The team previews are over and done with, and it’s time to let loose. What better way to ring in our newly found content freedom then to put together a team of our favorite sleepers. Maybe not so much sleepers, as Prospects we see as underrated, or under appreciated by the masses. We go through a few dozen players, position by position, until we’ve given you a cornucopia of under the radar goodness. There’s big news on all fronts, as I join Reddit. Which may be the death of me, as I’m gobbled by the dark web. Who knows? Any the who, if you’re in a deep dynasty or just get down on learning some new prospects, then this is the episode for you. It’s the latest from the Razzball Prospect Podcast.

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  1. The JoGarza says:

    Hey Ralph, a friendly suggestion.

    This is the exact type of episode that would benefit from timestamps denoting where you talk about each player (and also gives a glimpse as to which players you talk about).

    I don’t listen to podcasts much (rarely have 45+ minutes to spare), but every now and then I’ll dabble. If this podcast had timestamps to tell me you spoke about prospect A 32 minutes into the episode, I’d be inclined to jump straight there and listen in because I happen to own prospect A. Or maybe I’m interested in trading for him. Whatever the case may be.

    As it stands, I don’t want to scrub through the entire thing so truthfully, I won’t hit play. I follow all your written work, but like I said, the podcast format isn’t usually for me.

    And I know timestamps in your episodes may promote selective listening, but it’s a way to grab new listeners who haven’t really popped in and heard you or Halp yet. Maybe they jump to a specific section, like what you say and how you say it, and continue listening. That could be me!

    Anyways, just wanted to share that thought. Have a nice day!

    • The JoGarza says:

      @The JoGarza:

      Just noticed you had tags on your post, which is great! There are definitely a couple of prospects I want to learn more about. Now for some timestamp numbers :)

      • Ralph Lifshitz

        Ralph Lifshitz says:

        @The JoGarza: I hope the above helps.

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @The JoGarza: It’s a good idea, totally see the benefits of it.

      Maybe this helps, but we start catchers about 5 minutes in and go 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, SP. Figure each emaection gets about 5-10 minutes.

      • The JoGarza says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz:

        Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  2. I am the Walrus says:

    What’s the word, is Mazara getting platooned this year?

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @I am the Walrus: That’s what the rumor is, let’s see how it plays out. I think you can take the current discount, bag him as your 4th OF and pray it works in his favor.

  3. Smada says:

    Hoping to get feedback on a trade, greatly appriciated!

    30 Team 10×10 Dynasty Keep All League

    My team is:

    C – Jason Castro
    1B – Adam Lind
    2B – Dozier
    SS – Mercer
    3B – Prado
    LF – K. Davis
    CF – Pederson
    RF – Cargo
    UTL – Buxton

    Bench – Utley & Moya
    Bench MiLB Players – DeJong, Greg Allen

    SP – Sale
    SP – Snell
    RP – Kimbrel
    RP – Betances
    RP – D. Hudson

    Bench SP – A. Cobb, Gio Gonzalez, J Zimm, Chase Whitley, Chase Anderson
    Bench RP – Thornburg, Smoker
    Bench SP MiLB Players – T. McKenzie, Anthony Banda, Chance Adams, Fernando Romero

    4 Minor League Spots – Puk, Walker Buehler, Lucas Urceg, Luis Urias
    DL – Homer Bailey

    I have been offered R. Tapia, Hader & Vlad Jr. for Byron Buxton

    – I would probably drop 2 of Moya, Utley or either of the Chase’s
    (I think I could squeeze a SP upgrade included in this deal like Foltynewicz for Gio)

    If I do this trade, I’ll probably take another trade I have on the table to get back a needed UTL bat:
    Get – Justin Bour
    Give – A.J. Puk

    Thoughts? THANKS!

    • Ralph Lifshitz

      Ralph Lifshitz says:

      @Smada: I have to be honest I think I do these deals. I admittedly have more tepidation regarding Buxton than others.

      • Smada says:

        @Ralph Lifshitz: I’m really split on Buxton, also inherited this team – made a few trades so far – so haven’t felt the pain of waiting on him either. Think I’m going to pull the trigger, thanks for your help!

  4. Mike L says:

    What do I do with AJ Reed and Vogelbach as my best first basemen in dynasty? Do I drop either for someone like Miller or Cron or hold? Ive also got to decide to pick up Cotton, Hader, R Lopez, or Weaver and hopefully choose a catcher between Collins, Murphy, and Kelly assuming these guys are all still around after a couple of rounds. Whos upside you like the most?

  5. Ra'zbahl Al Ghul says:

    Loving this content fellas, kudos. So psyched I got Fowler and Schrock in the RazzNasty

    • Halp

      Halp says:

      @Ra’zbahl Al Ghul: thanks. Just noticed this. Two really good underrated guys

  6. Beware the Shit Rope says:

    running a dynasty (new) 7 man prospect slow draft that very hopefully gets done before march 31st when our regular online draft starts. 16 teamer. i got meadows at 1.12, but with so many SS having gone already, torres/swanson/albies/rosario/barreto/and then at 2.1 (17th pick) rodgers, which seems crazy. but somewhat worried i’m way behind the SS craze here. from your ranks probably have the choice of one of brinson/margot/tapia/o’neill/senzel/calhoun or a pitcher (martes/hader highest). guess it’s too early to play the roster construction game though, just best player if possible still. we’re at 2.2 now, i go at 2.5.

    • Beware the Shit Rope says:

      @Beware the Shit Rope: we have to call up guys when they hit 130/50 (standard) to active roster. 7 protected list per team (so matches right up with 100 man lists (nearly))

      • Beware the Shit Rope says:

        @Beware the Shit Rope: we’re also very likely going to make it impossible to add mid-season to our protected lists, and due to that, should i be adjusting anything with drafting these guys, as i can attempt to draft guys in the regular draft that i know will play this year (we have 2 NA slots on active roster page).

        examples being just how i drafted meadows ahead of jimenez/rodgers, but with later picks (where it’s not as clear about the overall value) it’s possible i’d rather have long term upside stashes than possible this year value. in the case of meadows vs rodgers it’s probably just an easy meadows, as i clearly wouldn’t have gotten him back later had i not grabbed him at 1.12.

  7. Bootsy says:

    Hey Ralph,

    In a 10×10 H2H dynasty,

    Vlad Jr or Acuna?
    Tapia or Verdugo?

    I’ve got Robles, Tapia, Verdugo, Bader, Chapman, Tellez, Weaver and Aiken or Gohara…would be flipping Verdugo+ or Tapia+ for Vlad or Acuna.

    I’ve got a ton of OF prospects and am stacked at OF/CI, so it comes down to who you figure is the best guy to gamble on. Sayre and Trudeau both rank Acuna way higher, but you’ve got them much closer so wanted your thoughts.

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