I wrote this blurb about Daisuke Matsuzaka, then ran it through an online Japanese translator then converted it back to English.  Here’s what came out — “Dice-K’s arm fell asleep!  You wish he was going to recover like Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai after he found humility. There’s nothing you can do.  Overreact and break all your eggs.  Under react and fall asleep while driving.  The best thing you can do is hope thunder and lightning wake Dice-K’s arm.  Until then, see who the Boston Socks use in his place.  Masterson carry thunder and lightning.”  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Ian Kinsler – 6-for-6 as he hit for the cycle, Marlon Byrd went 5-for-6, 3 RBIs and now batting .417, Nelson Cruz hit his 5th HR and Chris Davis sat.  Why was Chris Davis sitting?  Because of Mark Hendrickson?  Mark Hendrickson just called my house and said he sucks.  For criminy sakes, Andruw Jones looks ownable on that team.  I’m convinced if you put Nick Punto in the Rangers lineup he’d have a three homer game.  Everyone can hit on that team… Well, except Salty, who went 0-for-5.  In a game when your team scores 19 runs, it’s gotta hurt when you take home the goose egg.  I own Teagarden in an AL-Only league for just the chance he gets in on the action.  (Now that’s how you punt catcher.  Starting a guy who’s not even playing.)

Justin Upton – Just missed a home run as he found his stroke a bit yesterday.   First good sign I’d seen all year.

Chris Carpenter – Gone for 4 to 8 weeks.  You say, “So, Grey, what do you think of Kyle Davies?”  As I said yesterday, best case scenario is Carp goes to the DL.  Your wish is my command.  Now you can bury him in your DL spot and move on.  Over/under that he returns and stays healthy the rest of the season?  Slim to anorexic.

Matt Cain – 6 IP, 2 ER and 115 pitches.  Look, everybody, Bochy’s trying to ruin Cain for 2010.

Clayton Kershaw – 7 IP, 1 ER, 13 Ks.  Think it might’ve been the best pitching performance so far this season.  Sure, it was the Giants, but 13 Ks in only 7 innings is impressive.  Not to mention, only one walk for him is very inspiring.

Khalil Greene – 0-for-6.  How’s that boost in value doing him?

Colby Rasmus – We suspect leaguemates thought we were ignorasmuses for drafting him in our leagues.  No complaints just yet.  LaRussa is rotating the four OFs fairly equally (Ludwick has sat the pine 3 times already!) and is batting Rasmus in the #2 slot in front of Pujols.  That means a good amount of Runs and grooved fastballs.   He’s got 20 HR/15 SB potential if he can get 400+ ABs but might cost you on average.  Worth the gamble as a last OF in any league format at this point.  He’s the most loved Cardinals OF since So Taguchi. (I just want to massage him and force feed him beer!)

Cameron Maybin – Hitting .214 on the year with a lot of nothing.  I’m legitimately concerned.  It’s bad predicting a breakout that never comes.  It’s worst to sit on him too long.

Chris PerezCards brought him back and he pitched well, throwing 2 scoreless.  Needs to string a few together before we hail him the Cards closer again, but he’s on his way.

Chipper Jones – I kinda understood the recurring oblique, even though I have no idea what that is.  I was fine with the tricky back.  Hey, my back nags me sometimes too.  But a thumb injury that has him out for two days?  Who injures their thumb for a few days?  It’s either hurt or it’s not.  Who is this guy?  The boy in the bubble?  It’s appropriate he has chin whiskers, cause he’s a pussy. /rant

Xavier Nady – Sounds like Nady might need season-ending surgery.  And then there were 4.  Outfielders, that is.  Swisher’s value gets a major boost.  He’s still a .250 hitter.  Don’t let extra PT cloud your judgment completely.

Joe Mauer – To start rehab next week.  Doesn’t matter to any of you though, only auto-drafters own him.

Huston Street – Kazaam!  Naturally, Corpas is a good handcuff to have because Street has stunk up the joint from here to Buddakan, but I still think the Rox want Street to close and raise any trade value he might have.

Mark Reynolds – HR yesterday.  Davis 2, Reynolds 2.  Now jab!

Scott Baker – Returned with a 4 IP and 6 ER night. Was on our risky pitchers post (I’m done linking to it, search the site).  Guys and dollfaces, Baker’s going to struggle for a while to get up to speed then you have to hope he doesn’t hurt himself again.  This is not evolving into a great scenario.

Ichiro Suzuki – Returned with a steal and a grand slam.  Hey, Baker, now that’s an entrance!

Aaron Hill – 3 HRs and 11 RBIs on the season.  I’m buying at the expense of some other MI schmohawks.  I’m looking at you, Jose Lopez.

Jay Bruce – Batting .167 on the season.  Someone Google Map Bruce the strike zone, pronto.

Emilio Bonifacio – 1-for-6 with 4 Ks.  Uh-oh, someone’s holes are being exploited.

Jered Weaver – 5 IP, 4 ER.  At least his brother always sucks.

Rich Harden – 3 IP, 4 ER.  At least 9 out of every ten Harden owners saw his line and thought he left the game early with an injury.  He duped you!

Robinson Cano – Notoriously awful in April and he’s currently hitting .382 with 2 HRs.  Guess Ivan Rodriguez and Sidney Ponson aren’t the only beneficiaries of the WBC.

Armando Galarraga – 6 1/3 IP, 0 ER.  The regression will not be televised.  But the regression will come.

  1. Emporers Monkey says:

    Kershaw has a long head, like a midget. I don’t trust him.

  2. start Danks vs TB?

  3. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    Harden’s K/9 is sitting pretty at 18.0
    Who is the fool for drafting him in the 7th round?
    Me still probably.

  4. Alex Leeds says:

    I know Chris Davis still has 30/100 potential, but how long should I sit on him before I trade him?

    I’m playing in a salary cap league, thanks!

  5. Emporers Monkey says:

    @danimal35: Im planning on starting Danks tomorrow against Tampa. He is 3-1 career against the Rays with a 2.96 ERA and 1.11 WHIP along with 23 Ks in 24 IP.

  6. Madison Bumgardener says:

    So, Grey, what do you think of Kyle Davies?

  7. johnson21 says:

    Grey, what do you think of Cahill vs. Brad Penny vs. Masterson? One month value and 2009 value?

  8. bostonaccent says:

    Joe Mauer and his future empty batting average are sitting on my DL, and I’m not ashamed of it.* There, I said it.

    Meanwhile, Iannetta has delivered one more hit than Mauer and is causing me to look longingly at waiver wire fodder like Varitek.

    Curse you, distorted early April numbers!

    * unless, of course, this would impact my glossary entry, in which case I feel a deep and unrelenting shame

  9. Eric says:

    @Madison: I like Davies as a back of the rotation type of guy in mixed leagues. His numbers in September were excellent, and he’s had two good starts this year. I picked him up as a two-start pitcher to use once, then discard, but I can’t seem to let him go because he’s pitching too well and someone might claim him if I did.

  10. p0rk burn says:

    @bostonaccent: Mauer is sitting in two of my DL spots and my shame is great. I’m the autodrafter Grey speaks of and I spend my nights sobbing with my face buried in the pillow hoping to never wake. I keep telling myself this is the year Mauer hits 20 homeruns and drives in 100. I also drink. They both seem to take the edge off my Mauerosis.

  11. Tony says:

    I guess I wont hint to my friend how much I liked Aaron Hill in the preseason ever again. I knew he wouldn’t be drafted, and I’ve been watching from a distance, just had no one to drop, DAMNIT!

    Bruce is batting horrible and of course the one damn game i SIT him he goes yard! come on bruce!

    Whats your line on Cruz by years end grey, rudy, or baron Von? 2-5 and 6 rbi’s last night, impressive yet the whole rangers team seemed to have that many hits, rbi’s, etc…..

    Hot starts fizzle alot of times, just curious….

  12. Tony says:

    I am digging the good start by Robinson “CANO YOU DIDN’T”

    Start Wainwright vs. the Cubbies today? As of now I have him in.

    I have Haren, shields, and Jurjjens going Friday?

    Need 32 innings. I have 5 so far. Carp going out in the 3rd didn’thelp.

  13. Tony B. says:

    I jumped off the Maybin train last week for Dexter…

    Rasmus intrigues me, but then again, LaRussa intrigues himself on a daily basis with his lineup. Shouldn’t Duncan be on the 15 Day DL by now?

    I’m an Aaron Hill believer, so much in fact, that I’m looking to deal away Alexei and Gregg for the SouthSide Dankster…

    Being from Ohio, I fancy myself as an Armchair Shapiro on occasion…

    Why don’t the Indians trade for Juan Pierre, stick him in LF and move Sizemore to the 3-hole? Asdrubal should be setting pins at a bowling alley so move DeRosa over to 2B. Acquire Doc Brown’s time machine and go back 2-3 weeks and sign Dallas McPherson to be their starting 3B…

    LF Pierre
    2B DeRosa
    CF Sizemore
    1B Victor
    DH Hafner
    SS Peralta
    RF Choo
    3B McPherson
    C Shoppach

    Man-Ram Over/Under 28 HR’s???

    I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee…

  14. Tony says:

    @Tony B.: The two tonys are from OHIO, alright alright….

    I like that Pierre idea except his salary is what? I think its high and why it looks retarded when he’s NOT playing in LA. He would be nice at the top of that line up tho, i do agree.

    I wouldn’t cut bait on Alexie yet. I watched him from DAY 1 last year and was just waiting to pounce, snagged him as soon as I saw some good games. Maybe he’s just a slow starter type? I mean everyone KNOWS cano is traditionally horrible in APRIL. You wait out april, maybe even may for the solid FINISH cano gives you… I think Alexie will come around. Aaron Hill is not fair trade for him (even tho i love aaron hill, can’t believe i didn’t draft him/take him after I almost started a fan club up for the guy last year!)


  15. Tony B. says:

    @Tony: Nice both T’s from The Heart of It All… I think there is some confusion, I’m not trading Alexei for Hill, I own both, I would be trading Alexei for John Danks…

    You’re right though, I might as well hold Alexei and play Hill until he strings together a few good at bats…

  16. PhillyYorker says:

    Here comes the Davis/Blalock/A.Jones rotation which deprives each of them full fantasy value.

  17. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Tony B.: yeah im waiting on ortiz to come around,him and pedroia stinking it up,gotta hang with them

  18. Tony says:

    @PhillyYorker: Blalock will get hurt in the next 10 days if he makes it that long. No worries about him stealing PT.

    @Tony B.: Gotya, thought you were trading alexie and gregg for DANKS!!! hahaha…. i’d sit on alexie for sure. I dont even think Alexie for Danks is good value. He’s worth at least a Felix Hernandez, Liriano, shields type IMO.

  19. Bill J Cupp says:

    Should i drop Maybin? 10 team league for A Hill? I have Alexei Ram doing nothing at the 2b position…

    I also have Maybin on a 12 team league is it time to dump?

  20. sean says:

    Thinking about trying to nab Carlos Lee while he’s still cold. Anything I should be worried about (besides an owner with half a brain refusing to let him go)??

  21. Tony B. says:

    @Tony: I was contemplating Alexei and Gregg for Danks. I really believe Danks will be a top 10 pitcher this season. I just want to get rid of the headache that is Gregg, I’m pretty set with reliable closers and want to rid my team of the volatile ones.

    I’ve made some trades in the past that looked one-sided against me that turned out well…

    Last year (May 2008) I traded away Miguel Cabrera, Erik Bedard, and Jon Rauch for Chad Billingsley, Aramis Ramirez, Alex Rios, and Joakim Soria. Soon after, Bedard decided to make 1-2 starts for the rest of the season, Rauch was dealt to Zona, and Miggy put up a normal Miggy year. Meanwhile, Billingsley dominated, Aramis put up a solid year as did Rios… and we all know what Soria did.

    Now, any trade I offer that doesn’t look to be in my favor, the other owner gets a little uneasy as if I know something they don’t. I love it when that happens.

  22. James says:

    We all need to have a deep breathe and realize it’s week 2. Players like Maybin, that we highly tout, are still the same player they were two weeks ago. Give them time! Could Bonifacio leading off, which is probably temporary, be in his head and contributing to his troubles? I can envision Bonifacio coming back to earth, Maybin starting the heat up, Maybin going back to who we thought he was, and the earth revolving back to its proper axis point for the month April.

    I wouldn’t jump ship this early in the season, but picking up a similar player like Fowler is fine. Hey, I have both!

  23. Tony says:

    @James: WORD. I’m just waiting for some impatient owner to drop a gem.

    It is early, too early too panic, bench the guy and let them adjust.

  24. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Man, Grey… Why do you gotta go spoil my Galarraga party? I own him in a weekly h2h league. Would you start Galarraga for two starts or Randy Johnson for one start?

  25. Zebo says:

    I picked up Chris Perez, but forgot to cancel the waiver claim, and now I claimed Pat the Bat, and dropped Perez, what to do?

  26. p0rk burn says:

    @sean: No worries there, he always starts slow and then finishes strong. He has to end up with great totals somehow.

  27. BSA says:

    @Zebo: Cry, wipe away the tears and jump back on the Waiver Wire hoping your leaguemates are sleeping.

  28. p0rk burn says:

    @Tony: Tony, I love your site. You have an interesting creative outlet going there.

  29. Tony says:

    @p0rk burn: Thanks man! I have a couple I haven’t gotten up yet:

    Monta Ellis “Best Freestyle Moped Trick” is one…. LOL

    I have many “ideas” in the works, but between coaching, teaching, and managing my fantasy teams a guy can only do so much!!!

    I forgot I even list my website into my posting, how are you checking that?

    http://WWW.CLAYTROPHIES.COM if anyone is wondering…. haha

  30. Thunder Dan says:

    How high are y’all on Aaron Hill? High enough to drop Mike Aviles and plug the guy into your starting 2B spot?

    We’re discussing a shallow league, obviously. Honestly, deep leagues with huge benches are easier to manage — you never have to worry about start/sit decisions. Just roll the guys out there who don’t suck.

  31. Tony says:

    @p0rk burn: Thanks man!

    I finished my Monta Ellis “Best Freestyle Moped Trick” recently, haven’t gotten the images up yet tho!

    Spread the word. I love having people check my stuff. The Barry Bonds Homerun King Trophy was my most “infamous”. I put it on EBAY right after he hit the record setter and had over 50,000 hits, it was very surreal.

    Wish i had more time to make more, the ideas are there, but between teaching, coaching, and managing fantasy teams its tough!

  32. Tony says:

    ohhh EFF it posted, my bad for the double post and this apology for the double post….. thanks again PORK!

  33. dtv says:

    someone just offered me josh johnson for nelson cruz? its a keeper league,
    both players have 3 year contracts left… which side do you like?

  34. Tony B. says:

    @dtv: Depends on your needs, how does your pitching and hitting look?

  35. p0rk burn says:

    @Tony: No worries. The link is from your name, I was curious and hoping it wasn’t porn.

    @dtv: I love me some JJ but that really comes down to whether you need pitching or bats. I think I’d go with JJ just because there are plenty of OF with big sticks.

  36. Falcon says:

    Things look up, things look down. Lackey and Carpenter are playing king of the hill for the privelege of sipping frosties in my green room. Who should I put my money on?

    The up? some DB just dropped Alexei, and I have waiver priority. See you later Teahen.

  37. yoshinorimike says:

    Verlander just got dumped on waivers in my league; worth a flier?

    I’ve got Wandy, Danks and Marmol as my lower tier pitchers, and for underperforming batters I’ve got Maybin.

  38. whigs says:

    Now that Wigginton is getting (temporary) full playing time, is he worth a start for the next couple weeks? I have a 3B on my team who sucks thumb, and I don’t have a backup. Reynolds is somehow available in my league as well…any advice anyone?

  39. thetruth says:

    10 team standard h2h league with 2 UTL spots

    Is it worth dropping Ian Stewart, knowing he has yet to earn an everyday job for Hill. It would just take up a bench spot. Thanks.

  40. cubbies299 says:

    @yoshinorimike: drop maybin. Verlander could put together a great fantasy season. I wouldn’t recommend drafting him, but when he’s a no-risk pickup, you have to pull the trigger. Worst case, he nails you for a 4.5 ERA and 160-170 K’s. You could do worse at the bottom of your rotation.

  41. cubbies299 says:

    @whigs: Wiggington is really boring at the corner. Grab Reynolds, enjoy your 30/10, but if avg is an issue with your team, those guys could hurt you. Still, Reynolds has more value and is the better player.

  42. BigFatHippo says:

    @whigs: Wiggington is worthless till August, check his splits.

  43. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: trying to log on to my rcl latin 9 team page,it wont let me,i can get on the league page justnot my team?anyone else

  44. Tony says:

    Rostering Lyon and Rodney:

    Drop Lyon for Rafael Soriano, Chris Perez, Slowey, or Anibal Sanchez?

    I hate the idea of dropping lyon and leyland changes his damn mind!

  45. Maitland says:

    Shin Soo Choo or Carlos Pena today? Choo is facing CC and Pena is facing Danks who he is 2/10 off.

  46. NoonTime says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I talked to the Internets, they say it’s for your own protection.

  47. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Maitland: id have to go pena,power can strike anyone at anytime

  48. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @NoonTime: protecting me from making stupit moves

  49. Joel says:

    I’ve actually got Mauer. He slid to the 9th round in my draft, (and I had the 9th pick). I had to take him, even though I had McCann.

    I still got my beloved Jay Bruce in the 10th. And my hated Nelson Cruz in the 15th… funny how that works out.

  50. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @NoonTime: its working now,just wanted to set my lineup before gametime

  51. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Joel: you,ll get a good deal for McCann but if maure hits less than 290 he`s no help

  52. Zebo says:

    start Liriano against the red hot jays?

  53. NoonTime says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I read your comment as “if manure hits less then 290” … fitting so far.

  54. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @NoonTime: no,meaning he wont hit hr`s or rbi`s,if he doesnt hit real high then he`s no better no baker

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: Start him.

  56. anon says:

    Do I want Corpas or Dotel? I’d be dropping Jonathon Sanchez, Rickie Weeks, Carlos Guillen, or Jordan Zimmerman. I’m already rolling with Wheeler and Raffy Soriano. 14-teamer

  57. AL KOHOLIC says:

    bonifacio another k today,the fires burning down,,hope for som steals

  58. Zebo says:

    who has a better year, Snider or Dickerson?

  59. JavaBeanHead says:

    Would you rather F.Lopez/Konerko or K.Johnson/Konerko for Weeks/Thome?

  60. Frank Rizzo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I know that Bonifacio came out of nowhere and doesn’t have the sparkling past of some, but why is it he gets jumped on so quickly while guys like Davis, Sandoval, and Bruce get a pass? I own all 3 of those turds and have them sitting on my bench at the moment.

    Bonifacio had 4 K’s yesterday, but that was a 1st. Today he has 1 so far, big deal.

    I’m ready to drop Bonifacio at any time, but I’ll give him and the Marlins organization the benefit of the doubt for a while.

  61. Tony says:

    anyone else hawking anibal?

  62. Frank Rizzo says:

    @JavaBeanHead: I don’t know why you’d care to make either of those trades.

  63. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Frank Rizzo: ive got him also and probably starting him for the foreseable future for steals,but his past downfall has been striking out way to much,so im watching close,he`s got to hit it to get on

  64. yoshinorimike says:

    @cubbies299: @Grey: Narrowing it down, since I think it’s a tad early on Maybin and would result in too many pitchers on my team: drop Wandy to snatch Verlander off waivers?

  65. Jim says:

    Kershaw reminds me of a more durable Kazmir. Little to wild to pitch deep in to games.

  66. Baker had a bad start. Either that or he’s still hurt, but I think it was just a bad start. 4 home runs in 4 innings compared to 20 all of last season.

  67. @Frank Rizzo: The only drawback with Bonifacio is that his upside is very limited. He won’t hit for power at all, so best case scenario is probably a .280 avg with 110 runs and 50 steals.

    Obviously, that’s very useful if it comes true. But he’s not going to turn into Hanley or BJ Upton, simply because he has no power whatsoever. So his upside is Chone Figgins.

  68. Tony says:

    @Vince: what kind of league? I almost say do it, Kelly Johnson is serviceable, but nothing great (is aaron hill on your waiver wire?) 2B is deep, there’s alot of guys I could roll with…. Weaver is nothing special IMO either? It seems like alot but you’re getting one of the best 5 RP’s in the game? Just depends on your needs, league and waiver wire….

  69. Vince says:

    @Tony: It’s a 12 team, H2H, 5×5 league. Non Keeper. We have no MI spot and I also have Weeks at 2B. My SP staff is Oswalt, Wainwright, Josh Johnson, Greinke, Garza, Jered and Ubaldo… My RPs are Bell, Frank Francisco and Rodney… There are some interesting guys on the wire : Dukes, Fowler, Snider, Reynolds, Hill, Cameron, Chris Perez, Kyle Davies…

  70. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Vince: make the trade and grab hill

  71. NoonTime says:

    Victor Martinez first to K in new stadium. Caveman gets first base hit.

  72. mike says:

    Love this site. Has become my new #1 favorite.

  73. Euroalien says:

    In a 12 team 5 x 5 Keeper league, should I drop a player to pick up Chris Perez? My current closers are Cordero, Gregg & Ziegler……. My best options to drop someone are probably Parra, Butler, Gardner or Delmon Young. I think Gardner might get more playing time with Nady getting hurt…… and I’m just not sure if Perez would be that big an upgrade over any of the closers I currently have (if you can call Gregg a closer at this point). Thanks

  74. yoshinorimike says:

    @mike: I wholeheartedly second that mike; this probably doesn’t get said enough but, grey and rudy, you guys are tops~

  75. Probable Party Starter says:

    @NoonTime: Did I ever tell you guys how I used to rip CC? Well, I did. I’m better than V-Mart (who I’ve been accused of having a fantasy bro-mance with)!!!

  76. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Euroalien: ,perez is not the closer(YET)but he should get in the mix soon and if he wins it will be a stud,

  77. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Debating dropping Anibal and Randy (6th and 7th starters) for potential closers Arredondo and Wheeler, what you all think?

  78. jsp2014 says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Shields, and not Arredondo, got the save op when Scioscia didn’t go to Fuentes. I like Randy to turn it around still.

  79. jsp2014 says:

    If I have to drop one in an OBP league, Rasmus or Spilborghs? I feel impulsive dropping Spilborghs but Rasmus feels like a similar fantasy player right now, with more upside.

  80. Euroalien says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll keep a close eye on the Perez situation as he would be a stud if he nails down that position. I keep hoping Gregg will settle down and get enough opportunities to make himself worth starting as an RP.

  81. Frank Rizzo says:

    Hmm. Just offered Kinsler straight up for Braun. I know it’s not enough, but for a guy that’s low on SB’s and Hudson as his 2b….not to mention that Braun may be more hurt than he’s saying, it definitely makes me say hmm.


  82. Frank Rizzo says:

    Looks like you were right Al Koholic. Bonifacio is fading fast.

  83. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Frank Rizzo: young hitters can start off good,but if the league finds a weakness,curve ball inside and low etc,they`ll exploiy it,im still hoping he gets back to hitting enough to steal but i might sit him a couple of games to see,only 2 bad games but striking out a bunch makes me wander

  84. Juice says:

    @Grey: QUICK ANSWER NEEDED!! H2H Points Keeper League. Trade Ryan Braun for Cole Hamels? I guess I am not asking your opinion, more so are you worried about Hamels injury since I’ll be giving up a keeper? Also would you trade Braun for Halladay? Now the second question I do want your opinion.

  85. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: Just say the word on dumping Maybin, or did you just do that?

  86. NoonTime says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I am with you AL … punch up the “last 7” for Bonifacio and it’s really not that impressive (0 steals). I think he’s a sell high candidate while you can. If you can find a match with another team that needs SB try to trade him for a Cano, or Young type (and I’m not just saying that because I have Cano and Young and am in need of steals). Or pair Bonifacio with any other position to try to upgrade that other position. i.e. Boni and OF for better OF.

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Juice: I’d want Braun in both of those scenarios.

    @Doug Ault: I’m holding for a little while longer.

  88. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Grey: He offered Kinsler for Braun. What if I countered with Kinsler, Carlos Lee for Braun, J Bruce, O Hudson?

  89. albertalbert says:

    You in any leagues that count holds? There are a million breakdowns of what closers to target, but few/none about holds guys. I realize that it’s not as ubiquitous as saves, but who are your top 5 to 10 holds guys that you like?

  90. NoonTime says:

    Apparently the stadium is defective…. gee that’s tooooooooo bad.

  91. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey! Would you rather lose Jered or Ubaldo in the trade? (the trade where I get Lidge for my Kelly Johnson + Jered)

  92. Jeff says:

    Potential trade that I am leaning aginst taking. I give Hanley, I get J Roll and Ichiro. It is a keeper league. Comments?

  93. Frank Rizzo says:

    Question: Why did Hawkins get the save opportunity today and not Valverde?

  94. Vince says:

    So you think that Ubaldo will have a better year than Weaver? I’m asking that because I checked your SP rankings and you have Weaver ranked 37th and Ubaldo ranked 49th…

  95. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Frank Rizzo: ditto,why,????

  96. Vince says:

    @Grey: Oups, forgot to click the reply arrow for my comment #104

  97. Prince says:

    First of all — this is an amazing site! This is my first year playing fantasy BB, and the info here has been fantastic, not to mention the top-notch humor. Nice job, Grey and Gamble.

    I have the following in OF (including bench): Hamilton, Crawford, Hart, Pence, Dukes, Cameron (as utility). I feel I should pick up Fowler, but don’t know who to drop. Spilborghs is also available.

    Similar for SP: with Haren, Bedard, Kershaw, Jiminez, Jurrjens, Baker, Davies, and Lackey, I’m not sure who (if anyone?) to drop to pick up My-Magic-Wandy.

    Thoughts? I’m pretty overwhelmed by all the info, though it IS a lot of fun.

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jeff: Hold Hanley.

    @Frank Rizzo: @AL KOHOLIC: Not sure, the announcers said there might be a reason that will be announced later today.

    @Vince: Because you have Oswalt and Wainwright, I went with the guy with a bit more K upside and felt you could handle his BBs. It’s close to a coin flip.

  99. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: trade or injury,or simply demoted,but pena is there to?tune in later

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: Hold off on Fowler for now. Drop Davies, grab Wandy.

  101. Prince says:

    Thanks Grey. I forgot to mention I ALSO have He-Who-Could-Definitely-Use-Google-Maps Jay Bruce, so I’m top-heavy at OF.

  102. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, start Penny v baltimore, purcey v Oak, or De La Rosa v. LAD? Marshall burned me today, but I’m in a streaming mood.

  103. sean says:

    @grey: wainwright’s walk rate is really worrying me, especially when his IF is booting routine plays that should be DPs. hopefully we can get a cheap W today even though his ratios suck…

  104. Yak says:

    @Grey: Someone just dropped Rios? Is he crazy, or is there something wrong with him, that Google-Stalking couldn’t uncover?

  105. JR says:

    Franklin Morales, post-hype sleeper?

  106. Eric says:

    I know I’m being greedy right now. I currently have Harden, Billingsley, Shields, Kershaw, Meche, Scherzer, Young, Slowey, and Davies. I want to get Wandy Rodriguez. He’s currently a free agent. I just dropped him about 4 days ago for Davies because Davies was two-start for the week. Davies pitched another gem on Tuesday too, so now I’m afraid to cut him. Someone will want him for sure and he could be a gold mine this year. No one claimed Wandy off waivers so other owners must not see his value.
    I want all of those pitchers I have plus Wandy too. The only way to do it is to drop a reserve batter or a closer. My 4th closer is Lindstrom. Other closers are Capps, Bell, and Qualls. If I dropped him, I know he’d be claimed in a heartbeat because some teams are desperate for closers. My reserve batters are Chris Young (OF), and Pablo Sandoval, who I’m waiting to get catcher eligibility. I don’t want to drop either one of them either. What to do?

  107. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Penny

    @Yak: Get Rios.

    @JR: Maybe in a few weeks, unless you’re in a deep NL-Only league.

    @Eric: Drop Davies.

  108. Steve says:

    Anyone reading anything into Bourn batting leadoff today. Think it’s a permanent move?

    I grabbed him just in case. Bye bye Endy!

  109. Yak says:

    @Grey: The waiver claim was already in, just double checking.

  110. Yak says:

    @Grey: Also, trade Morneau and Bonifacio for Carlos Lee? Lee is a guy I’m targeting.

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I like him over Endy. Not saying much.

    @Yak: I want Lee there.

  112. Vince says:

    @Grey: Okay, I see what you mean! Thanks for your help!

  113. Prince says:

    OK, last question for a while, I hope.

    Given all my outfielders (Hamilton, Bruce, Pence, Hart, Crawford, and Fowler still out there on waivers), does this trade make sense? = I get Dempster + Cruz, give up Bedard.

    My other SPs are Haren, Lester, Kershaw, Jiminez, Jurrjens, Baker, Wandy/Davies

  114. whigs says:

    Can you help me with some trade advice?

    I’d be trading Nelson Cruz and E Volquez for Dan Haren.

    I have a wealth of OF’s and we only start 3: Braun, Upton, Kemp, Victorino, Cruz, and Adam Jones My pitching staff is as follows: Billingsley, Nolasco, Harden, Volquez, Danks, and Galarraga.

    Its just a points league, head to head style (i know, i know, make fun), but its slightly tweaked to marginally favor k/9 and power hitters (HR/TB).

  115. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Has Adam LaRoche learned to play baseball in April or is this a fluke?

  116. Steve says:

    @Grey: You know it. Bourn’s only appeal is as a guy who could steal a bunch in a hurry – esp if he has a leadoff gig.

  117. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    one more quick ?, is there a chance Jason Frasor is the guy over Downs when BJ implodes?

  118. yoshinorimike says:

    @whigs: much as I love Cruz sounds like you gotta take that; Nolasco, Volquez, Danks and Galarraga all could bust pretty bad and you’ve got a packed outfield with both proven value and nice upside. Volquez especially has looked gross this year thus far (and last half of last year).

  119. RT says:

    According to Rotoworld:

    Alex Gordon = Hip Surgery

  120. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    anyone have details on Valverde’s injury? is it anything serious or just a blip?

  121. Steve says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Is it confirmed as an injury? I read somewhere that Cooper maybe didn’t use him cos it was an afternoon game after a night game.

  122. RT says:

    Yup. Backup is Stewart. Fingers crossed for some AB’s

  123. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Steve: Astro’s site says sore back

  124. RT says:

    Astros are saying “sore back”

  125. Steve says:

    @RT: Jeez. dude hasn’t even had a save opp and he gets a sore back?

    Mind you, I sprained my back carrying a Xmas tree, so I’m not really one to talk.

  126. RT says:

    I once threw my back out sneezing in the check out line at the grocery store.

  127. Grey

    Grey says:

    ***Could someone who is not signed up in the forums see if they can? Let me know in these comments, if it worked for you. Thanks!

    Oh, and I’d grab Hawkins where possible.

  128. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Grey: snagged me some Hawkins :), had to drop Wheeler, need to keep a closer eye on Percival now….

  129. Dumbmutt says:

    Thanks for the Hawkins heads up. Dropped Wheeler as well. I never get closers in this autopick league.

  130. Steve says:

    @Grey: Bourn didn’t last long on my roster…

  131. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Grey: Grey is LaRoche doubtful or Frasor? or were you saying doubtful to both?

  132. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: @Grey: I was shocked to see Hawkins still available earlier but didn’t pull the trigger. I should have dropped Putz for him shouldn’t I?

    Oh well, don’t see him succeeding it that role anyway.

  133. whigs says:

    Just signed up. Seems to work fine for me.

  134. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: FYI, Franklin looked good today in Wrigley.

    I think the Bruce Sutter beard helps him strike people out.

  135. willclarkismyhero says:

    @Grey: I just had Gordon go on the DL, and don’t have another 3B. I hate when guys play one game after taking a few off, only to decide they are hurt so the DL stay is even longer. Why couldn’t he just get the surgery last week?

    Should I try and get by with Reynolds (the best 3B on waivers)? My other option is to – I can’t believe I’m typing this – trade Pujols for M. Cabrera (it’s a Yahoo! league and Cabrera has 3B eligibilty). I’m thinking the difference won’t be too huge, and I can plug Votto in at first. Thanks in advance.

  136. Grey

    Grey says:

    @willclarkismyhero: Trade Pujols for Miggy if the other guy goes for it, otherwise you’re not that bad off with Reynolds.

  137. RT says:

    I think today is my black thursday. Gordon, now this:

    Mark Teixeira had a cortisone shot in his left wrist and was examined by a specialist before the game.

  138. Steve says:

    Adam Dunn – I love ya, ya big palooka.

  139. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: The Cubs had given up by the time Franklin came in.

    I about gave up too. My ass froze to my seat. But I’ll be back on Saturday.

  140. Steve says:

    @Steve: Peavy? Not so much.

  141. Martin says:

    alex gordon is on the DL and now needs a-rod like surgery. Should i immediately drop him and pick up travis snider or mike cameroon?

  142. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ugh, I know. Infield hit, walk then a homer. Really annoying.

    @Martin: Cameron

  143. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Oh man, I wish I could have been there. Did you say hi to Freak? Did he blow anything up?

  144. Steve says:

    @Grey: Fear not. Here come the Friars!

  145. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, but Peavy’s thrown way too many pitches at this stage.

  146. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: I saw a lot of freaks, but nothing blew up that I’m aware of.

  147. Steve says:

    @Grey: Shhhh! oh voice of reason ;-)

    Is five innings too much to ask for? That stellar Padres offence will pad that lead for him.

  148. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: You oughta get some better pitchers, trade ya Webb for him.

  149. so grab Hawkins? How serious is this “sore back” of valverdenuts?

  150. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony Y: Don’t know, but better safe than sorry and grab Hawkins if you have room.

  151. drop lyon for him, i’ve been looking for a good reason to drop lyon hahaha

  152. Steve says:

    @Grey: OK. Jake can go put his feet up now.

  153. john says:

    @Grey: lol, so much for starting Maine..he doubled my ERA to 3.42 but i still have the pitching categories pretty locked up, so no real harm done yet

  154. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony Y: Sure, drop Lyon.

    @john: Oh, well. You had to start him against the Padres.

  155. Steve says:

    @Grey: Is Scutaro a hot hand worth riding? I’d only be dropping The Dribble (hehe) for him.

  156. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Sure, go for it.

  157. Mark says:

    Just for the record, Davis was suppose to sit earlier in the week, but Blalock was a late scratch and Davis played. He hit a jack on that game.

    He sat to make up for that game.

  158. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Two ugly wins today! Wainwright and Peavy! Now that is what I call a Double Deuce!

  159. Steve says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I’ll see your Wainwright and Peavy and raise you a Jenks.

  160. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Steve: but you can’t say triple deuce that’s just silly

  161. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Steve: nah, I just really like saying double deuce. Applies to fat chicks, double-fisting large beers, two frat guys with their shirts unbuttoned in public and two crappy wins, or saves.

    Baseball question, Zimmerman is on my bench drop him for the sexiness of Fowler, love that upside.

  162. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Double Deucing – when two fantasy managers keep trying to trade their crappiest players to each other in an escalating war of trade turds

  163. RT says:

    Fantasy Baseball was like a full time job today… Gordon and Tex. Had to react…

    Any thoughts on how I did :)

    Give: Jeer/Fowler/Franklin/Hanson

    Get: ARod/Bonifacio/Nathan

    19 teamer… Very very pleased.

  164. RT says:

    Edit: Jeter

  165. Grey

    Grey says:

    @RT: You did real good.

  166. DrEasy says:

    I knew Ichiro was coming back yesterday, yet I had Schafer at his spot just for one more day, expecting Ichiro to still be rusty. Just came here to say SONOVABENCH! because it makes me feel better. And to thank you guys for a fantastic web site.

  167. Steve says:

    @Grey: Know anything about this Belisario fella on the Dodgers? Has he moved ahead of Wade perchance?

  168. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Thank you!

    @Steve: Could potentially leapfrog Wade. If you wanna roll the dice for Holds, try him out.

  169. albertalbert says:

    I love that you’re still answering fantasy baseball questions. Hardcore.

    Thanks for the middle reliever link. I think holds is pretty undervalued by owners and under reported by FB bloggers/reporters. Guys sell the farm to get a good closer, but cut a Putz or Shields. I don’t get it…

    Also, Grey. I won’t ask advice on every specific offer, but Nelson Cruz. Seriously. The offers are coming in. If you drafted today, approx how high would you take him overall? That will help me get a benchmark for all these power hungry owners…(Tori Hunter went 108 in ESPN, and I wouldn’t trade Cruz for him straight up).

  170. Grey

    Grey says:

    @albertalbert: I’d want a Ludwick or Hart type outfielder in exchange. Think 2nd to 3rd tier.

  171. cubbies299 says:

    Trade Alex Gordon for Ian Stewart? I’m in a dumb league where people tend to trade for name recognition. Do you think this is the best I could ask for at this point?

  172. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: If you can get away with it, but it’s kinda crummy to be trading a guy who will be out for months.

  173. cubbies299 says:

    @Grey: no, he knows the guy’s gonna be out

  174. deepee says:

    What do you guys think about my Uggla & Guthrie for Billingsley? Is that enough for Bills? I own, Hamels, J.Shields, Harang, Guthrie, and Davies.

    12 team H2H.

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