When the Padres are in Colorado finding some value in a starting pitcher is essential to get as many high priced bats in your FanDuel lineup as possible. In this case the needle points to Trevor Cahill ($7,000). In this season m/ore than ever it’s about what have you done for me lately. In Cahill’s case he just scored 37 points against these same Diamondbacks on 8/23. He’s stretched out and likely to go at least five, which is more than you can say for most of the pitchers. And sure, you could attempt to go with Bundy at more thank $2K more but then be left to pick up the riskier pieces for most of your lineup. One extra nugget on this game in Cahill’s favor: Eduardo Escobar has two homers in four at bats against Cahill in the past but is badly slumping to a .184 batting average. This is one area you can find some value on the Main Slate today at FanDuel. Let’s look for a bit more and figure out how to add Tatis and Machado to your lineup. Of the two Machado is much hotter, and look to Boston of all places to perhaps zag while others stick with the Padres and Rockies. More on that in the “Doing Lines In Vegas” area. Sometimes those lines can make you $$$.

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Let’s start with the values.

Austin Nola, C: $2,800 – This guy is the greatest value on FanDuel right now. He’s pretty much entrenched in the fifth spot in the Mariners lineup and is carrying a .313 batting average and 153 OPS+ on the year. Today he goes against the highest priced pitcher on the Main Slate Dylan Bundy. Bundy is having a good year, but thus far Nola has a .329 batting average/.942 OPS against right handers, including 4/5 of both his home runs and doubles.

David Fletcher, SS: $3,100 – Second in all of baseball in hits. There’s not much power, but you can pretty much pencil in a couple of knocks and go from there.

Kevin Pillar, OF: $2,900 – Has at least one hit in four of his last six games, also has good success against Anibal Sanchez: .353 in 17 at bats. If you feel risky there could be more profit potential in the Red Sox lineup.

Now to the Padres & Rockies. This game is going to be chalk, and there’s good reason for it. But because it’s chalk you could find more. Again, it’s the Red Sox 7.87 projected runs scored that you can mine for profit if you feel like risking the rain and the depression that is the 2020 Red Sox season. That risk is why I’m not suggesting more than Pillar.

Fernando Tatis, Jr., SS: $4,900 – That’s a lot of eggs to put in this basket. But oh what a basket. Leads the league in Runs, Home Runs, and is even tied for third with six steals. You can put him in your Util if you put Fletcher in SS. The only reason for caution is he is slumping ever so slightly in the last week, just six hits and hitting .250. Of course, he can errupt for 50 FDP at any time.

Manny Machado, 3B: $4,200 – He’s en fuego. In his last 10 games he averages 2.2 hits per, including 6 homers and 4 doubles. There’s even a steal in there. Of Machado and Tatis, Machado is the true must have today.

Jake Cronenworth, 2B: $3,300 – .346 in August, .409 in his last seven, two homers and four doubles in his last 15.

Wil Myers, OF: $3,500 – Four hits yesterday, maybe don’t expect that. But 12 hits in his last 10, three homers and three doubles. With the wind blowing out in Colorado you could see multiple homers today.

Sam Hilliard, OF: $3,100 – Yes he’s slumping, but he is hitting .292 at home and he’s as cheap as a regular comes in this game.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The wind is blowing out in Colorado for the Padres and Rockies. It’s no coincidence the players cost so much. The wind is also blowing out for the Pirates and Brewers in the upheaval of Milwaukee. When I note the wind blowing out that is 10 or more MPH going out towards the outfield. The Brewers have a retractable roof that may negate this effect there. In Colorado it’s blowing out to left center at 12 MPH. A flick of the wrist could result in a grand slam.

In Boston there will be some drizzle and light rain. They are surprisingly the second highest run scoring projection today, so risk/reward.

Doing Lines In Vegas

The best and the brightest: The biggest favorites today are the Angels (-195) vs the Mariners, the Brewers (-149) at the Pirates and the Red Sox (-148) vs the Nationals.

Stack ’em, pack ’em and rack ’em: The highest projected runs for today are the Padres (8.22) at the Rockies, the Red Sox (7.87) vs the Nationals and the Rockies (7.24) vs the Padres.