Stack against the Athletics.

That’s it. Their pitching staff has reached historic levels of terribleness. Even if the A’s starter for the day stumbles through five innings of good baseball, they’ll probably bring in a string of relievers with ERAs closer to 10 than 3.

It’s never that simple in reality. DFS slate context always matters.  Tonight, the Mariners get JP Sears, who is pitching slightly worse than his actual skills so far this season. The strikeout rate is good, but he’s having some trouble with the long ball. On DraftKings, the slate is 5 games and there are other juicy matchups our opponents will be targeting. The Yankees see Kyle Gibson and the Brewers dug out Julio Teherán from the AAA dregs to eat some innings. It doesn’t seem like the Mariners will have out-of-control ownership considering the context, so don’t miss out. I’ll use the rest of this article to outline the other teams I’m looking to build around the Seattle players.    

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Logan Gilbert, SP: $9,900 – Logan Gilbert is in a group by himself in projections. The price in salary and ownership match the projections, but if he makes sense in your lineup today, don’t be afraid to jam him in. 

Kyle Gibson, SP: $7,700 – Can we expect great results today out of Kyle Gibson? Probably not, but we can expect a large portion of the field to stack the Yankee power bats against him. He doesn’t look much worse than the rest of the pitchers outside of Nola and Gilbert. Close your eyes and click the button if you can stomach it. 

Ryan Mountcastle, 1B: $4,500 – Baltimore is one of the medium projecting teams today that stands out to me. Which version of Clarke Schmidt will we see today? Ryan Mountcastle has 2 HR upside on any day. 

Brett Baty, 3B: $2,800 – Kyle Hendricks makes his season debut. It’s a cold night with winds blowing in at Wrigley tonight. The conditions aren’t perfect, but I’m always going to find a way to attack Hendricks until he’s out of the league. Ownership should be minimal on Baty at a price that helps us get up to Logan Gilbert. 

Dansby Swanson, SS: $4,400 – The early season shine has worn off of Lt. Dansby, and the Cubs play in the same chilly and windy conditions as the Mets in Wrigley. They also face an aging pitcher in Carrasco whose body has gone through a lot in the last few seasons. He can still pitch great games, but he is another pitcher I regularly try to target hitters against. 

Cedric Mullins, OF: $5,500 – Take what I wrote about Ryan Mountcastle, add the great-handedness matchup, and you have an under-owned outfielder who has home run and stolen base potential all in one package.   

Mike Yastrzemski, OF: $3,800 – If people are rostering a left-handed outfielder from the Giants today, they will lean on Michael Conforto. Conforto is cheaper and has been hitting well lately. I have no problem with Conforto, but Yas gives us a pivot if we need it with plenty of upside.


I’m Only Happy When It Rains

No weather issues to worry about other than the chilly temperature and wind blowing in at Wrigley Field.


Doing Lines In Vegas

Based on the hitters I like today going against Clarke Schmidt and the potential for Kyle Gibson to be fine in any matchup, I think there is a potential bet on betting the Oriole’s money line with plus money.