The role of sports in our lives is more complex than just ‘root root root for the home team’ and something to keep your eyes occupied whilst drinking beer.

While preening print journalists may wish it so, this has little to do with steroids, the fact that athletes live far detached from the realities of our lives, or that ticket prices keep going up.

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Given I dole out advice on this site, it is only fair that you see how well I do in my public leagues. I’ll try and provide updates every fortnight or so…

March 25th – April 12th

Fantasy Baseball Writers League (Brock4Broglio) – 12 team mixed league – currently in 8th (63 pts, 16 pts out of 1st)

This was my first draft of the year, all the way back in late February.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Now that Juan Pierre has lost his starting job to Andre Ethier, one question hangs over the fantasy baseball community like the smog over Chavez Ravine: What will happen to Juan Pierre’s power numbers?

While the expected reduction in ABs will cut down on his RBI opportunities, we think the additional time off plus a newly discovered well of anger into which he can tap will inspire Pierre to surpass his 2006 career high in AB/HR of 226.

Please, blog, may I have some more?