My 2nd ‘expert’ blogger league draft took place on Monday night – a 12 team 5×5 league run by our friends Jay and Brett at Greener on the Other Side.

The participants are:
David Bloom- Baseball Happenings
Jay Sarney & Brett Greenfield – Greener on the Other Side
Brad Stewart- MLB Front Office
Geoff Stein- Mock Draft Central
Adam Ronis- Newsday
Mike Sessa and Chris Corcione- Pseudo Sports
Rudy Gamble- Razzball
Ken Mathe- Roto Advice
Eric Stashin- Roto Professor
Jordan Frank- Roto Rob
Sean Salsbery- Warning Track Power
Arnie The Regular Guy (the one non-blogger in the bunch)

It had been about a month since my first blogger draft and I hadn’t made too many adjustments to my rankings (move Pierre down, move Josh Hamilton and Billy Butler up, etc.).

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Note: Besides providing advice and news on fantasy baseball, we at Razzball created and now sponsor a game where the goal is to manage a team and compile the worst stats. These Historical Spotlights honor those players who would’ve excelled in such a format.

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Eugenio Velez can:

Run (118 SBs in the last 2 years in the minors, leads spring training with 13)

Eugenio Velez can maybe:

Hit with some pop – Had 20 triples and 14 HRs in single A in 2006.
Hit for some average – Hit around .300 the last two years in A and AA

Eugenio Velez cannot:

Field very well at 2B or 3B.

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Our mad experiment of a fantasy baseball game has come to life! Thanks to all the bloggers (and one non-blogger) that participated in the draft. Click here for the league members as well as blogmate Grey’s review of the draft. Here are links to other league members’ posts:


Fantasy Baseball Generals

Greener on the Other Side

Drafting the worst team vs.

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Some random observations as I prep for 2 normal drafts and 1 Razzball draft in the next couple days…

Is there anything more fruitless than trying to make preseason trades? Unless someone did auto-drafts or accidentally picked a guy, we all picked our players for a reason.

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I’m wondering why there’s such a huge gap between BaseballHQ’s value for Dunn and yours. HQ has him 72nd and your player rater has him 22nd for batters in mixed 12 team regular 5×5. HQ assigns $ values but I think it’s effectively the same thing.

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We’ve got 8 of 10 slots filled in for our inaugural Fantasy Razzball league – where the basic objective is to compile the worst roster of MLB players. That’s right – the worst team.

The blogs set to participate are: (Rudy Gamble) (Grey Albright)
Greener on the Other Side
Mop Up Duty
Herb Urban
Cards in the Attic
Lou Poulas (Fantasy Insider Online, Sweet Lou’s Baseball Lab,

We need two more participants so if you’re interested in joining, please e-mail us at

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That title make you tongue-tied? Well that’s nothing compared to how tongue-tied most fantasy players get about middle infielders. No positions have fewer bargains in the draft. This post is to make sure you don’t pay scalper rates.

Below is a comparison of middle infielder value comparing Average Draft Position (ADP) on vs our Point Share rank (+ means # of picks above estimated value, – means picked lower).

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Matthew Berry at ESPN is on a ‘fantasy jihad’ to make sure you don’t pay for saves come draft day. No word on whether resisting this temptation will be paid off with 72 virgins.

While this is auction draft advice, I’m going to assume that Mr.

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As a fantasy baseball fanatic, sometimes you have to sit back and give thanks to the Internet and the free online league. I remember back in high school being the commissioner of a league where I had to punch stats from the newspaper into a Lotus123 spreadsheet and then curse the kid who kept dropping and picking up Luis Polonia like he was Luis Polonia dropping and picking up underage girls.

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