I usually prefer to focus on hitters because they offer more reliable production and I like to stream starters. However, that doesn’t change the fact that starting pitching is a key part of your roster. So much can vary from start to start and that’s where Streamonator becomes your best friend. So let’s check out the mound and find some reinforcements for the squad. Now obviously you can’t stream all your pitchers, there are transaction limits. How then to find a starting pitcher who can help you for more than just one start? In points leagues, you want innings and strikeouts. Wins are worth a bunch of points but it’s a tough stat to bank on, especially since analytics lead to managers pulling their starters earlier. Guys who make it 7 innings can be stars, especially if they can give you at least a K per.

The current innings leader at this stage of the season is Frankie Montas with 43 while Carlos Rodon leads the league with 53 Ks. Both guys are nowhere near a wavier wire but it will provide a barometer for what constitutes a good total in either category. With that in mind, let’s break down potential adds into guys logging innings, and guys racking up Ks.


Innings Eaters

Brad Keller – (36.2 innings) Unfortunately, his strong innings totals are let down by a lack of swings and misses. 22 Ks is not an ideal total. He’s kept the walks mostly under control and has had positive starts more often than not. He has posted a couple negative point games so there will be risk in starting him going forward. I like him as a mid to back end starter with the potential for more. Do yourself a favor and see what the bot has to say before you put him in your starting lineup.

Martin Perez – (34.1 innings) Two disastrous starts to open the season have dragged down his overall points total. Take out that pair and he looks a whole lot better. The Ks won’t wow but he’s still posting solid starts. There’s no reason he should be so widely available. I won’t pretend he’s the sexiest name out there but… there’s a place for that on your team.

Dane Dunning – (32 innings) He pairs that inning total with a very respectable 31 Ks. A guy who gives you about a K per inning has value in points leagues. He only has one bad start on the season and does have a start where he put up 7.2 innings. That is very encouraging if he can keep it up as he gets stretched out. I’m in favor of picking him up to see how it shakes out.

Ring Em Up

Jesus Luzardo – (41 Ks) He’s only logged 29 innings and yet he’s sent 41 batters back to the bench grasping at air. Damn, that’s some impressive stuff. Not all the luster of his prospect status has been lost but as Grey told you in the preseason it’s time for him to show what he can do. Well outside of a couple truly bad starts, he’s shown he can be pretty darn good. He’s yet to go deeper than six (hehe) and the 16 walks are definitely not great but there is so much potential here. I’m willing to take that chance.

Hunter Greene – (35 Ks) This is for if you’re feeling really bold. The strikeout potential is his calling card. The downside is that he can be wild. If you roster him it will be a bumpy ride. The highs will be amazing, angels will sing and points will flow like honey. But there will also be lows, as we’ve seen. And they have been ugly, multiple negative point start ugly. I’m not quite ready to add him unless you have a deep bench but I’m keeping a very close eye on him.

Josiah Gray – (34 Ks) The 16 walks in 31.1 innings really hold him back, but the tools for success are there. Don’t chase it, but he has 4 wins already and that’s definitely inflating his points. What you should chase is the strikeout + inning combo he’s shown on the mound so far. Gray thinks he has what it takes to be an ace and he’s super smart and cool and handsome. So, yeah… Get him while you can.


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