The Marlins outfield is only big enough to handle one prospect as Logan Morrison is hitting the DL on the same night that Mike Stanton finally hits a home run.  Morrison projected to be the anti-Stanton with solid AVG and OBP but limited power (10-15 HRs).  Yet after 4 early HRs, he was showing the 4-category prowess that makes owners feel all a-tingle.  But then Logan goes and hurts his left foot and will miss 2-4 weeks.  Guess Daniel Day-Lewis is now the favorite for the title role in The Logan Morrison Story.  I’d stash vs. drop Morrison if you’ve got DL or bench space.   Oh well, good thing Stanton only hit a solo shot vs a grand slam or Morrison might’ve needed his foot amputated.

Felix Hernandez7 2/3 IP of shutout ball with 8 Ks.  Whew.  For a while there, I thought F-Her was going to pull the Zack Greinke “Yawn.  I had to work extra hard to win a Cy Young on a crappy team.  I’m going to mail it in for a year and then ask to be traded in the offseason” routine.   Even more impressive than F-Her’s pitching line was that the Mariners lavished him with a whole run so he could get the win.

Kevin Youkilis – Yoooooooooooouuk left last night’s game with a bruised shin.  It’ll take a day or two to determine if it’s serious so I’ll take this moment to take a nonsensical estimate of the damage.  Let’s see…Youkilis is Jewish.  The ‘Shin’ is the unlucky symbol on a dreidel that requires the spinner to contribute to the pot.  As the one song ever written for Hanukkah has taught us, one must wait until a dreidel is dry before one could play with it because they are made out of clay.  Clay Buchholz is a teammate of Youkilis’ on the Red Sox.  Buchholz rhymes with cuckolds which are men who have been conned into raising another man’s child.  So it’s obvious that Youkilis will not be ready to play until he realizes that a teammate has shtupped his wife by spinning her like a top.  Then he must wait for the physical bruise on his shin to heal and the tears from the emotional bruise on his heart have had time to dry.

Brad Hawpe – The Padres offense is hopeless with Hawpe (.119 AVG with .179 OBP!) and the only hope for the Padres is for a Hawpeless lineup.  Bud Black has done this in three of the last four games.  I think Hawpe will be DFA’d in the next couple of weeks and they bring up 1B prospect Anthony Rizzo by June 1st.  Jorge Cantu is the short-term beneficiary of any additional playing time.  Opponents benefit either with Hawpe or Cantu.

Jason Bartlett – Don’t quote me on this but Bartlett could prove to be a stealth MI choice this year for those that punted or got Nishoka’d.  He’s shaken an early season slump to go 12 for his last 23 and has been moved back to the top of the lineup.  The Padres are definitely being aggressive on the basepaths this year and Bartlett has the potential of going .280 w/ 30 SBs.  He makes for a pretty good pearing (pun intended) with a 2B or SS that might be light on the speed (e.g., Uggla).

Torii Hunter – Angel i’s broke out of a big slump (4-for-38) with a 2 run HR to ruin Josh Beckett’s night.  He’s been quite dependable since becoming an Angel (.280-.290/20+ HRs) but not sure how much he has left in the tank – just that he has a little more than Vernon Wells and Bobby Abreu.  Peter Bourjos must feel like a young Mel Gibson on a team full of Danny Glovers.

Chris Perez – The Eastside & Down star blew his first save of the year, giving up 2 ERs in a 3-2 loss to Kansas City.  Those were the first runs Perez has given up in his last 26+ innings.  Maybe it was just a tribute to his ex-mentor Ryan Franklin.

Aaron HillDay-to-day with a hamstring issue.  If Canadian Bacon is like ham, are Canadian hamstrings like bacon?

Roy Oswalt – 6 IP, 0 ER, 3 baserunners, 7 Ks.  So much for the back strain scare from his last start.  Given that this start was against the Padres, I’m sure everyone in the Phillies middle relief was volunteering to take Roy’s spot for a start.  Throw Kyle Kendrick a bone!

Daniel Hudson – That’s 0-4 now for Hudson who had pitched pretty well in his first three starts (6+ IP in each start, 4 or less ER, average of over 7 K’s).  He was sick of being subtle as he gave up a 4-spot to the Reds in the 1st inning in about as ugly a fashion as one could (3 BBs including 2 with bases loaded, 1 HBP,  and a 2 run single to Miguel Cairo).  I’ll say this for Reds games – you don’t want to show up late as half the scoring is in the first inning.

Mike LeakeThat’s 3-0 for Leake after a solid start (7 IP, 3 ER).  With Cueto and Bailey getting healthy, it’s tough to say whether he stays in the rotation or goes to the ‘pen.  If they let the judge decide, it’ll likely be the latter.

Justin MorneauThat’s now 5 games missed for the flu.  As someone who has him starting in a weekly H2H league, I’d like to give him the FLU minus the L.

Freddie FreemanThe rookie 1B went deep against Kershaw – rather impressive for a lefty hitter.  He’s not going to hit for average this year but he looks like he could reach 20 HRs.  Not bad for a UTIL or a CI fill-in.  He’ll be competing neck-and-neck this year with Jerry Sands for the “Best Rookie Who I Thought Was Black Until I Saw A Picture” Award – also known as the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars.

Mike Stanton – I know I mentioned it in the lede (fancy newspaper spelling of the word) but it’s worth noting again.  Finally, Stanton hit a HR!  While that was his only hit, he scored 2 additional runs via walks.  Better get ready for more souvenirs, you five people who sit in the Florida bleachers.

Pedro AlvarezSpeaking of long-awaited first HRs (I talk as I type)!  Pedro ended the night 3-4 with 2 runs and 2 RBIs.  A few more nights like that and dorky Pirate fans can wear their ‘Vote For Pedro’ t-shirts with only its original-intended detached irony.

Clayton KershawWas one out away from a complete game victory when he loaded the bases with 2 outs.  Kershaw’s gassed after throwing 119 pitches.  Mattingly comes out of the dugout with six highly motivating words “Broxton is ready in the pen”.  Kershaw chooses to own his fate and, alas, David Ross hit a 2-run single on an 0-2 fastball.  It’s hard to complain about a pitching line of 8 2/3 IP, 3 ER 9 baserunners, 7 K but it looks a whole lot better with a Win attached to it.

Matt KempHit his 2nd walkoff HR in 5 games.  Is Rihanna the Buck Showalter of WAGs?  The year after they leave leads to ultimate success.  Kemp has clearly been the best fantasy player in the NL so far and – while his average won’t stay above .400 – he’s got a decent chance of clearing .300 if he maintains his 19% K rate (he’s been around 25% for his MLB career).  One negative – only because Grey LOOOOOOOVES Kemp and I feel the need to balance him out – is that he’s only 1-for-4 in SBs since starting the season going 7-for-7.  What happened, Davey Lopes?!

Scott Baker – Baker dominated the O’s at Camden Yards, striking out 9 while giving up no runs and 5 baserunners in 7 IP.  That’s on the heels of another 5 baserunner in 7 IP start at Tampa.  Baker has shown the potential to rise to another level (1.19 WHIP in 2009) but has been generally plagued by bad innings and gopheritis.  I’m sure I’m in the minority on this one but I’d rather have Baker than Liriano this year.

Kyle Lohse – Lohse swatted away the Nats with a complete game 2 hitter.  Everyone’s talking about Jaime Garcia’s start but Lohse is now 3-1 with a 2.01 ERA, 0.73 WHIP, and a decent K-rate (22 in 31 IP).  He’s had two bad, health-marred years since his last solid one in 2008 (15-6, 3.78/1.30 in 200 IP) but if Duncan can get a solid year out of Joel Piniero, why not Lohse?  I’d pick him up in mixed leagues but would be aggressive in sitting him against bad matchups.

Brandon McCarthy Brandie Mac is looking like a fantastic buy low acquisition for the A’s.  He’s now up to 30 IP at a 2.10 ERA clip and a K/BB ratio of 20/3.  I haven’t been that turned on by a McCarthy since Jenny McCarthy was on MTV’s Singled Out.

Will VenableVenable’s awful hitting blends in very well in San Diego but ever alert Bud Black seems to have noticed.  Venable (a lefty) was benched in favor of Chris Denorfia (a righty) on Thursday night even though they were facing a righty (Oswalt).  Not a great show of support for Venable.  I can’t recommend Venable in shallow leagues but – if you’re speculating on SBs – he’s a better bet than, say, a Nyjer Morgan.

Nyjer Morgan – Sent to the 15-day with a deep thigh bruise.  The trainers knew the bruise was deep when they heard it recite prose from Kierkegaard.  Say what you want about Nyjer but he is the 3rd best active player with an African country as his first name – behind Chad Billingsley and Tsu-Dan Kalbi of the Korean Baseball League.

  1. Michael Bourne says:

    Now we know who yesterday was referring to about writing Grey’s blogs! Excellent rant on Youk and you managed to one liner my entire team of top 100 players with the slowest starts since 1954. Or that was Hill’s BABIP last year. This year was supposed to be good luck.

  2. JMonte says:

    Im not ashamed any longer to break out my “I Vote For Pedro” T-shirt. took Grey’s advice and went “all in” on him this year… hoping last night was a prelude to a nice little run….

    Curious about your opinions on these:

    1)Good time to buy low on Volquez and would you rather him over Beachy?
    2)Bad strategy streaming starts against OAK/SEA even if its your momma on the mound? Their games must be under 2:30 because noone gets on base…

    (Sorry to bring mommas into the convo)

    That Youk rant is priceless… HA!

  3. Ciao from Italy, Rudy …

    … and ouch on the Baker/Liriano comment!

    In a 14-team roto league my underperforming starters are Liriano, Daniel Hudson, Garza, Scherzer, and Beachy. Scott Baker and McClellen are both on waivers. I’m not ready to give up on Liriano, but would you switch Baker and/or McClennen for, say, Hudson or one of the others?

    Also, speaking of Minnesota pitchers, do you see much hope for Slowey this year? Or Duchscherer? Both are on waivers in my 20-team league where I have Tommy Hunter stashed in the DL slot. Is it worth switching them out?


  4. Cain Fan says:

    Rumor has it that Kemp got back with Rihanna in February. So we can’t thank the breakup for all of this (for what its worth). However it seems like Pablo Sandoval finally got over his divorce from last yr.

  5. Carns says:


    Your Morneau comment got me a little upset (at Morneau, not you). At what point do we start to worry about Morneau with a degree of validity?

    He is in a crap offense, the .325 hitter in front of him is out for a while, his home ballpark has Star-Jones-like dimensions, it will be cold up there until late May and starting in early September, he is coming off of a concussion that ended his season last year, a back injury that ended his season two years ago, he has been sidelined for a week with a coughy cough, hasn’t hit a home run yet, hasn’t really hit at all yet, and is overall sucking so far in the one half of the season that he actually performs in.

    Don’t tell me it’s April 22nd and the season is young. I’ll take that comment for McCutchen, not an injury prone, habitual second-half slumper like Morneau with a mountain of negative issues against him.

  6. McBainus says:

    @Rudy: I have Dempster as my last pitcher. The following guys are available on waivers: Lohse, Correia, McCarthy, Jurrjens, Baker, Narveson. Would you drop Dempster to pick one of them up? If yes, which one?

  7. Wilson's Beard says:

    Which of these pitchers is the best spot starter for today: Clayton Richard (vs Phi), Anibal Sanchez (vs Col), Fausto Carmona (@Min), Tyson Ross (@Sea), or Brian Duensing (vs Cle)?

  8. Ned Shakehaft says:

    Freddie Freeman and the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars? Pretty effin funny. Remid me to get up and pee before attempting to read the morning Razz!

  9. BSW says:

    Should I star Morrow this weekend or wait and see how he does in his first start back?

  10. Mr. Rickey says:

    10 Team 5X5 Roto – I have:

    C Weiters
    1B Morneau
    2B Hill
    3B Reynolds
    SS Hanley Ramirez
    OF Kemp
    OF Holliday
    OF Justin Upton
    Ut. Heyward
    BN Carlos Pena
    BN B. J. Upton

    A guy in my league just dropped Prado (2B, 3B, OF) and Zobrist (1B, 2B, OF) is also available. Would it make sense to drop Pena for either of them? They have eligibility at multiple spots and I’m beginning to think Pena is not going to do much this season.

  11. Scott says:

    Freese or Gomes? NL-only 5×5.


  12. Bas says:

    @Rudy: Loved the Nyjer blurb. It actually made me laugh out loud.

    Is it worth FAABing Kyle Loshe in a 15-team mix with 30-man rosters? He has 22K/4BB in 31.1 with 46% GB. I’d propably drop Kenley Jansen.

  13. pubscout says:

    Should I start Volquez tonite or sit him and have him pick up 12K and the win?

  14. Gambler says:

    Bobby Abreu is now 1-23 in the past 8 games. Do you drop him to get David Murphy, Peter Bourjos, or Ryan Roberts?

  15. GopherDay says:


    With Crawford’s struggles this season, how would you rank the following players?

    Crawford, Youk, Holliday, JUpton, Cruz, Howard.


  16. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Rudy – Freeman’s two HR’s at Chavez Ravine were impressive. Hopefully he moves up in that less than impressive Braves lineup. BTW, will Beckham get another hit or do I need to pick up Espinosa off the WW? Thanks and good stuff!

  17. Bas says:

    @Rudy: Never mind the Loshe question. I guess the Morgan blurb made my mind go blank.

    If you didn’t particularly need pitching how much would you pay for Loshe in FAAB (out of $1,000)?

    BTW, I think Youk is faking the injury to get passover off. Everyone knows that it’s the ultimate family holliday.

  18. Jeff says:

    Who would you rather have going forward in a standard 5×5 roto league?

    Aybar or Bartlett?

    Smaok or Freeman?

  19. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Rudy – One more. Speaking of non-supporting Pale Hose, do I drop Rios for LoMo who was just hastily dropped in my league? Thanks!

  20. RonWashington'sStache says:

    Pick 1- Soto, Wieters, Posada

  21. Ian says:

    Bartlett over Theriot?

    Sergio Santos was dropped. You think he’s a must own for a Thornton owner?

  22. genghis chone says:

    FIP keeper league that counts saves–Are Kimbrel and Cahill worth about the same?

  23. Team Benson says:

    Need to pick up an outfielder. Coghlan or Ibanez? I could use runs, so I am leaning Coghlan.


  24. poop says:

    should i add Mccarthy or lohse who are both available in my H2H 5X5 12 team league. would drop one narveson or d hudson


  25. poop says:

    should i add Mccarthy or lohse who are both available in my H2H 5X5 12 team league. would drop one narveson


  26. Bad Bob says:

    With Youk likely out at least over the weekend, who should I drop Ian Stewart for as his replacement Cuddyer, Ryan Roberts or Valencia?

  27. Eddy says:

    How does the Pirates’ claiming of Brandon Wood affect Alvarez?

  28. Anyone watch the A’s feed on the game last night? The color analyst stated he thought Felix was undeserving because he didn’t have enough wins. the play-by-play guy noted to him that Felix had the worst run support in all of baseball. Then the analyst, to further help his case, stated he thought Felix was the best pitcher in baseball last year…

    I’m a White Sox fan and I know many hate Hawk, but I am not sure he has ever said anything as retarded as (in summary) “Felix Hernandez should not have won the Cy Young because he did not have enough wins, but he was the best pitcher”

  29. MD says:

    nice piece rudy, i rock a glock… anyway. I was expecting to read some shizz bout Fancy A$$ James McDonald this morning… all i can say about him is … POOP. dude is struggling bad, i was mad excited when i got him for $4 on draft day, but now am strongly considering dropping his AZZZ. My options are Gallaraga (Mr. 160 pitch no hitter) or Jason Marquis, who is quietly throwing pretty decent up in Wash. Thoughts?

  30. @Grey: Who should I add Scott baker, duensing, or Wade Davis?
    Also should I keep David Murphy or drop em for Jerry Sands?

  31. dirt says:

    Dude you are a genius ..this is why I read razzball even before I take a piss in the morning

  32. Harley says:

    @Rudy/Grey: Are you concerned with Reynolds and/or Lind yet?

  33. Scratch my last question snider sands or David mirphy

  34. Bas says:

    @Rudy: In a 15-team mix could you rank Branyan, Callaspo and Sands? I’m wondering whom I should drop of Branyan or Callaspo to pick up Sands or if I should just stand pat.

  35. JHBallgame says:

    “I’d rather have Baker than Liriano this year.”

    You crazy. I like you, but you crazy.

  36. Rodger-Dodger says:


    Consider me slayed.

    You nailed me with your “Ever-alert Bud Black noticing suckitude on his team, and then Players with African Countries for first names…

    This post really reminded me of Independence Day fireworks. It started slowly, started gaining steam with some odd ball comments here and there (novelty shapes etc) and then it ended with a nice grand finale.

  37. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grey or rudy,who you like ryan roberts or betemit,thank you,

  38. Learn Teixiera says:

    Herrera or Bartlett?

  39. Tom Emanski says:

    I need someone who will be the most productive while Morrison is out. Denorfia or Venable?

  40. AL KOHOLIC says:

    x-rays negative for youk,prolly miss a game or 2

  41. Buge Hoobs says:


    In a 10 team weekly 5×5, would you drop one of these:
    Chapman, Kennedy, D. Hudson, Ed. Jax
    for my MI Pa-to-be Desmond?
    Reports say he’d only be out a day or 2, so I just don’t know if it’s worth losing one of these guys for such a short term filler. I’d be picking up someone like Jed, Espinosa, or Maicer

  42. Scout says:

    @Rudy. Is Hill a nice buy low candidate right now? I might be able to get him for Pena. I’ve been rockin’ the hottest candidate I could pick up up off the waiver wire all season, but our lineups lock weekly so that doesn’t always work out.

    A related MI question, would your rather have Herrera or Bartlett going forward?

  43. Deano says:

    Question: I am considering posting a trade offer I received on my league’s message board in an attempt to get a better deal. Is this appropriate or am I a douche?

  44. Fantastic stuff Rudy, thanks! Bailing on Bedard is overdue, but also carrying Ervin Santana. Would you drop both for any of Beachy, McCarthy, Lohse, or Baker? In a league with tough transaction limits, I’m thinking keep Ervin and grab Beachy, but not entirely comfortable with Ervin over any of the other three…please share your thoughts. & thanks again for the column this AM!

  45. Great stuff Rudy!
    I did think Sands was a brother before I saw him tank lastnight on tv. Too funny!
    Quick question: In my Greyian ways I fell for Espinosa this year–and I’m pleased so far. Who do you like more going forward: Beckham, Espinosa or Lowrie? Thanks!!

  46. @TomEmanski:
    Venable is slowly defrosting. He has ripped off 4 bags in the last week.

  47. Wilsonian says:

    Just was offered Filthy Sanchez and Carlosly for my Dunn. Stick with Dunn?

    Also, would you drop D. Hudson and/or Smooth (have Wieters) for any of these starters:

    Kuroda, Kennedy, Beachy, Myers, Nolasco, Drabek, Masterson, Narveson

  48. @Deano:
    Don’t post in your own league’s message board–douche!

    But post it here if you choose. Plus, what makes you think anyone else in your league would give you their honest opinion—they are your competition after all.

  49. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    I’ve been carrying both Storen and Burnett for a couple weeks. Should I feel comfortable that Storen is going to be the man now and drop Burnett?

  50. @Wilsonian
    Let Dunn get his groove back. Keep him.
    I own Hudson multiple times—I’m frustrated too. But I’m holding steady for another handful of starts. Of that list, Myers would be tempting to me.

  51. papasmurf says:

    Stanton actually has a 20% LD rate so far, which would be a great thing if the LF wall was normal sized.

    I don’t even know if last night’s shot counts as a flyball or liner. It barely went over the wall.

  52. lothda says:

    I have Votto and AGonz but have no worthwhile OF. In an H2H cat league. There is no quality replacement OFs on the waiver wire. I can get Kemp or another top line OF back in a deal.

    1-Is it worth it to trade one, or should I run with mid range OFs and let Votto and AGonz production even things out?

    2-Which one should I trade? (This is a keeper.)

    3-Has anyone else seen Logan’s Run? I love that movie.

  53. GTS says:

    My pitching is top in my league:

    Lincecum, Oswalt, Marcum, Chacin, Lilly, Pineda, Ogando, McClellan, Beachy, and Wood.

    Greinke coming back from DL and Hudson just hit waivers. Which one or two SP are at the back end of my rotation?

  54. Gavin says:

    Colvin or Joyce?

  55. the kid says:

    I especially liked the African Nation comment.

    Would you start McClellan vs CIN today? I’m in a race for Wins, K’s, ERA (around 4), WHIP (around 1.3). With K’s being the least likely for me to win, as I am down a good bit.


  56. To D. Hudson owners:
    Just saw a comforting stat…His FIP is 3.55 vs. his ERA at 5.92. Stay patience my friends. I’m still a believer.

  57. mets fan says:

    Rudy would you tarde cargo for crawford?

  58. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    Good Friday everyone.

    Would you happen to have any news on Eric Young Jr. and Scott Sizemore? How are they faring in the minors but, more importantly, when might one expect to see them in the majors? Thanks!

  59. Scout says:

    @Rudy. Hmm…I picked up Pena off the waiver wire and the Hill owner is interested. They are willing to trade Neil Walker for Pena. If I can’t get them to go with Hill, would you take Walker for Pena?

  60. Salty Balty says:

    Would you start E. Jackson in Detroit this Saturday? I’m a bit nervous after two shaky starts in a row.

  61. AL KOHOLIC says:

    roberts for sands?

  62. bogbert says:

    Rudy (or anyone), how do you feel about starting Bills and Yo-Ga today?

  63. Rudy –
    Nice post today. Watched that Hudson start yesterday – gross 1st inning. Felt he was getting squeezed on his strike zone a bit, but whatever it’s early and I’m not panicking yet…

    2 questions, por favor:

    1) I play in a deep 14 team h2h league, 6×6 (holds is pitching category) so I’m speculating on good MR help. I’m looking for the best ‘holds’ guys with high k/9, whip and era potential. So how do you rank the following:

    Antonio Bastardo
    Edward Mujica
    Logan Ondrusek
    Ernesto Frieri
    Tim Collins
    Kenley Jansen

    2) which young minor league SP arm are you most excited about that will make biggest impact in 2011 when called up?


  64. stynyr says:


    I have:

    sp: Kershaw, Hudson, Billinglsey, Liriano, De la Rosa, Volquez, Jackson, Zimmerman, Cueto (DL)

    rp: Soria, League, Broxton, Aardsma (DL)

    Drop any starters for Harang?

  65. J.Ro says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who was totally, totally shocked when I saw a photo of Freeman and he wasn’t black. Don’t sleep on Lonnie Chisenhall, though, when considering Reggie Cleveland rookie candidates…

  66. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Rudy great post and answers,we love grey but its always nice to get a different perspective of things.You guys make an awesome teammkeep us posted on your teams thus far if you get time,chow for now

  67. Eng says:

    Do you still trust Travis Wood? Worth holding in a 12 teamer to stream against the likes of HOU?

  68. GTS says:

    Start McClellan vs CIN today in 10 team H2H?

  69. GMen says:

    @Rudy: Thanks for column. Great information, as usual.

    I’m in a keeper league. Mike Minor was just released onto the wire, and I’m thinking about picking him up. My current staff is: Roy Oswalt, Jered Weaver, Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Edinson Volquez, Shaun Marcum, and Jhoulys Chacin.

    Would you drop any of my current starters for Minor? Thanks in advance.

  70. quimmy says:

    @grey: thoughts on mark reynolds? u think he will turn it around or are you concerned? i drafted him 61st overall, getting nervous. shheeeeeeeeeeetttttttt.

  71. GMen says:

    @grey: I just noticed that you are answering questions on this column now too. Please take a crack at mine if you have a second. Here it is again so you don’t have to search:

    “I’m in a keeper league. Mike Minor was just released onto the wire, and I’m thinking about picking him up. My current staff is: Roy Oswalt, Jered Weaver, Edwin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Edinson Volquez, Shaun Marcum, and Jhoulys Chacin.

    Would you drop any of my current starters for Minor? Thanks in advance.”

  72. GTS says:

    Drop McClellan or Beachy for Hudson (just hit waivers)?

  73. Learn Teixiera says:

    should i trade youkilis for sandoval and beckett in a vacuum?

  74. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Smoak, Freeman, Gaby, or Trumbo to replace Pena while he continues to beat the ever-loving shizz out of air with his bat?

  75. @Learn Teixiera
    I think Beckett will finish as a solid #3 with #2 upside. But always keep the strongest bat IMO. I say no to the trade. You’re selling low on Youk, and buying high on Panda and Beckett. Good luck either way.

  76. the grate one says:

    grey, a couple questions:

    1. when do you think teheran gets called up? is it worth stashing him or minor in a super deep league if so which?

    2. what guy currently in the minors do you think has the biggest impact going forward?

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  77. Swagger Jackers says:

    With LoMo down, do I pick up Melky or Bourjos?

  78. theevilempire says:

    I want to ride the Ryan Roberts train while he’s raking. Problem is, I’m overloaded with OFers.

    Kemp, Sizemore, Span, Gomes, Damon, Boesch, Bourjos, and Raburn (who I am holding in hopes he gets 2B eligibility and comes out of his slump).

    Should I drop any of these for Roberts or do you think he will fall off sooner than later?

  79. Bermuda Triangles says:

    Grey or Rudy

    Is it time to Give Up on J Vazquez?

    Who would you replace him with B McCarthy… or Masterson, Peavy, Carmona, Beuhrle, Stauffer, Corriea, Happ etc

    I paid $18 (of $300) at auction – so someone else gets him for a song once I drop him (if anyone picks him up)…


    Bermuda Triangles
    Get Lost!

  80. @learning Teixiera:
    Raise the bar above Beckett if you need SP and can spare Youk. Youk is worth an ace, or a legit #1 IMO. If your hitting is dominate then why bother with a 2 for 1 with Panda. Aim for a top 5-7 SP. Good luck bro.

  81. Eddy says:

    Question to anyone that has done this:

    I’ve seen several people ask whom they should draft in their minor-league snake draft, or trade for, etc.

    Where do you guys do that? Yahoo? If so, how?

  82. Gavin says:

    Matt Joyce or Tyler Colvin?

  83. Swagger Jackers says:

    Rudy/Grey: Please rank these SPs: Tomlin, Beachy, McCarthy

  84. Wilsonian says:

    Would you deal K-Rod/Lyon/Farnsworth for Perez/Capps/solid SP in the Kuroda realm?

  85. Hi all – I’ll get to any unanswered comments later today.

  86. CT Old School says:

    A guy streaming pitchers in my 16-team H2H just dropped Zimmermann. I got Ian Kennedy, Bud Norris and Travis Wood on the back end of my rotation. Is Zimm worth the waiver claim?

  87. Stophe says:

    Greetings razzers –

    Sadly I had to cut bait with the Moccasin, but I did manage this deal which I am pleased with:

    I got McCuthcen, I gave Axford and R.Soriano (6×6 league with Holds)

    me did good?

  88. KayCee says:

    Derrek Lee or Freddie Freeman for 2011? Both would be reserves/injury replacements.

    10 team, mixed, 6×6 (5×5 plus .OPS and Apps)

    Great stuff, as always.

  89. MindiCohn says:

    from the Dreidel down to Reggie Cleveland to African countries – this post slayed! Helped distract me from my crappy lunch (Matza Pizza)….

    Anywho—should I drop Nathan for Boggs? Other closers are Kimbrel and Marmol but just about everyone else rolls out 3 RPs…I missed out on Capps – got out bid…Other options include – League,Aardsma or keep Nathan until he gets DLd.

  90. Wiley says:

    In a h2h hlds and saves league, I have Franklin, Storen, Chapman, and Lindstrom. Do I drop Franklin for Motte, Sipp, or even Eduardo Sanchez?

  91. Westly says:

    Hey Grey, i thought i struck fantasy gold 2 years ago in my dynasty league by picking up mark reynolds for a buck. I sat through last year and said that this year would be better….it’s not! Should i just give up on him, only options out there are ryan roberts, casey blake, and betemit, in a 5xh h2h cats 16 team.

  92. Grey

    Grey says:

    If anyone wants Grey Albright, Fantasy Master Lothario (FML), he has a new post.

  93. Wiley says:

    @Rudy Thanks for the advice. I took a flyer on Betancourt.

  94. Howard says:

    Welcome back Grey! @Grey @Rudy Would you start Hellickson at Toronto? I like the K factor but my WHIP might take a beating!

  95. Black Beard says:

    Rudy, can you give me your thoughts on Hughes? He’s been dropped in a league I’m in and debating whether I should pounce. Narveson v. Hughes would be a good example.

  96. stef says:

    Kennedy worth the risk with his two starts (vs Cliff Lee and then Garza, both at home) next week? How bout Stauffer at La vs Kuroda?

  97. famous anus says:

    i thought freeman and sands were black and pineda was white. i’m awful at this.

  98. Steve says:

    Jesus, Dempster has been awful. Neither boring nor reliable.
    Monotonously hittable perhaps.

  99. Steve says:

    Edwin Jackson is a useless f***

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