How dare you.  How dare you make me write a Buy for Jay Bruce.  Did you forget all our pre-draft love?  It’s less than two weeks into the season.  People need to chillax.  Here’s what Jay Bruce had to say to all his naysayersJay Bruce could hit 7 homers in April.  Still.   Before he goes streaking, go to Marshall’s and buy him some pants.  You owe him that.  Bruce is one of those guys that I wish would slump for another two weeks, so I can trade for him even cheaper.  I will Mola Ram the Bruce right out of your team’s chest.  Then I will grab a fart and Nolan Ryan it right into your skull Robin Ventura-style.  As I cackle.  I will cackle loudly.  Hold Bruce, covet Bruce.  Don’t give up on Bruce.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:

Psyche!  Before we jump into the players, I need to make an announcement.  Our very own Rudy Gamble is getting married in a few weeks.  Sorry our three lady readers, the fro’s off the market.  So this weekend we’re in Vegas for his bachelor party and I’m his best man.  Yes, I got him a blow up doll to carry and a uber-realistic vulva skullcap to wear all weekend.  But that means I won’t be as close to a computer to answer comments until Sunday.  You guys need to help each other.  I know you can.  Make me proud.  Anyway II, here’s the post:


Jose Guillen – His last three Aprils –>  199 ABs  –> 25/7/25/.211.  –> Belch.  This April his burps smell like he just chugged some rose water.  I don’t think in October we’re going to have conversations about whether we can give Guillen an MVP even though the Royals lost a 100 games, but 30 HRs and a .280 average aren’t out of the question.  Also known as, what you were hoping to get from Ludwick.

Jeff Francoeur – He’s only 26, he’s taking walks and Frenchy’s hitting freedom flies.

Krispie Young – Also 26 years old, also taking walks (okay, only 2 as of this writing) and hitting Krispie flies.

Magglio Ordonez – Getting hits like he just dropped his debut album, Maggystyle.  She want the Maggy with the biggest cuts, and guess what?  He is Mags, and Mags is him.  Alas, I’m fully expecting him to start sucking soon.  Could’ve easily been in the Sell section, but really who’s buying this schmohawk.  Make a record of his label, “Own While Hitting.”

Josh Willingham – Went over him in last week’s Buy/Sell.  All Buy/Sells are located on the left sidebar.  No, your other left.

Seth Smith – Doesn’t his name seem like it should be the name for an unknown corpse?  Coincidentally, that’s how well he’s hitting too.  He’s worth a chance in deep leagues while he has every day time.

Scott Podsednik – It’s like this Buy post just hopped out of the hot tub time machine.  Who’s next, Kevin Gregg? Aw, geez…

Kevin Gregg – Here’s the thing with closers and, frankly, I’d write this on my forehead.  If guys are getting saves, you should own them.  In two months, if Gregg has 15 saves and still rocking a solid ERA, you can trade him for a much bigger piece than you’re getting off of waivers.  Wow, guess that’s a lot to write on your forehead.  How about you just write “SAGNOF!”

Fernando Rodney – Member what I wrote back in the Gregg blurb?  It still applies.

Jim Johnson – Same shizz, different blurb.

Jensen Lewis – A familiar pattern has emerged and here comes a filial pattern.

Ty Wigginton – Hey, it’s Casey McGehee Sr.

Casey McGehee – What’s up, Dad?!

Ryan Theriot – It’s me, your cousin.  Ryan.  Ryan Theriot.  The one with speed.  Oh, well.

Alcides Escobar – People really need to give this guy a bit more time.  The steals can come in a hurry.

Carl Pavano – I’d like to say he’s crizzap just as much as you, but his walk rate has me ignoring my past prejudices.   Is he the rebirth of slick?  Nah, Doodlebug.  But sometimes stability’s cool like dat.

Justin Masterson – Already went over him numerous times in the last few days.  You’re following along.  I don’t need to say anything else, right?

Justin Duchscherer – Total Bennis Carpensheeter.  His career numbers over 439 2/3 innings are a 3.15 ERA and 1.12 WHIP.  Why’s he owned in only 4.2% of ESPN leagues?  Your guess = My guess.

Brad Penny – Duncan just pulled a Penny from behind your ear.  Abracadabra, snitches!

C.J. Wilson – Ceej has always sported a nice K-rate.  Not crazy about Texas pitchers, but I’d give him a shot in the right matchups.  (Yes, I called him Ceej.  Yes, that’s lame.)

Ricky Romero – I really hate AL East pitchers not named… Well, you know the ones I like.  Here’s what happens, you don’t start Romero vs. the Sawx and he pitches well.  Then he faces the Orioles and they manage to hit him.  Then he throws against the Yankees and you second guess benching him and he gets hit again.  Before you know it you’re writing mission statements, getting fired, flipping out, taking a goldfish and a single mom to start your own business.  Only you’re not half as handsome as Tom Cruise, don’t know the first thing about business and the single mom has an ex with a neck tattoo who likes to booze with breakfast.


Scott Sizemore – This isn’t a sell as much as a time to move on.  It was a nice try for some *pinkie to mouth* upsize.  But it’s not working.  Let him figure out how to hit major league pitching on someone else’s dime.  If he starts hitting at some point, he’ll be out there for your grabby hands.

Sean Rodriguez – He needs to play every day and actually hit to warrant ownership.  I’ve lost him in numerous leagues.  To warn you though, I will be the first to say grab him if he does start hitting.  For now, go with a hot hitting MI.

Fausto Carmona – Name the movie:  “I can’t believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book!  What a goof.  What’s with you man?  C’mon!”  Using Google is officially cheating.

Chris Carpenter – I know, blasphemy!  Everyone loves Carpenter.  He’s a grinder.  He is blue collar.  I am, Carpenter.  Rawr!  Get away from me documentary filmmakers, I’m eating dolphin babies.  I am, Carpenter.  Yeah, it’s all terrific.  He has a pretty lengthy track record of solid pitching.  His injury track record is as lengthy.  I say there’s a 50% chance of a breakdown this year.  His strikeouts are just okay.  I’m not saying sell him for an expired Capri Sun coupon, but I’d listen to offers.

  1. noxad says:

    Answer to movie quote question: Spaceballs. Seen it more times than I care to admit…

  2. danimal35 says:

    Latos or Masterson?

  3. majortommy says:

    Grey, you are an obvious foodie, you looking forward to dining at any place in particular in Vegas?

  4. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Congrats Rudy Gamble!

    Have a great time in Vegas. You never get tired there. The secret? Pure oxygen. They pipe it into the casinos.

    Also: No windows.

    True story!

  5. Mr. Mitch says:

    I was thinking the quote was from The Princess Bride.

  6. Beau says:

    I have a need for speed, drop Hardy for alcides or theriot?

  7. XNadyMen says:

    Congrats Rudy.

    Enjoy the weekend fellas, and remember, always bet on black….sox.

  8. I’d also think about picking up Juan Gutierrez (Qualls’s knee not right?) Shaun Marcum (2008 line was great, recovered from Tommy John surgery?), or Koji Uehara (stash him on your DL: why not?).

  9. Professor Chaos says:

    @Grey: I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!

  10. Eddie says:

    Obviously Spaceballs. “I can see your schwartz is as big as mine.”
    Mazal tov, Rudy.

  11. William says:

    Jensen Lewis as a BUY? Am I missing something? Acta gave Chris Perez the dreaded vote of confidence

  12. Eddie says:

    I was late with that quote, so let me make up for it with this one: “What’s wrong with mega maid?”
    “She’s gone from suck to blow!”

  13. Dingo says:

    @sean: Few things are as funny as a giant clumsy moonwalking stuffed animal.

    Congratulations, Rudy!

  14. peter says:

    @danimal35: Their skills in 2010 may be a push, so go with the NL West pitcher over the AL Central one.

    @Beau: I would for Alcides… much more speed upside than The Riot.

  15. Terrence Mann says:

    “She doesn’t look Druish.”

    My favorite line from Spaceballs. Personally, I’ll be laying off these Tigers and Royals players. They’ve had the advantage of playing each other two complete series already. Now that their AAAA warmup is over, they start running into real teams.

  16. Nathan says:

    @Mr. Mitch: That was my first thought as well, but it’s not quite the same.

    Though in fairness, Rick Moranis and Wallace Shawn are similar actors who often play similar roles.

  17. Howard says:

    Congrats to Rudy! Have a great time in Vegas Grey. You know what they say…”what happens in Vegas…”!
    Quick question, Johnson or Guttierez from the land of the living and from the walking wounded, Wood or Bra DL idge? Thanks.

    While I’m here I might as well ask, Krispy or Bruce?

  18. Terrence Mann says:


    Quality. The music is perfect.

    Also, congrats Rudy! I’m sure there’s enough degenerate gamblers here to give you great advice on drinking, gambling, and hookers in Vegas.

  19. dingers says:

    “not near the computer” …huh?
    that’s it no more margaritas, time to chip in for the Grey IPAD ..haha

    Have a blast in Vegas! Bet it all on the Astros! ..not!

  20. sean says:

    @Rudy: “Four of us wolves running around the desert together in Las Vegas, looking for strippers and cocaine. So tonight, I make a toast!”

    Congrats, ‘Fro

  21. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    Highly impressive on the Digable Planets reference, hombre. One nickel bag of funk to you!!

  22. charlie batch says:

    good on ya Rudy! Have a blast guys

  23. joey joe joe jr shabadoo says:

    i have aroldis chapman clogging up a roster spot. should i drop him for either masterson or penny?

  24. peter says:

    @Howard: If it’s either or, I’d rather have Johnson over Gutierrez. Johnson is already getting save opps; Gutierrez is more speculative for the time being. I don’t know about Wood or Lidge… And I like Bruce over Krispie; the power is more of a sure thing. Though sure is relative.

  25. Lava says:

    So without Grey for the weekend, what are everyone’s thoughts on CJ Wilson today? Grey mentioned “in the right matchups” which at Yankee stadium is inevitably not.

    It’s a h2h league where I’m behind in pitching cats, but I have Baker today and Cueto/Ubaldo/Oswalt tomorrow.

    Might be a gamble to use him today…

  26. peter says:

    @joey joe joe jr shabadoo: How big is the league? What’s the rest of your pitching staff like?

  27. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Grey, made my day: Pavano, Penny, Wilson — each off FA (already had the Duch-ster late round)! Boys, go out and make Grey proud!!

    Rudy, 35 years of wedded bliss–it’s all good! (was really worried that “she” may have been the best man for you and Grey! :-) )

  28. sean says:

    @Lava: I’m sitting CJ. Sample size of one game is way too small to start him in the lion’s den. He’s gotta show me a couple more good starts before I have the confidence to start him anytime, anywhere… Otherwise, I’ll play matchups. And today is not a favorable one.

  29. john butte says:

    You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous of which is never get involved in a land war in Asia. Only slightly less famous is this: Never go in against Grey when his mustache is on the line!

  30. Johnnie LeMaster says:

    @Lava: I really should sit him, and so should you. Unfortunately, I am irrationally itching to start him ’cause I was burned by the Liriano start yesterday. Sonofabench! But CJ will probably be on an IV drip in the clubhouse by the fourth inning.

  31. William says:

    @Everyone – Did I miss something with Jensen Lewis classified as a BUY?

    I thought Chris Perez was still the closer.

  32. dingers says:

    fellas do i really have to keep the francisco handcuff to neftali indefinitely? anyone else in this boat?

  33. shitbird says:

    Congrats Rude Bwoy Rudy.

    Fave spaceball quote/moment: After being teleported from the next room over with his lower body reversed, Mel Brooks’ character: “Why didn’t somebody tell me my ass was so big?”

    P.S. Hookers and blow is for assholes. Have fun my man.

  34. Howard says:

    I’m kind of pleased. I picked up Soto in favour of Clement and you won’t hear another word on the subject (soto voce)!

  35. Panti Jose says:

    Have fun guys! Is it worth picking up Dexter Fowler for either Stubbs or CoJack? Why is Dusty so against playing Stubbs every day?

  36. KeeblerMN says:

    This is why I love your writing:
    AYBABTU (All your base are belong to us) reference right off the bat got me smiling. Followed up with some Snoop Dogg lyrics which were required knowledge as a suburban Minnesota youth. Later you pull out a Digible Planets reference with Cool like dat followed up with a Jerry McGuire reference.
    Bravo, Huzzah and what not!
    Keep up the good work!
    Oh, and you kinda know your baseball too :-)

  37. Lava says:

    @sean: Eek. Yeah, you’re probably right.

    Pit, Atl, and ChC are better matchups for my pitchers tomorrow anyway. Cooler heads prevail!

  38. peter says:

    @simply fred: I’m staring at Pavano on the wire right now… Since I don’t have a guy I really *want* to dump, it’s not an easy pickup. My problem is that control hasn’t been Pavano’s problem in the last couple years. In 2009 and 2008, he had a 3.7:1 K:BB ratio. His bigger issue was giving up to many hits – and, specifically, home runs.

    But, then again, I’m also rostering Gio. Don’t know why I’m hanging onto him either. Apart from a few Ks/week.

  39. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    RE: Wilson @NYY tonight. Not sure if there is ANY value in “spinning” this teeny-itsy-bitsy sample size, but these his numbers last year AS A CLOSER at Yankee Stadium:

    3 games, 4.2 IP:

    3.86 ERA, 0.86 WHIP

  40. Quintero says:

    Congrats Rudy!

    Don’t put jungle cat in the hotel bathroom!

  41. joey joe joe jr shabadoo says:

    @peter: 12 team. the rest of my staff is solid. i’m not looking for a savior; that’s why i got chapman there. i’m just wondering if having an sp of penny or masterson’s caliber available for 2-start weeks is better than having a placeholder/prospect like chapman that won’t be active for another 6 weeks (at least).

  42. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @sean: I had a good giggle working at the first camera angle… the second one elevated it to a full LOL. I was at an O’s game office outing years ago and the mascot fell down the stairs. We’re all laughing when the blonde from marketing (AKA the dumbest person in the office) gives us a disapproving look and says, “You know, sometimes people forget that there’s a person inside there.” Riiiiiight… ’cause we all thought a 6 foot tall bird decided to fly into the stadium, strap on an oversized baseball cap and start entertaining the crowd.

    Congratulations, Rudy. It’s not as bad as people (like my wife) say it is.

  43. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @peter: He’s FA. I have his next matchup at home, KC (Hochevar). Given it’s early in the season, anticipate that Target Field may play to pitchers, especially if weather cold. Why not stream him?

  44. Eddy says:

    “I am” is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that “I do” is the longest sentence?

    Haha, just kidding, congrats Rudy, make the most out of [email protected]sean:
    That’s hilarious. Not to mention a few days ago I saw the Tiger Woods commercial parodies and #6,#7, and #11 have to be my favorite!
    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    No clocks either, so you can’t get tired since you won’t even KNOW what time it is!!

  45. sean says:

    I love these guys! They beat the treason charges! We had it as a “Don’t buy.” Let’s bump it up to a “Risky!!!”

  46. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @dingers: For what it’s worth, I’ve cut ties with Fail Fail and have moved on to Neftali full-time. I think he’s got the goods.

  47. peter says:

    @joey joe joe jr shabadoo: I’m in the same boat as you in one league. My thought is that if it’s a keeper league, hang onto Chapman. If not, let him go.

    @simply fred: Yeah, I think I may pick him up this afternoon. His projected schedule is very nice: vs KC this Sunday, then @KC and @Cle

  48. peter says:

    @sean: Ri-sky! Ri-sky! Ri-sky!

  49. Tom Emanski says:

    Not one of the “buy” guys are available in my 2 leagues. And I have Sean-Rod and Sizemore. No one understands me!

  50. William says:

    @Tom Emanski – How is Jensen Lewis on someone’s roster? Why is he suddenly a hot add?

  51. Eddy says:

    Sure hope the ‘Stros can keep this 2-1 lead so Lindstrom can finally save a game for me

  52. keithr says:

    i have too many pitchers and dont know wtf to do

    c. lewis

    m. adams

    do having terrible(and temporary) closers require me to hold on to mike adams and gutierrez in hopes of saves? right now i’m praying peavy/sheets go on a run so I can trade someone.

  53. Tom Emanski says:

    @William: In a 450 player league, even Jensen Lewis has a roster spot

  54. Frank Rizzo says:

    I’m honestly considering a drop of Slowey for Pavano. A healthy Pavano may be better across the board over Slowey this year.

    Good move or need to be more patient?

  55. Lava says:

    @simply fred: Interesting. He was a pretty great reliever, so I don’t doubt that most of his opposing stats are pretty decent.

    If he does well here tonight, though, that will be a huge vote of confidence for his future as a starter.

  56. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:


    Perez: 9.00 ERA, 3.00 WHIP, one loss.
    Lewis: 1.93 ERA, 1.07 ERA, one win.

    Lewis next in line.

  57. wily mo says:

    i started liriano v.BOS yesterday and now i’ve got the itch to double down on CJ @NYY tonight. if it wasn’t against CC i might really do it. why can’t it be AJ instead? CC > CJ > AJ. i just typed that into my graphing calculator and it threw a slider.

  58. Eddy says:

    @Frank Rizzo:
    I’d give each at least two more starts to make your decision. Let’s not forget that weather conditions weren’t favorable for Slowey last time out. Not to mention that (according to Razzballers, I wasn’t able to catch the game) he was getting squeezed on strike calls by the umpire.

  59. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    Ehh, congratulations Rudy!

  60. anon says:

    grats rudy!!

    Also – do I want any of the “add” guys over Soriano or Rios for a UTIL slot?

  61. William says:

    @simply fred – it seems like a very very speculative add. I err on the side of caution with hot setup guys who appear to be “next in line.” The list is very long on setup men who crashed when becoming closers.

    Also, isn’t Kerry Wood coming back in 2 weeks?

  62. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Don’t know if you can drop Slowey. One good start and you won’t get him back. If you can find a way to slide Pavano in some other way OK, otherwise, eh…

  63. Tom Reale says:

    @Frank Rizzo: CLE, KC, CLE coming up hold tight.

  64. William says:

    “If you can find a way to slide Pavano in some other way OK, otherwise, eh…”

    That’s what she said.

  65. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @William: Wasn’t a recommendation by me. Just an explanation. Some guys are hurting for saves. They can run him out there for anticipated good ERA and WHIP and maybe a vulture win, even if he doesn’t get the save opps. Wouldn’t expect that Lewis anything more than “getting what you can get when you can get it” short term.

  66. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @William: Will need to clean up my language… :-)

  67. AL KOHOLIC says:


  68. Tom Emanski says:

    Was just about to pick up Juan Gutierrez but got scooped!

    Someone rank these guys for holds (also considering chances of closing in future): Adams, Balfour, Wheeler, Oliver, Baez, Santos, Romo, Troncoso, Marte, Shields, Mujica.

  69. William says:

    @simply fred – point taken. I was very mystified by the Jensen add, and thought I missed something. Usually I don’t see MRs on BUY lists unless they are dominating (Neshek circa 2008), or on the very very brink of getting saves.

    I have 3 closers right now in Bell, Aardsma, and Morales… maybe when Huston Street comes back, it’ll be when Jensen starts getting SVs. Wouldn’t that be perfect timing?

  70. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @simply fred: “getting what you can get when you can get it” … OK beginning to see a theme here.

  71. peter says:

    @anon: I’d rather have Rios or Soriano. But Soriano’s on a shorter leash…

  72. @Grey: Holyfuckinshit you’re on fire today! “I will Mola Ram the Bruce right out of your team’s chest. Then I will grab a fart and Nolan Ryan it right into your skull Robin Ventura-style”

    I wonder if I can fit that into my teams Yahoo League Blast.

    Dude the whole Wiggy/McGehee family thing was off the chain.

  73. royce! says:

    I raised the HOU batting issue in a comment yesterday but mistakenly balked at grabbing Silva for a spot start. So far 7 IP, 5K, 5 H, 2 ER. Better than all of my pitchers save Sabathia this year. That’s a serious condemnation of the Astros’ offense. Gorzelanny FTW!

    Also, not only am I effing my stepsister tonight by stating Jackson v. SD, I’m also attending the game. I don’t know if I can stand the contradiction…I know I’m not telling my wife, though, cuz it would cause her to seriously doubt my ethics.

  74. The Den says:

    What do you guys think, is Liriano a sell, or hold?

  75. @Rudy: Congrats! “One of us, one of us, gabba gabba hey…”

  76. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Eddy: Not bloody likely… 2-2, Bottom 7th.

  77. john says:

    Congrats Rudy!!

    Razzhands, if you please:

    McLouth and Dotel for Bruce…which side?

  78. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Silva on FA in my RCL. Go get him boys!

  79. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Ha! I just realized that Lindstrom is only owned in 44.4% of ESPN leagues (down 16.7%). He’s a closer… he’s got the job… and he isn’t owned in even half the leagues! I wonder if the less-informed masses just looked at his stats and assumed he’d lost the job since there was a zero in the Saves column.

  80. DrEasy says:

    Soriano stole a base!

  81. Tom Reale says:

    @Tom Reale: 7-2 Cubs.

  82. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @john: I’d go with Bruce.

    BTW, if/when Bruce starts hitting, which nickname do you guys (and three girls) prefer… “Bruce Almighty” or “The Boss” (y’know, after Bruce Springsteen)?

  83. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Tom Reale: Booyah! I’m in desperate need of a save and I’ve got Marmol!

    @Tom Reale: Ah c’mon, man!

  84. willclarkismyhero says:

    Congrats, Rudy. I hope the next time I am in O’Shea’s they are still talking about the time a guy with an afro and his mustachioed friend came in and went on a 14-hour heater at the craps table. Have fun you crazy kids.

  85. Tom Emanski says:

    @The Den: Been going back and forth on this myself. I’ll at least wait to see his next start against Cleveland.

  86. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: In the same Marmol boat. We’ve still got a couple of innings…

  87. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Chapman pitching 5 miles down the road but i have to work,gave my ticket to my grandson,he,s fired up

  88. Tom Reale says:

    @DrEasy: had him picked off 2nd

  89. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Priceless!

  90. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Can someone explain to me how Bourn is batting .394 and has only 1 stolen base? No, seriously, I need an explanation.

  91. Sos says:

    Congrats Rudy! Grey or anybody (including the dude that offered the trade): Carlos Lee/Vazquez for Grady/Gio? Which side?

  92. royce! says:

    @Sos: I say Grady/Gio. But I’d take Grady for Lee and Vazquez without getting Gio.

  93. PepeSilvia says:

    sweet mother of Mary, when is Carlos Lee gonna start hitting?!?!

  94. royce! says:

    Congrats to Rudy…I’ll root my heart out for your doppelganger tonight!

  95. AdamH says:

    As I sit here and read “Carlos Marmol is warming up”, and the score is 7-2, I am praying praying praying that he does not get into this game. Anyone else having the same thoughts?

  96. Sos says:

    Thanks! Would you rather have hodgepadre extroidanaire(sp?) Correia instead of Gio? So Grady/Correia for Lee/Vazquez or Grady/Gio?

  97. Nathan says:

    @Eddy: The shortest sentence in the English language has to be “Go.”, doesn’t it?

  98. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @simply fred: Not sure if that’s supposed to have a double meaning or if you’re just saying he’s been unlucky. In my (extremely limited) research, it seems like he’s stolen one base on one attempt. How does luck play into it?

    @Doc: You mean his team is always trailing? I still don’t see that as a reason to keep the brakes on a guy with 60+ SB speed. Is having a guy in scoring position a bad thing when you’re trailing?

    I’m curious because he was dropped in my main league and I could use a guy with ridiculous SB potential… but if Mills isn’t giving him the green light, he’s practically worthless.

  99. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    Grats Rudy

    “Pizza the Hut is ordering out for you”

    Also, enjoy the black guy in the desert with the giant comb..”we ain’t found shit”

    However, it could be Princess Bride when the Sicilian is giving poison. Who knows. Both excellent movies.

    And a Tom Cruise reference! Awesome.

  100. Doc says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I get it, they just don’t like to get outs on the base paths when they are down big. He’ll come around. Probably steal some in bunches soon.

  101. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I like My Name is Bruce, with Bruce Campbell.

  102. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Sorry, was trying to be funny: some things can’t be explained: 1) how can Happ walk 6 guys at home and not suffer consequences; 2) how does Bourn…

    Looks like the guys had more informative answers!

  103. Principal Blackman says:

    Anybody like wade davis against the red sox tonight?

  104. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    Has anyone heard anything about CarGo? I was under the impression they were deciding whether or not he was going on the DL today.

  105. Doot Doot says:

    hey Grey.
    Consider changing title to “All your Bruces are belong to us.”

    I need to open up a few spots on my roster for guys coming off the DL or maybe some Relieve pitchers like Lewis (Cle), Bedenhop?.

    I have a lot of Outfielders. Other than Crawford, soriano, not looking so great at the moment. My CI starters are Votto/Morales,Beltre and sometimes I.Stewart when K.Jonson isn’t hurting.
    Front of my rotation solid (Lincecum,C.Lee,Hanson).

    Potential drops: E.Encarnacion, Milledge, C.Jackson, Hart, Reimold, Cameron, J.Riviera, Willingham.
    C.Wilson, R.Romero, Penny, Porcelo.

    Would you drop any of the above guys for Pavano, Zito, Carlos Villanueva, Jeremy Affeldt, Jaime García, Jensen Lewis, Masterson, Rafael Betancourt.

    The FA bats are not so good, best out there at the moment, fukudome, C.Guillen, O-Dog,F.Lopez

    Thanks for any help given an sorry for the mess above.

  106. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Nathan: Not sure this is the place for a grammar discussion, but you’re sort of correct and sort of incorrect. In a direct command (such as “Go.”) you may omit the subject. However, the subject (“you”) is implied. So as it’s written, “Go.” would be the shorter sentence… but in its meaning, “You go.” would be longer.

    You can also omit the verb (as well as pretty much anything) in dialogue. For example, if a teacher asked a student what the first letter of the alphabet is and the student replied, “A.”, the student is omitting the verb (“is”) and creating a sentence that is only one letter long.

  107. @Awesomus Maximus: Yeah me too. The man’s a king. I was watching Bubba Ho-Tep the other night.

  108. AL KOHOLIC says:

    a sentence with zero letters and recognized world wide is the middle finger

  109. peter says:

    @Principal Blackman: Not especially. Between Davis’ command and Mike Cameron passing his kidney stones today, I expect the Sox offense to really flow (<– do I get a pun point for that?)

  110. Erock says:

    @Sos: I would want the Grady side.

  111. polczek5 says:

    awesome title. i haven’t even read the article yet. i just had to comment.

  112. Probable Party Starter says:

    @PaddyTwoTimes: I prefer Jay THE Bruce, Braveheart-style.

  113. Sos says:

    Gio or correia?

  114. Probable Party Starter says:

    @PaddyTwoTimes: When he starts hitting, you’ll feel like Richard Pryor in Bruce-ster’s Millions

  115. AL KOHOLIC says:

    votto not in lineup against zack duke,he is 10 for 16 against him to,

  116. Doc says:

    @Sos: I like gio’s upside more.

  117. Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yeah, that sucks. He’s sick.

  118. Eddy says:

    I got sonavabenched by Rajai Davis last night (compared to Bruce who I sat him for), so I decided I’m going to sit Bruce until I get sonavabenched by him. I don’t care if he gets 3 HRs and 10 RBI in that game, but until I get my ass burned, he’s on the bench.

  119. peter says:

    @Sos: Go with Correia, the Hodgepadre. He’s more reliable; and you don’t want a part of Gio’s next start against the Yankees.

  120. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Eddy: im about to do the same with pence,holliday sitting today also and cargo can pinch hit and should start sat,

  121. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Thinking real hard about sitting Wilson tonight at NYY. On the plus side, Yankees gave up 5.33 ERA to Texas at Yankee stadium last year (CC didn’t appear). So, Rangers could score. However, Rangers gave up 7.58 ERA. Don’t think I want to test those waters (even as good as Wilson has looked). If I miss a fantastic performance, probably not as good as the bad would be from a disastrous one?

  122. Cain's Fan says:

    @Principal Blackman: I wouldn’t start W. Davis. The weather in Boston is awful, cold, on and off rain. I would say theres a 90% chance of a rain delay among other things. I would err on the side of caution with this one.

  123. Eddy says:

    Luckily I have Pence in only one league, but hey at least he got a run today no?

    Although it would’ve been beyond amazing if he hit during the time he was in the 3rd slot , prompting the Astros to use him there permanently.

    But alas, it was not meant to be.

  124. ASAOK says:

    @TheBravesWearPrado: According to rotoworld: “Carlos Gonzalez will be available off the bench on Friday and could rejoin Colorado’s lineup this weekend”

  125. Dingo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I’m doing the same with Grady Sizemore as well. Small sample size theater (.231 AVG vs. Buehrle) and his early-season struggles have set me up for a mad sonovabenching tonight. I can feel it.

  126. AL KOHOLIC says:

    im sitting c.j vs yanks tonight,i really like him but theres a reason they win!

  127. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    @simply fred: I’m starting Wilson mostly because my era and whip for the week are already damaged. I think the Yankees lineup is susceptible to tough lefties since they are so lefty heavy but that probably means they’ll score 5 off him instead of 8. My league uses QS so I’m just hoping for 6 innings and 3 runs.

    @ASAOK: Cool thanks for the info.

  128. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Dingo: yeah i was looking at grady real hard,hes striking out a bunch right now though

  129. Denys says:

    congrats rudy!

  130. Tom Reale says:

    @TheBravesWearPrado: 6 right-handers going tonight by my count.

  131. Brian says:

    I’m being offered Jose Reyes and Justin Duchscherer for Jorge Cantu and Jonathan Sanchez. I want to sell Cantu high, but I really don’t like the idea of gettin rid of Sanchez. Plus, if Reyes re-injures his leg he’s useless. I’m on the fence here and it’s pretty lonely… What would you do?

  132. Eddy says:

    Ron Washington told that he wouldve used Frank Frank last night to close a game because he doesn’t want to use Neftali back to back yet.

    Fail Fail owners, don’t drop him yet!

  133. john says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Thanks.

    Here’s another one for the Razzhands:

    Would you drop Rasmus for one of these: Frenchy, D. Young, FraGu?

  134. Tom Reale says:

    @john: FraGu

    Are people sitting Zimm? Or is he going B2B pinch-hit HRs?

  135. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Grey, this might have been asked before (if so, my bad) but is your Buy/Sell put in any particular order? Guys you feel more strongly about towards the top? Random? Best mustache potential towards the middle? Thanks.

  136. Tom Reale says:

    @Eddy: thanks for the info…I’ve been holding tight too.

  137. Professor Chaos says:

    @john: I just dropped Rasmus for Frenchy. Rasmus can’t hit lefties and his minor league numbers weren’t jump-off-the-page impressive for me. Frenchy is really impressing me with his discipline so far.

  138. Tom Emanski says:

    Grey, there better be a Joe Cowley reference in your next post

  139. john says:

    @Tom Reale: @Professor Chaos: Thanks..I just needed affirmation to drop Rasmus. I picked him up and he immediately jacked his 2 hr’s and I’m a loyal owner. For now, I’ll probably keep my last OF spot rotating with the hot hand.

  140. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Brian: For me, it comes down to what does your team need so that you score the best in your cats? If you can’t afford to give up the Ks, then you have to keep Sanchez. I am a fan of Duchscherer, but he is much easier to replace and has a poor injury record (I know you know this). I have Duch knowing I can ride him until he gets hurt, and then move on.

    If you are more concerned about hitting stats, even if it isn’t all speed that you need, Reyes brings much more to the table than Cantu. I don’t like the risk of injuries, but if your team needs hitting, then that may be a risk worth taking.

    There is another option: if you want to take advantage of selling Cantu high and it is speed you want, can you leave Sanchez out of the picture? Maybe you go for R. Davis, or … with Cantu alone?

  141. Whaddya think? Sit slowly burning Austin Jackson against Felix tonight and play the ice cold Fowler against Lowe in his place?

  142. MargaritaMama says:

    Razzmatazz: i have been proposed magglio ordonez & jj hardy for markakis? what do you think? much appreciated,

  143. wily mo says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey: someone asked him that like two days ago and he said no. (not picking on you for not reading every single comment on the site ever. just providing information.)

  144. mauledbypandas says:

    @MargaritaMama: sounds like a chump dump. Even though I am not a big Markakis fan I still wouldn’t do it

  145. peter says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey: Nope – it’s not in any particular order.

    @3fingersbrown: I think that’s probably a push. I’d go w/ Jackson just because he’s been able to hit *something*.

    @MargaritaMama: I’d hang onto Markakis. I’m no Markakis fan, but – as Grey said – there’s no way Magglio’s hitting and health stay good.

  146. @MargaritaMama: Total chump dump. Those are the kinds of trades I’ll offer you to see if you’re a chump.

  147. @peter: Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Gotta ride AJax. I’m impressed that he’s walking. I’m not kicking Dexter to the curb just yet. I think he’ll be fine. He hit a couple of balls on the button yesterday.

  148. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Which side do you like:

    Wandy/Borbon v. Strasburg/K-Rod

  149. @Peter: For what it’s worth, Fowler is 1 for 7 off Lowe.

  150. Eddy says:

    Just heard an INSANE Roy Halladay fact:

    16 times.

    That’s how many times he went 3-0 on hitters IN THE ENTIRE YEAR

  151. royce! says:

    I just realized how hilarious the Ricky Romero write up is… and also I have no idea if it’s telling me to buy him or not. I mean, the ex sounds like a lot of my friends, so…

  152. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @peter: @wily mo: Thanks guys. Try to read all the comments but it’s getting harder and harder. Razzball is blowing up.

  153. Eddy says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey:
    Ditto. I’m wondering if come this offseason it’ll go back to 40-60 comments a post. I used to have it so it’d send me an email for every new comment, and man, was that a mess.

  154. Here we go. CC vs. Senior Boomstick…

  155. royce! says:

    @Eddy: last year?

  156. Eddy says:


  157. Gotta pull the trigger Boomstick.

    @Eddy: That reminds me of Saberhagen’s 1994. He walked 13 guys in 177 1/3.

  158. royce! says:

    @Eddy: Crazy. Only 5 of those 16 turned into walks, and batters hit .182 in the other ABs.

    But to be fair, Hamels only had 23, Baker 17, Haren 21, Carpenter 19, and Pineiro 13. Of course, Pineiro did not strike people out, so… pretty amazing for Halladay. Sifting through these stats really drives home the point that good pitchers throw strikes.

  159. royce! says:

    @royce!: well hello, Mr. Obvious! “good pitchers throw strikes”! Jeesh.

  160. @royce: yeah i’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and what it means in fantasy terms. I’m not going to go crazy reaching, but I like unsexy control pitchers like Buerhle, Baker, Pineiro, Lilly… They pitch efficiently and give their teams a chance to win.

  161. knighttown says:

    I can’t figure out whether I should make a play at Kevin Slowey (on waivers). Grey had him ranked in the exact same tier as a bunch of guys I own such as Delarosa, Ervin and Cueto. I could also drop Fowler or Papi. Thoughts with Grey away?

  162. @knighttown: yes now. Slowey > Ervin, Cueto easy. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s better than DLR when the season’s over. He’s exactly the kind of pitcher I’m talking about.

    Ummm career 6.94/1.54 K/BB rate? Yes please.

  163. Eddy says:

    @royce!: @3fingersbrown:

    Yea they definitely do. More strikes=less walks=less runs.

    Heard another fact saying that Halladay, in 2003 when he won the Cy Young, became only the 2nd pitcher in MLB history to strikeout over 200 and have less walks than games started! The other pitcher to do it? Cy Young.

  164. @Eddy: Wow that’s astounding. Even more impressive than Cy Young, since young pitched every other day and twice on Tuesdays.

  165. Tom Reale says:

    @knighttown: Yes get Slowey for either hitter

    @royce!: @3fingersbrown: Yes. I hate BB’s. Baker gets K’s too which is why I really like him.

  166. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @knighttown: Yeah, grab Slowey immediately.

  167. Denys says:

    so trade Robot Jones for Bruce?

  168. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @knighttown: I’d drop Fowler and Papi before I dropped any of those pitchers.

    If you have to drop a pitcher, I’d drop Ervin.

  169. royce! says:

    @knighttown: I think you should get Slowey as well…almost wish I hadn’t drafted him so that I could either grab him off waivers or trade Nadir Bupkus for him.

  170. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Denys: I wouldn’t… you can probably get way more for him than Bruce right now.

  171. royce! says:

    @Denys: I have to agree with AM. Try a lower deal before trading Robot Jones for Bruce.

  172. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @royce!: Or a better deal for Robot if your aim is to sell high on him.

  173. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Denys: He’s hitting .242 and hasn’t hit a homerun since 4/7. I’d take Bruce (another SB tonight) gladly.

  174. royce! says:

    JD Drew has struck out around 50% of his ABs so far this year… I know it’s early, but is he disposable in a 12 team roto?

  175. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @royce!: Depends who you’re replacing him with.

  176. slinky says:

    Votto is not in the Reds’ lineup Friday, most likely due to some sort of illness, reports.


  177. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @slinky: Heh… why are you blaming Yahoo! Read your own post… “ reports”. :P

    Maybe he’s got himself a case of the “mud butt” and wants to keep it on the QT.

  178. john says:

    @slinky: Just pray its not “dizzyness”…again.

  179. @royce!: Could be. Who’s out there? He’s one of those guys that you’ll often see on and off rosters numerous times in one season – he’s usually hurt.

  180. royce! says:

    @slinky: Dude better not be “dizzy” again.

  181. Shit! What was I saying before about Buerhle? He walked 4 tonight! Goatfuckingwhore. Ultimately done in by his defense. I need The Rox to score some runs and Millwood to get blown up tonight or bye bye WHIP.

  182. CC’s so smart. He dealt quick because here comes the rain. I live 10 mins from The Stadium.

  183. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: What’s Bruce done since 10/7/09? Nothing. I agree.

    All depends on how high you are on GI-Jones, but the window to sell high has certainly passed. I like Cousin Brucey better. Plain and simple.

  184. Utley’s my boy.

  185. @Royce!: Kind of a wash. DeJesus, Bradley, Rowand, Ankiel. Bradley for entertainment value.

  186. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey: Agreed, “sell high” wasn’t the correct term. I meant that think you can sell Jones for “higher” than Bruce. If not now, just wait for the next HR and that window will be wide open again. Or do you think Jones is a bust for the rest of the season?

  187. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @royce!: I feel like I’m channeling Grey when I write, “Eh”.

  188. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Greinke is showing off his versatility so far this season. Not only can he give up hits and runs, but now he’s added walks to his resume. Super!

  189. What’s up with this Mitch Talbot guy? Two straight Indian CG Wins. I’ve got Lewis and I’m looking forward to seeing him get a save chance and Acta decides to turn back the clock to 1906

  190. royce! says:

    @3fingersbrown: @Awesomus Maximus: Yeah, exactly. As a Seattle native I wanna grab Bradley (is there a razzball term for the opposite of “fucking your stepsister?”), but Seattle’s way too twee to deal with Bradley. Death Cab at the home opener? Baseball is for rockin!

  191. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: No, don’t think he’s a bust. I suppose the man might be prone to power surges so riding his fire might turn out to be the smart move. He hit 15 HRs off of LHP last year and 6 off of RHP…10 in July…who knows? If he faces a bunch of lefties and gets hot he could produce a tidy return.

  192. GTG says:

    I’ve got Talbot in my bad razzball league — killing me!

  193. preptime says:

    What are people doing about Nolasco versus Phillies tomorrow?

  194. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @preptime: I’m starting him. I didn’t pay good auction money to have him sitting on my bench. See what Grey wrote about Ricky Romero at the top of the page? Yeah… that’s exactly how I feel about benching pitchers I paid for (I’m assuming you paid for Nolasco).

  195. Grey ur welcome for the pic! ;-) love me some Bruce

  196. preptime says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:
    Yeah I did. I am in H2H and the matchup for ERA and WHIP is really close, but I started Liriano so I guess I might as well gamble again and start Nolasco.

  197. knighttown says:

    I’m sitting Nolasco but mostly cause I’m trending over for innings and can afford to wait for better matchups. Of course, I’ve already missed Liriano vs. the Sawx and Price vs. the Yanks…oh well…right decision, wrong result.

    Thanks for the feedback on Slowey. I put a claim on him (dropping Fowler). Now I’m digging for some more input on Pelfry. Some guys here had some interesting comments. Is it a Razzball consensus that this guy can pitch? Drop Ervin for him? Papi?

  198. @royce!: Wow deathcab at a game. That’s weak. Almost as weak as Sweet Caroline at Metco field. Are they playing that again? WTF is that about?

    Speaking of WTF… How about Oli Perez channeling ’06 and going 6 scoreless so far in STL?

    J-Will and Aki keep rolling. Itching to grab Aki instead of Desmond. Aki walks and it’s an OBP league. Keeper too though and I like Desmond’s upside. Hate to cut and run on rookies. Did that last year with Kendry after he started slow.

  199. Tom Reale says:

    @3fingersbrown: The Mets are playing Sweet Caroline now?

    @knighttown: I’d drop Papi for Pelfrey. More cuz I’m done with Papi than I like Pelfrey. But, Pelfrey has the pedigree to have big upside. I’d also sit Nolasco @ PHI in a roto league. Waiting to see if he turns it around for a game with a bad matchup is not gonna kill you.

  200. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Those of us who jumped on Rodney after Wednesday’s announcement, let’s pat each other on the back. Two perfect innings, two saves. Hey, we all wallow in despair over our bad pickups… we might as well revel in the glory of the good ones, too.

  201. @Tom Reale: They have been for the past few years. Pathetic. I guess they wanted Bostonian style luck and it showed. My buddies and I have an obscenity laced version that we sing in protest.

    Bring back The Curly Shuffle and John Belushi’s Animal House speech.

    @Awesomeus Maximus: I heard that Fuentes big $ option for next season automatically kicks in after 55 games finished or something to that effect. Might give reason for them to pitch Rodney. Glad I only used a 16th rounder on Fuentes. Guy’s a bum.

    Nice of Florida to score a few runs so Madson can get me an unexpected save.

  202. Tom Reale says:

    @3fingersbrown: Wow. Showing my ignorance/lack of watching the Mets live lately. I guess I’ve been concentrating my hatred of the song toward the Sawx too much. Time to spread the hate baby!

    @Awesomus Maximus: Fuentes pitches like he has a broken left arm. Can’t believe how many SV’s he got last year. Rodney could definitely run with the job, wish I could of grabbed him but he was drafted in most of my leagues(Guess Fuentes’ suck was not a secret).

  203. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    Looks like the game Strasburg was pitching got called. He threw 32 pitches tonight, 2 1/3 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K. Through two starts, he has thrown 7 1/3 innings and allowed six hits, five runs (one earned) and two walks while striking out 11. His ERA would be 1.23.

  204. sean says:

    @Professor Chaos: Rasmus looks to be platooning with Mather right now anyway with Colby sitting against lefties…

  205. Tom Reale says:

    Votto is in @ 1B for those that were worried.

  206. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @sean: Source? All I can find alludes to him getting a night off due to his “slump”… not a platoon.

  207. Tony says:

    @Tom Reale: Ya so he was sick and couldnt play now he’s in? 2 hour virus? WTF

  208. @Tom Reale: I should have known better with Fuentes. where I got him in the 16th, there weren’t many guys left with jobs and he was the pick of that motley crew. I’m ok for now with Madson, Gregg and Rausch. I’m hoping Lidge will suck ass and Madson will stay closing.

    It’s ok Tom. I’ve tried my best to erase it from my mind. Going to next weeks Atlanta game, so we’ll see if they’re still playing it. Soooo wrong.

    Great Oli’s great game went for nothing. Lopez jacked this Veldez. Makes me sick to think of how many decent to stellar relievers The Mets have let pass on in the past few years.

  209. majortommy says:

    @Tony: Sounds like he had the bottle flu. We’ve all been there

  210. Tom Reale says:

    @3fingersbrown: I hear ya. I’m stuck with Fail Fail and Dotel(who is currently blowing a save as I type). At least Baker had a nice line tonight.

  211. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Tom Reale: Save is officially blown. Tie game, though, going into the bottom of the 9th. Could be a BSFTW.

  212. Tom Emanski says:

    What the hell, Dotel.

  213. longbeachyo says:

    Kali ma… Kali ma… Kali ma, shakthi deh!

  214. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    There it is, folks, BSFTW! You were good for something, Dotel… and I guess that’s better than being good for nothing.

  215. majortommy says:

    @Tom Reale: I got him in a league. I drafted 6 closers, if he fails I am down to one. You can probably guess the others. I am stuck in a closer nightmare!

  216. eltoo says:

    Just when I thought I had every save situation figured out…..

    Medlen came into the game in the 8th with the braves up 9-5, he recorded 6 outs to close the game, thats a save no?

  217. Tom Reale says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:
    @Tom Emanski: He looked terrible on Tues. also. Of course I was already way ahead in W’s and needed the SV.
    @majortommy: speaking of guys who snagged up Rodney…Ground control to I have Brain Freeze

    @longbeachyo: Om shakti om.

  218. @eltoo: Not unless he came in with the Rockies having the tying run on deck. Otherwise the lead has to be 3 or less or he has to go 3 innings.

  219. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @eltoo: Nope, not a save. Checklist time… he needed to:

    1.) Finish the game won by his team (check)
    2.) Not be the winning pitcher (check)
    3.) Pitch at least 1/3 of an inning (check)
    4.) one of the following…
    A.) enter game with a lead of no more than 3 runs (no check)
    B.) enter game with tying run on, at bat, or on deck (no check)
    C.) pitch for at least 3 innings (no check)

    Almost a save, but not quite.

  220. majortommy says:

    @Tom Reale: Got me a save tonight

  221. eltoo says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: @3fingersbrown: Thanks guys. I had always thought that it was you need to at least face the number of batters that it would require to tie the game i.e. if you’re up 4 you have to record at least 4 outs, etc. Glad I got that straightened out/yeah a little embarassed I didn’t know better

  222. Hugo says:

    can someone rate these dudes?
    Dukes, Romero, masterson, penny, slowey, cj wilson?

  223. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @eltoo: I wouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s a bit convoluted. I think I had to look it up at least a half dozen times over the years before I finally had it committed to memory…

    and actually, I missed a detail. If the pitcher goes the “4.A.” route (enter with lead of no more than 3 runs), he needs to pitch a full inning. So if it’s 8-5, 1 out, no one on and your closer comes in and records the last 2 outs… no save.

    The other caveat that I failed to mention is that a pitcher cannot create their own save situation. So in the above scenario, if your closer comes in and walks someone, now the tying run is on deck, but he’s the guy who allowed that to happen. So even if he records the last two outs… no save. Someone else can come in at that point, record the final two outs and get the save, though. See what I mean about it being a bit convoluted?

  224. mrbaseball says:

    1- slowey 2-Romero 3-penny (no K’s )but looks good

  225. Eddy says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:
    Man, I thought I knew more or less the requirements for a save, but not even close

  226. Tom Reale says:

    mrbaseball says:
    1- slowey 2-Romero 3-penny (no K’s )but looks good

    majortommy was right within 5 minutes

  227. @Awesomus Maxmimus @eltoo: That last caveat always gets me – creating your own save op. It’s a dreadful and meaningless statistic. Don’t get me started on modern closer usage.

    @Hugo: Slowey (by far), Masterson, Penny (could be better with Duncan), Wilson, Duke

  228. eltoo says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: The “caveats” I actually have down, which is more or less why I was surprised to find I had the batters faced situation wrong.

    On a related note, can the braves stretch out medlen and get him into the rotation please

  229. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Hugo: Slowey for sure at the top… after that, I think you’ll get as many different opinions as you do responses. Me, I’d probably go Wilson, Duch, Penny, Masterson, Romero.

    @Eddy: Yeah, it’s a little crazy, but it all makes sense after you’ve looked at it enough times. At least there’s a specific formula that ALWAYS make the ruling on a Save… not like with a Win, where the official scorer will decide who to assign it to in certain situations.

  230. Tom Emanski says:

    1. Are Posey, Santana, Alvarez up before Memorial Day?
    2. Who has the best season out of Seth Smith, Hermida, Milledge, based on counting stats

  231. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Tom Emanski: If Memorial Day is the over/under, I’m taking the over.

  232. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Hugo: Agree that Slowey is the best bet to put up the best numbers. I also agree that these guys might be extremely hard to predict. After Slowey I’d say:

    Penny/Romero (I think they’ll be close as far as value), CJ Wilson (only because I don’t see him making it the whole season), Masterson (doesn’t correct his splits, watch out next year), and Duke (isn’t going to get help from anywhere on the Pirates, maybe next year).

  233. danimal35 says:

    my lineup tonight 2/37 .054 BA .259 OPS

    I got more steals (3) than hits…truly discouraging!!

  234. BKK says:

    Read this on Rototimes tonight, someone mentioned it the other day:

    The Angels would reportedly be open to listening to trade offers for Mike Napoli, according to ESPN Los Angeles.

    Our View: The Angels could afford to let Napoli go in order to improve their club, as Jeff Mathis has developed into a solid backstop, especially defensively. Napoli has a powerful swing, and fantasy owners should be open to him moving on if he gets regular at-bats elsewhere, and at a hitter’s park.

  235. wily mo says:

    some of you guys are ranking zach duke and some of you are ranking justin duchscherer. just wanted to point that out. the original poster just said “dukes” – i’m assuming he doesn’t mean elijah – but i actually can’t tell which pitcher he’s talking about.

    as an aside, a note for discouraged chris davis owners: he’s currently hitting .277/.381/.444 against RHP who aren’t felix hernandez.

  236. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @BKK: That’s hilarious. I really appreciate the updates because I might have missed that but I was JUST about to drop him and move on. Dear lord…the sage continues..,

  237. BKK says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: The thing is who knows when/if this “trade” ever happens. More of an FYI than endorsing patience with Napoli.

  238. @Tom Emanski:If the Giants are contending, Posey ain’t playing. No reason to mess with a good thing, especially when pitching’s your game. I think it’s going to be a close race out west. I don’t see Posey really being fantasy relevant.

    I believe the Pirates want to give LaRoche every chance to succeed in order to showcase him for a trade. As soon as he’s gone, up comes the kid from up here in Washington Heights. It’s going to be nuts. Everyone will start rocking Alvarez jerseys. If you come to my neighborhood, you’re not sure what city you’re in. Dominican pride runs deep!

    That leaves me with (rubs hands together) Santana. I picked him up in a 12 team keeper and a 15 team 2C. I think he might be up by Memorial Day. I may be deluded but I’ll take the under. He’s mashing in AAA and Marson’s not even hitting his weight. I don’t know what the cut off is for Cleveland to save a year of arbitration eligibility, but it looks like that’s when he’ll be up. Not exactly sure how the whole “super 2” thing goes. Wasn’t it May 15th for Longoria in ’08?

    I think Santana will be the most useful this season. Projects similar to V-mart (switch line drive hitter with good power and eye) down the road. Not expecting anything crazy from him but I’ve got AJP and Snyder in my 15 team. In my keeper, I’ll probably use him as trade bait, since I have Wieters.

  239. @Tom Emanski: #2 – Milledge, Smith, Hermida. Milledge has a steady job. Smith is in a deep outfield when they get healthy and Hermida’s not really relevant unless you play in a 30 team league with 8 outfielders.

  240. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @BKK: I know. That’s the thing, anyone who has that guy on their team obviously is no longer thinking rationally…

    ::slowly raising hand::

  241. Tom Emanski says:

    @3fingersbrown: Yea, that eligibility stuff is what I’m unsure about. Seems like there’s two thing to juggle–service time for arbitration and super two status. Anyway, I agree Santana is the best one. I’ll be aggressive and pick him up in early May.

  242. wily mo says:

    with andruw and carlogon out of the lineup, i had three options for my UT slot in my main league tonight. these were the matchups:

    * julio borbon, a lefty with big splits who isn’t hitting at all this year, against CC sabathia.
    * chris davis, another lefty with big splits who also isn’t hitting this year, also against CC sabathia.
    * brandon inge, a righty with big splits who’s at least hitting this year, against felix hernandez.

    super awesome. mercifully NYY-TEX was rained out after six, holding these three to a combined 0-7. i went with inge, which turned out to be the worst possible choice, but only because of the rain.

  243. Eddy says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:
    Aren’t wins awarded to the last pitcher to throw a pitch in an inning if his team regains the lead in the very next half (and keeps it)?

    Ex: Game is tied in the top of the 8th. New pitcher comes to pitch the 8th, and successfully retires the 3 batters. In the bottom of the 8th, his team takes the lead. Closer comes in, to close the 9th. Set-up guy gets the win no?

    Isn’t that a rule and not up to the scorer?

  244. Tom Emanski says:

    @3fingersbrown: I see it like this: Hermida has the most upside, Smith has produced already and just needs ABs but won’t get many, and Milledge will get the most ABs of the 3. I agree with your order but I wish one of the Sox OFs would get hurt long term so I can pick him up.

  245. Tom Reale says:

    @Tom Emanski: @3fingersbrown: I think Longo was up in April but they already signed him long term. I agree that Posey won’t come up and ride the pine with the Giants in the hunt. For Oye Como Va I think the Indians have to keep him under 86 days of service to avoid paying him. So I am sure that’s what they will do.

  246. wily mo says:

    @Eddy: there’s some clause in the win rule about how the winning pitcher has to have been ‘effective’. what effective means is up to the scorer. it’s extremely rare that they deviate from what you just described but it does happen.

  247. Eddy says:

    @wily mo:
    Oh ok I gotcha. Would be interesting to find a situation where that happened

  248. @Tom Emanski: Don’t wait too long. He’s getting a lot of ink. A couple of articles that came out this week prompted me to get him in my 15 team. A guy actually drafted him in my keeper league but dropped him when he caught the injury bug. I was shocked he cleared waivers. I was 11th! I hate to clog a roster spot (in the 12 team, in 15 I have a deep bench) waiting for a rook but I seem to do it every year and make out alright.

    Another guy to keep an eye on is Ike Davis. He’s better than Jacobs or Murphy. I know that’s not saying much, but if The Mets are floundering, Davis will at least get a shot at 1st sooner rather than later.

    Ah shit. I just realized Johan’s going for The Mets tomorrow and I’ve got Garcia. Think he’ll quiet the mets bats and give me a QS or should I drop him for Gorzelanny vs. Oswalt at Wrigley?

  249. Eddy says:

    @wily mo:
    Interesting stuff, thanks for taking the time to find it.

  250. Tom Reale says:

    Wieters seems like a good comparison…he was called up May 29th.

  251. SAGNOF alert: Juan Gutierrez got the call in the 9th. He promptly allowed the Pads to score and tie the game, than gave up a 3-run jack to Headley to end the game. Of course Heilman gave up a run in the 8th.

  252. Kinda funny really, when I heard Guiterrez as a possible closer I wondered why….he’s even worse than Qualls.

  253. @Elijah: Yeah he’s a complete bag of suck. They’re bullpen’s going to lose a lot of games.

  254. @Elijah: Yeah he’s a complete bag of suck. Their bullpen’s going to lose a lot of games.

  255. @3fingersbrown:

    Its really bad. I would be really optimistic about the team too if they even had OK pitching, but the fact is their starters are poor and the bullpen is so sucktastic it rivals the Orioles. Still, jump on board all healthy Dbacks position players, this can easily be a top 3 offense in the NL.

  256. @3fingersbrown:

    On the bright side, I got Headley on both my teams.

  257. Pat says:

    Congrats Rudy! I’m sure she can’t wait to be Mrs. Razzwife

    Enjoy the Olympic Gardens fellas. I’m sure you’ll find the right floor!

  258. Tom Emanski says:

    @3fingersbrown: Yea, go for it. Garcia has good control. He’ll have the Mets hacking away.

  259. @Elijah: Oh yeah, they have a whole sack of suck in that pen.

    Headley’s tearing it up. I have him on one team. Got Bell on that team too. “So I got that going for me, which is nice.”

    I hate to gloat, especially in April but how’s this draft-day trade sound now? I got Carpenter and Headley, I gave Carlos Lee, Tim Hudson, Brandon Lyon.

    I have a good feeling about Garcia against Santana tomorrow. Another low scoring affair that the Mets will lose.

  260. @Tom Emanski: yeah. I feel like Harvey Keitel in Bad Lt. when I go against The Mets. I have massive Card hate from the 80’s and I have Pujols and all 3 Cards starters going this weekend. Sick sick game we play.

  261. royce! says:

    I just won the fantasy/real baseball lottery. I started Edwin Jackson, who I just picked up off waivers in the RCL, against the Padres, my home team, and went to the game. Hoping for a low scoring affair in which Jackson pitches well but the Padres win and Bell gets a save. End up getting a win for Bell, good peripherals for Jackson, and got to see a walk off HR for Headley (whom I own, but not in the same league).

    As if that wasn’t enough, something seems to be wrong with ESPN– CC’s stats for the day are 12 IP, 18 K, and 1 W. The area behind the 1 in the W column keeps lighting up. I don’t dare refresh, do I? I did, and the stats are the same. Apparently if you are ahead when a game gets called your stats get doubled!

  262. sean says:

    HR Count:
    Ty Wigginton 3
    Eugenio Velez 2
    Yuniesky Betancourt 2

  263. infamy707 says:

    Headley and Nunez for Johan?

  264. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    So who else is sitting Nolasco against the Phils today?

  265. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @royce!: Yeah, I noticed that bug with CC last night, as well. Guess ESPN’s system wasn’t ready for a rain-shortened game. It’s been fixed, though.

  266. Buge Hoobs says:

    For the upcoming week, any thoughts on who I should start as my 4th OF … Damon or Span ?

    While I’m at it, what about Buchholz (1 start v-tex) or Wandy (2 starts @-Cubs / v-Pit ) ??

  267. timSTi says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: In my Roto I’m sitting him, in my H2H K’s are so close I have to start him. Don’t like either situation to be quite honest.

  268. Ian says:

    looking for some help fellas…

    I have to sit one of these guys yet this week. Which one:

    Nolasco @ Phi
    Oswalt @ CHC
    Duchscherer v. Bal
    Hamles v. Fla

    I’m thinking either Nolasco or Oswalt because Duke was great last time out and the O’s are terrible. The Phils and Cubs have been playing really well. Oswalt’s split v. Chicago and at Wrigley aren’t that good. But Nolasco hasn’t been that sharp and the Phils offense has been on fire to start the year. What do you all think? Thanks!

  269. Bonnie Prince Fielder says:

    Hey fellas — Which side would you want: Votto/Garza/Ian Stewart for Kendry/Brandon Phillips.

  270. Maitland says:

    @Eddy: On the ZIPs update thing, Conceptually, doesn’t releasing an update to projections just defeat the purpose of projections in the first place?

    They moved Howard up from a .273 hitter to a .285 hitter based on 2 weeks of him hitting .350?

    What, when they originally did them they didn’t anticipate that he would have a 2 week period of hitting really well for average?

    Silly stuff.

  271. @Maitland: Yeah I was thinking the same thing. This is me quoting Grey, quoting William Goldman. “Nobody knows anything.”

    @Ian: Out of that group, I think I’d sit Duch. I don’t care how good the Phils are, you drafted Nolasco as a front line pitcher. You gotta dance with the girl that you brought to the party.

  272. royce! says:

    @Maitland: Not necessarily. I’m not sure how ZIPs generates its projections, but all the projections systems seem to weigh past performance in one way or another. Updated projections are just projections that include information gathered since the last projection was made.

    Regarding Howard, if I think that he’s got .273 talent and he hits .350 for two weeks, I will change my assessment of what he will have as a total average for the entire season. I guess I could have three options. One, I could say, well, I think he’s going to hit less than .273 the rest of the way b/c I’m still going to be right that his true talent is .273. Or I could say, he’s going to hit .273 the rest of the way, and adjust his season AVG up to accommodate those two weeks of .350. Or I could do that and reconsider his true talent, maybe moving his expected AVG up a bit, which is what I think they did to get .285.

    The first option seems the least justifiable. If you think that someone has a true talent of X, and they under or over perform X in the first couple weeks of the season, it’s wrong to think that they are going to play correspondingly bad or good the rest of the year to balance out their season stats to X. It’s the gambler’s fallacy.

  273. royce! says:

    @royce!: I’d like to amend the last paragraph- historically slow starters belie this analysis. But they are outliers.

  274. Kazmere says:

    From Rotoworld;

    Ryan Zimmerman is back starting at third base Saturday for the Nationals.

    Frank Francisco may have lost the closer job to Neftali Feliz, but concerns about Feliz’s ability to pitch on consecutive days may give Francisco the chance to close games from time to time.

  275. Deanjello says:

    What team is better?

    Matt Wieters
    Garrett Jones
    Chone Figgins
    Kevin Youkilis
    Hanley Ramírez
    Curtis Granderson
    Chris Young
    Nelson Cruz
    Torii Hunter
    Nick Johnson
    Brian Roberts
    Jason Heyward
    Jered Weaver
    Yovani Gallardo
    Francisco Cordero
    Matt Lindstrom
    Leo Núñez
    Chris Pérez
    Kevin Gregg
    Kevin Millwood
    Ben Sheets
    Jonathan Sánchez
    Brandon Webb
    Cliff Lee


    Mike Napoli
    Mark Teixeira
    Robinson Canó
    Mark Reynolds
    Ian Desmond
    Justin Upton
    Ryan Braun
    B.J. Upton
    Raúl Ibañez
    Colby Rasmus
    Ian Stewart
    Jimmy Rollins
    Miguel Montero
    Ricky Nolasco
    Stephen Strasburg
    Brian Matusz
    Jorge De La Rosa
    Johnny Cueto
    Wade Davis
    Mat Latos
    Gio González
    Justin Masterson

  276. Deanjello says:

    its a head to head league avg, 2b, homers, obp, rbi, runs, sb, cycle for hitting and wins, era, whip, complete games, k’s, quality starts, no hitters

  277. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Ian: Nolasco at PHI last year, 1 GS, 1W, 2.57 ERA with 7 K.

    Even so, he hasn’t been on top of his game and @PHI doesn’t seem the best spot to break out. Not sure, that game last year could have been after he got hot. This one a tough call.

    He is facing Moyer, who was weak at home last year.

  278. Howard says:

    In a vacuum, would you guys trade Wainwright for Bay?

    Also, anyone starting Cueto today?

  279. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Ian: Hamels last year vs FLA at home: 2 GS, 2 Losses; 7.56 ERA. Hasn’t been lights out yet this year. SIT.

  280. @simply fred:

    I dont think thats a big enough sample size to justify sitting Hamels, Im rolling him out.

  281. Lava says:

    @Howard: I am. He has been ok this year, and has a good line against Pittsburgh. Plus, it’s, you know, Pittsburgh.

    Unrelated question: Is anyone still holding onto Ortiz? He was released in my league and I could drop SeanRod for him, but if he’s completely done I’ll get Glaus instead.

  282. @Lava:

    I could see it being like last year and he ends up with 25 HR’s. But I wouldnt hold him right now in a mixed league. At least Glaus can play CI

  283. Eddy says:

    I just felt like throwing it out there that while I was watching the FLA v. PHI game yesterday the FLA announcers were saying that the “talk in Philly” is that Howard is hitting the ball the other way A LOT. Lo and behold, the first RBI of the game was an opposite field single from Howard. If this continues then I can definitely see a .280 average, especially with the holes the shift gives him.

  284. Deanjello says:

    @Deanjello: forgot saves too

  285. Eddy says:

    What do you guys think about this trade?

    I give Adam Jones, Jay Bruce, Fernando Rodney, Jim Johnson

    Team B gives Matt Holliday

    Team B has 2 closers and is in need of saves and I have enough OF depth to replace those two and will have 3 full time closers left (Lindstrom, Aardsma, and Dotel). Or can I get away with offering only Johnson/Rodney and not both?

  286. paulzone says:

    shallow league, 5×5 plus gidp, errors, obp

    which SS out of:

    hardy, gonzalez, drew, theriot, furcal

  287. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Elijah: Florida has scored 61 runs, 3rd ranked in the NL this season. They are capable of putting up some good numbers. Good luck today.

  288. Eddy says:

    @simply fred:
    Alas, the life of a die hard Marlins fan rolling out Hamels against his team. It feels like I’ve fucked my stepsister this year more times than I care to admit.

  289. @simply fred:

    I didnt draft Hamels to sit him, I’m rolling him.

  290. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Elijah: I have no dog in this show. Truly, I hope Hamels brings his best stuff today. And, I ADMIRE steel balls!

  291. Maitland says:

    @royce!: royce, I think you’re way off.

    Here’s where you make your biggest mistake,

    “Regarding Howard, if I think that he’s got .273 talent and he hits .350 for two weeks, I will change my assessment of what he will have as a total average for the entire season.”

    So, you’re telling me that when you came to your assessment that he was a .273 hitter that you didn’t think that there would be any 2 week periods in the season where he would hit .350?

    In a season where he hit .250, there were assuredly 2 week periods where he hit .350-.400.

    Anyway, I do believe the first option of what you said moreso than the latter, and I’d get into it, but, uh, I’m pretty sure I had a fairly lengthy discussion on here a year ago about gambler’s fallacy and that I don’t think it’s applicable to what these dudes do.

    So, just briefly, I’ll say, guys have periods of hot/cold. If you picked a guy for .273 average and he’s hit .350 right away, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to hit .200 for a while and come back down to .273. The question is whether Howard has become a completely different hitter so he avoids the periods of the season where he hits like .200. Which is what has happened in the past.

    So, I don’t think there is enough data out there in the first two weeks to know whether Howard truly has turned a corner. For now, I think that he is doing something that he has done in every season where he hit for a low average.

  292. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @simply fred: My bad–tomorrow’s game.

  293. Eddy says:

    Hey guys, sorry to be persistent, but can someone give me feedback on a trade I’m thinking of spinning? It’s comment #298, am I just being desperate or does it seem plausible?

  294. @Eddy:

    I think Holliday is gonna be a beast, Id do it if you dont need the depth on your squad. Im also down on anyone on the Orioles (Jones) as they just seem to be stuck in a bad place.

  295. Erock says:

    @Eddy: If you feel comfortable losing Bruce and Jones, I wouldn’t let Rodney and Johnson prevent you from making that trade. Their values are inflated right now — might as well leverage them for all they’re worth.

  296. Eddy says:

    @Elijah: @Erock:

    Thanks guys, I’ll propose the trade and hope for the best. I have Werth, Quentin, and Granderson in my OF, so I can definitely support the loss. And I’m never worried about finding closers, as proven by the first week and half.

  297. JDub says:

    @Eddy: Will the other guy settle for fill-in closers? You might try holding Johnson and and Rodney and throwing in one of the regulars. Holliday is worth it.

  298. @Eddy:

    Yeah, tho in the RCL league if I had it to do again I woulda taken an extra closer, after losing Frasor its tough and everyones hoarding every player with even a chance of closing.

  299. @simply fred:

    You want Steel Balls, Im starting Randy Wolf haha

  300. Eddy says:

    Tell me about it. Somehow I had 4 closers there and was surprised to see Jim Johnson hadn’t been taken, so I nabbed him a few days ago. Although I’m a bit bummed that Madson never really dominated and will forfeit his job to Lidge once he comes back.

  301. Am I missing something with Scott Sizemore? Sure, his SLG% stinks, but he’s still batting with a .269 AVG and .355 OBP. It’s certainly better than Nolan Reimold, which is a player I drafted 10th (!) in one league and now feel compelled to hold on to well beyond his expiration date.

  302. Matt B says:

    Time to grab Smoak in a h2h 12-team mixed with 15 starting spots, 10 bench? (We keep top 100 but its unlikely smoak would be that for 2011)

  303. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Elijah: Should be gold against the Nats. More like, mush balls.

  304. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Elijah: Oops. Wolf homer to J.Maxwell? Never heard of him.

  305. TheBravesWearPrado says:

    Anyone have an opinion on Headley vs. Blanks. I know Blanks has more power but he already has shown a tendency this season to be boom or bust. Those types of players frustrate me. I feel like Headley will be more consistent week to week even if he ends up with slightly inferior power numbers. Homeruns really don’t matter as much to me as I’m in a total base league so Headley could close that gap just by getting more hits.

  306. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Elijah: Wasn’t personal. Would have done it if I could. The guy ahead of me picked up Wolf when I tried to sneak him through waivers. Hope Hamels makes up for it.

  307. @Simply Fred: Maxwell’s a AAAA OF

    @TheBravesWearPrado: I like both. Headley this year, he’s a more advanced hitter and he seems very happy to be back at his original position, 3B. Blanks long term, he has monstrous power. I have Blanks in a keeper league and with his MiLB BB rates, I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes Dunn-esque. I have Headley in a redraft. Wouldn’t mind having both on both teams.

  308. Tom Reale says:

    How bout those Astros knocking out a SP after 3 innings?
    Pence and Caballo, 2/4, 1Run scored

  309. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @Tom Reale: Yeah, I tried to stream Gorz, thinking anyone could get a good line against the ‘stros. I am PLEASED he is OUT OF THERE.

  310. William says:

    @everyone: I just got last night. Today I was expecting to be blacked out of all the afternoon games because it’s Saturday and I thought FOX blacks every game out before 7pm

    Well I’m viewing games right now. So what exactly are the blackout rules with and FOX?

  311. @William:

    I think its only blacked out if its a local broadcast.

  312. Nick0rz says:

    @William: Any games that start after like 2pm EST are blacked out. So if a team starts their game at 1:05, then its not blacked out. Thats why the Jays always start their home games at 1:05 on Saturday because there isnt a chance in hell they get picked up by Fox.

  313. royce! says:

    @Tom Reale: @simply fred: I tried to stream Gorz as well… I mean, if Silva can shut down the Astros, who can’t? I need to just leave my whole team alone for a bit.

  314. Tom Reale says:

    @simply fred: Even after my ‘stros exposee yesterday. haha. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

    Has anyone seen much of Beckham this year? How does he look?

  315. royce! says:

    Should I drop Borbon for Maybin in a 5×5 plus OBP and XBH league?

  316. @Tom Reale:

    I know his owner won’t trade him to me so he cant be doin too bad. Hes got 2b eligability now too.

  317. William says:


    Thanks for the clarification. I’m even more pumped about now. I was expecting to be blacked out of all the Saturday games before 7pm

  318. Tom Reale says:

    @royce!: Wow. That was only like 10 minutes. I thought you were leaving it alone for a while? haha. I go through stretches like that too. Where I feel like I’m doing too much and less would be more.

    @Elijah: Thanks. Yeah I got him at 2B this year. But haven’t watched any Sox games yet.

  319. William says:

    @everyone – My 2B right now are Ian Desmond and Kelly Johnson

    Casey McGehee was recently dropped. Do I drop one of them for him, or do I pass? And who do I drop?

  320. royce! says:

    @Tom Reale: Yeah, it’s a different league, one in which I haven’t made many moves yet. The Gorz start was for my RCL team, in which I have made 25 moves so far (streams due to Lilly starting on the DL). You think it’s too early to drop Borbon? He’s seemed lost. Has a LD% of like 4. It’s a weekly h2h, and because of OBP and XBH counting, power is more important than speed.

  321. Tom Reale says:

    @royce!: I don’t own him anywhere so I haven’t really followed him that closely. I like Maybin, but he shouldn’t really have much power and K’s 1/3 of the time.

  322. @Tom Reale:

    My instinct would say be paitent with him either way. When an IF is playing a new spot it often suppresses his offense as hes worried/focused on his defense, and as the year goes on he should settle in.

  323. royce! says:

    @William: I would drop Desmond for him, if you are not in need of steals. Clearly Grey wants you to buy McGehee, but I don’t understand what him being Wigginton’s son means… some power?

  324. royce! says:

    @Tom Reale: Good point on the K%. He has struck out around a third of the time this year and is sporting a .400+ BABIP. So I would think that his OBP is gonna take a dive, which would hurt in this league.


  325. Terrence Mann says:

    I doubt this guy takes the trade. My guess is he’ll try to switch some players around (let you keep Johnson and put Dotel or Aardsma in the deal). In reality you’re giving him a closer that has the job for a week, another iffy closer, and two underperforming outfielders for a stud. If Bruce or Pacman had blown up the last couple of weeks, this might be a deal he would accept. I can see him coming back with Granderson, Bruce, Dotel, and Johnson for Holliday or something along those lines. The problem is you’re giving him two closers with little stability and selling your OF low. Good luck.

  326. @royce!: Thanks for the link. Interesting food for thought.

    @William: I’d take McGehee over Desmond, particularly if you play with OBP. I have both and Hill on the DL. I may be to make a choice between the two soon.

  327. @Elijah: You make a very good point. Desmond has looked bad at SS but it seems they’re giving him every opportunity to play through it. I think ultimately he’ll be a nice little power/speed combo at MI.

  328. sean says:

    @William: With my MLB Extra Innings package, the only games I can’t watch are the ones that are on my regular programming. I live in Connecticut, so for me the package includes games on YES, NESN, SNY, MY9, and the game of the week on Fox61. Those games are covered with my regular programming, and the rest of the games can be seen via the MLB package.

  329. wakeNbake says:

    who do you like more for this season… Beckham or Brandon Phillips?

  330. Clint says:

    You’re obviously just looking at numbers, not watching Jay Bruce. There might not be a bigger Jay Bruce fan in the world then me, but I’ve watched nearly every at-bat. Something is majorly wrong with this kid at the plate right now. I think it’s major self confidence issues that have manifested after some initial bad luck that caused a slow start.

    As someone who has followed his career closely from day one, I’d strongly urge the following:

    1) He’s not going to hit 30 home runs
    2) He’s not going to hit over .250 and that’s even if he catches fire now or at some point for about two weeks.
    3) The strikeouts are a problem, so are the lack of walks. He’s only getting on base when he gets a hit basically.
    4) He has developed the inability to have a strong at bat. He swings early in the count and if he gets deep in the count he’s a deer in the headlights.
    5) I’d bet that he ends up a platoon player this season or actually being sent down to AAA Louisville.

    I hope I’m wrong. I love Jay Bruce. But his hitting ability has gone downhill since his rookie year. The Reds instruction and lack of a hitting coach has cooked this kid. He’s done in Cincinnati.

  331. Dumbmutt says:

    Goodbye Oswalt win I hardly knew ya

  332. Why did I draft Frasor, crap. I really shoulda gotten 4 closers.

  333. mauledbypandas says:

    Lindstrom with a save opp. who woulda thunk it?

  334. steamer says:

    Just got offered J. Hamilton for my A. Soriano/Aardsma. My other closers are Lindstrom, Gregg, J. Johnson/Gonz. Would you guys pull the trigger?

  335. Tom Emanski says:

    Nelson Cruz. That’s a bad man, mama!

  336. @steamer:

    Hamilton seems pretty crappy so far, I dont really like it.

  337. @Tom Emanski:

    So glad I took him right now…he wasnt even the top guy on my board at the time but I just thought he was gonna hit a bunch.

  338. Tom Emanski says:

    “Maxwell’s wife gave birth to a daughter, their second child, on Monday morning, the Washington Post reports.
    The approaching due date could help explain the huge slump he was in during spring training. Maxwell went 0-for-1 with two walks in his season debut with the Nationals Thursday, and while he’ll be in a right field platoon with Willie Harris to kick things off, expect the club to give Maxwell every chance to win a regular role.”

    Yea, that’s some “spin”, alright. I wasn’t aware he had another living person inside his body that was keeping him from hitting HRs.

  339. Tom Emanski says:

    @Elijah: I had him last year too and loved him but he kept having these minor but periodic injuries. He would’ve hit 40 HRs easily. He should do that again easily this year too. Just wait til he starts stealing, you’ll love him even more.

  340. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @steamer: I’d try to get him to go for a different closer. Lindstrom got the save today and Lyon pitched awful, try and play that up.

  341. Tom Emanski says:

    Should I keep Maicer and hope he gets the starting job soon or drop him for Maxwell and hope he gets the starting job somewhere?

  342. @Steamer: I’d hold off on that trade I think. I don’t like Hamilton at all.

    @Tom Emanski: I’d keep Maicer over Maxwell. Any other options? Maxwell’s a scrub.

  343. steamer says:

    thanks guys, declined.

  344. Look at Panda give me the lead in SB! Love Fat Ichiro.

    J-Will keeps doing work!

  345. infamy707 says:

    What do u think about Headley and Nunez for Johan?

  346. Tom Emanski says:

    @3fingersbrown: Nope, I’m scraping at the bottom of the barrell. There’s guys like Colvin, Diaz, Dickerson, and DeWitt.

  347. Erock says:

    Hey guys — I need some advice.

    Here’s my offense:

    R. Davis
    C. Young
    I. Stewart

    And my SPs:

    F-Her, Cain, Nolasco, Sanchez, C.J. Wilson

    I’m thinking of offering Kendry and Phillips in exchange for Votto and Garza, sliding Stewart in at 2B and picking up a reasonably reliable HR hitter (probably Willingham) off waivers to play Util. Good move, or stupid attempt to gratify my Votto fixation?


  348. Erock says:

    12 team H2H w/ OBP, by the way.

  349. royce! says:

    @Erock: Yeah, I think that could be good for you, because Phillips’ OBP is terrible. Makes him way less valuable.

  350. royce! says:

    I have Bell, Aardsma, Nunez, Capps, Rodney and Gregg in a 10 team roto. I project to be way under the GS limit and would like to drop someone in order to start streaming pitchers. Should I just keep offering RP + X for SP trades until something happens, or drop Gregg outright and start with the streaming? There are too many attractive SP on the wire- tomorrow I could have my choice of Ervin v. TOR, Pavano @ KC, or Kennedy @ SD.

  351. royce! says:

    bee tee dub, Street, Gonzalez, Lindstrom and Lyon are all either FAs or going through waivers.

  352. Bob says:

    I just traded my Jason Heyward for his Ricky Nolasco. Anybody have any thoughts about if I did good, or not?

  353. Nick0rz says:

    @Erock: Id do that considering its an OBP league. Your pitching will look pretty awesome after that trade as well.

  354. royce! says:

    @Bob: you done good

  355. Erock says:

    @Bob: If it’s not a keeper league I think it’s a fair needs trade.

  356. Nick0rz says:

    @royce!: Thats really tough choice, other teams must not like closers that much. Personally, I’d sit tight and try and grab as many saves as you could before you start dropping closers. Although, if your SP’s are horrible and can really benefit from the extra streaming I could see doing it.

    @Bob: I like that.

  357. royce! says:

    @Bob: Oh yeah, I agree with Erock re: it not being a keeper league

  358. Erock says:

    @royce!: I would hang on to Gregg and keep trying to make a 2-for-1 trade. Even if it doesn’t pan out, with the added time hopefully you’ll have a better sense of whether Gregg or Rodney is the smarter drop.

  359. Bob says:

    @royce, @erock: It’s a 12 team standard category non-keeper mixed league.

  360. royce! says:

    @Bob: Well then you my friend are a winner!

  361. Doog says:

    Grey, you look like a prophet after Haeger’s outing today. From your last post about him: “Some days Haeger will throw 12 Ks, other days he’ll give up 7 runs in two innings.”

  362. Bob says:

    @royce!: I’m hoping you’re right. It was interesting because I thought it would bring a counter-offer. I was surprised he accepted it. In the same league, before the demotions, I traded my Stephen Strasburg and K Rod for Josh Johnson. So I picked up a pretty decent starting rotation for a couple of kids I drafted very late and K Rod. You never know with starting pitchers. And Strasburg could give Tommy Hansen type number when he comes up next month.

  363. mrbaseball says:

    something just don’t seem right here – something is missing

  364. Garcia is seriously dealing. Pin point control. Made Wright look foolish with a hellacious curve. McCarver broke up his no-no. As soon as he mentioned it, Pagan got a broken bat hit. Only one hard out all day so far.

  365. @Bob: I like both of those trades you made.

  366. mrbaseball says:

    Bob Says:

    I just traded my Jason Heyward for his Ricky Nolasco. Anybody have any thoughts about if I did good, or not?

    you traded away K’s for K’s here

  367. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    White Sox roll Peavy out in the eighth, and he gives up the game tying run.

    Makes complete sense as he was pitching so well before this…how could you NOT roll him back out there after he threw 104 pitches?


  368. BSA says:

    It is going to be a long year with Peavy pitching in Chicago
    Why throw him out there in this type of game – man can’t get a win for nothing. Damn annoying!

  369. infamy707 says:

    @Elijah- Headley is pretty much sitting on my bench right now and I guess I could use a SP. Would you start Headley in front of any of these players: Kemp,Granderson,G.JOnes,Lind, or Quentin?

  370. Bob says:

    @fingersbrown: A guy I play with in that league showed me again and again with his trades that it’s often a good idea to draft hype and/or name recognition and then trade it for value later if/when the hype gets off to a fast start. So this year I nabbed Strasburg, Heyward, and K Rod when they dropped below their ADP’s. Sure enough, it worked perfectly. Heyward was an extra piece riding my bench I still have 4 closers in that league, and I’ve SAGNOFed my way into the early lead with the likes of Dotel and Capps.

    @mrbaseball: Funny stuff!! Good thing for me is I traded away the K’s that hurt for the K’s that help.

  371. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @BSA: word.

  372. Tom Emanski says:

    Just picked up Jaime Garcia in both my 18 team leagues. Trade leverageeeeee.

  373. Bob says:

    @BSA: Grey hated Peavy. I had a hard time passing on him when his name was still there in the 9th or the 10th but his league change/injury history really had me worried. I still think he might be a useful player, but it’s certainly annoying to be dealing with him this year.

  374. @Bob: Indeed. Definitely something I look to do. That’s why I grabbed Carlos Santana off of waivers. Last year I flipped Longoria and Kinsler for a lot more than they were worth. Helped me win my league and set me up with cheaper keepers this season.

  375. BSA says:

    @Bob: He actually looked fine today – especially after the last time out against Cleveland.
    Its tough when you have to pitch against the other nine and YOUR own manager.

  376. @Anyone who remembers NYC in the 80’s: With Jamie (pronounced Hy-mie) Garcia on my team, I can rename it Jamie Town! Hey-oh!

  377. Bob says:

    @BSA: Hah! I actually like Peavy as a buy-low candidate now. If he can be gotten cheap.

  378. Howard says:

    Is it just the Mets or is Jaime Garcia for real?

  379. BSA says:

    @Bob: This coming from the top! says the dogs as they climb the pile.
    I’m shopping.

  380. @Howard: He was on last week too. He looks for real to me. He’s only had 3 career starts, so I’m not going to go crazy suggesting him. I needed a spot start and he sounded good from what I read. Duncan knows how to bring out the best in pitchers and I see a lot worse pitchers rostered.

  381. @infamy707:

    I would if Headleys on the road…Id like the trade more if Johan was throwing well.

  382. I guess after this outing, his owner might pull the offer.

  383. BSA says:

    @Bob: Plus I like having several of Grey’s buy candidates this week.
    Friday discover you’re holding 3 buy candidates
    Saturday move up a few positions
    Feelings at the moment, well lets crack a Sam and talk about it later. :)

  384. infamy707 says:

    @Elijah: Thanks for the feedback. He’s in a desperate need for a closer so I think he might still do it. Who would you rather have G.Jones or Headley?

  385. Eddy says:

    Jim Johnson is *this* close to blowing a save as we speak

  386. BSA says:

    @Eddy: and just like that I laugh as the Hippo cringes because he thought he scooped a closer.

  387. Eddy says:

    There he blew it by giving up a bases loaded single to Sweeney. Awesome.

  388. Eddy says:

    I wish I could join you in your merriment but unfortunately I have Johnson in two leagues. Luckily, my ERA is crap in both, so no biggie.

  389. Howard says:

    @3fingersbrown thanks! You know you’ve been here too long when you look at your tv channel that says signoff and think it says sagnof!

  390. Eddy says:

    Looks like Cla Meredith is gonna be in people’s spotlights soon.

  391. BSA says:

    @Eddy: I had him and his last save opportunity I dropped him. Hippo scooped him the day he came off waivers. So I felt the pain and now I crack a beer for a night of Red Sox baseball.

  392. @Elijah: Have you seen him throw today? Everyone’s so down on Johan. I’d take the Johan side of that deal in a heartbeat. He’s healthy now and working himself back to form. He had to delay his offseason routines due to the surgery, so it’s taking him a bit to get his power up. His fastball was working at 89-91 and his change was sharp.

    @Eddy: I’m a save whore and even I don’t want any part of Johnson.

  393. Howard says:

    O#%&* you try to stream in a closer like Johnson and *poof* there goes your ERA/WHIP for the day!

  394. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @infamy707: G. Jones, no question.

  395. BSA says:

    Moyer is shelled and he isn’t even a third of an inning into the game. His team must be saying WTF and giving skip the hook sign. Double barrelled action in the pen yet?

  396. At least Votto isn’t Dizzy again. Sheesh, I thought the nightmare was about to begin again.

  397. @BSA:

    Someone Call Pedro!!!

  398. BSA says:

    @Elijah: Yeah – Pedro would only give up 3 runs early and then tell you he was OK.

  399. @infamy707:

    I think they are both good, if you want more average and speed, Headley, more power, Jones.

  400. CarGo, I’m glad you are back (P.S. In your face Grey, ya traitor!), but why are you still on my bench? Crap.

  401. @infamy707:

    In a vacuum Id take Headley as he can play 3b….

  402. @3fingersbrown:

    I drafted him on a test run team I did on ESPN, so I liked him this year. I would recommend he offer Robot and the closer.

  403. William says:

    is it time to give up on Johnny Cueto? I feel like in a 12 team league, he’s not any better than a streaming match up play

    I drafted him since he was a top 40 starter, but he’s been pretty bad

  404. @William:

    I think so. You gotta understand some of Grey’s picks are enthusiasms and gotta be dumped early. Look at his Sizemore thing…its been 8 days and hes giving up. You can draft these guys but….they are gambles.

  405. @William:

    Any good replacements on waivers?

  406. BSA says:

    Rays/Red Sox wrapping up last night’s game – Rays have four infielders.

  407. MarkM says:

    @BSA: I think you mean 5.

  408. BSA says:

    @MarkM: Duh. Multi-tasking…..

    Tonight in Boston is going to be ugly.

    Mud, literal mud, for the warning track.

    Oh yeah and Tek keeps making it interesting on Tito as he now has 3 HRs and a double in 2 games.

  409. CarGo, why O why. Sonuvahbench.

  410. Tom Reale says:

    @Elijah: Ditto on CarGo. Ditto on in ya face.

    Are people starting Wandy tom. in H2H? ERA and WHIP are real close.

  411. mrbaseball says:


    K. Benson is about to pitch

  412. @William: I hear you. I have Cueto in my 15 team and he’s been brutal. Not like there are many options, but I feel like I might be better going with a decent MR, rather than the starting dreck I have on waivers.

    I was trying to trade Cueto the moment I bought him.

    Need a win and a nice game from Correia tonight. Go Pod people!

  413. Tom Emanski says:

    What happened to CarGo heading to the DL

  414. royce! says:

    @3fingersbrown: “Pod people”! I love it! How did I not think of that before? San Diego is full of Pod people.

    They call the pep team or whatever (the kids who throw t shirts) the “Pad Squad” (pad pronounced as pod), but I will now call them the Pod People.

    I will also call the people who left in the 7th or 8th last night the Pod people.

  415. Tom Emanski says:

    Nolasco had 3 weeks but don’t worry, the ump was squeezing him big time. Really impressive start otherwise.

  416. youngcapitalist says:

    So my league just vetoed my Miguel Cabrera for his Nolasco and CarGo claiming I was getting screwed in the trade by “undervaluing proven talent.” Am I crazy in thinking I was making out like a bandit in that trade? (btw, I have power to spare already having Dunn, Howard, Quentin, and Garrett Jones, if he doesn’t regress to garbage)

  417. @Tom Reale:

    I am probably starting Wandy…but its Hth and I’m behind in both.

  418. Dumbmutt says:

    I had to sit Nolasco I just need to keep repeating that

  419. William says:

    @Everyone: My 2 fliers at SP this year were Johnny Cueto and Clay Buchholz. FML

    Last year in mid May, I picked up Ubaldo and managed to snag Nolasco off waivers with the #3 priority. I’m going to need that same kind of magic again.

    Anyway, I play in a standard 5×5 roto league, 12 teams. Anyone have any fliers they are keeping an eye on who are more than likely available?

  420. Tom Emanski says:

    Hopefully I didn’t sonavastart Verlander. It’s still April after all, what was I thinking?

  421. Tom Reale says:


  422. @youngcapitalist. I think that’s pretty fair. I’d try to get more for Miggy. The fact that it was vetoed is completely gay.

  423. Tom Reale says:


  424. MarkM says:

    Ubaldo just tossed a no hitter!! Woooo.

  425. Tom Emanski says:

    Ubaldoooo!! Can’t believe I completely missed the fact he had a no-no going.

  426. SamYo says:

    Ubaldo no no .
    My fantasy team approves.

  427. @Royce!: Anyone who shoots T-shirts out of a cannon or leaves during a game is a Pod person. I wish I was in St. Louis now, getting plastered in the 17th.

  428. Tom Reale says:

    @Elijah: Thanks. I’m probably starting Wandy too. Esp now that my Whip and Era aren’t as close.
    I’m not getting impatient with Beckham. I was just curious if anyone has seen him live? And how’s he look?

    Ubaldo was my preseason NL CY pick!

  429. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    Yeah, not only did i get the Ubaldo no-no, i actually had the testes to throw Nolasco & Buchholz tonight. 1 ER in 20 IP so far. It goes quite well with the 5/26 hitting day i’m having so far. Can’t win them all, i guess.

  430. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @youngcapitalist: Isn’t that the whole point of a trade, to find value where others may not see it? I would have tried to get more for Miggy myself, but you definitely didn’t get raped in the deal. That seems like a time wasting veto.

  431. Tom Reale says:

    @aconstipatedmonkey: I pussed out with Nolasco.

    But I can’t complain. 22 2/3 of 0.00 ERA thanks to Ubaldo, AJ, and Duch. I don’t mean to gloat but, like someone on here said, we all bitch when we get screwed. So, we might as well celebrate the good nights!

  432. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    hahahaha, Felipe Lopez is about to start throwing some heat for the Cards in the 18th. Fantastic!!!!!!!

  433. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @Tom Reale: It’s always a good day when a solo HR would ruin your ERA for the day.

  434. paulzone says:

    thoughts on jaime garcia?

  435. Lava says:

    Votto is awesome. That is all.

  436. @aconstipatedmonkey: This is hysterical. SAGNOF alert. WTF happened in that last play? I think everyone on both teams is on acid tonight.

    @Tom Reale: You drafted him because he’s good. I get caught up in playing matchups some time but it’s a mistake with actual good pitchers.

  437. youngcapitalist says:

    WOW, Felipe Lopez pitching for the Cards and shutting down the Mets in the 18th…crazy game

  438. Dumbmutt says:

    Holy Hell why did I start Francoeur 0-7

  439. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @3fingersbrown: @youngcapitalist: The only thing that would make this game crazier is if Dave Duncan came out to pitch the 19th. Oh wait, nevermind, it’s Joe Mather. How long til Pujols gets to pitch?

  440. youngcapitalist says:

    I don’t know what’s worse Kyle Lohse in left or having Jose Reyes crushing my fantasy team with his 0-7 lol

  441. Mr2Bits says:

    If Adam Jones was just dropped in your keeper league, would you scoop him up and throw Blanks away?

  442. Tom Reale says:

    Duncan to Mather…”As your atty. I advise you to pitch at top speed and it’ll be a fucking miracle if you make it out of this inning before we all turn into wild animals!”

  443. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @Mr2Bits: Uhhh, yes. That’s not even a question. Grab him yesterday.

    @Tom Reale: That’s glorious

  444. mrbaseball says:

    hey grey should I pick up Felipe López as a relief pitcher – the Mets could not hit him

  445. royce! says:

    @3fingersbrown: I’ve always wondered about this- what do they do about beer sales in extra inning games? Last call is the 7th inning stretch in LA and SD, so I’d be depressingly sobering up by now.

  446. @Tom Reale: They’re all seeing lizard people, that’s why they can’t hit.

    Cocksuckingwhorefucker… Correia got yanked with an out to go for a QS. Bastards

    Watch Frankie blow this game. Pujols coming up.

  447. Ludwick looked safe. Retarded to be stealing with Pujols up.

    Ludwick’s playing like a man on an ether binge. Strange and terrible things happening here.

  448. Tom Emanski says:

    Can’t believe I drafted K-Rod.

  449. @Royce!: That’s right. God, I hope those poor bastards brought a lot of hallucinatory drugs.

    Fucking Yaddy. My wife wants to kill me for hogging the TV all day and night.

  450. Tom Reale says:

    You got it. How do you steal with Pujols up? As Pujols scores(There he goes. One of God’s own prototypes. A high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die).

  451. Tom Reale says:

    @3fingersbrown: Haha. My girlfriend’s been waiting 5 hours to watch the Netflix.

  452. Tom Emanski says:

    Unbelievable that a MLB team tried to steal with 0 out and Pujols up.

  453. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    @3fingersbrown: This game might have ended a long time ago if they were actually in bat country.

  454. Tom Emanski says:

    Joe Mather looks like Todd Stottlemyre

  455. Nathan says:

    Does anyone know what the deal is with Yahoo and the suspended Sox/Rays game? Am I going to get a save from R. Soriano? Yahoo today doesn’t list the continuation of last night’s game, and last night’s stat page just lists the game as Red Sox L 1-1 with no save credited to Soriano. What’s the deal?

  456. Meech says:

    why didn’t the mlb network show the 9th inn. in Atl??

    Anyway, need some help with a 5th OF due to injuries in an NL 12-team league.

    Not many options:
    Is Francisco going to see any PT with Ibanez strugging (only 4 abs? for Ben Fran) or do I go with R.Johnson or Spilly??

  457. Tom Reale says:

    @Tom Emanski: I think he pitches like Tommy Hanson.

  458. aconstipatedmonkey says:

    I must give it to Dave Duncan. His magic pixie dust pulled out 3 innings of 2 run ball from position players. The Jose Canseco pitching fiasco, this was not.

  459. Sonavabenched! I had Pelf on the bench and didn’t get the save. Watch he blows out his arm and he’s done, just like Harang 2 years ago. Manuel should be fired for jeopardizing Pelf’s career to win a game in April. He’s scared to not have a job on Monday if they get swept. K-Rod can’t go 2???? What do they pay him $12 mil for!?

    I’m seriously pissed at how that was handled. Disgraceful. That’s why Larussa wasn’t throwing his starters. he’d rather lose a game now, than lose a starter to injury. Manuel’s a fucking idiot.

  460. mrbaseball says:

    Mike Pelfrey saves the day

  461. mrbaseball says:

    480 3fingersbrown Says:

    Manuel should be fired for jeopardizing Pelf’s career to win a game in April

    it probably was his day to throw in the bullpen

    Nolan Ryan would be able to throw 5 innings on his day off

  462. mrbaseball says:

    Nolan Ryan would be able to throw 5 innings on his day off

    one thing for sure if Ryan started he could have thrown a 19 inning complete game

  463. MarkM says:

    @3fingersbrown: Well, no one got hurt and the Mets won. Canseco has proven that a position player has just as much of a chance to get hurt pitching as a starter making a relief appearance.

  464. Nick0rz says:

    @Meech: Id go with Spilly. I dont think the Phils are going to waste 10m on the bench especially when they keep winning.

  465. Nick0rz says:

    @3fingersbrown: K-rod had been warming up in the bullpen about 6 times already, he was probably gassed.

  466. DrEasy says:

    OK, everybody who benched Nolasco today join me for a collective SONAVABENCH!

  467. DrEasy says:

    And why isn’t EverCab playing today?

  468. GrandSlamSingle says:

    Congrats, Rudy!

    Ahh, thank you Correia. Like a soothing balm on the chapped ass of my pitching staff.

  469. James says:

    Nolasco = SONAVABENCH!!! UGHHHHH!!!

  470. wily mo says:

    in jim johnson’s defense, he did have a K/9 of 27 for the outing!

    single, sac bunt, strikeout passed ball, intentional walk, single. i didn’t see the singles, but that doesn’t really seem like it qualifies as a shelling. i’m not cashiering him yet. he’s not a super-terrific pitcher, but he’s not 54.00/9.00 bad either. … anybody see the singles? were they ripped, or more like sneaky grounders?

  471. preptime says:

    @James: @DrEasy:

    I started Liriano against the Red Sox and I started Nolasco against the Phillies.

    Feels good man.

  472. danimal35 says:

    Is Greg Smith streamable tomorrow at the Braves? I’m down a QS and ERA but I can’t lose WHIP/SO …have to drop Jim Johnson (my 7th closer) to pick him up


  473. Gareth says:

    @3fingersbrown: Pelf demanded the ball, told Jerry “I can do this”. And K-Rod says he warmed up ten times, threw 100 pitches in the bullpen. Was gassed by the time he came in.

    I’m a Mets fan who think Jerry Manuel is just awful, but I can’t fault him today. Outmanaged LaRussa comprehensively.

  474. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    @preptime: Golden cajones! Enjoy the joy!

  475. Eddy says:

    Man I’m kinda bummed I won’t wake up tomorrow to see what witty title/blurbs Grey would’ve had about the crazy things happen in sports today.

    And man what a major ticker shock with Clay Buchholz today!!

  476. @Gareth: Larussa didn’t seem to care that much about the W today and I can see why. His team will be there in October, and will probably take 2 of 3 tomorrow night anyway. I don’t know man. Pelfrey could be the key to their season. I don’t think I leave that decision up to him. Oh and by the way, why was Castillo bunting against Joe Mather? That was downright bizarre.

    @Eddy: Me too. This was the weirdest baseball day in recent memory. Hey Mr. Larussa, it’s July 4th 1985. Rick Camp says he available to pinch hit.

    I need some sleep. Today was exhausting.

  477. William says:

    I’ve been fortunate to not be getting killed by playing Fielder and Bay

    Both those guys are testing my patience.

  478. Eddy says:

    At least you’re not a Bruce owner

  479. Eddy says:

    Who do you guys prefer at 2B

    Casey McGehee or Kelly Johnson?

  480. Quintero says:

    @danimal35: I like Doug Davis better. Smith could whipper you.

  481. Quintero says:

    @Eddy: McGehee, can’t say no to Ty Wigginton Jr. and Brewer’s lineup. Kelly Johnson’s stats are replaceable on the wavier.

  482. Howard says:

    Need to add two pitchers to boost my K’s. Some of the talent available on waivers:
    Millwood 20
    Shields 18
    Marcum 17
    Wilson 14
    Masterson 14
    Lewis 13
    Duchscherer 13
    Marshall 13
    Gio 11
    J. Garcia 10

  483. giantJJ says:

    before i do something stupid, would you trade jon rauch for cody ross? 20 team mixed.

  484. MarkM says:

    @giantJJ: Depends if you need an OF and are set at saves. Rauch isn’t as good as his line says right this second, but his numbers look elite right now. Is Ross the best you can get?

  485. steamer says:

    What do you guys thinks of Berkman? Is he a buy low or should I avoid? I’m sitting with C. Davis in my CI spot & he is killing me. Not much on the wire besides Alex Gordan.

  486. Dingo says:

    Johnny Cueto just hit waivers, and I’m rostering Masterson, Ervin Santana, and Juan Gutierrez. Drop any of them for Cueto?

  487. Dingo says:

    @Eddy: For whatever it’s worth, the ZiPs projection system likes Kelly a bit better for the rest of the season:




  488. Dingo says:

    @Howard: of those, I say definitely shields and then probably Gio. Shields is the best pitcher of the group, in my opinion, and Gio is the most likely to maintain his high K/9 rate.

  489. William says:

    @Everyone – Thoughts on Eugenio Velez? Yahoo is super high on him.

    My current 2B are Ian Desmond and Kelly Johnson.

    I play in a standard 5×5 roto 12 team H2H league.

  490. Quintero says:

    @Howard: Dush, J-Gar, Shields, Marcum, Masterson, Wilson, Lewis, Gio…in that order. If you only care about Ks, then Masterson and Gio but it might get ugly.

    @steamer: I’d drop Gutierrez for Cueto and see how things go with those three.

  491. Dingo says:

    @Nathan: Under the player tab, there’s a link labeled “Stat Corrections.” If you look there, you’ll see that all of the stats from the remainder of that game will be added on Sunday (er, today). Whenever suspended games are made up later, that’s just how Yahoo handles it.

  492. Nick0rz says:

    @William: He’ll probably give you around 20 SB’s, .260-.270 AVG, and > 10 HR’s. Could be a decent pick up if you need a few steals but I like Desmond and Johnson more.

    @steamer: I think Berk should keep doing what he usually does. If you can get him cheap enough go for it.

  493. @William: all speed, no hit. good OBP in the minors but it hasn’t translated so far. I wouldn’t take Velez over either Desmond or Johnson yet.

  494. @Nickorz: I’ll be very very surprised if Velez cracks double digit HR’s this season.

  495. Hey if Alex Gordon pinch hit in a forest and no one saw, did it happen?

  496. Nick0rz says:

    @3fingersbrown: Oops flip that > to a <.

  497. Matt says:

    I need one start of these two. Need decent ERA and WHIP and hopefully a W. Who do I start?

    Hamels vs. FLA
    Garza @ BOS


  498. Eddy says:

    They way Garza has been pitching I’d go with him. To me the Marlins seem unstable because you can’t really predict what they’ll do unlike the Mariners or Athletics.

  499. Matt says:

    @Eddy: I know. The Marlins scare me a little more than the Red Sox, though. They’ve score 19 more runs this year so far and Boston’s missing Ellsbury. I need minimal BBs, too.

  500. mrbaseball says:

    Carlos Quentin is out of the White Sox’s Sunday lineup.

    Julio Borbon is out of the Rangers lineup Sunday and may have lost his leadoff spot to Elvis Andrus

    Ian Desmond is not in the Nationals’ starting lineup Sunday.

  501. @mrbaseball: yeah bummer I have Quentin and Desmond as well as Jete, who’s also out. Good thing I’m pretty good on the counting numbers this week.

    I need Hamels, Floyd and Wainwright to come up big.

    @All: Thinking of offering McGehee and Fuentes for FraGu. Figured I’d pick up Aki off of waivers after that. I need SB/R/AVG more than HR/RBI. The other guy also owns Rodney. I also have Desmond. The other guy has an injured Rollins, Sizemore and Guzman.

    Should I try for more? My problem is I have too many useful players and some are going to end up on waivers when Fuentes and Hill come off the DL.

  502. mrbaseball says:

    mrbaseball hot stream for monday – look at this match up

    Doug Fister vs Brad Bergesen and then you can roll the dice when he gets his 2nd start later in the week against Danks

  503. Eddy says:

    @Quintero: @Dingo:

    Thanks for the input guys. I admit that sometimes I do look into projections to make decisions, but when they’re that close I think I’m going to ride the hot hand and go with McGehee. I hate to drop Johnson, but McGehee has slightly outproduced him.

  504. mrbaseball says:

    Torii Hunter has been held out of Sunday’s game against the Blue Jays due to lower body soreness.

    Derek Jeter, who left Saturday’s game after the seventh inning, is out Sunday with a head cold.

    Brad Hawpe was held out of Sunday’s game with a sore left quadriceps.

  505. Eddy says:

    Hey guys I got this off (the ONLY other fantasy site I visit I swear), and it’s pretty useful. It’s two start pitchers for the week classified in 5,4,3,2, and 1 star pitchers. 5-star are guys like Halladay and Lincy, but none of them have two starts this week. Enjoy.

    Four Stars
    Chad Billingsley: @CIN (Bailey), @WAS (Olsen)
    Matt Cain: @SD (Richard), STL (Penny)
    Jorge de la Rosa: @WAS (Olsen), FLA (Volstad)
    Tommy Hanson: PHI (Kendrick), @NYM (Pelfrey)
    John Lackey: TB (Niemann), BAL (Matusz)
    Jeff Niemann: @CWS (Danks), TOR (Morrow)
    Javier Vazquez: @OAK (Gonzalez), @LAA (Kazmir)
    Three Stars
    John Danks: TB (Niemann), SEA (Fister)
    Kevin Slowey: CLE (Masterson), @KC (Bannister)
    Carlos Zambrano: @NYM (Pelfrey), @MIL (Bush)
    Two Stars
    Aaron Cook: @WAS (Stammen), FLA (Robertson)
    Brett Myers: FLA (Volstad), PIT (Maholm)
    Mike Pelfrey: CHC (Zambrano), ATL (Hanson)
    Brad Penny: @ARI (Lopez), @SF (Cain)
    Joel Pineiro: DET (Willis), NYY (Pettitte)
    Rick Porcello: @LAA (Kazmir), @TEX (Lewis)
    One Star
    Homer Bailey: LAD (Billingsley), SD (Richard)
    Brian Bannister: @TOR (Morrow), MIN (Slowey)
    Brad Bergesen: @SEA (Fister), @BOS (Wakefield)
    Dave Bush: @PIT (Maholm), CHC (Zambrano)
    Doug Fister: BAL (Bergesen), @CWS (Danks)
    Gio Gonzalez: NYY (Vazquez), CLE (Masterson)
    Scott Kazmir: DET (Porcello), NYY (Vazquez)
    Kyle Kendrick: @ATL (Hanson), @ARI (Lopez)
    Colby Lewis: @BOS (Wakefield), DET (Porcello)
    Rodrigo Lopez: STL (Penny), PHI (Kendrick)
    Paul Maholm: MIL (Bush), @HOU (Myers)
    Justin Masterson: @MIN (Slowey), @OAK (Gonzalez)
    Brandon Morrow: KC (Bannister), @TB (Niemann)
    Jon Niese: CHC (Wells), ATL (Jurrjens)
    Scott Olsen: COL (de la Rosa), LAD (Billingsley)
    Clayton Richard: SF (Cain), @CIN (Bailey)
    Craig Stammen: COL (Cook), LAD (Kershaw)
    Chris Volstad: @HOU (Myers), @COL (de la Rosa)
    Tim Wakefield: TEX (Lewis), BAL (Bergesen)
    Randy Wells: @NYM (Niese), @MIL (Davis)
    Dontrelle Willis: @LAA (Pineiro), @TEX (Harden)

  506. Maitland says:

    @royce!: Well, the thing is, half a season is a bit more of a sample size than 2 weeks in terms of making a determination on whether a hitter has found out how to do something new. So, I wouldn’t necessarily think that he’d hit .241 for the remaining time. But, generally speaking, if Howard hit for that high of an average in the first half of the season, and there wasn’t something new about his hitting style to explain the change, then I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he hit .241 the second half of the season.

    “I mean, if someone offered you a hot hitter, would you turn him down because he was due for a regression?”

    Most times, yeah. It’s just too much risk. It depends on how long he was hot for.

    Like, with Howard, I wouldn’t turn him down in a deal now because he was hot. It’s only been two weeks, so he’ll still have hot/cold periods.

    That said, I’ve made the mistake of taking hot hitters thinking that it would continue. Like, with Ibanez last season, I definitely took him on after he was hot just because I thought that the new situation/park he was a changed hitter. Turned out not to be the case and he regressed quite a bit.

    The gambler’s fallacy just can’t apply to baseball the same way it can apply to roulette. It just takes out so many different factors that are involved.

  507. Eddy says:

    And who do you guys think I should put in for a weekly H2H:

    Bruce or Headley?

  508. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Any thoughts on the Pads catcher, Nick Hundley? I’ve looked around and he doesn’t appear to be someone who projects to be fantasy relevant but was wondering if people had other thoughts. There isn’t much else out there in my league right now.

  509. Eddy says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey:
    Unless you’re in a deep league or NL-only I wouldn’t put too much thought into him.

  510. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    @Eddy: Thanks. I know I’m grasping at straws here. I’m seriously considering dropping Napoli and picking up Oye Como Va and just letting him marinate all May.

  511. Eddy says:

    @Mojo the Helper Monkey:
    With the numbers he’s putting up now, it’s totally understandable, but I think you can get away with holding off on picking him up until the first week of May. It’s frustrating, but you gotta set and forget with Napoli.

  512. Eddy says:

    And for those of you who have space or are in deep leagues, Cameron Maybin has really started to produce. He has 12 runs, just stole a base in the game, and after 2 years of watching him he’s drastically improved his plate discipline. If I didn’t have Rajai Davis I’d pick him up immediately.

  513. Jerry says:

    Any thoughts on Howard for Grienke & Doumit in a 6×6 h2h league with TB and QS?

  514. BeanyBill says:

    Can you have a 1-inning ticker tease? Cause if you can, I think I just did, owning Prince Fielder in a Brews-Nats game where Millywaukay (which is Algonquin for “the good people) scored 10 in the first.

  515. @Jerry:

    Id want more for Howard.

  516. Tom Reale says:

    @Eddy: 30% K rate and .400 BABIP are a concern

  517. Eddy says:

    @Tom Reale:
    Watching the games though you can really tell he’s not swinging at sliders way outside the zone like he ALWAYS did. I dint think he’s going to be extremely amazing, but suffice to say he’s going to be a lot more useful than 2009

  518. Eddy says:

    Haha, I’d hate to be a Fielder owner.

  519. royce! says:

    @Maitland: I totally agree with you that the gambler’s fallacy can’t apply to baseball the same way it applies to roulette or any games of truly random chance. There are many other factors at play, so it does apply, but not in as pure of a sense.

    I also agree that when we’re talking about 1/2 a year, it is easier to see that a player is not going to subsequently play exactly as he needs to in order to even out his good or bad previous stats.

    I think that this whole discussion originated out of the ZIPs system updating itself, which I think it may do automatically… once I remembered that, I realized that your point is finer than I had thought. Your point seems to be 2 weeks is not enough time to change projections. I think that is probably true.

    Anyhow, it’s nice to dust off the ol’ thinkin’ cap once in a while. Thanks for making me do so.

  520. royce! says:

    @Eddy: I have to make the same decision, and am leaning Headley. He’s been hot and hits well away from Petco. Bruce should break out, and I hope he does so soon. Once he does, I’m switching back.

  521. preptime says:

    Is Fred Lewis going to be a permanent OF for the Blue Jays? If so, I like him as a pickup.

  522. Nick0rz says:

    @preptime: Cito says he’ll be a guy who will come off the bench. The only way he gets regular time is if they decide to put E5 on the DL, or if Cito’s infatuation with Bautista ends.

  523. Cmon Hamels, joo can do it.

  524. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:


  525. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    Which side do you like: Strasburg and K-Rod or Bell v. Wandy and Borbon?

  526. Eddy says:

    @simply fred:

  527. Eddy says:

    I think the decision just got a bit harder with the Bruce homerun

  528. Tom Reale says:

    @Eddy: I’m not anti-Maybin by any means. I think he will be a great one. But he also had the 30% K rate last year so starting the same way concerns me. I like him a lot more in a keeper league. You make a good point about watching him live, the #’s don’t always tell all.

  529. Eddy says:

    @Tom Reale:
    Yea, I also wasn’t aware about the .400 BABIP, but it’s strange because it’s not like he’s hit many bloops. They’re either singles back up the middle or doubles down the line. But hey, whether he’s fantasy worthy or not, I wish him success because in the end I’m a Marlins fan!

  530. Eddy says:

    And I just saw Tex had a HR too. Looks like the slumbering beasts are finally waking up

  531. It’s feeling like Wandy owners need to start thinking about Option B.

  532. Eddy says:

    So even thought I’m losing 4-7 this week, it’s certainly a good way to end the week watching Hamels and Ervin dominate, as well as Bruce hit a HR. Make’s the start of tomorrow’s H2H matchup a little brighter.

  533. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: This is at #549, just thought I’d add that it is a keeper league since Stras is involved. Would appreciate anyone’s input. Thanks.

  534. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: In a keeper, I’d take Strasburg/Bell.

  535. Tom Reale says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: The Wandy/Borbon side is chalk full of risk right now.

  536. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: @Tom Reale: I agree. Perhaps I’m being too eager to get a nice return on Starsburg. Thanks for the input.

  537. giantJJ says:

    20 team 28 man roster 5×5
    i have wagner and rauch as closers, and i have all of wagner’s potential replacements (saito, medlen, moylan). i’ve been offered jose lopez for jon rauch but i am not sure it is wise to sell off my 2nd closer even though i could really use another bat. i have holes in my starting lineup (jake fox, felix pie , jack wilson). my team power is probably below average so j lopez would help. should i roll with one closer and his handcuffs in order to fill a hole, or try to make a smaller deal for a bat that allows me to retain two closers? thanks again, J.J.

  538. Carl Spackler says:

    I have Borboun and really thought he was the best of the Nyjer, Raja, Pierre SB threats. Is it time to give up on him? Gardner and Maybin are on the wire. Im sure someone will pick him up when I drop him but should I hold out or pick one of the others up?

  539. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    Harden just hit waivers in my league. I have the number one priority. No brainer to use it…right?

  540. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Carl Spackler: gardners running wild and will keep on doing so,by years end borbon has better upside but he needs to start hitting soon

  541. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: grey doesnt like him,im an owner but not starting him,1 more retarded outing and im dropping him

  542. AL KOHOLIC says:

    bruce number 2 on the day

  543. Eddy says:

    Oh shizz!

    Jay Bruce with another solo shot!!

  544. AubreyHuffingGlue says:

    I’m thinking about dropping Latos for Gonzales for next week — both pitchers facing the pirates. Jaime is showing me more right now… Would I be silly to drop Latos?

  545. Somehow I see an “I told you so on Bruce” blurb incoming.

  546. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I hear you. Would you be dropping for more pitching? Unfortunately, the waiver claim would be put in effect before his next start Saturday. I’d be dropping Penny for him, what do you think?

  547. HR CarGo. Seth Smith can bite me.

  548. BTW, seems like the Wandwagon is back on the trail.

  549. Kelly Johnson Batting 2nd***

  550. 3rd even, sorry

  551. Doug Ault says:

    When’s Grey coming back?

    I’m scared

  552. @Doug Ault:

    Scared of what? He said he would be gone all weekend…is that not clear?

  553. Eddy says:

    Amidst all the breakout HRs and pitching performances, MMD has gone 3 for 3 with a solo shot and an RBI!

    Lester is KILLING me though. I need the calendar to flip to May so he can pick it up.

    And what do you guys think, Garza truly breaking out?

  554. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I love the fact that this is still the current article when Bruce decides to jack two in a game. On a normal weekend, something else would probably have been posted by now. Almost makes you believe the universe has a plan.

  555. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Eddy: Ugh… I know. I benched MMD in a league where I just grabbed Zimmerman off waivers (impatient owner much?). At least Zimm went 2/4 with a pair of rib-eyes, so I don’t feel like a total sonavabench.

    Yeah, I’ve been trying to grab Garza everywhere for the past week. In my main league I had to talk a buddy out of benching him vs. the Sawx… just received the “thank you” email a few minutes ago.

  556. Doug Ault says:

    @Elijah: ;-)

  557. Eddy says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:
    Wait, someone DROPPED Ryan Zimmerman in your league?? That’s unheard of. Might as well drop Miggy with that logic since he’s sucked this week.

    And I don’t own Garza anywhere, but I that may change soon.

  558. Tom Emanski says:

    Loving Garza. I had to settle for him after just missing out on Kershaw. With Garza shutting down good lineups, there isn’t much of a difference.

  559. Carl Spackler says:

    Thanks AL….anyone else like Gardner or Maybin over Borbon the rest of the year?

  560. Nick0rz says:

    Lovin’ the Leblanc vs Kennedy matchup so far. If they keep this up and I pick up at least 1 QS from them I think I’ll be able to sneak out a win in one of my leagues.

  561. GopherDay says:

    Lindstrom or Juan Guiteriez for the rest of the season?

  562. @Nick0rz:

    I’m feeling good about not giving up on Ian.

  563. Built to Spilborghs says:

    I was just offered Heath Bell for Jon Rauch and Phil Hughes. Considering I have Sabathia, Nolasco, Hamels, Slowey and C.J. Wilson as my other starters, should i do this? Rauch and Hughes are both very unreliable, so I am considering it.

  564. BKK says:

    In one league where I am fairly deep in pitching I dropped Cueto for Jaime Garcia. In another league I am going to wait another week until I see what he does against SD in Petco. What do the rest of you think?

    Is he just WW fodder? Only good matchups like this week?

  565. Tony says:

    I benched Bruce today because I didn’t want to give up K’s, put Nick Johnson in (3K’s) you can all thank me for Bruce’s awesome day.


    What do you think of matt cain/fragu for Ellsbury? Which side would you want?

  566. Tony says:

    @Elijah: LOL @ the deal or bruce and johnson, ha

  567. Kenneth says:

    need to drop a pitcher…which one.

    Erwin Santana
    Gio Gonzalez
    Luke Hocheaver
    Bud Norris

  568. @Tony:

    Bruce…HR Mini Donkey BTW..

  569. Nick0rz says:

    Okay Leblanc, lets get through the 6th with no more runs, I know you can.

    @Tony: Cain side, unless your team is filled with Adam Dunn clones.

  570. Kid n' Play says:

    Long time reader, so I just wanted to say congrats. I am getting hitched in 2 months myself… Good luck buddy! Thanks for all the reads.

  571. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @BKK: I put Cueto out to pasture after his last start as well.

  572. Kid n' Play says:

    I still love the MINI donkey. I had him as a keeper, so low price is great. I would buy him if you can get a frustrated owner.

  573. Nick0rz says:

    @Nick0rz: Just checked out the box score and Leblanc was pulled after 5… [/brainfart]

  574. wily mo says:

    jim johnson pitching the 8th with a 3-run lead. cue waiver wire frenzy for whoever comes out for the ninth in 5… 4…

  575. wily mo says:

    oh man, the O’s scored in top 9. NOW what are we supposed to do

  576. wily mo says:

    … oh, johnson’s staying in.

    i’m just gonna keep talking to myself

  577. Eddy says:

    So I had a total of 34 Ks in the day today to finish with a grand total of 94 for the week

    I’d give all that up if only I had enough common sense to sit Lester down in both his starts this past week, and not played Kennedy in his only bad start. Ugh.

  578. Eddy says:

    Btw, Reimold was hitting cleaning for the Os today. one acronym…WTF?

  579. GopherDay says:

    @Eddy: 24 Ks for me, with Kershaw, Hamels, and Garza all going for me.

  580. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Is Carlos Lee a good buy-low candidate? His 2H from 2009 was consistent with his recent seasons, so my thinking is: Yes.

  581. MarkM says:

    Not only did I have Ubaldo last night, but this morning my waiver claim on a dropped Jay Bruce processed. Who did I drop for Bruce? Homer Bailey.

    So to sum it up: No Hitter, welcome to Bruce, fairwell Bailey. What an eventful weekend.

  582. Eddy says:

    Good stuff. I had Kershaw, Hamels, Lester, and Ervin. Then sprinkle in 3 Ks a piece from Lindstrom and Dotel (not to mention 2 saves for a total of 9) and you can bet I never had this many Ks in one week last year.

  583. Eddy says:

    So what’s everyone’s thoughts on Romero? He looked pretty damn good against the Angels today. You guys think he’s legit?

  584. BKK says:

    @Eddy: I’d be buying for sure if he was available but, I would sit him against the yanks and maybe Tbay.

  585. MarkM says:

    @Eddy: He looks legit, but keep in mind that in the AL East, even Beckett and Sabathia get shelled from time to time.

  586. Nick0rz says:

    @Eddy: He’s looked good so far, but his BABIP is at .190 and LOB% is at 83%, so his ERA is going to go up – but I think that was a given. The really interesting thing is he’s throwing his FB only 34% of the time. Only 3 guys throw it less often, and one of those guys is Wakefield. If hitters keep flailing at his changeup, he should be great.

  587. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Eddy: Yup… DROPPED Zimmerman. It’s a public league, so I expect guys to ignore their teams, but not dismantle them. I’m now stuck in an odd sitch… 6 guys I like (Utley/Longoria/Zimmerman/Phillips/Beckham/Stewart) and only 5 spots for them (2B/3B/MI/CI/UTIL). Poor me.

  588. preptime says:

    Someone in my league just dropped Andrus. Dropping Alcides Escobar for Andrus is a no-brainer correct? Andrus will be batting lead off by the way.

  589. MarkM says:

    @preptime: Ya

  590. Elwood Blues says:

    Would Ya:
    Pick up Leake in NL-Only League if you had to keep him active all year (unless he gets sent down)??

  591. mrbaseball says:

    Indications from the New York media are that the Mets will soon promote touted first base prospect Ike Davis.

  592. @mrbaseball: yeah I could see that writing on the wall. He’s better than Murphy and Jacobs, which of course isn’t saying a whole lot.

  593. Even Wainwright’s empty water cup had great movement on it.

  594. So I think I’m going to offer Rodney’s owner: Fuentes and Desmond (or McGehee) for FraGu. The guy is deep in OF, but thin in the middle. I have Hill coming back and I want to pull a 2 for 1 trade and at least get some value, as opposed to dropping a useful guy.

    So Fuentes + Desmond or McGehee for FraGu? Should I offer Desmond? He’ll probably decline that, but I have a feeing he’d like the McGehee deal. Is that too much for FraGu? I could use a little SB/AVG help and I’m power heavy.

  595. William says:

    i’m thinking of dropping Prince Fielder for Ike Davis.

    Did Prince hang out with David Ortiz this offseason and got Ortiz’s suckiness inside of him?

  596. mrbaseball says:

    this is the good news if you own Price Fielder – his numbers will be their at the end of the season – ;et the good time roll

  597. struggler says:

    @William: I hope you’re kidding. Check out Prince’s homer splits last season:
    April: 3 May: 9 June: 8 July: 5 Aug: 11 Sept: 10

    Last year Princey just about single handedly won me my league by buying low. I plucked him by trading McLousy. This year I offered coincidentally the same owner Weeks and Dempster. Doubtful he makes the same mistake but wey’ll see.

    I just dropped Dex Fowler for Ike Davis. Hopefully he jumps off to a hot start then flippity flip.

  598. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Drop Fukudome for Ike Davis?

  599. GopherDay says:

    Is Ike Davis available in Yahoo? I can’t seem to find him anywhere.

  600. mrbaseball says:

    just woke up and had a nightmare that the Mets were beating Adam Wainwright

  601. GopherDay says:

    Prince Fielder and Rollins….or Morneau and Reyes??

  602. GopherDay says:

    @mrbaseball: Dude! I had that EXACT same nightmare!!

  603. @mrbaseball: yeah it’s pretty horrible. I need a W and/or QS out of Wainwright. Doesn’t look good.

    Ok here is another deal. I’m working to get rid of a couple of guys, as opposed to just letting them go on waivers.

    I give McGehee and Madson for CarGo. Think I’ll get laughed out of Dodge or is that a decent offer. I hate low balling people. Deals never get done that way.

    I have Hill and Fuentes coming back. Currently have McGehee & Desmond at 2B/MI and a bullpen of Rausch, Madson and Gregg.

  604. Mojo the Helper Monkey says:

    Who would you rather roster the rest of the year (total vacuum i realize): Borbon or Harden?

  605. Bill Lumbergh says:

    @Kenneth: Hochevar

  606. Tom Emanski says:

    Projections for Ike Davis? Just dropped Sean-Rod for him. SR was a frustrating own. Rotoworld says he could be sent down when Joyce comes back up.

  607. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Okay, I try to keep the “help me” posts to a minimum, but here goes. This is in the league I mentioned above where I have 6 guys I like (Utley/Longoria/Zimmerman/Phillips/Beckham/Stewart) and only 5 spots for them (2B/3B/MI/CI/UTIL). I’m relatively weak at OF and would love to get a replacement for Hamilton. With this in mind, would do y’all think of:

    Longoria/Nolasco for J-Up/Garza

  608. Nick0rz says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I think your giving up too much. Id try and deal Phillips or Beckham for an OF

  609. penpen says:

    Just when I think I’m out… Rasmus pulls me back in.

  610. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Nick0rz: That’s my thinking, as well. I offered Phillips/Nolasco for J-Up/Garza. He probably won’t bite, since both of his guys have had better starts than my guys, but whatever. Getting stuck with a good bench bat isn’t the worst thing in the world.

    @penpen: I know, I dropped him for Pence this morning in my main league. At least Pence went 2/4 with a run and SB, so I’m not going to be rushing back to Rasmus’ loving arms… at least not right away.

  611. penpen says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: yeah, giving up too much there; I wouldn’t do it.

  612. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Nick0rz: @penpen: Thanks for the feedback, guys. Much appreciated.

  613. Grey

    Grey says:

    Thanks so much for helping out with the comments, guys! Truly appreciate it!

  614. Adam says:

    @Grey: Just got offered Carpenter and Ohman (would drop after trade) for my RoboJones and Fatt Capps…I know Carp is in your sell section, but is the value here too good to reject? Trade would leave me with only Marmol and Wagner as closers in a 12 teamer…also, Robo is only a part-timer on my team, so I’m not opposed at all to trading him, just making sure this is close to max value

  615. Eddy says:

    Hey Grey glad to have ya back! I hope you, Rudy, his new wife, and anyone else who may have attended had a great time.

    However, if you going to Sin City results in 20 inning games and no-hitters, then I think you’ll have to start wedding crashing soon.

    Haha, I’m kidding, can’t wait to see what blurbs and witty jokes/references you’ll have for this crazy weekend in baseball

  616. Thanks all for the best wishes! Luckily we managed a bachelor party in Vegas without managing to steal Mike Tyson’s lion, lose the honeymoon money, or have my ‘fro sheared for hooker transvestite boas. Wish me luck moving from a year-to-year to keeper league…

  617. penpen says:

    @Eddy: I knew there had to be an explanation for the baseball world going to pot this weekend.

    Grey and Rudy ditch Razzball for Vegas and all of a sudden a Rockies pitcher throws a 6-walk no-hitter… the mets and cards go 19 innings before scoring a run… Kyle Lohse is out in left field catching sac flies… SS Felipe Lopez pitches the 16th inning, and finds himself facing RP Raul Valdes who he smacked a grand slam off the night before… dogs and cats living together… pretty much mass hysteria.

  618. Eddy says:

    @Rudy Gamble:
    Just as a long as you didn’t get your best player in an auction league!

  619. penpen says:

    @Rudy Gamble: a sleeper can be a keeper

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