What is up party people? With the regular season now in the final week it seems like an appropriate time to take a look back and see where that can help us next year. There will be much more to unpack once the season ends but for now here are some quick hitters about some of the top players this season.

Shohei Ohtani – You had to know I was going to start here. Despite missing the month of September he will likely finish as the number 1 player this season. It feels like we’re used to it at this point but honestly, that’s wildly impressive. He possesses a ceiling that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Unfortunately, that ceiling will not be there next season after undergoing a not quite Tommy John surgery. Reportedly, the procedure went well and he is expected to be ready to rock by the time next season rolls around… purely as a hitter. There’s also the matter of his impending free agency. I really don’t know where to rank him for next season and it will definitely be influenced by his chosen team. No matter where he ends up, he should be an elite hitter, but without pitching he’s not the slam dunk we’re used to.

Ronald Acuna Jr. – After the season he just put up I think he has to be locked in as the number one pick. He’s always been good but this season was absolutely ridiculous. If he’s not the runaway MVP then I don’t know anything about real-life baseball. But that’s not what you came here for. As far as fantasy is concerned, he should probably be the MVP for fantasy as well. He was an absolute monster this season with 41 bombs and 70 steals as I write this. And he did all of that with a batting average over .330. What more is there to say about the man?

Bobby Witt Jr. – I was out on him at his ADP this season I have to take the L on that. He has been great this season. We knew he had power and speed but his .277 batting average was a pleasant surprise. Will probably have him as deserving of a first round pick next season.

Corbin Carroll – What a run for the rookie. If you snagged him in the draft you have been loving life. Yes, he’s been phenomenal and looks every bit the part of a first round pick next season. Should have Rookie of the Year in the bag.

Christian Walker –  Nothing about his stats screams “I’m awesome” yet year after year, he’s a top points league play, Don’t draft him too early but absolutely do not forget about him next season. somehow, someway, he just gets the job done. By no means is he the sexiest name out there but once again he figures to be one of the top options at first base.

Yandy Diaz – His power dropped off but he came out of the gates so hot that it was unrealistic to expect it would continue. Yandy will be a tough guy to rank next season because there’s a solid chance he will be over-drafted based on his first 10 home runs. He will finish this season with over 20 but his calling card is batting average. I haven’t seen any reason to think that part of his game is going to suddenly disappear and that means there could be big things in store for him next season.

Nico Hoerner – He was a target of mine at the beginning of the year this was a whole new level. He racked up hit after hit even if no single stat stood out in particular aside from steals. Not usually the area to target but added to his other numbers made him an elite option. Certainly, a guy to watch heading into next year.

Steven Kwan – Even more than Nico, Steven is a case of a guy who racked up points without standing out in any one area. He hit .270 with only 5 home runs and 20 steals. That’s all fine and dandy but none of those numbers are all that impressive. The best ability is availability and as of the moment I write this, Kwan is 5th in the MLB for at bats. So while he may not have overwhelmingly impressive raw numbers, he came to the plate often enough to brute force his way to an impressive fantasy campaign.

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