Not sure how many of you knuckleheads explore this site, but in the top header under ’08 Rankings, which has the 2008 Fantasy Baseball Rankings, our Fantasy Baseball 10 Team Player Rater and our Fantasy Baseball 12 Team Player Rater. So now instead of downloading a clumsy Excel spreadsheet, you now have it all at your fingertips right onsite. Under ’08 Rankings, you also have the Best Fantasy Values for 10 team leagues and Best Fantasy Values for 12 team leagues. So what gives? Did Christmas/Chanukah/You Name It come early? You better believe it. No, the pleasure is all mine. No, mine. Mine! If you need an explanation on what the player raters are or how to use them, look here:  Fantasy Baseball Player Rater — that will send you deeper into the player rater rabbit hole and you’ll come out a week later much wiser. The comments are off on this post. Scroll down to the next post to drop some praise on Rudy, this is all his doing. (Or scroll up if you’re finding this after today — the, um, day this was posted.)