This is it, fellas and three girl readers. The last train is leaving the station. The giddy has just about got up and went. It’s your last chance and I’d throw every single pitcher, not just the ones I have listed here if it meant the difference in my league. You need to do what you do. The line for last week was 5.02 ERA, 1.66 WHIP, 57 Ks and 5 Wins in 77 IP.  Um, that’s hideous.  If I were to remove Eveland, Huff and Lincoln, ERA would drop to 3.52.  So most the damage was done by three guys.  Still, blech.  Let’s see if I can avoid recommending Lincoln for a third week!  To recap, these aren’t guys I’d drop anyone worthwhile to get, these starters are meant for streaming purposes and all of their ownership in ESPN is under 50%. These streamers are in no particular order. Also, in the final days of the season, managers juggle their lineups more, so there’s no guarantee all of these guys are listed on the right day. Anyway, here’s some borderline starters for this week in fantasy baseball:

Friday, September 23rd

Carl Pavano – Against the Indians this year, he’s been a Pava…yes.  See what I did there?  Spectacular!

Rick Porcello – The deal right now, in these last few days of September, is go big or go home or don’t go big and don’t go home.  In other words, you have to decide if you need to start a whole mess of guys to try and win, or if you can coast like the Phils.  Don’t fully trust Porcello but he’s better than some other schmohawks.

R.A. Dickey – He hasn’t been bad in two months and he gets the playoff-bound Phils.  I do tend to shy away from knuckleballers with Dickey being one.  (Must’ve been so hard for him growing up with a name like Dickey and being a knuckleballer.  I imagine it’s hard for anyone under the age of 45 to be a knuckleballer.  Knuckleballers don’t exactly pull the girls.  Or maybe they don’t pull girls so that’s why they become knuckleballers.  Deep thoughts with Grey Albright.)

Brett Myers – I nearly put Drew Pomenranz here too (his opponent).  One million ways to stream, choose one.

Aaron Harang – A few pitchers I liked for today were left off because they were just above 50% owned.  Basically, every pitcher on this Friday is a good spot start.

Saturday, September 24th

Cory Luebke – As good as Friday was for spot starters, Saturday’s that bad.  For full disclosure, I nearly suggested Jerome Williams, but then I thought about Jerome Williams and I decided nah.  Not a capital nah or a no way, just a small quiet nah.

Sunday, September 25th

Mike Minor – Not great matchups today either.  I mean, there’s some good pitchers going but they’re owned in more than 50% of leagues.  Minor’s at least good for some Ks.  BTW, this start could change if the Braves have already clinched.  Then Detwiler’s start vs them wouldn’t look as bad.

Edwin Jackson – Gave me a pretty lousy start last time he appeared in the borderline starter post (5 IP, 5 ER), but I’m a glutton for punishment.  Not gluten, gross.

Monday, September 26th

Randall Delgado – Will be a bit dependent on where the Braves are in the playoff race, but whether they’re in it or out of it, they’re going against the Phils who have packed it up.

Randy Wells – Only because he goes against the Padres in Petco.  On a related note, what are the Cubs doing in San Diego at the end of the season?  I can only imagine how well this would’ve went down if the Cubs were in the playoff chase… Okay, as hard as that is to imagine.

Brandon McCarthy – He’s only listed here because he was under 50% owned when I wrote this up.  I imagine by Monday he won’t be under 50% anymore.  He might not even be by today.

Jason Vargas – Him and McCarthy go against each other.  I don’t stream two pitchers in the same game, but chances are McCarthy will be gone and Vargas could throw a decent game, as well.

Tuesday, September 27th

Jeanmar Gomez – Sounds like a Swedish Latino, doesn’t he?  Swexicano?  Not the greatest of matchups with Gomez going against the Tigers if it wasn’t for the fact the Tigers will be resting for the playoffs.

Wednesday, September 28th

R.A. Dickey – Look at me, double dipping on Dickey this week.  That’s what she said!  Though I’m not sure why she would say that.  It’s not like it would reflect well on her.

Eric Surkamp – Unlike previous years, the Rockies folded up their blankets and checked out in August.  If Surkamp’s gone, I’d look at his opponent, Pomeranz, simply because the Giants aren’t that good.

Brett Myers – The last day of the season is actually a great day to stream pitchers.  Hitters take the last day off, managers bring in Triple-A hitters just to give them a chance to play, people check out, basically.

Brad Peacock – Thankfully, he’s not facing Dickey on the last day of the season because then my head would’ve exploded.  The one on my shoulders.

  1. WhampWhamp says:


  2. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    I could see April Grey (“I like H2H; the slate is wiped clean each week.”) getting in a CT vs. Adam style fist fight with September Grey (H2H sucks; the winner is determined by luck!”)… I’m just not sure which is the 240-pound Wolverine and which is the guy in footy pajamas.

  3. The Den says:

    Grey thanks for another great year of blogging. Unfortunately, Eveland and Huff is why I’ll most likely get 2nd place. (;_;) (<—- Eastern style emoticon for crying)

  4. Eng says:

    Grey, hope the recovery is going well. Pretty certain Luebke goes Sunday vs. Kershaw, not Saturday.

    Please make this call for me (pick one); Milone vs. Atl, Davis vs Tor, Cecil @ TB.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Eng says:

    I’m leaning Milone for Sunday if Atl have gotten their playoff birth, fwiw

  6. Rob says:

    Thanks for everything, Grey! Been a great season.

    In a vaccum, how do you feel about Ervin Santana @ Toronto tonight?

  7. Wilsonian says:

    Is Konerko droppable in a 8 Team H2H? He’s not played in the past two games.

  8. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    I don’t know if it is just me, but comments seem to be disappearing again. Once there were 30 comments; now shows 15.

  9. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    OK. I thought the problems were behind you already. And I think the Cards’ season just ended.

  10. vinko says:

    Yea, I keep getting an error message stating that my account at Razzball has been suspended and to please contact billing/support. Especially when I try and visit Chet over at RazzFootball.

  11. Eddy says:

    Anyone catching Matt Moore’s start @NYY?

    5 IP, 11 Ks.

    Granted, I think they rested five of their regulars, but impressive nonetheless. His arsenal has been superb.

  12. Steve says:

    This isn’t good. My opponent has Benoit, and here comes Gregg to ‘close’.

  13. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    I have basketball and hockey; no football.

  14. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    OK, it was a caching problem. I now have football, too.

  15. Eddy says:

    Just read that Matt Moore is the first pitcher ever to strike out 11 yankees in five innings or less.

  16. Eddie says:

    Nice to see Walden come in in the ‘fireman’ role and keep Toronto off the board. Guy hasn’t pitched for a week, and Scioscia still tries as hard as he can not to use him because it wasn’t a save situation.

  17. Steve says:

    Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-why Kuroda?

  18. Calogero says:

    My best hope is Wade LeBlanc.

    Please pray for me

  19. chata says:

    so the guys at weei were discussing clowney’s plight today :

    not affiliated with any mlb team ,
    unable to play for the dominican team because of their mlb affiliation ,
    unless he ends up playing in a cape cod softball league , he’s going to
    have to do his 100 days .
    (even hof consideration might get screwed up because he’s not “affiliated with a team or mlb.)

    so then the conversation turned to IF he could get a team to take
    him on , so he could serve his suspension …. “who would do that ?”

    someone suggested …. maybe the dodgers , if HE paid the team a
    salary … since their are in a financial quagmire … would take him .

    i think the giants could use his bat .

    whadd’ya say ? ….. any chance i might be able to draft him next year ?

  20. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Encarnacion hits walkoff HR, and the quote of the night goes to Eric Thames: “It’s so much fun to have a walkoff win, especially at home…”

  21. stynyr says:

    Hey Grey,

    Is Fister officially done for the regular season? has him listed as the probable starter pn Monday.

  22. Larry says:

    Is Motte scared to pitch in a pennant race or what? Drop him for Holland, Parnell, Melancon or does he nut up? Btw looks like i’m going to end up 8-2 in my 10 leagues and the two losers have Hanley and Pooholes as my 1st rounders, go figure! Thanks for all the razz info!

  23. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    If you do a podcast next season, you could have a “Guess What Player’s Name The Two-Year-Old Is Saying” challenge of the week. Who would have guessed “Pete Incaviglia” from that clip?

  24. Kevin says:

    Isn’t Luebke going on Sunday?? And it’s against Kershaw. Not so good.

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