae (2B/OF, PIT, 25% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Jake Bauers (1B/OF, NYY, 9% CBS Ownership) – Ah, just as Brian Cashman drew it up for his roster down the stretch: Bauers is now leading off and playing every day at first with Anthony Rizzo out. The Yankees have three games at home next week against the less-than-stellar Nationals pitching staff. Any time the Yanks find themselves at home against a righty, Bauers will immediately need to be in consideration for a deep league lineup to roll the dice four-to-five times on connecting on a short porch bomb. The 27-year-old (what? I could have also sworn he would be in his 30’s) sports an .827 OPS and .273 ISO against righties this year. (1-3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Chris Taylor (2B/3B/SS/OF, LAD, 20% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Masyn Winn (SS, STL, 18% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Brice Turang (2B/SS, MIL, 17% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Luis Urias (2B/3B/SS, BOS, 17% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Colt Keith (3B, DET, 16% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Zach McKinstry (2B/3B/OF, DET, 15% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Enrique Hernandez (2B/SS/OF, LAD, 15% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Mike Moustakas (1B/3B, LAA, 14% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Michael Massey (2B, KCR, 11% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Brandon Belt (1B, TOR, 11% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Mark Vientos (1B/3B, NYM, 10% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Brayan Rocchio (3B/SS, CLE, 8% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jordan Diaz (1B/2B/3B, OAK, 8% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Matt Vierling (3B/OF, DET, 7% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Liover Peguero (2B/SS, PIT, 5% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Tyler Black (2B, MIL, 4% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Andy Ibanez (2B/3B/OF, DET, 2% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Jake Alu (2B/3B, WSN, 2% CBS Ownership) – After posting a bonkers .323/.372/.553 (140 wRC+) in Triple-A last year, the 26 year old Alu is finally getting his chance at playing time in Washington. He’s currently the strong-side platoon bat, sharing the keystone with Michael Chavis (he’s still around?!?) but is a third baseman by trade. Alu’s Triple-A line came back to earth a bit this year at .298/.360/.428 (97 wRC+), but that looks a bit like someone bored with riding buses around to places like Allentown, PA, and Worcester, MA. Jake managed to also swipe 16 bags in Triple-A and has three in 13 games in the majors. His ZiPS-projected line of .253/.311/.411 is more than useful in an Only-league if he can continue on a mid-to-upper-teens stolen base pace. (3% FAAB)

Matt Beaty (1B/OF, KCR, 0% CBS Ownership) – After Nick Pratto succumbed to a groin injury, Beaty has managed to find himself in a strong-side platoon in Kansas City. The Royals are one of the few teams with seven games this upcoming week, with only one lefty on the schedule (Justin Steele), so there should be some at-bats coming for this average-only bat (.250/.321/.404 career slash line).  (1% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Nolan Jones (1B/OF, COL, 52% CBS Ownership) – With the Rockies having seven home games this upcoming week against the D-backs and White Sox, I bet you knew I would be shoving some Colorado bats down your throat. Well, I am who I am who I am. Jones’ ownership is slightly higher than I typically suggest for this piece (50% is my threshold), but he’s likely still on some wires after Bud Black has spent most of the season adjusting his playing time like a miserly middle-aged father toggling the thermostat on a 100 degree day. Jones has been very productive since the ASB with a .253/.321/.533 line (112 wRC+) with six bombs, two stolen bases, and 25 combined runs and RBI. Sure, he’s whiffing a lot over that span (34.5% K-rate), but I want my Rox bats swinging for the fences every time in Coors. (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Luke Raley (1B/OF, TBR, 46% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jake McCarthy (ARI, 44% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Charlie Blackmon (COL, 43% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Adam Duvall (BOS, 38% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), LaMonte Wade (1B/OF, SFG, 36% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Max Kepler (MIN, 34% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Will Benson (CIN, 31% CBS Ownership Rate, 1-3% FAAB), Jose Siri (TBR, 28% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Kerry Carpenter (DET, 22% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Matt Wallner (MIN, 22% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Tommy Pham (ARI, 22% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Mark Canha (MIL, 21% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Jurickson Profar (COL, 17% CBS Ownership) – With that Jones blurb above, you probably knew this once again spotty suggestion was coming. Profar is still hitting lead off (sigh), but his line in Coors is more than useful in deep leagues (and even some 12-teamers, if desperate) with a slash of .281/.364/.432. (1% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: David Peralta (LAD, 17% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Ryan O’Hearn (1B/OF, BAL, 16% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Seth Brown (1B/OF, OAK, 12% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Johan Rojas (PHI, 11% CBS Ownership, 3-5% FAAB), Oscar Gonzalez (CLE, 10% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Everson Pereira (NYY, 9% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Drew Waters (KCR, 8% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), J.J. Bleday (OAK, 6% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Brenton Doyle (COL, 6% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Lawrence Butler (OAK, 6% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Akil Baddoo (DET, 3% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Rafael Ortega (NYM, 0% CBS Ownership) – Ortega is exactly the godsend you were looking for if desperate for an outfielder in an NL-only league. After languishing in Triple-A this year with Texas and New York, the 32-year-old is getting his chance at full-time at-bats in the Big Apple thanks to Tommy Pham’s departure and Starling Marte’s IL visit. When given semi-regular playing time with the Cubs in 2021 and 2022, Ortega managed a .265/.344/.408 line with 18 homers and 24 steals over 701 plate appearances. I doubt you will see a chance at anyone better in an NL-Only to come through the wire rest of season, so be aggressive if needed. (3-5% FAAB)

Dairon Blanco (KCR, 2% CBS Ownership) – Is Blanco ever going to get full at-bats? No. Is he a fast mother fucker? Yes. Even in a part-time role, he is pacing for around 40 steals in a full season. With the Royals having seven games next week, here’s a chance to make up some ground in the SBs category in a weekly league. (3% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Graham Ashcraft (CIN, 55% CBS Ownership) – Despite having two starts in Great American Smallpark this upcoming week, I feel confident enough in Ashcraft’s recent work to start him. I’ll take the start against the lowly Guardians (and their collective 39 wRC+ since the All-Star break) and hold onto my butt for the Blue Jays start. Over his last eight outings, the Reds righty has posted a 1.94 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, and 51.4% groundball rate over 51 innings. Not everything is roses as he also has a 4.56 FIP, 94.8% LOB-rate, and .234 BABIP over that period. But in watching Ashcraft pitch, he’s doing a great job of late working hitters with his 127 Stuff+ arsenal, brilliantly mixing and matching his cutter (115 Stuff+) and slider (166 Stuff+). I also love that he should have some cushier matchups after the two home outings next week, as the Reds start a road trip that goes through Anaheim, Phoenix, and San Francisco starting August 21. (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Cole Ragans (KCR, 50% CBS Ownership, 3-5% FAAB), Chase Silseth (LAA, 42% CBS Ownership, 3-5% FAAB), Cristopher Sanchez (PHI, 41% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), JP Sears (OAK, 37% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Hyun-Jin Ryu (TOR, 37% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jose Quintana (NYM, 31% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Carlos Carrasco (NYM, 25% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Emerson Hancock (SEA, 25% CBS Ownership, 3-5% FAAB), Brandon Williamson (CIN, 24% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Zack Littell (TBR, 14% CBS Ownership) – The Rays can’t keep getting away with it, right? Well, think again, sucker. This time, they’ve taken a five-year veteran reliever with a 4.66 career FIP and converted him into a solid starter. In his three real starts this year (he also has three opener “starts”), Littell has cruised his way to a 2.65 ERA (3.03 FIP) in 17 innings with two wins and two quality starts. He also has a nice two-start week scheduled for at San Francisco and at Anaheim. (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Paul Blackburn (OAK, 15% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Reese Olson (DET, 14% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Ross Stripling (SFG, 14% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Matthew Liberatore (STL, 14% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), John Means (BAL, 14% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Luis Medina (OAK, 13% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), David Peterson (NYM, 10% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Adrian Houser (MIL, 9% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jesse Scholtens (CHW, 6% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Xzavion Curry (CLE, 6% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Joan Adon (WSN, 4% CBS Ownership) – If you’ve been reading this article all season, you would have been prepared for Adon’s arrival way back in May. After a middling 4.62 ERA and 8.2 K/9 in 87.2 Triple-A innings and a couple of bullpen outings, Adon looks to finally be in the Nationals’ rotation. In his first two starts, he has a win and 10 Ks while allowing five earned runs in nine innings. If you are still looking for some strikeout volume help after whiffing on your NL-Only Lance Lynn waiver bid, Adon is probably your best shot to add some punchouts rest of season. (5% FAAB)

Randy Vasquez (NYY, 5% CBS Ownership) – Despite working in a bulk reliever role for his win last night, Vasquez should occupy a Yankees rotation spot with Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodon both returning to the IL this week. Randy has been solid but unspectacular in Triple-A this year with a 4.76 ERA over 75.2 innings. But his main calling card has been the strikeouts, as he was able to fan Triple-A bats at a 10.8 K/9 clip. (3-5% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Gregory Santos (CHW, 24% CBS Ownership) – Even if Santos is likely the rookie Keynan Middleton accused of sleeping in the bullpen, those possible naps are doing the 23-year-old’s body good! Santos has been sneaky good this season with a 2.60 ERA (3.07 FIP), 1.25 WHIP, and 8.7 K/9. His 98-mph fastball pairs well with a 163 Stuff+ slider. Maybe Middleton needs to get with the new age of medicine and learn up on the benefits of naps? (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Giovanny Gallegos (STL, 38% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Yennier Cano (BAL, 33% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Michael King (NYY, 27% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Bryan Abreu (HOU, 27% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Joel Payamps (MIL, 25% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Justin Lawrence (COL, 24% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Brooks Raley (NYM, 22% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Brusdar Graterol (LAD, 20% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Trevor May (OAK, 19% CBS Ownership) – I have no idea how May stuck on the A’s through the trade deadline. I guess it speaks to how little real baseball teams care about his skills. Well, May is having the last laugh now as he’s racked up a win and two saves since the deadline. (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Adam Ottavino (NYM, 18% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Carlos Hernandez (KCR, 15% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Mark Leiter Jr. (CHC, 12% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Tyler Rogers (SFG, 11% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jason Foley (DET, 7% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Reynaldo Lopez (LAA, 6% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Chris Martin (BOS, 5% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Griffin Jax (MIN, 5% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Drew Smith (NYM, 2% CBS Ownership) – While everyone rushed to add Brooks Raley after David Robertson’s departure, Smith might be the dark horse closer candidate in Queens. Points in Smith’s favor: 1) he’s right-handed, 2) he has a better Stuff+ grade on his pitch arsenal (121 vs. Raley’s 108, and 3) he has the edge on average fastball velo (95.4-mph vs. Raley’s 90.3-mph). Those are the best markers for a future closer, and Smith looks good in every category. (1-3% FAAB)

Jimmy Lambert (CHW, 0% CBS Ownership) – When Gregory Santos was on the bereavement list last weekend, Lambert was called upon for a save opportunity. I think that shows Pedro Grifol’s preference for him as the backup closer; although, the Sox win so little it’s hard to read the tea leaves. If anything, Lambert should get multi-inning work (two of his appearances since being recalled have been two innings) and provide some cheap, cheap strikeout volume with his 10.4 K/9. (1% FAAB)