A good roster on Draft is a lot like a good vinyl album A side. Your best work shines with 4 or 5 hits. Santana (the band) put out some great records in their time. Carlos Santana (the hitter) is currently producing hits at much the same rate.

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Noah Syndergaard, SP: Early. I don’t think Toronto has the right plate approach to stymie Thor. A patient approach can get to him, but the free-swinging Jays could get themselves in trouble. Lots of Ks and decent win odds make him the top play.

German Marquez, SP: Middle. There’s always a market for Rockies pitchers on the road. Marquez brings a solid 8.84 K/9 to the plate against a strikeout-prone offense. Whether his own team can back him on the road is a bit more of a crapshoot.

Wei-Yin Chen, SP: Late. This one is a bigger gamble. Chen has three starts this season, with results of good, bad, and ugly. The Dodgers seem snakebit so far in 2018 and haven’t hit lefties. Their .289 wOBA vs LHP is 28th in the majors. Here’s hoping a home start sees 6 solid innings from Chen.

Freddie Freeman, IF: Early. Suntrust Park is not a great place for a pitcher working through early season issues. The Braves are not the lineup to do it against, either. Yu Darvish is going to have to do just that. I like the top half of the ATL order, but especially Freeman. He’s an OBP machine with very good power.

Carlos Santana, IF: Middle. If Carlos Santana’s season were Black Magic Woman, the last ten days would be the first bars of its all-time great guitar solo. If the weather cooperates, I like that face-melter to continue against Andrew Cashner.

Jean Segura, IF: Late. Segura is the Mariners spark vs LHP. He provides solid on base and better pop with a .842 OPS vs LHP. Mike Minor has not been the rotation piece Texas had hoped, either. Despite losing Robbie Cano, I think the Mariners cruise in this one.

Bryce Harper, OF: Early. Masahiro Tanaka has a tendency to avoid the strike zone when possible. If he has to come over the plate to Harper, there are good odds that pitch ends up in the cheap seats. Worst case, you’re banking a couple walks almost for free.

Rhys Hoskins, OF: Middle. It feels like I put Hoskins in here every week. I may have a blind spot for him. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, though.

Kyle Schwarber, OF: Late. The aforementioned Suntrust Park plays up left-handed power. Schwarber has returned to form as one of the game’s better power hitters from the left side with a solid 42.9 HH% so far this season. After Coors Field, lefties in Suntrust is what I trust.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Keep an eye on games in the Northeast corridor. Thunderstorms abound.

Doing Lines in Vegas

If you haven’t checked out the Teamonator, it’s a great way to see if there’s an outlier in team totals. For today, there’s a clear under play, with Rudy projecting 6.4 runs between TOR and NYM.