No prospect in baseball brings a higher ceiling than Javier Baez. That much is noted. He gave us a glimpse of the limitless potential last summer when he reached Double-A, drilling 35 XBH (20 HR) in 240 plate appearances during the season’s final two months. Then he showed up at big league camp this spring and knocked 5 HR in 18 games, and baseball began to wonder how long the Cubs could keep a talent like this in the minors. I drank the Baez Kool-Aid — I drank lots of it. I fantasized about scenarios that would’ve had Javy in the bigs by now, and I advised you to stash him in redraft leagues, and not let go. But then the cant-miss 21-year-old proceeded to miss. He missed just about everything that was thrown to him, to be clear, racking up a K% at Triple-A Iowa north of 35% through the first month and a half of the season. Throughout it all, though, I told you to be patient. I told you he’d turn it around, and once he did, he wouldn’t be long for the minors. I admit, anxious feelings about Baez began to creep into the back of my mind in recent weeks, and to a degree, they’re still present. These past 10 days, however, have provided much needed relief, as Baez has posted a slash line at .414/.419/.897 with 3 homers and 5 doubles. It’ll take several more weeks like this one to repair his line on the year, which sits at .201/.268/.388, but I believe Javy will be up to the challenge. And if, by chance, too much damage has been done to salvage the Triple-A line, he’ll still have a clean slate to work with when he surfaces at Wrigley later this summer.

Andrew Heaney, LHP, Marlins: Heaney was promoted to New Orleans earlier in the week and was superb in his first Triple-A start, striking out 7 and walking zero across 5 frames of 1-run baseball. A few more sharp outings should earn him a look in Miami.

Michael Taylor, OF, Nationals: Taylor has displayed plus baserunning ability at all stops so far, but for the first time in his professional career, he’s showing some game pop this season, and significant game pop at that. Through 43 games at Doulbe-A Harrisburg, the 23-year-old has collected 12 homers, posting an ISO at .283. A .296 average and 12 stolen bases round out his line.

Corey Seager, SS, Dodgers: Seager is 18 for his last 30 at High-A Rancho Cucamonga, with 9 of those hits going for extra bases (3 HR). Sure, he might be 3B by the time he pushes his way through to LA, but this sort of stick will bring high-end fantasy impact at any position.

Julio Urias, LHP, Dodgers: Julio Urias, a teammate of Seager’s, has been hittable this season at High-A Rancho, but it’s difficult to be too discouraged by the results considering he’s just 17-years-old and he’s on the cusp of pitching in the upper levels. In any case, Urias appears to be finding his groove — the southpaw phenom has posted a 10/2 K/BB through his last two starts, allowing only 1 run and 4 hits along the way.

Bubba Starling, OF, Royals: Starling is on a 12 game hitting streak at High-A Wilmington. Keep in mind, though, that this stretch only includes 2 XBH, and zero HR. With a slash line on the year at .198/.305/.302, the 2011 5th overall pick has much work to do before he can shed the “bust” label.

Francellis Montas, RHP, White SoxThe White Sox snagged Montas from Boston as a part of the Jake Peavy trade last summer, and they must be pleased with the results so far. The 21-year-old features an exciting power arm, and while he’s made only 4 High-A starts this season, each one has been impressive: 1.54/0.77/26 through 23 IP. Thursday’s start was particularly nice, as Montas tossed 8 innings, allowing just 3 baserunners while whiffing 11.

Oscar Taveras, OF, Cardinals: Oscar is on fire at Triple-A Memphis and his line on the year is up to .326/.374/.543. Stash him now if he’s still available, as we’re only 10 or so days from his big league debut.

Mookie Betts, 2B/OF, Red Sox: Realizing the enormous offensive potential that Betts brings to the organization, the Red Sox have decided to begin exploring the 21-year-old’s defensive versatility — the career middle infielder has made 4 starts in center field over the past week. Betts, age 21, is hitting .361/.443/.572 with 6 HR and 20 SB so far this year. A successful transition to the outfield could put him on the MLB radar later this season.

Kris Bryant, 3B, Cubs: Bryant continues his steady dominance at Double-A Tennessee, now hitting .333/.427/.620 with 12 HR. The Cubs will allow him some time at Triple-A before they call him up to Chicago, but a late-season call-up still seems within reason.

Jake Buchanan, RHP, Astros: The Astros farm is stacked with high-impact talent, and 24-year-old arms like Buchanan justifiably go overlooked, but it’d be wise to include him on your fantasy radar, as he’s posted a 2.63 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP through 9 Triple-A starts this season. The last 3 outings are quite remarkable: 23.2 IP, 13 H, 0 R, 2 BB, 19 K.

Alex Guerrero, 2B, Dodgers: Guerrero had homered 6 times in his last 6 games at Triple-A Albuquerque before a teammate bit off his ear, leading to plastic surgery which will keep the 27-year-old off the field for 5 weeks. That’s right — 6 homers in 6 games. Unbelievable, right?

  1. GG says:

    If you had to guess, when do you think Houston will call up Singleton?

  2. Shin-Soo Choo Choo says:

    “6 homers in 6 games. Unbelievable, right?”

    Pretty unbelievable. But not as unbelievable as Miguel Olivo biting dude’s ear off and he’s out weeks due to plastic surgery. That instantly rockets to the top of All-Time Most Bizarre Injuries.

    • JoeC says:

      @Shin-Soo Choo Choo: Yep. And Olivo should’ve been released yesterday. It is unacceptable, especially for a “veteran” who is supposed to set an example for the younger players, to get in an altercation with another player that results in significant physical harm.

      Olivo is a hot-headed bum and should be kicked to the curb posthaste!

      • Swfcdan says:

        @JoeC: Totally agree on Olivo. That was disgusting, Mike Tyson style. How can they keep an animal on the team!

      • Tulogit says:

        @Scott Evans: HAHA! That joke was on point! I literally lol’d while enjoying my scrambled eggs.

      • puigleague choo says:

        @Scott Evans:
        not missed by all. Isn’t it weird how little attention is being paid to that incident? I mean, Charlie Steiner and Orel Herscheiser didn’t even mention it the next game… Is there not video somewhere of this brawl? c’mon man, I need my voyeuristic schadenfreude fix…

        And by the way, Olivo was released the next day.

        • Yes, LA didn’t waste much time cutting Olivo. I think media isn’t covering it as thoroughly as we’d like because the Dodgers have been pretty quiet about the details of the incident… I’m with ya, I’d love to see more on this bizarre situation, so if anyone has some insight, please post…

  3. KillerB says:

    Scott, always great stuff. Thanks man.

    How come nobody ever talks about Domingo Santana? Dude has been taking for a while now and he’s a step from the bigs. Batting .300, has almost 10 hrs and 30-something RBI. What am I missing?

    • He was #10 in my Astros preview & they were my #2 fantasy farm, so I’d say that’s high praise. He’s overlooked in these weekly pieces perhaps because he’s not a super sexy name & also because he’s yet to catch a true hot streak. 30% K-rate is a bit concerning, but that’ll always be the case with him…

  4. Swfcdan says:

    Looking forward to seeing Baez this summer, even though I dont own him in any keepers(sigh).

    What do you think of R Montero’s first few starts? Not great on paper, but is he likely to turn it on soon now hes got his feet wet. Wondering if I should drop him for a prospect in the Story, J Bell, D Santana, DeShields range.

    Also thoughts on Nick Williams, is he starting to breakout like you hoped?

    • I’d hold Montero for a couple more starts to see if he kind find a groove.

      Williams is holding his own, but hasn’t quite busted out just yet.

      • Swfcdan says:

        @Scott Evans: Thanks bud. Seeing as youre around thought you might be able to chip in on this trade offer. Guy in my league wants closers and I have 5, and hes shopping Ellsbury who I could really use.. Is a $12 salad in G Holland and a donkeycorn in Frieri/Mejia enough, or does it need to be Rodney (razzball terminology)?

        • That’s a good place to start. Be nice if he bites on it…

  5. Justin says:

    From watching montero pitch once, the problem I see going forward is he doesn’t have a great out pitch. Lots of long at bats where guys aren’t put away with two strikes. Just my op.

    • Definitely lacks a true plus “out pitch”.

  6. Nightpandas says:

    Hey Scott,

    Who do you like as a stash for impact this year and going forward? Can you rank em?


    • Ator says:

      What makes you think Nelson can make an impact?

  7. Jonas says:

    I decided to hold Masterson to see if he can turn things around. Worth just dropping him to stash Heaney now?

    • Jonas says:

      @Jonas: pretty sure I am just going to do it now.

    • JoeC says:

      @Jonas: The drop in velocity seen from Masterson this season is too troubling to take a chance on him just now. If he can somehow regain that velocity, then sure, the luck portion of his stats will trend back toward the mean. But he has to get that velocity back before I’d touch him.

    • It’s safe to dump Masterson.

  8. The Thumb says:

    Hey Scott, are you streaming Nelson today?

    • He’s a solid stream. Go for it.

  9. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Better stash, Eddie Butler or Jon Gray?

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Scott Evans: Who makes a bigger impact this season, Gray or Nelson, or neither?

        • Nelson is the safer bet because Gray’s not guarantee to arrive.

          • malamoney

            malamoney says:

            @Scott Evans: Do you expect Gray to be in the rotation opening day next year?

            How about Bundy? Kyle Zimmer?

            • Gray yes, Bundy & Zimmer no.

  10. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    What’s your take on Jimmy Nelson? Rotation is crowded in Milwaukee, but he’s been great in AAA. How long can they keep him down there? Especially if he pitches well today. The guy is a week away from 25. Will they trade him? Some have suggested Fiers would get first look at a rotation spot. Beam me up the wisdom Scotty!

    • He’s solid, but not front-of-the-rotation solid. Don’t expect too much from Nelson, but his matchup today is intriguing.

  11. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Springer finally turning the corner???

    Singleton has cooled off. His call up still imminent? Would you be stashing him or Guerrero?

    • The Thumb says:

      @malamoney: singleton

    • I think Springer turned the corner about two weeks ago.

      SIngleton over Guerrero.

    • Kenneth says:

      @malamoney: Was at the game last night. Springer definitely passes the eye test. Both home runs were absolutely crushed, including his first one to the opposite field. Singleton isn’t getting the hits right now, but still showing a patient approach including 4 walks the other day.

  12. Danny Boy says:

    Even though he was $17…I decided to draft and place a 2year contract on Salazar. Boy is my face red. Is there any reason to hold onto him? He is taking up a bench spot and $17 of my available $40 bench cap. If he comes back is he worth $17? How far will he drop for next season? Should I just cut him? Thanks.

    • Can’t allow him to lock up your flexibility. Good chance he comes back in a relief role too… I’d cut.

  13. The Fantasy Dick says:

    Think the cubs will go to Alcantara over Barney this season? Any ETA?

    Is a Morneuo injury the only thing that will get Kyle Parker up this season in Colorado?

    Thanks Scott!

    • Yes, Cubs will eventually plug in Alcantara this season.

      Any combination of a 1B injury or a few OF injuries should make room for Parker.

  14. Wake Up says:

    “That’s right — 6 homers in 6 games. Unbelievable, right?” That is funny!

    Better stash?

    ’84 Buckner or ’93 Stieb?

  15. fri-guy says:

    Have a choice btwn Sano and Bryant in my dynasty h2h points league. Ks count as -0.5 points. Whose career do I want? Thanks, always look forward to your column.

  16. Clive says:

    I know Bauer isn’t mentioned in this post, but someone offered me Homer Bailey for him in a 10 team keeper. Bailey has been pretty bad do far. What do you think of the offer? Thanks!

    • I’d hold Bauer in a keeper.

  17. David says:

    Thank you, Scott. I look forward to this column. Who do you think arrives first in the majors between Betts and Baez?

    • Whoops, disregard Bryant comment… Baez surfaces before Betts.

      • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

        @Scott Evans: and Bryant’s likely third, if that oops made a ranking question.

  18. Big Al says:

    Walker and Paxton are getting close after a rehab start and should be in the Mariners rotation very soon. We had a small sample on what Paxton can do and now we will finally get to see Walker get his chance. I’m a little worried about Walker’s shoulder holding up, but what a difference this could make to the Mariner’s team. What’s your thoughts going forward on these two prospects ?

    • Walker’s potential is enormous — he could be one of the best pitchers in the game long term, but yes, the shoulder problems are worrisome. With Paxton it’s all about command. I suspect he’ll have his ups & downs, but still should be mixed league relevant.

  19. Ragman says:

    What kind of 2014 stat line to you expect for Singleton provided he gets the call in mid-June?

  20. Oz says:

    I thought Allen Webster would start today cuz Thursday reports said he was the favorite to start today but it looks like Workman will start and I hit mr 5/5 weekly transaction limit and I can’t grab Nelson (brewers.) 2 quick questions:
    1) Who has the highest fantasy value this season between Webster, Nelson, and Rafael Montero?
    2) Any chance Archie Bradley contributes this year? His injury and struggles are making it seem like 2015 is more realistic.
    Btw I realized I’ve held Oscar Taveras (since Dec 2012) longer than any of my relationships… Lol

    • Oz says:

      @Oz: @Oz:
      1 more quick Q: What’s the buzz about Braves’ Cody Martin? His peripherals look solid for AAA: 9.55 k/9, 2.39 BB/9, 0.37 HR/9. What’s his ceiling and do u think he could be a relevant fantasy pitcher by 2015? Thanks man, love the posts.

      • Martin shows great polish, mixing 4 pitches with deception. He’s ready for a look as soon as a need arises, but his ceiling isn’t front-end.

    • Montero has slight edge over Webster.

      I’ll be surprised if we see Archie this season.

      I admire your commitment w/ Oscar. May your marriage be long & prosperous.

      • Oz says:

        @Scott Evans: Haha Thanks. I’m definitely afraid to tell the gf she’s not my longest relationship lol. Somehow I just don’t see that conversation going well even though she already knows how much I love Mike Trout after getting him in the 16th round in 2012 (and I’m an Angel fan from Anaheim.)

  21. King of the North says:

    Would you drop Morneau to take a shot on Taveras? What type of line do you think Taveras will put up if he gets called up in a week or so?

    • No, Morneau is a far safer option than Oscar in a re-draft league.

  22. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the new pitchers on your list. Will have to keep an eye on Montas and Buchanan now. Speaking of pitching, any word on the nature of the injury to Vincent Velasquez? Also, what do you make of Rubby de la Rosa? Never been a huge fan, but his numbers are intriguing. Struggled with command for a few starts there, but his walk rate isn’t terrible, no home runs allowed, and almost a k per inning.

    • Last I heard on Velasquez was that he might need groin surgery… that was at least a week ago… I’ve always been intrigued by Ruby. Big stuff & he’s trusting his slider more this year, which has helped.

      • Kenneth says:

        @Scott Evans: Thanks for that. Glad it isn’t arm related but still. Would you advise holding him or should I drop for Jake Thompson or Paul Blackburn?

        • Hold until we get more intel on the injury…

  23. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Any insight on Adam Duvall? Tied for the lead for homers in the PCL. Sandoval is in a contract year and he is stinking it up.

    • Pop won’t play to this level at AT&T Park

  24. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Why don’t the Dodgers just trade Pederson?

    They can’t even find playing time for the outfielders they have in the majors. Why keep this kid down.

    • Perhaps that’s in their plans…

  25. Chris says:

    Need your opinion on a couple of questions. Three of my outfielders include Billy hamilton, Matt kemp and Wil myers. Hamilton seems to be coming around a bit. Kemp only seems to play half the time anymore and sucks the other half. Myers seems to be regressing quite a bit. With Polanco and Tavares only a few days away from a probable promotion should I drop any of my current OF’s for either of the rookies?

    My second question is about Prince Fielder. His injury seems like one that could impact his future value. In a keeper league how much does his injury effect him. I’ve also got Miguel Cabrera and Jose Abreu as future 1b options.


    • Fist question, the answer is no. Hold your core OF.

      I’d absolutely have Abreu over Prince in a keeper right now.

  26. birrrdy! says:

    What’s the read on Maikel Franco for the Phils? Looks like he may get the call-up with Asche going down.

    • I agree. Great upside w/ Franco. Definitely worth an add in standard formats.

  27. anoraxx says:

    Scott, when is the earliest you see Mookie getting called up? Is June a possibillity?

    • Mid-Late July would be the soonest IMO.

  28. Chris r says:

    I haven’t seen much written about Zach Lee, Who’s a better stash in an NA spot (for a dodgers homer) after Singleton is called up:

    Zach Lee, Joc Pederson,or one of the guys you mentioned in this piece?

    • Definitely Pederson… Lee’s impact doesn’t figure to be too large.

  29. Louis says:

    What is your new estimated arrival dates for Polanco and Bryant?


    • Polanco 6/10, Bryant not before August.

  30. picard56 says:

    So do you think a June Callup is out of the question for Baez? We’re looking more at July/August Callup?

    • Slim chance he can make it to the bigs before July, but I won’t count it out completely.

  31. osnam says:

    Hey, who would u rather own once Polanco and Taveras are up? Polanco, Springer, or Taveras? Thanks

    • Taveras has best long term upside, Springer safest option for 2014.

  32. Kenneth says:

    Who’s the better stash, Mike Hessman or Manny Ramirez?

    • Ha! I’m comfortable stashing both in mixed re-draft.

    • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

      @Kenneth: i have no idea who the first guy is, so him.

  33. yellin yelich says:

    12tm points lge. Redraft. Should I cut Heaney or Hammel to make room for my arenado replacement?

  34. Kenneth says:

    For next year and beyond, Marcus Stroman or Henry Owens?

  35. chris says:

    With Verlander becoming a disaster this season, just like CC he’s done, I can’t trade him cause I am getting nothing in return, meaning keeper wise. I have Kershaw, Strausburg and I have Wheeler, a guy I will hold until next season possibly keeping over Verlander.. Team in my league already stashed players like Bundy, Heaney, Bradley, Walker, Gray. So I may have two spots open if my pitching continues to do well and no injuries.
    Who do you feel can have a rotation spot next season, with HUGE (like Cole and Wacha upside):

    • Kenneth says:

      @chris: I think you have to go Gausman. After that I would take Stephenson. Would also consider Stroman and Syndegaard if he’s healthy.

    • Gausman, Syndergaard, Sanchez

  36. Ryan says:

    Would you drop Lowrie for AJ Burnett Taveres or Heaney

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