What is up party people? The Colton Cowser hype is growing and it looks like the hype might be real. While this outburst may be an outlier, don’t forget that he was once a first round draft pick way back in *checks notes* 2021. The Orioles are absolutely loaded with prospects, or at least it feels that way, so it’s really not that surprising he hit a logjam to find a starting spot. With his recent performance, it seems he will get a shot to play every day, even against lefties. He’s likely not available in your league and even more likely that he will not be in the next few days. The talent is certainly there for him to put up a really good season.


Jordan Westburg – Cowser isn’t the only Oriole who has gotten off to a rockin start. I liked Westburg to beat his projections but this has been better than I hoped for. Admittedly, was more in on him for roto leagues because he only has mild power and what looks a .260ish batting average. There’s room for his contact to improve but he hasn’t really flashed in the power department. I’m willing to be wrong and, in fact, I would love to be wrong. For some irrational reason, I want him to be a stud.

Evan Carter – So far the “Which Ranger will take Rookie of the Year” debate has Mr. Carter of Elizabethton, Tennessee in the lead against Mr Wyatt Langford of Florida. Carter has the lead right now because he can walk and run. That’s all well and good but a .220s average just won’t do if he wants to win. As for Langford, the much hyped power and speed have been non-existent. In spite of that, he’s really not that far behind his teammate thanks to a .267 batting average. That’s not a great batting average but it says that we should expect bigger things from him. It is still so early in the season, Langford’s power will show itself and I think I would give him the edge on end of season results right now, but Carter should be right there with him.

Chris Bassitt – His value has traditionally come from the innings he logs rather than strikeouts although he has 22 Ks in 22 innings this season. Last two starts have been strong and it was great to see him go over 6 innings in each after not going more than 5 in his previous two.

Sonny Gray – 11 Ks, 11 innings and a pair of wins is a great way to make up for starting the season on the IL. It looks like he picked up right where he left off last season and that’s a beautiful sight. I want to be more excited about his outlook but I don’t feel like he puts up the innings to be a top option over the course of the season. However, I do expect strong results when he does take the mound.

Kyle Harrison – The good news is that in each of his four starts this season, he has gone no less than 5 innings, and made it to 6 in three of them. Even better, he has only given out 4 free passes and 3 of them came in one start. The bad news is that his ERA is 4.70 and he only has 19 Ks in the 23 innings he has logged. He was known for his ability to miss bats so I can definitely see those numbers getting better. On a per-start basis, he can have value (but I would consult Streamonator) and he certainly has the raw stuff to do so, it will just be a matter of putting it all together. I also anticipate the Giants not wanting to run his innings up too high since he’s only 23 and he only put up around 100 last year.

Michael Busch – 5 dongs and a near .400 batting average is one heck of a week. That brings his total to 6 and maybe just the beginning of what he can do. Dual eligibility at first and third is a nice little bonus for a guy who can mash.

Edouard Julien – A couple injuries have opened the door for Julien to see at bats everyday, even against lefties. The batting average leaves a lot to be desired, what with it being under .200 and all, and I don’t particularly love the 24 strikeouts in 17 games. When he gets on a power streak like he has been the points will pile up. As long as he’s an everyday player he can be a solid option and he should have the chance to prove he deserves to stay that way even when some other guys get healthy.

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