H2H, Head-to-Head, whatever you want to call it doesn’t change a lot from our 2010 fantasy baseball rankings.  There are 300 billion suns in the Milky Way galaxy.  There are 100s of billions of galaxies in the universe.  There are at least 256,000 planets exactly like Earth.  Yet, there’s one Albert Pujols.  He’s still number one.  And so on and so forth.  The strategy to play H2H changes.  You aren’t hoping Dunn hits 40 homers by October, but whether or not he’ll hit two homers on Sunday or if you should sit him to try and win steals.  It’s all about the match-ups, ya’ll!  So you want to build a team that can match-up well with any other team.  Anyway, let’s look at some Head-to-Head fantasy baseball draft strategy:

1. Avoid guys that are prone to nagging injuries.

This is not to say a guy who is DL’d.  They go on DL and that’s fine cause then you can replace them.  Nagging injuries?  Whole different bailiwick.  You put Glass Chipper on an H2H team and you wanna strangle someone.  Hopefully, not the guy sitting behind you wearing biker shorts and eating an apple.  Go ahead, look behind you.  Yeah, that’s me.  What’s up?  Since H2H is played on a week-to-week basis, you can’t afford to take many goose eggs as Chipper nurses his hammy.  BTW, I once nursed a hammy and everyone kept asking me why I was breastfeeding a pig.

2. Don’t punt anything, but don’t buy steal-only guys.

What’s Ellsbury or Crawford or Pierre et al going to get you?  2 steals per week?  They’re not going to win you steals.  So you’re going to get 3 steals from Ellsbury one week, your opponent is going to get 5 steals from his whole team and you’re going to lose steals anyway.  Or you’re not going to get anything from the aforementioned et al’s then you’re going to lose that week too.  You just lost two weeks and the season hasn’t even started yet.  See what those steal-only guys get you?  That doesn’t mean to punt these categories.  It means draft a balanced team.  Guys that will get you speed and power.  Then if the weekend rolls around and you’re within breathing distance of winning speed, you pick up some steals off waivers to try and win it.  If someone is going against you and you punt steals, then you’re giving them one category.  Are they giving you categories?  No offense, you seem like a good person, but I wouldn’t give you any categories.  There will be weeks when you’ll be out of the running for steals (pun point!) then you can make the decision to punt at that point (punt point!).

3. Starters, Starters, Starters…

If you can’t beat them with quality, you beat them with quantity.  Chances are you should be able to win Ks and Wins every week with this drafting strategy.  Then if you can win Saves, you’re only dealing with WHIP and ERA.  Figure at least once in a while your opponent is going to lose ERA or WHIP on their own doing.  Figure a few times you’ll win ERA and WHIP on your own doing.  So in roto I say take a late round flier on possible saves or a starter, with H2H, I say always take a starter.  Then another starter, then another.  Take them until you can’t take anymore.  This also means to wait even longer for starters.  Pretty self-explanatory, but for those who like self-explanatory things explained.  You don’t need a top starter when you’re throwing lots of junk out there anyway.

4. The Waivers are Your Oysters.

Don’t like Juan Rivera’s match-ups this week.  As Frida used to say, hasta luego, Rivera.  I take this approach in roto too, but in H2H it’s even more pronounced.  Besides some of your top hitters and pitchers, everyone’s fluid.  To mix metaphors and sense, the waiver wire is your own personal Idaho filled with potatoes and you’re an Irishman.

  1. I drink your milkshake. says:

    Thanks Grey. How would a league that charges a dollar per add alter your H2H strategy?

  2. Steve says:

    Totally on board with all of that, especially 2 and 3.

    However (there’s always one of those), my league also counts Holds and with a roster set up of SP x 2, RP x 2 and P x 3, I find sometimes I struggle to fit in all the guys that I need to do well in Wins, Saves and Holds.

    Last year I didn’t pay too much attention to Holds and it didn’t seem to hurt too much. If there’s a pitching cat in my league that you don’t pay so much attention to, you think Holds is the one?

  3. Pat says:

    I’m in a 12 person league, and I’m sitting at the 10 spot. Our league is a 6×6, with all the traditional categories, plus OBP and quality starts. Does Lincecum come into play here, because of quality starts, or is that category more luck-based than most? Also, because OBP is a category, obviously higher-average hitters and hitters that draw more walks are more valuable… again, does that make the big hitters available there more valuable? Main question: with those two additional categories, does that boost an ace’s value more or the sluggers’ value more?

  4. Quintero says:

    What’s up Master Grey! You sir are on fire today. My gf went down hard after she laughed her behind off, and of course she also choked by the apple. Bad news for me and the apple, awesome time for Razzball pun point hall of fame. U the man.

  5. Terrence Mann says:

    Grey – Good stuff. I guess a question I have is about drafting starters. In your pitcher pairings blog, you said you can take two guys from the Hamels tier, skip the Wandy tier, and then grab two guys from the Cueto tier. But as I look at advice you give to guys regarding their specific situations, you almost always suggest they grab the top starter available (falling in with the Starters, Starters, Starters theme here).

    If I gave a summary of how Grey would draft a team for just about any type of league it would go like this:

    1. Draft the best three players available in the first three rounds, regardless of position – but make sure you have 1B and 3B covered.

    2. After the first three rounds, draft the best outfielders available and always get Quentin or Hamilton as late as you possibly can.

    3. When guys start going from the Hamels tier, grab at least one of them. Keep drafting starters off starter list until….

    4. Take Andrus and Stewart at the last possible moment.

    5. Go back to drafting starters – now from the Wandy tier. Don’t give in to drafting donkeycorns yet.

    6. Get at least two donkeycorns before forced to choose between Lidge and Wood.

    7. Try to sneak an upside pick in of a guy like Bruce, Reimold, or Heyward.

    8-20. More starters from the Cueto tier (plus Sanchez) and a couple MRs that may end up as closers.

    Not positive, but I think this is pretty much how you assemble a team. After working on figuring out how Grey assembles a team, I feel like Bobbi Starr after the filming of “Rocco Ravishes LA”.

    I need a breather.

  6. Atherton32 says:

    1. In a 14 team league what are some good totals to shoot for if I use your projections for the season?

  7. Tony says:

    I described my league yesterday briefly and in the past. Its a wild 10×10 H2H league. We count singles, doubles, triples,K’s, BB etc and in pitching wins, losses, QS’s, BB’s, etc and we also have a 32 inning minimum…. I’ve found if you’re in a similar type league 5 cat players are the best route to go offensively. Sure i’ll take other players, but guys like Kemp, Braun, etc are money in the bank. You want guys who hit for high average, obviously in my league guys who hit for higher average are going to be getting MORE hits and therefore more singles, doubles, triples, HRs, etc….. Pitching wise in my league you can not just stack up on “high K guys” and pick of the flavor of the week…. aka “streaming”. A guy did stream in my league last year, barely made the playoffs then was beat down like a red headed stepchild in the finals by me. Why did he lose? Because his streaming failed. He had a strong offense, but a strong offense and balanced pitching staff will win it in the end.

    Streaming basically just puts you in a position where you’re giving up on losses, walks, probably ERA and WHIP and just trying to win the other 6 categories, which is fine, but you can sweep or win 8 of 10 if you just have a balanced team and manage them well. Again all in my league….

    I’ve seen guys in my league take one or two good SP’s then take ALL RP’s securing saves and in their minds the Ratios, decent strategy, but one RP gets shalacked, week over. Plus you’re logging 1-2 innings at a time. A starter might chunk out 7-9 innings of that 32 inning minimum….. key is getting to the 32 inning league min then seeing where your opponent is, if you can bench and steal more cats you bench, if you need to throw someone to combat what he’s done you can do that….

    OF COURSE all of this is how my league rolls, 5×5 is a different beast and greys strategies would work great…. Personally I think a league like mine is awesome, you have to manage your team each day, you need to know if you need a triple on sunday who is more likely to get you that and say bench david ortiz because you KNOW he has no shot of legging out a triple, you can’t just pick up every schmoe pitcher off waivers for the week to try and take K’s and Wins and saves, is that really even a strategy? Sounds boring too me…

  8. VanHammersly says:

    Grey, good advice. Do you alter your H2H strategy similar to an NL- or AL-Only league where you draft 1 or 2 offensive bench guys? For example, last year in a pretty deep 12-team league I grabbed Bourn pretty late in the draft and would often bench him most of the week and then plug him into one of my 3 OF slots for the last 3 or so games of the week if I was in good shape in all the power categories but losing in steals. This sometimes worked; however, like you said, you’re never sure when SBs are going to shake out on a day-to-day basis.

    Also, related: do you put slightly more emphasis on grabbing a couple offensive bench guys rather than skilled middle relievers in a H2H league?

  9. Mikey boy324 says:

    Grey in my h2h leagues you can only use 12 starts per week it’s put in so people don’t don’t start 10 guys a day on you but does that change your pitching strategy or should I still load up on starters?

  10. Tony says:

    Whats the thoughts on REYES now? I know its JUST a thyroid, but they’re saying 2 weeks to 2 months? And this is the METS TRAINING STAFF… I dont put too much into it from what I’ve heard about Thyroids, but unless I’m seeing reyes in the 4th round I really dont think I can pull the trigger….

  11. grandysdandy says:

    in the 7th round,

    do you take Choo, Hamels, Nolasco, C. Lee, or Heyward in a keeper league :)

    • Ripkenisgod says:

      @grandysdandy, Im assuming your looking for value here as a potential keeper. You better get Hamels now because he won’t be available later. Choo is coming off an injury plagued terrible year. Lee is not getting younger and his production in a terrible lineup is doomed. Nolasco and Heyward both have upside, with Heyward being the better option. Nolasco is no Cole Hamels. Besides, both Heyward and Nolasco will be available later.

  12. Czernobog says:

    Loading up on the starters isn’t as great without daily changes. It can still be useful to have a big pool to pick from, to get extras from the 2-start guys and sit the ones looking to get shelled at skankee stadium or something. The other thing to do is to give any starter who is RP eligible a bump up the board for weekly changes. i.e. whoever gets the #5 spot out of Joba & Hughes, Morrow, Liriano, a few others on yahoo. When your opponent has 5 starts + 3 closers and you have 8 starts + 1 middle reliever, IP/K/SV/HLD will be 2-1 to you almost certainly, and you should get W as well. Even if you lose ERA & WHIP, you’ve tied pitching and hopefully won things with your batting.

    If your league does count holds, then just ignore saves entirely unless someone becomes a ridiculous bargain*, and fill your RP slots with the likes of Thornton, Bard, Moylan and a dozen others who put up good ratios, but go basically undrafted because people still tend to go with the default rankings to some extent. Rd 20 Thornton vs Rd 15 Jenks is no contest as to who’ll be more helpful.

    *Joe Nathan was a ridiculous bargain at ~150th overall when I took him a week before he broke. :(

  13. Tony says:

    more H2H advice, which was eluded too above, but you want guys who are best when you need them the most, second half and into the playoffs…. the ryan howards and mark teixieras of the world can carry you in a H2H league down the stretch, maybe they’re guys you target to trade for? The danny harens of the world are great first half, just deal them to a NON-razzballer pre-2nd half when he tanks it each year…. Its definitely not a format where you can say “oh well if this guy gets hurt i’ll just sub those 30 games with a waiver wire add and get this amount of stats” when a guy goes down in H2H it hurts…. avoid injury prone guys as much as possible…

  14. Ian says:

    Thanks Grey. Most ‘perts don’t spend much time on giving us h2h-ers any strategy advice.

    I was bummed to see you advise against speed-only guys. I was looking forward to snagging Pierre late, but I see what you mean. One week you might end up getting 8-10 steals and just crushing your opponent and another week you might only get 1-2 steals and not have a chance at the category.

  15. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @grandysdandy: kinda depends on whether you are playing for this year or beyond. how do your keepers work? what kinda other keepers do you have?

    it would be hard to pass up nolasco or hamels imo, unless your staff is already loaded. i’m not high on c lee, i think he’s in decline, and i could see him bottoming out any year now. i’m not as high on choo as some people, so i guess it just kinda depends on your stance. he’s a solid all around player, but just doesn’t excite me i guess.

    if you are happy with your staff thus far, and you aren’t high on c lee or choo, then why not go for heyward. i mean, i would go for heyward over a mediocre IF spot for sure, like i’d take heyward and draft weeks or sizemore or someone rounds later over drafting zobrist in the middle rounds. same deal at SS, i’d take heyward and escobar or someone over drafting andrus in the middle rounds. does that make sense?

  16. Eddy says:

    So if I have Andrus as my SS, you recommend Quentin and Pence instead of Borbon and Pence correct?

  17. David_C says:

    I don’t agree you should avoid speedsters all throughout, that’s nonsense ..
    Avoid pure speed guys in the first 6 rounds or so…after that anything goes, but it’s important to finish your draft with atleast 2 pure speedsters that hit leadoff. . Having 1 or 2 in your lineup is not a bad thing especially when they’re surrounded by sluggers …

  18. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Ian: depends on how late. i wouldn’t want him as a weekly starting OF, but if i could grab him as a bench guy i subbed in as needed, i’d do it.

  19. Tony says:

    @Ian: i think he means “speed only guys EARLY IN THE DRAFT”. A pierre late would be good value for what you need him for, a carl crawford early isn’t….

  20. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Eddy: absolutely

    @David_C: i’ve never gone for pure speed in h2h, and i’ve at least made the semifinals every year in my main league. i usually load up on a lot of guys that give me 10-20 SBs. i have had rollins as a keeper, so i guess he’s been my big speed guy, though he also provides well above avg Rs, RBIs, and HRs for a speed guy and a SS. i guess, the main thing is that i avoid a michael bourn or even a evereth cabrera, but i’ll take a bj upton or rollins or someone who might give me something besides just steals. i’d rather draft an upton, who could go for 20-40, and then draft someone like kyle blanks later who could give me 30+ bombs (and the RBIs and slugging to go with it).

  21. Martin Van Buren says:

    @Steve- I totally agree with Czernobog. If you’re in a league that uses saves AND holds, just punt saves and max out on middle relievers at the end of the draft.

    The only way you’re going to do well in both RP cats is to either go light on SPs (and cost yourself Wins & Ks) or to get really lucky. By punting saves and focusing on holds, you will still get adequate performance from your RPs at a fraction of the cost (because, to Czernobog’s point, most drafters still draft based on “conventional” wisdom and take elite closers well ahead of elite MRs, even though their contributions in a league like this are equal.

  22. Buddo Chezuski says:

    yes, as “I drink your milkshake” asked, how would things change with weekly H2H changes?

  23. PJtres says:


    2 deals:

    1 -Which side do you like of each AND
    2 -If you could only do one, which deal would you do?

    deal 1: Hamels/Span FOR Choo/Baker
    deal 2: Nolasco/Victorino FOR Heyward/Wandy

  24. David_C says:


    I also like having a couple of guys that hit hr’s and steal bases but it’s important to me to come outta the draft with 1 or 2 guyys that have a chance to swipe 45+ bags. Having those guys won’t hurt me since the rest of my hitters will consist of sluggers and hr/sb threats…
    pure speedster + hr/steal threats+ sluggers(40+ hr types)

    And like i said i don’t draft speedsters until I have a formidable hitting lineup

    You mention everth cabrera but he’s most likely going to bat 8th..

  25. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Buddo Chezuski: with weekly lineups, you don’t have to load up your whole bench with pitching imo since you won’t be making as many changes on the fly depending on cats going into the weekend. i generally don’t change my staff too much week to week, maybe i sit a guy if he’s got 2 starts @nyy and @bos in the same week, but if that guy is roy halladay, i’m probably not gonna bench him, whereas if it’s david price, i probably am gonna bench him (until he proves he’s not a threat to destroy your stats).

    as for hitting, i would devalue speed only guys for weekly lineups. power is more consistent, thus you hope to win your power cats, and hope you have enough steals to sneak out a W in SBs with all your more diverse speed guys that contribute in more than 1 cat.

  26. Pochucker says:

    Great article. I always target my first pitcher as someone I like that is ranked just outside top 12-15pitchers. Last year got Bills and Vasquez in 8th and 9th then didnt draft another starter till 15th (Weaver then Danks)
    In weekly change league ($1a/d)(weeekly changes) with 6bench spots and 3dl, I always have at least 3bench sometimes 4 spots filled with pitchers and try to load dl spots up with Ps also –like Bedard this year . You dont want to get “attached” to your starters you want to go with who is hot. I had Bills on the bench last month of the year and had mainly replaced him with guy named Anderson,B

  27. cubbies299 says:

    Cain/Fowler/A Jones/Nunez or Aardsma/BJ Upton/E Santana/Matusz

  28. Tony says:

    You can take two 20/20 guys or take a 40HR/0sb guy and a 0HR/40SB and get relatively the same thing…. a 40/40 combo outta two players, but in H2H I’d rather have the two 20/20 type guys just because they BOTH can help you on any day in both cats. Maybe one day they’re not hitting for power but they steal a base, and the next day they’re not running but hit a donger…. the all power all SB guys only have the chance to really help you in one area, when they slump there it hurts.

  29. On point 1, I think there is some value to the guys with nagging injuries.

    In head to head, you’re going to be picking up a lot based on matchups, like you said, so, chances are the bench is deeper. For where you’ll draft a guy with nagging injuries, you almost always get more value for when the guy does play and you’re prepared for when he doesn’t play. I think these guys are easier to trade as long as you don’t want their noninjury value back for them. There’s almost always someone who wants these dudes. If you draft a nagging injury guy in round 10, he plays better than his round 10 value for a bit, and you trade him for a guy playing around round 6-7 value that will not include nagging injury doing playoff time, I’ll take that.

    The other benefit is that if a guy is slumping and it can possibly be attributed to the nagging injury, you see that coming, compared to a guy who owns Justin Upton where you don’t know when he’s gonna say, “fuck it, I’m tired of crushing the ball, c’mon man I can hit .240 for a few weeks, I’m 22!”

    @Tony: What are the categories you use for offense? We currently have 9 in the main league I’m in. There was some chatter about adding one/replacing another, so, just curious what you’ve used aside from the ones you mentioned. Do you use walks AND obp?

  30. Tony says:

    @Maitland: runs, singles, doubles, triples, HRS,RBI, SB, BB, K, and AVG………..

    pitching we use: W, L, K, BB, SV, QS’s, ERA, WHIP, RUNS, and HR’s

    last year we switched CG SHO’s to QS’s which worked out GREAT, made SP’ing more valuable…. and gave you a bonus for having solid SP’s who go 6+ innings giving up 3 or less runs…. even if they dont get the win you get a pt in that cat.

  31. CoreyII says:

    Do you have suggestions for Starting Pitchers to pick up in the late rounds or off of free agency to re-tool my roster in a deep league? You posted Medlan, Marcum, and Norris in a deep sleepers earlier – all 3 are owned. Any others you’d take a chance on?

  32. Frank Rizzo says:

    One of the leagues I play in is just a Yahoo 10 teamer in which we only start 3 OF’s. I will be using the starter, starter, starter tip for sure and will probably be waiting a bit on OF. The WW will be chuck full of OF oytsters in a 10 teamer so I’ll probably be hitting IF positions hard early in the draft.

    Does this seem like sound reason based on our league settings?

  33. Denys says:


    Two players that absolutely stand out while I’m drafting based on your rankings and go WAY earlier than you have them placed:

    1. Andrew McCutchen
    2. Tommy Hanson

    We’re talking about them going in the 60-70 overall range, and you have them down some 60-70 spots later. Almost every time.

    So how come you’re so down on those players, and what’s everyone missing since they’re drafting them so early?

  34. AL KOHOLIC says:

    boy desmond is making it hard to send him down,and easier to take a late flier on him

  35. Falcon says:


    Have you already, or are you planning to drop Beltran and Reyes in the rankings?

    I just did a hilarious Mock where I ended up with Beltran, Reyes, Bay, K-Rod, and Johan. And I dont even really like the Mets.


  36. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Denys: hanson will be on an innings limit this year,1st half full value then trade him to someone that doesnt know this,Andrew will be limited on runs and rbi chances and the ave might dip some also

  37. Andrew says:

    i think punting average is a viable strategy this year in weekly H2H leagues.

    there’s a lot of production to be had in the 4 other hitting categories if you’re not too worried about batting average, and since streaming is no longer a viable option, worrying about one less category will not only allow you to stock up on the other hitting cats, but will be one less factor to worry about when you want to draft your pitchers

    i wouldn’t recommend going into a draft planning this, but if low-average guys that contribute across the board elsewhere are available at your picks, i’d go for it.

    guys that have the potential to be monsters, but will probably fall around average to below-average in average include: howard, kinsler, reynolds, rollins, longo, bay (still don’t want him), sizemore, adrian gonzalez, werth, phillips, grandy, beej upton, cruz, dunn, and a lot of other culprits (like grey fav ian stewart)

    to me, many of these guys already represent good value, and if i take a couple of them relatively early, i’m going to punt average and stock up on hitters that have great power/speed combos

  38. Tony says:

    @Grey: haha nice replies, super sized…..

    and yes the streamer got in vs. me, but in H2H playoffs anything can happen, which is why some people dont like it. You are right tho, i coulda had a pitcher bomb or whatever and it couda went the other way…

    week to week ya never know….

  39. CoreyII says:

    @Grey: I was thinking about some old rebound guys like Brett Myers, Jeff Francis, Ian Snell. Also there is RTejada, ACook, JNeise, BDuensing, Marquis, ZDuke, JGarland.

    I think the guys you had reccomended before might have been taken mostly because you, in fact, had reccomended them.


  40. Mikey boy324 says:

    What would your strategy be then there’s 4 bench spots and 9 pither spots?

  41. We locked in our ADP list for keeper calcuation today, so I’ve got a week to make my keeper picks. I’m pretty settled on 4/5, but I’m still waffling on the 5th keeper. The 4 I know:

    Victor Martinez, 5th round
    Robinson Cano, 7th rd
    Andre Ethier, 9th rd
    Clayton Kershaw, 14th rd

    I have to keep 1 more pitcher — my options are:

    Cliff Lee, 6th rd
    Chad Billingsley, 8th rd
    Max Scherzer, 14th rd, would be bumped to 13th rd since Kershaw’s already occupying my 14th rd pick
    Scott Baker, 16th rd

    At first I was leaning toward Lee, as it’s a decent discount on his ADP, and he should be a fairly reliable 2nd tier guy. But Scott Baker would be so cheap in the 16th round, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just go for max value there and then try to add in a couple higher tier guys in the draft.

    Any thoughts?

  42. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    I like speed only guys as Middle Infidels… Had some success using EverCab or Andrus there last year.

    Also, having a guy like Rajai Davis on my bench was great for matchups. When I knew I was going to get outpitched, I would load up on steal/runs guys like Davis and EverCab to balance out my team.

  43. Pat says:

    Grey- I really appreciate the reply about my QS and OBP league. So if I’m at 10, and say Pujols, ARod, Hanley, Braun, Utley, Kemp, Miggy, Teix, Prince are gone, would you take a stab at Lincecum or take Longoria or even Howard? I’m just wondering if because of QS’s, I should take Lincecum or Halladay at 10 or pick 15, over sluggers like Longoria, Howard, etc. And if I should take Lincecum, is that still the case if one of those top 9 are available?

  44. Eddy says:

    So anyone else catch Jake Fox doing time behind the plate yesterday? Interesting stuff…

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Yup

    @CoreyII: No you mentioned is being drafted anywhere outside of the deepest of leagues.

    @Mikey boy324: No Holds? Two SPs on the bench and two fluid spots.

    @Mark Geoffriau: Baker

    @Pat: Depends which of the top 9. I’d take Lincecum at 10.

    @Eddy: Yeah, but it might take him until July to get that eligibility.

  46. BP says:

    On the contrary Grey. I do recall Crawford swiping 7-8 bases one week last year. I recall this because I was playing him in a H2H league and he single handedly had more steals than my entire team.

    Who do you see as a bigger injury concern this year – HanRam or Pujols? I have the first pick and kind of want to get cute with Hanley and grab a solid 1B later…thoughts?

  47. Mikey boy324 says:

    No holds it’s a daily league with 9 pitcher spots you can put a starter or reliever in any of those 9 spots with 4 bench spots

  48. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BP: Neither are injury concerns. Pujols is a better pick.

  49. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thoughts on punting saves as suggested by a couple of the fellas above?

  50. Steve says:

    @Grey: Thoughts on punting saves as suggested by a couple of the fellas above?
    Have done this before too.

  51. Tony says:

    @BP: i’m an advocate of taking hanley #1 overall…. why not? Pujols is at a position that is full of solid players many can be had later in drafts, hanley is at a position full of old, young and not stable….

    i think people forget Hanley can hit .330 as well…. hasn’t done it as consistently as Pujols, but 30/30 and a .315+ average at SS is equivalent to me as Pujols’s stats.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I wouldn’t punt saves. I don’t see why you should punt anything. You should be able to win Ks and Wins if you have one closer. So throw one guy out there to keep the heat on your opponent. At some point, you’re going to pick up another closer then you have two. You should still win Wins and Ks with two closers. More heat, I say.

  53. incognithole says:

    @Grey: with the 34th and 39th pick (3rd/4th rd)…would you go for 2OFs (sizemore, werth, granderson) or one of them and a 2B (cano, phillips, pedroia)….if you have corners filled already.

    Also, does the reyes situation hurt wrights value since he wont have runners on base to drive in….again…..would you intentionally pass up on him and hope to get sandoval, youk, maybe even zimm in rd 3 or is 3B to thin to make that gamble…thanks

  54. BP says:

    @Tony: I hear you. I would much rather combo Hanley and say the #10 first baseman (Morales/Morneau) than to have Pujols and the #10 SS (Yunel).

    Dont get me wrong. I think Pujols will probably have a slighty better year – or at least is more likely to have a better year. First Base is soooo deep this year though.

    And if I am not mistaken – Grey ranked Hanley #1 overall last year. Did Hanley winning the NL batting title change his mind for this year? I dont understand….

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @incognithole: I don’t think Wright’s situation is hurt. OF and 2nd baseman.

  56. Tony says:

    @Grey: stop telling him to think like me… haha OF/2B is what i would do.

  57. incognithole says:

    @Grey: thanks; which rankings do you update….the top 300 spreadsheet or the top 100/300 w/comments?

  58. peter says:

    ****News: Lance Berkman having knee surgery; will miss 2-4 weeks. According to rotoworld, it’s the same knee that’s given him problems before.

  59. AdamH says:

    Have you made any other significant ranking changes besides Nathan and Reyes before I go trying to comb through my excel sheets?

  60. Grey

    Grey says:

    @incognithole: Someone of Reyes’s stature, I updated both. Usually just update the spreadsheet.

    @peter: Ugh… My team with Reyes and Berkman and no bench is not looking so good.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AdamH: A few here and there, shouldn’t change things much.

  62. herschel says:

    Does reyes health concerns bump the value of other closely rated ss (namely tulo and rollins)?

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @herschel: Rollins moved up slightly. Tulo doesn’t change.

  64. Steve says:

    @Grey: So we’re emphasizing holds over saves at the draft (sorry, it’s early here, brain not warmed up)?
    If I’m drafting one closer, does it need to be a top one?

  65. peter says:

    @Grey: this also crumbles my attempt not to go w/ a 1B in the first couple rounds. I’ve been able to regularly grab Morales/Morneau in the 5th round, with Berkman as a fallback option. Now it’s not as doable w/ so little room for error.

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’d grab a Holds guy and a closer. Holds guys are all over waivers after the draft. No, doesn’t need to be a top one.

    @peter: Still ugh.


  67. Campbell says:

    Great, I drafted Ellsbury, Chipper, and have Greinke and Cliff Lee on my team. Clearly this article would’ve helped before my draft…

  68. sean says:

    Grey –

    Any chance you do a points based league draft strategy? Its weekly H2H with points per hit, strikeout, etc…just like fantasy football.


  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Sorry, future cloudy.

  70. Tom says:

    Hey Grey I used your projection list for my draft today wanted to know what you think

    #8 of 12 Team H2H
    Keepers 14 round and on

    1. Mig Cab.
    2. David Wright
    3. Matt Holiday
    4. Jose Reyes
    5. Brian Roberts
    6. Adam Jones
    7. Cliff Lee
    8. Cole Hamels
    9. Tori Hunter
    10. Billy Butler
    11. Roy Oswalt
    12. Elvis Andrus
    13. jason heyward – (just so no one else can get him as a keeper)
    14. Nef Feliz
    15. Derek Lowe
    16. Jose Valverda
    17. Vlad Guerro
    18. Mike Napoli

    pick #’s r getting hazy now

    Chris Carter – oak
    Kevin Correla
    Matt Capps
    Scott Sizemore
    John Danks
    Jake Fox
    Brandon Wood
    Colby Rasmus
    Travis Snider

    Anyone else feel free to give me your opinion

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: Way to prospblock on Heyward. Overall I really like your team. Good starters in the front of your staff, but not crazy about Lowe. He’s a’ight, and I’d hold him for now. But be ready to lose him. Your hitting looks great if Reyes comes back as I htink he will. Might even have too much speed with Andrus, Reyes and Roberts. Not sure Roberts was necessary, which makes your team a little light on power. Not terribly so though.

  72. Tom says:


    Yea i had to do it – i wasnt going to have anyone in my league keep that guy.

    Yea i figure i`ll see how lowe does and worst comes to worst pick up someone, as far as reyes ONCE he comes back andrus would be on my bench but i do understand what your saying.

    I think my goal for this year was to have a consistent team.

    Any other suggestions – you and your site has been great.


  73. jefe says:

    @sean – I’m with ya, no one talks about points leagues. Yet they make so much more sense, especially for H2H.

  74. Tom says:


    Exactly its not about having the most points overall its about winning each week.

    I learned the hard way when i had the most points in my league last year but didnt even make it to the play offs

  75. Tom says:



    i would also love to hear your suggestion on a starting line up for my team

  76. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: A) I don’t know your lineup arrangement (MI? CI? 3 OFs? 5 OFs?). B) It’s March 14th. There’s time for that.

  77. Tom says:


    yea your right ill ask you later – should i just put up a comment or is there a email i can reach u at

  78. Pat says:

    I asked an earlier question about a league involving QS and OBP in addition to regular 5×5 categories. I am at pick 10… and I know you like to punt catcher…but shouldn’t Joe Mauer get a boost in a league with OBP? I am very tempted to take him at 10, between him and Lincecum, and wiht his OBP and average so much higher than any other catcher, shouldn’t he be a value?

  79. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pat: Mauer would get a boost in an OBP league. Take him at 10.

  80. Pat says:

    One more question. In said league, we start 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, of, of, of, util, util. then, at p, we have sp, sp, rp, rp, p, p, p, p. so 8 pitching spots, two of which must be rp. we also have 7 bench slots and 2 dh slots. how many pitchers would you recommend drafting here?

  81. Pat says:

    and also, do having util spots instead of mi/ci and starting only three of’s effect anyone’s value?

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Pat: No idea how many teams. Assuming 12… No MI/CI makes corner men slightly less valuable. In other words, no reason to reach for Youk, Sandoval, etc. I’d 12 pitchers. 7 SPs, 3 Closers and two wild cards for value. RP or SP or MR.

  83. Pat says:

    Thanks a lot, always appreciate it Grey.

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