No Doubt

Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Justin Verlander HOU TEX LAA 39.3 1.93 1.94
Stephen Strasburg WSH @STL @MIA 23.9 3.25 3.27
Yu Darvish CHC CIN STL 8.3 2.44 3.06

Raise your hand if you passed up a Darvish trade, or even waiver wire pickup, earlier in the season. *Raises hand and puts head down in shame.*  K rate is over 36% in the 2nd half and the walk rate down at 2.4%; it’s like I don’t even know who Yu are Darvish.


Pretty…Pretty Good

Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Sonny Gray CIN @CHC NYM 15.7 1.84 3.51
Jose Berrios MIN CWS KC 10.5 4.78 4.06
Lance Lynn TEX @HOU @OAK 14.4 3.42 3.27

The way the Cubs hit the ball this weekend is enough for me to drop Sonny down a grouping, but still pretty…pretty good.

August beat Jose Berrios like he stole something, but Berrios is a good pitcher and I can’t sit him down with games against the White Sox and Royals



Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Robbie Ray ARZ MIA @SD 8.2 4.99 4.68
Dallas Keuchel ATL PHI SF 0.2 3.27 4.26
Zach Plesac CLE DET PHI 0.7 3.52 4.65

Six straight quality starts from Dallas Keuchel. He’d be higher up on the list if he offered more strikeout upside, but you should move him higher yourself in QS and most points leagues.


Hold Your Breath

Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Steven Matz NYM @COL @CIN 3.9 2.52 3.17
Matthew Boyd DET CLE CWS 7.8 5.58 5.59
Reynaldo Lopez CWS @MIN @DET -4.6 3.93 3.90

Speaking of quality starts, Steven Matz has 5 in is last 7 starts and was one out away from one of those 2 he missed. Matz continues to play with our hearts, and as soon as you want to trust him, he heads to Colorado.


Jumbled Mess

Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Dakota Hudson STL WSH @CHC 6.7 3.21 4.91
Miles Mikolas STL WSH @CHC 2.9 3.93 3.9
Luis Severino NYY LAA TOR
Dylan Bundy BAL TOR SEA -4 5.52 4.18
Cole Hamels CHC CIN STL -0.8 6.49 5.81
Marco Gonzales SEA @PIT @BAL 4.8 4.41 4.31
Gio Gonzalez MIL SD PIT -8 4.57 5.11

Luis Severino is BACK BABY! More news for next year, but still nice to see. I don’t expect too much even in good match-ups as he’s likely on a pitch count.


Do You Feel Lucky Punk?

Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Martin Perez MIN CWS KC -4 5.93 6.28
John Means BAL @DET SEA 6.8 4.94 4.97
Vince Velasquez PHI @ATL @CLE -4.5 5.32 5.52
Garrett Richards SD @MIL ARZ
Dereck Rodriguez SF @BOS @ATL -8.7 4.79 5.51

Free Streamonator Pick: Rudy’s tools like Martin Perez in dream match-ups vs the White Sox and Royals. Don’t tell Rudy or Grey I’m giving you an extra one this week, just sign up for the tools next year, but it likes John Means too.


I Immediately Regret This Decision

Player Team Opp. 1 Opp. 2 Player Rater ERA 2nd Half FIP 2nd Half
Mitch Keller PIT SEA @MIL -15.6 7.27 3.75
Pablo Lopez MIA @ARZ WSH -4.5 7.91 7.25
Tyler Alexander DET BAL CWS -12.1 5.67 3.78
Trent Thornton TOR @BAL @NYY -7.4 5.44 5.45
Jorge Lopez KC @OAK @MIN -11.7 5.12 5.02
Zach Davies MIL SD PIT -0.6 5.14 5.44
Jose Suarez LAA @NYY @HOU -16.1 7.95 7
Nathan Eovaldi BOS SF @TB -12.6 5.68 4.73
Glenn Sparkman KC @OAK @MIN -14.4 6.79 6.11
Antonio Senzatela COL NYM @LAD -15.7 12.9 4.60


  • Houston looks to be running a 4 man rotation with 2 days off this week.
  • Rangers also appear to be using a 4 man rotation in the same situation.
  • Athletics and Padres are throwing 6 man rotations.
  • The Dodgers are also using a 6 or 7 man rotation the rest of the season, but it doesn’t matter, because they only have 5 games this week anyway.


Projected 2 Start Days

Team Proj. 2 Start Days Opp. 1 Opp. 2
BAL Monday, Tuesday @DET/TOR SEA
BOS Tuesday SF @TB
TOR Tuesday @BAL @NYY
CWS Monday @MIN @DET
DET Monday, Tuesday BAL/@CLE CWS
KC Monday, Tuesday @OAK @MIN
MIN Monday, Tuesday CWS KC
HOU Monday 4 man TEX LAA
LAA Tuesday @NYY @HOU
OAK X 6 man KC TEX
SEA Tuesday @PIT @BAL
TEX X – 4 man? @HOU @OAK
ATL Tuesday PHI SF
NYM Monday @COL @CIN
PHI Tuesday @ATL @CLE
WSH Monday @STL @MIA
CHC Monday, Tuesday CIN STL
MIL Monday, Tuesday SD PIT
PIT Tuesday SEA @MIL
STL Monday, Tuesday WSH @CHC
ARZ Monday MIA @SD
LAD X 6 man TB COL
SD Monday 6 man @MIL ARZ
SF Tuesday @BOS @ATL


  1. Russ says:

    12 Team H2H Categories Ws and QS

    I know I could just go by this list but what do you think, go with Reynaldo Lopez or Martin Perez?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Give me Reynaldo still.

    • Manormachine says:

      I held onto Darvish all year. Even when he sucked he got the Ks. You’d have to be a huge moron to have dropped him.

      • B_Don

        B_Don says:

        Innings limit and small bench 10 or 12 team leagues (like RCLs), I can pretty easily see a case where Darvish would’ve been dropped. Was blowing up your ERA and WHIP, and K rate was okay, but 10% lower in the 1st half than 2nd. Glad you were able to weather the storm and get the good Darvish.

  2. John says:

    I see Boyd as Tuesday and monday on about half the sites?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Boyd is starting Tuesday with Tyler Alexander starting today.

  3. kevin says:

    john means business!

  4. OddBall Herrera says:

    Gray lost his second start, Gausman is going Monday.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Thanks for the note!

  5. Doug says:

    Cleveland skipping Plesac..his only start is against Philly on Friday.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Boooooo, but thanks for the note!

  6. 183414 says:

    No Roark ? Dude’s been really good and gets a nice home 2 step.

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Oakland is running a 6 man rotation, so, don’t believe he gets 2 starts.

  7. Eddie the Mush says:

    Choose 1: Two Start Ray OR one start MadBum @ BOS?

    • Grey

      Grey says:


      • B_Don

        B_Don says:

        Agree w/ the boss man.

  8. B_Don

    B_Don says:

    Matt Boyd not starting Tuesday as he deals with a family issue. Not sure when he will be back and likely a bullpen game for the Tigers as a replacement.

  9. Paul says:

    Should I take a chance on Severino (2 start) this week or would you recommend I start Scherzer or Kershaw ahead of him? Also, Should I sit Bundy and his 2 starts for Kershaw or Scherzer? Thank you!

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Play Scherzer and Kershaw.

  10. gary z says:

    Would you guys start Matz tonight?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:


  11. Russ says:

    Now that Plutko is going two times would you slot him in the same space where Plesac was?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      He would drop a couple groupings for me into the Jumbled Mess. Still likely worth a start, but not over a strong 1 start option. Plutko doesn’t bring the same upside and hasn’t performed as well as Plesac to stay in that same grouping.

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