Right now betting on Jimmy Rollins to turn it around seems like a Horn Bet.  Unless Ben Zobrist is rolling the dice.  Rollins is too old, he’s too tired and he’s too… Wait, he’s not blind.  Though his average might make you think he could use some of Ortiz’s eyedrops.  His line on the year is 40/6/27/.225/10.  I just popped a zit onto a mirror and it spelled out, “Blech.”  Rollins’s K rate, ground balls and fly balls are about where they should be.  But, and it’s a J. Lo-sized but, his BABIP is sitting at .227.  That’s way below his career rate.  He’s been caught stealing five times which is a bit disconcerting, but he had 47 steals last year.  You telling me he lost that much of a step at 30-years-old?  Grey doesn’t think so, friend.  His average will pick itself up, his steals will come around and he has 15 homer power.  I don’t buy that he’s suddenly done, which is to say I do Buy him.  Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy or Sell this week in Fantasy Baseball:


B.J. Frasordo – Grey unplugged, “This is for Cito Gaston.  Frasordo, why don’t you come to your senses?  You don’t let guys hit for the fences…”  Frasor, Ryan then Accardo is the way I’d grab them.  I would not own more than one, unless you’re really hurting for saves.  Get off the bullpen benches, open the gate…  You better let somebody close for you, before it’s too late…

Nate Schierholtz – For full disclosure, I secretly want him to fail so I don’t have to keep spelling his last name.  He’s worth grabbing in NL-Only leagues for some potential, but power doesn’t translate well to San Fran, except for the guys on ‘roids.

John Mayberry – While Raul Ibanez is out, Mayberry will get the majority of the starts.  He’s an all or nothing guy with some holes in his swing.  If you need some pop, give Mayberry a week and soon you’ll be whistling and fishing with Andy Taylor for a new outfielder.

Kyle Blanks – Now Chubb, stick em.  Kyle Blanks, was called up today and commenter, Corey, already gave him the nickname, The Pillsbury Fro Boy.  Ever wonder what Prince Fielder would look like playing outfield?  Check out the Padres.

David Murphy – He’s pretty much useless against lefties, but if you have the luxury of starting him only against righties, he has some decent value in deep leagues.  He’s not going to win you any leagues, but he could fill-in for a hurt outfielder.

Carlos Gomez – SAGNOF!

Casey McGehee – If the Brewers are batting him leadoff, he’s worth a flier in leagues 12 team or deeper to see how long he can stay hot.  Though his minor league numbers are pretty yawnstipating.

Brett Cecil – Worth grabbing just for his Saturday start vs. the Nats.  After that, we’ll need to see if and when he’ll start again.

Matt Downs – The Aints shipped Burriss off to the minors and gave the 2nd base job to Matt Downs.  Shame on you, Matt Downs, for having two T’s in your first name.  Don’t you know one T is all the rage?  This isn’t a Buy as much as a “Wait and See.”  Maybe Downs gets hot for a week or so, but he’s probably in over his head like Michael J. Fox in The Secret of My Success.  If Downs gets/has 2nd base eligibility in your NL-Only league, you can take a look, but I’d expect him to go back to the mailroom rather than sleep with Sabean’s wife and successfully run the Giants front office.


Brad Hawpe – His homers are down so far.  There’s a good chance he gets traded.  And if anyone thinks he’s going to hit .340 on the year, I have a can’t miss way to make millions from the comfort of your sofa for $19.95.  It will literally change your life!  Now don’t sell Hawpe for a used Hypercolor t-shirt, but I’d explore potential trades.

Nick Blackburn – Mr. Blackburn has a 6-2 record, a 3.09 ERA and a popular list of celebrity fashion don’ts, so why doesn’t anyone own him?  Cause he makes Aaron Cook seem like a strikeout pitcher.  He’s now under a 4 K/9.  That’s pretty terrible.  If you own him, you’re playing with fire, matchstick man.  So when I say Sell here, I’m more saying hold and proceed with caution.

Andrew McCutchen – Your window to trade The Dread Pirate could close at any time.  Ask someone who fielded offers on Bonifacio in the first week of the season.  Though ignore advice to sell him in keeper leagues.

Magglio Ordonez – When an old school manager tells an old player that they’re going to sit, the good ship lollipop is done sucked dry.

Nick Johnson – Averaging 2 homers a month.  Unfortunately, the season is not 20 months long.

Adam Kennedy – His June has been one big grassy knoll.

Jeff Francoeur – After last year’s travesty, you gave him another go and he gave you 28/4/30/.251/4 through two and a half months.  Might be time to say this is as good as it baguettes with Frenchy.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    ********First comment!******

    So as some of you might be aware, Razzball goes down for 15 to 30 minutes periodically. This is our webhost’s issue. They claim they can fix it but it’ll mean the site will be down tonight at 11PM PST for anywhere to 12 to 24 hours. So we may not be here on Saturday. They say it should be resolved by the time we wake up on Saturday, but you never know. Anyway, if you come here and we’re down, that’s the issue. And have a nice Father’s Day!

  2. timSTi says:


    Midseason Razzball Commenter League 2 still has 4 openings!! Sunday 8pm EST draft. Email me to join.

    TROBE781 at YAHOO dot COM


  3. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: well planned,haha but well deserved,take a break,wanting this blanks dude but need him in the o.f. would have to drop peavy so im thinking on it,

  4. knighttown says:

    Hey Grey, as I posted the other day, I’d like to upgrade my steals and batting average and have tons of power to compensate. I targeted the guy who is last in pitching, any of my Top Tier SP’s (Beckett, Oswalt, Vazquez, Weaver, Jackson) for Crawford. He’s since responded that he’s interested but that the price is Beckett and Oswalt.

    I think that is too much as I have alot of faith in Roy once the August sun hits Houston. He was quite simply, the best pitcher in baseball from August on. Soooo, would you…

    1.Beckett OR Oswalt, take it or leave it.
    2. Beckett/Oswalt + Liriano/Hanson
    3. Beckett/Oswalt + Scherzer
    4. Beckett/Oswalt + Jay Bruce

  5. Trade Hawpe for Brandon Phillips? I’ve been using Hawpe at Util ever since Votto went down, and since I have Kemp playing RF, Hawpe will likely be expendable once Lucille Auestero returns to the Reds.

    Any news about Phillips’ possible hand fracture you were talking about a few weeks ago, Grey?

  6. Corey says:

    Thanks for the little bit of recognition there grey!

  7. Teef says:

    Tommy Hanson Erik Bedard for Cole Hamels


    Erik Bedard for Nolasco and Inge/Porcello

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: added blanks cool running

  9. Mr Baseball says:

    how good will blanks be in that stadium and we have seen so many prospects come up this year and fail

  10. big o says:

    re : hawpe …. can i owe you the 19.95 until i graduate from college ===>”in my pajamas” ? HA !

    your fishy friend ,
    big o(pie) .

    next time we go , can i bring my cousin felix ?

  11. Corey says:

    Teef: Bedard for Nolaso and Porcello

  12. and1mcgee says:

    gomez? he’s stealing bases/playing again? please explain

  13. Steve says:

    @Grey: Not your first Eagles reference. Bit of a fan?
    Is Peavy a $28 keeper? Are you still holding him?

  14. sucklingduck says:

    Just got offered Markakis, asdrubal, and John Baker for Haren and Iannetta.
    Instant rejection? I might consider Haren for Markakis but I want to believe that I could get someone studlier for Haren. Or am I just being too optimistic.

  15. big o says:

    yee-haw .
    players have taken the field @ wrigley !!
    but not until after the ground-crew watered down the infield dirt .
    go figure .

    go , cubs , go .

  16. Freak says:

    What type of pitcher would you go after with Hawpe?

  17. big o says:

    triple ??? my ass !
    reed johnson hot-dogging it into a 3 base error .

  18. big o says:

    are you watching this game ?
    let me know if i have reason to be upset about the 3 run deficit .
    or ,
    if i’m talking to myself .

  19. Dom says:

    @ sucklingduck – offer doesn’t seem to bad, depends on your needs

  20. big o says:

    no mas .

  21. Sucklingduck says:

    Rich Harden is sucking at the moment but something interesting to see is his pitch usage. He has basically abandoned all his breaking pitches and now throws primarily a fastball and change. Can he be successful with only two pitches? It worked for him last year but 2009 hasn’t been so kind. At least his arm is healthy.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @VanHammersly: I’d take Phillips there.

    @Corey: No, thank you.

    @Teef: I’d take Hamels there.

    @Mr Baseball: Is that rhetorical? He might fail, but as long as you’re not dropping anyone too worthwhile it’s worth a flier.

    @big o: Let’s go fishing! Was out at lunch, not sure what 3 run deficit you’re referring to.

    @and1mcgee: He’s stolen a few this week.

    @Steve: Can’t drop him in a keeper, unfortunately.

    @sucklingduck: Get someone studlier.

  23. john says:

    has the 80’s pop icon moved into the Buy list as well?

  24. Steve says:

    @Grey: So would you drop him to get Cecil in a non-keeper? Like you I already have Braden trying to pick up the slack.

  25. p0rk burn says:

    “Adam Kennedy – His June has been one big grassy knoll.”

    Way too soon.

  26. Mr. Rickey says:

    I’m no Mr. B but . . . any suggestions on a middle reliever who could help my ERA/WHIP – my league does not track holds so pretty much all middle relievers are in the FA pool, including guys who are close to having save opportunities like B.J. Ryan. I’ve tried this a couple of times this season and seem to possess an uncanny ability to select middle relievers right before their worst week ever.

  27. john says:

    @p0rk burn: ha, 40 years isn’t good enough?

  28. john says:

    @Grey: lol, Jackson is always a buy..but I was talking about Corey Hart..

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mr. Rickey: You don’t need a merit badge to be a MR. B, it’s fun for everyone! Try Masset.

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: Ah… Yeah, Hart’s a buy. But it depends what you’re selling to get him. He’s a potential 20/20 guy. There’s a place for that.

  31. GTG says:

    drop macdougal to pick up porcello? 12-team, 5×5, full MLB (razzball commenter league). i’m first in saves and second in wins, so i want a guy i can package for offense (so i’m inclined to keep macdougal)

  32. p0rk burn says:

    @john: I still take offense to Lincoln jokes.

  33. john says:

    @Grey: i won’t buy him for anything more than Lilly + maybe a little somethin else….he’d mainly be replacing Ludwick if he doesn’t turn things around soon

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTG: Keep MacDougal.

    @john: I’d do Lilly and someone small for Hart.

  35. john says:

    @p0rk burn: I hold off on my killer Lincoln Log and Booth jokes then

  36. john says:

    @Grey: I’ve been trying to shop Lilly for awhile now, granted I’m selling a bit high..but he’s still a solid pitcher, but noone is buying not even owners desperate for pitching..so we’ll see how it goes

  37. Mr. Rickey says:

    @Grey: Thanks – I’ll jump jump with the man with the plan

  38. Teef says:

    I took Cole, thanks Grey

    Im an investment banker so I spend a lot of my time using Excel and I’ve just used the following method to track my waiver wire pitching:

    I first sorted all available pitchers in my league. I then used fangraphs to give me the stats over the last 30 days for all starting pitchers over 10 ip. I exported both into excel and sorted all the fan graph pitchers by the ones available in my league.

    I then further sorted by ERA/Whip and K/9 innings to give me a list of the hottest SP over the past 30 days.

    Tops with sub 4 ERAs are:
    1. Gavin Floyd – 1.61 ERA with a 7.66k/9 and a .85 WHIP
    2. Nick Blackburn – 1.64 ERA with a 1.09 WHIP but only 3.27 ks in 9
    3. Jason Marquis
    4. Sean West
    5. Brad Penny
    6. Kenshin Kawakami
    7. Scott Feldmen
    8. Randy Wells
    9. Bronson Arroyo

    I sorted by ERA first then K/9 which is why blackburn comes out higher on my list but you could tweak it accordingly if you value other stats. I want low ERA/Whip first

  39. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Mr. Rickey: no one seems to be trading ,ive shopped closers around and cant get a bite,i mean hoff ,lindstom,nathan etc.,either league

  40. Freak says:

    What are some pitchers you would go after with Hawpe?

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Teef: I wouldn’t trust a lot of those guys going forward though. A larger sample size might yield better results.

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Freak: Somewhere in the Vazquez, Johnson, Wainwright, Shields range.

  43. Doc says:

    J. Johnson for V. Mart?

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: It’s fair.

  45. timSTi says:


    Time is running out!! Midseason Razzball Commenter League 2 still has 4 openings!! Sunday 8pm EST draft. Email me to join.

    TROBE781 at YAHOO dot COM


  46. DrEasy says:

    The Razzball Commenters Midseason League 1 just finished its draft! It was long and exhausting yet exciting. We think the team named Beane Disciple will enjoy his autopicks (insert evil grin here).

    I will confess to one big mistake, and that was to draft Adam Lind too early. But that’s my Jays fan bias.

  47. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: im off to the 1st ever night horse racing at churchill downs,,im not resposible for any comments posted later tonight,

  48. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I take a short nap, come back to pick up Blanks, and he’s gone to you already! Hard keeping up with the Lation 9 vultures. Have a great day at Churchill Downs. And buy some tootsie -frootsie ice-cream.

  49. Steve says:

    If you’re a 2 in Steals and have Rollins, Damon, Beltran, Barmes, Teahen and Felipe, do you exercise patience, trade for speed or drop, say, a Rasmus and pick up some Car-Go?

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’d lose Rasmus for Car-Go.

  51. mc serch says:

    @Grey: Nice Chubb Rock ref…was it mc serch himself who uttered those words? What do you make of A-Rod’s shitshow of a season? Is he a buy low candidate?

  52. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Yes i did Grey thanks. We have 8 people with 1 more thats going to sign up after he gets home from work.


    Time is running out!! Midseason Razzball Commenter League 2 still has 3 openings!! Sunday 8pm EST draft. Email me to join.

    TROBE781 at YAHOO dot COM


  53. timSTi says:

    @DrEasy: Awesome. League 2 will be hosting its draft Sunday night!

  54. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mc serch: I believe it was Serch himself. A-Rod’s a decent buy low, if anyone’s selling low. Not sure they are.

    @timSTi: Cool.

  55. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Does anyone know how far Chris Coghlan might be from gaining ESPN eligibility at 2nd base? In ESPN, he is eligible at 3rd/OF, and Yahoo, at 2nd/OF. Obviously, he is worth more if he is 2nd base eligible.

  56. brad says:

    Rather have Vazquez or Verlander the rest of the way?

    And OK for me to trade Alexei for either if I need pitching?

  57. brad says:

    @timSTi: I could get in on a midseason league. I’ll send you an email.

  58. Dim says:

    Give up Haren+Uggla for Kinsler?

  59. albertalbert says:

    jake fox should get 6 games in a row. drop reimold for him? (i doubt anyone else would pick him up).

  60. Steve says:

    @Grey: I clearly need to grow a pair. Can’t bring myself to drop Peavy. You reckon he’s done?

  61. knighttown says:

    I’m likely losing two pitchers in a swap and was scouring the waiver wire. Kuroda is on there in my 11 team league where the top guys available are J-Zim, Porcello, Wang and Guthrie.

    I seem to recall you being pretty high on him, like a no. 3 SP. Is he not a level above those guys? Where would you slot him in on my staff of Beckett, Oswalt, Vazquez, Weaver, Hanson, Liriano and E-Jax?

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: He only has one game at 2nd, needs 10.

    @brad: Vazquez, fine to trade Alexei.

    @Dim: It’s fair, but I wouldn’t take Kinsler’s side there.

    @Steve: I’ve DL-d him in all of my leagues, but I had DL space. In 12 team leagues, I would cut him if I had no room.

    @knighttown: I’d slot him above Liriano and just after Hanson and Jax.

  63. Steve says:

    @Grey: In the league where its an issue I’ve DL-d him but it means Votto, Downs, Volquez clogging up the bench.

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’d cut ties with Downs before Peavy.

  65. Steve says:

    @Grey: Good call. I’m actually pretty good for Saves.

  66. Jpm says:

    I just joined a midseason league and Edwin Jackson wasn’t drafted. I’ve love to pick him up but my pitching is already pretty good and the only ones I could see possibly dropping him for are Andrew Bailey (my other closers are Capps and Jenks) or Buehrle (also on my staff are Verlander, Vazquez, Lee, F. Hernandez, and Josh Johnson). What do you think? Drop one of them or hold?

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jpm: I’d lose Buehrle for Jax.

  68. timSTi says:


    Thanks to everyone who joined and can’t wait til Sunday Night! Grey what do I need to do to incorporate this league with the site like the other RCL’s?

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: Thanks for manning the ship. As I said in the midseason league post, we can’t do a master standings because the leagues aren’t public, but after your draft feel free to post your teams so others can see. Steve could help you with that. Good luck at your draft!

  70. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Oh ok. Alright well I’m sure you’ll hear about the league since 10 of the 12 in the league are frequent Razzballers!

  71. daniel p says:

    king felix for prince fielder? good enough?

  72. wow the eagles and andy griffith all in one post, pheeewwwwweeeeeeee….. i love it.

    so one owner in my league goes wild over this deal

    holliday/papi for JOHAN (i’ve posted this earlier)

    and today another deal is pending now:

    VMART/HALLADAY for Carl Crawford/MANNY

    HMMMMM? and for this deal he posts a big “I’m COOL with this deal! yippeeee skippie peanut butter!”

    Unreal…. seriously? I mean i think the deal is fine, one owner proposed it the other accepted, end of story is how i see trades… but Halladay is on the DL, threw a BP and still has pain, and he goes wild and writes 13 novels on my deal to get Johan? Yet says “im cool” for this deal?

    Does this make sense to anyone?

  73. @daniel p: if you’re getting PRINCE… i would NOT trade fielder for KING FELIX, you will hate yourself in the morning….

  74. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: OK, my rcl team has a trade pending where I receive Kazmir/Pierre for Franklinbeard.

    Unfortunately I’m decimated with injuries, Halladay, Ibanez, Hairston on DL. Pedro inactive, unemployed, unloved, old, etc………

    When Pierre arrives do I drop Hairston or hold him, already dropping David Murphy to do the trade.

  75. daniel p says:

    @Tony Y: yes, sir, i’d be getting prince.

  76. daniel p says:

    @daniel p: make that got prince. it just went through.

  77. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: I fear collusion in your league, do you all know each other? It’s ridiculous if they veto your trade. I see nothing wrong with either one.

  78. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: Dice K may not make it past the 4th tonite, he can’t be right

  79. @daniel p: oh wow take prince and run LOL

    i have no faith in felix yet, he’s nasty one game gives up 6 the next… usually after about 5 scoreless innings he gives up 6…

  80. @BigFatHippo: Kinda but not really, i dont think its collusion.

    The guy i’ve dealt with is another guys cousin, he won the league last year (miraculously) and we’re def’ly not colluding… the other two dealing right now the CC/Manny for Halladay/Vmart deal…. ones my bro the other is usually the league nazi/wins half the championships guy…. haha

    but its just funny the guy writing novels is older, most of us are 23-28 years olds, so the nazi guy invites him in this year, we needed one, and he just writes Effff’n novels…. like i said he goes off on my deal where i’m getting JOHAN, and then says “i’m cool” and writes nothing on that deal where a DL’d pitcher is getting dealt with Vmart for two monster offensive pieces? I dont know, just craziness to me.

    Hey as long as my JOHAN deal goes thru, i dont care, i just dont want people vetoing because I’M IN FIRST, and letting other deals go down because THEY DON’T SEE THEM AS A THREAT TO THEM. That is BS.



  81. Has roy halladay ever been injured? didn’t he have tommy john?

  82. Het there Grey: need a hand here…offered Liriano for Bruce this afternoon and the respionse was “you offered me a 3rd rate starter for an OF stud” (he skipped of the future), but requested that I “do better.” Would you deal any of Hanson, Price, Wainright, Scherzer, or Carpenter in a 10 Team Keeper for the .213avg OF? What should be my offer order & where would do you recommend that I draw the line? Thanks!

  83. Joel says:

    Some guy in my league got Greinke for Carl Crawford. This makes me angry that I traded Ellsbury for Carlos Quentin. It probably makes the guy who traded me Ellbury mad that he traded Ellsbury for Cliff Lee.

  84. Joel says:

    @zombie: Bruce has a ~.200 BABIP. His owner is rightfully expecting a .260-.270 avg for the ROS. Bruce is .213 now, but he’s a better hitter than that.

    Chris Davis on the other hand, is probably a .220 hitter.

  85. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: Just jealousy then my friend, roll with it and win your league.

    Don’t tell the Nazi’s friend about this site or he’ll write 3 plus paragraphs on here and I’ll have a hard time reading them while drinking……..oh wait, you just did that.


    Belly up! Speaking of……I can’t figure out if my belly’s getting smaller or my arms are getting longer cause I keep getting farther away from the bar, yet I can still reach my beer……….

  86. Ham says:

    Whats up fellas. Debating about making a SP add 12 team H2H. Crazy to take a shot on Contreras? Or would you go with Zimmerman.

  87. BigFatHippo says:


    He’s baaaaacckkkkkkk…………….

  88. BigFatHippo says:

    Kyle Davies should have stuck with the guitar or the microphone in his other gig with the Kinks cause he sucks as a pitcher……………..

  89. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ham: Jay Z, but don’t expect a lot of wins. Contreras will get beat up bad soon.

  90. youngcapitalist says:

    What the deal with Reyes, is he gonna amount to anything this year once he gets back? I’ve just been offered a trade where I give up Cano for Reyes. I’m hesitant because of his leg issues. Without the wheels he’s not as valuable.

  91. youngcapitalist says:

    @Ham: Go with Zimmbrano, not much in the K department tonight, but a decent start nonetheless.

  92. Ham says:

    @BigFatHippo;@youngcapitalist: Yeah thats where I was leaning, especially after that last inning from Contreras. Thanks

  93. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Think you’re getting him mixed up with his Uncle Ray.

  94. john says:

    @BigFatHippo: about flippin time he’s back…and he’d better not even think about playing drunken dizzy bat to celebrate like the rest of my hitters have

  95. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ham: No prob dude.

    @Steve: Oh yeah, him or Dave. Either way he’s a well respected man about town doing the best thing so conservative he…………just can’t pitch ;)

  96. BigFatHippo says:

    @john: One can only hope, especially us desperate whiners.

  97. john says:

    @BigFatHippo: whiners? pff…we’re merely concerned observers with a vested interest in his success

  98. BigFatHippo says:

    @john: Yeah, but I’m the worlds biggest Cardinal fan and a total homer, doh!

  99. big o says:

    @Tony Y:
    i like a league where a guy can write a paragraph .
    my nazi has a rule , where complaints are to be e-mailed (privately) to him , and not posted on the message board .
    a couple of “iffy” trades went through …. one guy complained , and the next day his message was deleted .
    i don’t know how long i can operate under these conditions …..
    or is that co-operate ?
    @daniel p:
    find a tougher league next year
    so i went ahead and picked-up cecil for the saturday start …..
    but , i don’t know …
    these NATS are looking TOUGH .

  100. big o says:

    nice lyrics , HIP .

    can i get away with lola for “laughing out loud alot” … and people not know that i’m , perhaps , chuckling at them ?

  101. big o says:

    nats get out of a bases-loaded , one out , jam .
    accardo comes in 1-1 … bottom of the 8th .

  102. BigFatHippo says:

    @big o: Haha, probably not………..

    They might take it as laugh out loud a-hole. I take it with cherry cola, on the rocks with a shot of bourbon!

  103. john says:

    are the brewers gonna be able to finish that game in detroit?…cuz i could really use mr. fielder’s hr in my stats

  104. Joel says:

    If Chris Davis had put up Mark Reynolds’ numbers to date and visa-versa, no one would be surprised. But they were similar players before the season, so why are people (that) surprised/disbelieving of Reynolds’ performance?

  105. youngcapitalist says:

    Cano for Reyes. Which side would you want?

  106. john says:

    @Joel: from what I read, his BABIP is .367 with a very low Line Drive rate and this is why ppl think he can’t sustain this rate…however, his career BABIP is .357 (i think) and all the other peripheral stats are in line with his career norms…so in other words, I have no idea

  107. john says:

    @youngcapitalist: Reyes is doing some light running on the treadmil according to Yahoo, which is encouraging…so I’d take Reyes side

    ..but I’m biased cuz I desperately need Reyes to come back on fire

  108. Ham says:

    @john: Im right there with you. As a Miggy, Prince, and Hart (league uses triples) owner we need this thing to start back up.

  109. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    Who would you rather have the rest of the way in a H2H-Points league…Cody Ross or Andre Ethier?

  110. BigFatHippo says:

    @youngcapitalist: I wouldn’t deal away Cano just yet, he’s hot hot hot and the new Yankee stadium makes him that much better.

    Sadly, I have Reyes too and he’s been a disappointment from the start.

  111. @BigFatHippo: hahaha nice hippo, just frustrated with all the FUSHNIKINS going on!

    And someone in my league posted an idea to let each owner involved in the deal post their reasoning for wanting it, then they are locked from the message board until its voted on by the others….? I dont like that because one guy like the “novelist” can persuade the other owners however he likes ya know? I need to be able to rebuttle!!!!

  112. john says:

    @Ham: Wow, thats rough. I only have Prince. I’d be happy even if they just played one more freakin inning to make it official..either that or resume play tomorrow

  113. Ham says:

    Nice outing for Accardo owners. Lets hope Frasor blows this game somehow.

  114. @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): EITHIER, manny is back in 9 days…. he’s done alright without him, he was a monster when manny was there to protect…

  115. GTG says:

    Harden — sell? looked terrible today.

  116. Ham says:

    @john: They just announced it’s going to resume shortly, tarp’s off the field and they’re draining the water off the edges. PHEW!

  117. john says:

    @Ham: YES! Thank you weather gods..

  118. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: Tell em to rebut this!

    And then quote an entire Saul Bellow novel, Henderson the Rain King perhaps. That oughta lull em to sleep and make em forget about it till the trade goes through…………….

  119. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ham: @john: Sonofabench!

    Didn’t get home in time to set my lineup and missed Prince’s homer…………

  120. youngcapitalist says:

    @BigFatHippo: @john: lol good to see you guys are as split on this as I am…I’ll probably hold out a bit longer, especially since I just acquired Cano for Soria this week.

  121. royce! says:

    @john: @Joel: What stands out for me is how much his HR/FB% has risen this year. Not saying it’s not legit, b/c he’s at or near his “magic year,” but his 27.7% HR/FB rate puts him in some pretty exclusive company, and it’s almost 10% higher than last year.

    Davis, on the other hand, has seen his BABIP drop by .070, and his LD% go from 25.5% to 18.8%. His HR/FB has risen as well, but not as dramatically as Reynolds.

    So I would say that his leap in HR/FB rate is what has surprised people about Reynolds. I don’t want to look this up, but I doubt that many players have seen their HR/FB rate rise so drastically.

    Also, I don’t know how one could predict that Reynolds would already have 2 more stolen bases this year than last especially when he only had 3 in a season and a half in the minors.

  122. john says:

    @royce!: yea the running is another thing that I think has surprised ppl…On the HR/FB rate, it is a significant jump but whats amazing is he’s not getting cheap HR’s. I think he’s among the league leaders in distance per home run.

  123. john says:

    @BigFatHippo: Lol, you were probably rooting for a rain out, eh?

  124. john says:

    @youngcapitalist: yea, you might as well use Cano for awhile as Reyes probably still isn’t gonna be back for a few weeks if at all before the All-Star break

  125. Ham says:

    Im sure you all have said something about it, but MLB Network programming during the night is unreal. You basically see every at bat where something occurs in every game. Its a fantasy baseball paradise.

  126. Robert says:

    What kind of pitcher could I get for A. Rios?

  127. BigFatHippo says:

    @john: Was banging the native drums and singing at Karaoke… “It never rains in Detroit for ya, girls don’t they warn ya, it pours, man it pours…………”

    Alas, like my brother in law, BigFatSloth, it didn’t work either.

  128. BigFatHippo says:

    @Robert: Beckett? Weaver? Halladay cause he’s on the dl if you can afford to wait?

  129. Ham says:

    Bases loaded, 1 out. Frasor in melt down mode. Oil up that closers glove Accardo!

  130. john says:

    @BigFatHippo: haha, you forgot the crucial step..the native drums gotta be accompanied by a camp fire, dancing and lots of alcohol..otherwise no matter how much Albert Hammond you throw at it, mother nature just isn’t gonna budge

  131. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ham: There seems to be a virus going around for temporary closers, apparently they’re all pigs, Ham!

  132. Robert says:

    If I could get that type of pitcher for Rios and pick up Reimold out of the FA pool, would I come out ahead? I need HRs and I and I am getting the feeling that Rios ends up with more steals and Reimold with more HRs. Yes???

  133. BigFatHippo says:

    @john: The dancing and alcohol was a given but I would have had to set the barstools on fire, that’s kinda frowned upon where Hippo goes.

    Mother Nature hates me anyway.

  134. BigFatHippo says:

    @Robert: Yeah, Reimold might hit 25, which means what, 17 more? If you need the pitching do that.

  135. ya WTF frasor blows the save the other night gets the rogue win now blows the fricking save and takes the loss…. way to step into the closer role bud….

  136. royce! says:

    @john: Nice, I hadn’t thought to look up the avg. or standard distances for his HRs. You’re right though, he’s #5. Surprisingly Cuddyer is #2, with 420 “standard” feet per HR. And Gallardo has as many “no doubt” HRs as Votto, Sheffield, and a bunch of other dudes.

    If you couldn’t tell, I haven’t really looked into these stats before. Not really sure what to do with them besides notice the oddities.

  137. john says:

    @BigFatHippo: Ha, yea she can be cruel

    @royce!: Yea, there isn’t much to do with it other than notice for the actual home run ‘hitters’, he jacks the crap out of the ball which tells me that while his HR/FB rate may be up, he’s legitamitely deserving of these HRs. Whether he’s seeing the ball better, changing his approach or whatever, I think there’s a moderate chance he could continue this or something close to this pace. Does he get to the 45 HRs or whatever he’s on pace for? No, but I don’t think 36+ish is out of the question

  138. DrEasy says:

    As predicted, Sean Rod not getting any PT. Should I drop him and get Coghlan back?

  139. Corey says:

    Can anyone give a scouting report on Peralta? Am I to believe he just lost all of his power and hitting ability?

  140. Corey says:

    ha. I also just got the desperado part.

  141. youngcapitalist says:

    @Ham: lol was thinking the same thing about MLB HD it’s become a nightly addiction, can’t bring myself to turn away

  142. black love says:

    dice-k, good for nothing?
    seems like it, is there any reason i shouldnt drop him?
    any hope this year to bounce back and i should just bench him for awhile?

  143. Steve says:

    Calling all Derek Lowe owners (and Grey) – do you start him against the Sawx?

    It’s in my H2H league where I also have Cecil going, while my opponent has Baker, Cain and Vargas. I’m up 2-1 in wins and solidly up in ERA and WHIP.

    He was awful last time out and Boston doesn’t seem like a place to be banking on a rebound…

  144. i love it when people post wasted in my league!

    Drunk Posting is the best…. LOL

  145. any good closer prospects to snag right now? I have frasor he’s making me angry…. accardo and ryan are snagged up, i have hawkins who has been demoted since valverdenuts came back is why i ask….

  146. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Just an FYI. I got to work at 7am and checked the site shortly after and it was still down.

  147. timSTi says:

    That is EST too. Not sure if your ISP is in a different time zone.

  148. kR says:

    cain and ethier for manny or am I giving away to much?

  149. cubbies299 says:

    You playing Braden @ SD or Doug Davis @ Sea or both?

  150. knighttown says:

    I’ve posted a detailed Mr.B analysis in the forums under SAGNOF. I’m sorry about the appearance but the internets give me problems. Basically, it takes the Top 25 middle relievers who might be available in your league, ranks them in 6 categories (WHIP, ERA, K/9, K/BB, W, S) and then adds the rankings. The lowest number is the President of the Mr. B. Coalition.

    Your 2009 President, Mike Di Filece!

  151. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Drop Hairston.

    @Doug Ault: Yeah, Dice K looked terrible.

    @zombie: I could see trading Hanson for him but that’s it.

    @DrEasy: Sure, go with Coghlan.

    @Corey: Peralta looks terrible. Need to start looking elsewhere.

    @black love: I’d bench him.

    @Steve: I wouldn’t.

    @Tony Y: I’d stick with Frasor.

    @timSTi: Thanks for the heads up, seems to be up now.

    @kR: It’s fair, depends if you can afford to lose Cain.

    @cubbies299: Both

    @knighttown: Thanks!

  152. paulzone says:

    i need to replace ibanez for a couple weeks. please choose:

    kubel, coghlan, parra, david murphy (tex), hermida, spillborghs, or anyone else who may be an FA.

    my worst offensive cats are sb, gidp, errors but i could conceivable drop in hr and rbis without ibanez…

  153. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: Kubel, Coghlan, Parra, Murphy…

  154. paulzone says:

    [email protected]Grey: thanks and you ranked em just like i had…

    do you think haren or beckett for manny is a good trade?
    Or haren/hill for Crawford?

    i am on the haren side…

  155. AL KOHOLIC says:

    got blanks in the lineup inplace of konerko,hope he plays number 1,then i hope he gives me reimold type numbers,id take that

  156. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @timSTi: i havent been sent anything to join yet,we drafting at 8 sunday,lets get sighned up

  157. steamer says:

    Looking for an bat for my bench, please rank:

    Rasmus, Reimold, Hafner

  158. steamer says:

    add Cuddyer to the mix above too

  159. PhillyYorker says:

    Which of the three trades would you prefer? I need for saves, holds and OBP.

    Josh Johnson for:
    1) Broxton
    2) Choo
    3) Lindstrom and Madson

  160. Dim says:

    give up JUpton and Cueto for Johan?

  161. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: Haren or Beckett for Manny is solid. I’d go in that order.

    @AL KOHOLIC: I hope Blanks does something too. He’s filling in for Ibanez on one team.

    @steamer: Rasmus, Reimold…

    @PhillyYorker: Choo, but I’d want a bit more for JJ.

    @Dim: I’d take Johan there.

  162. Gubbins says:

    Cueto for Grandy?

  163. timSTi says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I replied to every email I got. The league is full now. If you didn’t get in I’m sorry man.

  164. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @timSTi: i got a replie but no sight

  165. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @timSTi: ah ha,found it,looked after the races last night,my bad,will be sighning in soon,thanks

  166. Dim says:

    thanks G, just grabbed johan.

    4th OF pickup: Cuddyer, Cust, Drew or Hermida (or just hold onto Ian Shtewart who’s 1 game away from eligibility and backs up uggla)? OBP counts.

  167. Dim says:

    Oh yeah, Big Papi or Big Laroche?

  168. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dim: Drew’s solid for OBP.

  169. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dim: Papi

  170. Adam says:

    What kind of 1B should I target when trying to sell Quentin?

  171. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: What’s your projections for Bastardo once he gets out of interleague play. He’s pretty much only faced the Pads in the NL but could he maintain against most NL teams especially NL East teams?

  172. Doc says:

    Schmohawk alert! Matt Downs, Sean Rodriguez, Erick (the K is silent) Aybar, Alberto Callaspo, could you rank these for me Sir Grey?

  173. knighttown says:

    Planning ahead. I’ve got potentially 5SP’s going on Tuesday. I’m +93IP so I’d like only really good matchups. Who do you like?

    -Kuroda @ CWS
    -Jackson vs. Cubs
    -Liriano @ Mil
    -Scherzer vs. Tex
    -Hanson vs. Yankees

  174. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: start Lowe?

  175. Doug Ault says:

    @timSTi: what happened to that other league? I originally got an e-mail saying it was full,I don;t think it was you

  176. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I just saw your post about Lowe

  177. paulzone says:

    my team in our 12 team roto league seems can’t seem to move up from 3/4th place. 8×8 with holds. nothing really strong on the waiver wire so i think i need to trade my way into first. worst cats are steals, saves, errors, gidp for both pitchers/batters. i’ll buy you a daquiri for advice on what to shop for and who to offer.

    i already asked about haren for manny. and we play lf, cf, rf, util positions.

    batters: posada, berkman, cano, barmes, miggy, kubel, victorino, kemp, j.upton
    bench: hill, chipper, ibanez (dl)
    pitchers: haren, beckett, bills, j.weaver, lowe, smoltz
    rp: qualls, gonzo, franklin


  178. Adam says:

    Just a heads up to Soto owners, something must be physically wrong with him…13th inning and Lou sticks with Koyie Hill, Andres Blanco and Aaron Miles with the game on the line. Unless Lou is very committed to giving him a day off, or maybe he just fell asleep in the dugout, neither of which would really surprise me I guess…

  179. timSTi says:

    @Doug Ault: That was the first league. I created a second and it filled up last night. I advertised as much as I could in comments leading up to yesterday. Sorry man.

  180. Doug Ault says:

    @timSTi: no worries, maybe the nic change confused me, you were “josh” when you mentioned the league originally I think

  181. Tom says:

    Hey Grey, is McCutchen/Stewart for Ludwick a good idea, or should I hold onto my players?

    I was thinking McCutchen and STewart for a buy-low candidate, but I can’t think of a great one.

  182. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doug Ault: i want to get in one also for the 2nd half,if you get one going let me knowat denzikkaol.com

  183. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: Maybe Huff? Derrek Lee? You’re not going to get much.

    @Rick Dempsey: I wouldn’t mess around with The Bastardo.

    @Doc: Callaspo, Sean Rodriguez, Downs, Aybar…

    @knighttown: Bench em all.

    @Doug Ault: Nope

    @paulzone: Hill or Chipper for Bourn and a donkey-corn? Think Bell or Wilson. Maybe buy low on Lidge?

    @Tom: I like that idea. Try for Ludwick.

  184. Matt Sorrento says:

    Hey, do you want my spot in Midseason League 2? I have Father’s Day stuff to do during the draft and I’d just as soon give the spot to someone who can make the draft.

  185. BigFatHippo says:

    @Matt Sorrento: He’ll take it, I’ll call him tonight, meanwhile you can e-mail him at the address he gave with the details. I’ll help him through, he’s even more comp stupid than me.

  186. Matt Sorrento says:

    Maybe you should try to get Rollins. I think that would help you with errors and steals the rest of the way.

  187. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: thanks hippo,yeah i want in one,we got the boy tonight,when he goes to bed im going to get my draft shizz ready,ill call you later

  188. Matt Sorrento says:

    @BigFatHippo: Okay, done and done.

  189. Elbert says:

    i’m about to snap my own neck after watching Bush pitch for last 2 weeks, discusting.

    think i should drop Bush for J. Hamel, or just simply snap my neck again?

  190. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Cool, I knew you’d want it.

    Officially on vacay now, playing golf all week, let the games begin…….

  191. struggler says:

    Drop qualls or lindstrom for howell? Already have 4 closers and looking for quality over quantity in a H2H league.

  192. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: I started Lowe tonight, bit desperate but so far so good.

  193. knighttown says:

    Aack Grey, bench all of Scherzer, Liriano, Hanson, Kuroda and E-Jax? I’m glad I asked as I was planning on playing a few of them.

    I musta had my “BEERER GOGGLES” (TM-Razzball term no one ever uses) on!

  194. Tom says:

    Yahoo has some report on Beltran’s knee needing an MRI. Should I be freakin out or not caring?

    Also, I love owning Cueto, Beckett and Shields today. Trading F-Her for a bat feels F’n good right now.

  195. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Matt Sorrento: matt got sighned in

  196. BigFatHippo says:

    @BigFatHippo: Why the F do you always say these things, we don’t talk about Fight Club!

    HUMANS ARE SMARTER THAN APES! Maybe not this one…………..

  197. Matt Sorrento says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Cool. Good luck in the league.

  198. Pops says:

    This trade just went down in my league. I’m not very happy about it, as it involves the first place team that sits directly above me in the standings.

    First Place Team gives: David Ortiz, Rafael Furcal, Kenshin Kawakami, Dan Meyer

    First Place Team receives: Grady Sizemore and John Lackey

    Do I need to post the – I Protest This Trade open letter that Grey posted last month? Seriously?

  199. BigFatHippo says:

    @Pops: Sizemore could still get shut down 4-6 weeks, we really don’t know yet.

    Could be a blessing in disguise for you.

  200. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: Hah!

    Meatloaf Rocks!

    The wife is at a bachelorette party and all I have is some India Pale Ale and the friggin White Sox game!

  201. Grey

    Grey says:

    @struggler: I’d hold.

    @knighttown: I’d consider Jax, but you’re so far over that you may as well bench em. There will be better starts down the line.

    @Tom: Don’t know on Beltran, MRI on the knee’s never good though.

    @Pops: Looks like a chump dump. Though it’s not like the 1st place team isn’t taking on any risk either.

  202. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Ryan Howard came out of a hospital bed, with a 104 degree fever, and just pinch hit a towering three run dinger against the O’s. Kept his consecutive game streak going; up to 343.

  203. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Ouch, I was trying to be cool one night and got a six of the India Pale Ale on a recommendation from the hot chick at the wine bar.

    Gag, there’s still 5 in the fridge, I’ll box em up and Fed Ex em to the Windy City if you want em, they may be sufficiently aged by now……….

  204. Doc says:

    I am in a league full of F*ckfaces. I am very easy going when it comes to trades and smack, but it’s like playing with a bunch of 12 year olds. Can I virtually punch someone? If so, how?

  205. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: I’ll take what I can get.

  206. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: great,i thought he`d be out 2 or 3 days,gettem howwy

  207. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Ha, challenge em to a Mike Tyson Punch Out.

  208. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: The Hangover style! Great movie by the way. See it if you haven’t.

    Can someone shoot Hawk Harelson?

  209. AL KOHOLIC says:

    madson sucks

  210. Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Glad I lost out on the Madson sweepstakes.

  211. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @BigFatHippo: They still make that stuff? When I was a kid, Reingold was going out of business, so he bought several cases of India Pale Ale. I snuck one – probably the only time I didn’t finish a bottle of beer or ale.

    @AL KOHOLIC: There is the ups and down of fantasy for you. One minute you are elated over Howard, the next, Madson pisses on your ERA and loses a save.

    Hey, I was moaning the other day concerning my lack of power. Today thus far I have to RCL dingers – one by Bourn Identity, and the other by Scott the Pod. What are the odds that that would occur in the same night?

    How did you do at Churchill Downs last night?

  212. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: my gal nellie won about $100,i stood in the beer line and only bet on 3 races,next time im sneaking in my woodford ,buying a jiant coke and not standing in those lines,all-n-all it was great,another friend hit the pick 3 paid pretty nice to

  213. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: oh and woods and frasor suck to,ive got madson woods and frasor in my keeper,their killin me eddie thier killin me

  214. Doc says:

    I’m currently drunk trading. Expect a proposal even if you aren’t in any of my leagues.

  215. Freak says:

    Hey, who will be replacing Endy Chavez in Seattle?

  216. BigFatHippo says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Haha, used to sneak Mom’s Schlitz when I was a kid…..

    @AL KOHOLIC: Speaking of kids, Dashel got in his first fight two days ago. The church camp bully apparently choked him from behind on the bus. Dash beat the crap out of him, don’t mess with Dash, he’s cut for a 9 year old…..

    @Doc: Send me one in the RCL, I need average bad.

  217. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Strike that, need ERA and WHIP, you have no AVG to give…….

  218. Doc says:

    @Freak: Wladimir Balentien

  219. Freak says:

    @Doc: Someone already has him in my Razz league. Boo.

  220. AL KOHOLIC says:

    jay bruce 17th

  221. Robert says:

    My Iannetta for his Bruce. Who wins or is this a pretty even trade? Thanks.

  222. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Michael Bourn 2nd, he wins in all other categories.

  223. DrEasy says:

    Ian Stewart a single away from the cycle…

  224. Corey says:

    In a dynasty keeper league, is Chipper for jzimm and Lars anderson fair?

  225. Corey says:

    Or what about Trevor Cahill/A.J burnett for Rios. I’m thinking this one is a no.

  226. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: Bruce

    @Corey: I’d take Chipper.

    I’d take Rios.

  227. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Any idea if Wieters will play full time, C & DH, when they get done with inter-league?

  228. Steve says:

    @Grey: Jumping on the Wandwagon tomorrow?

  229. Steve says:

    Also, in a vacuum, Kubel or Reimold?

    Thoughts on Thames hitting cleanup for the Tigers?

  230. big o says:

    nice call on cecil , but ,
    nats are playing tough .
    not sure i understand why neither accardo nor frasor was used after the 8th inning .
    did you happen to see the game ?
    or hear the reasoning behind camp and richmond ?

    also ,
    am about to drop andruw for thames , but would hate to see chris davis sent down , once i did .
    thoughts ?

    thanking you , in advance .

  231. Sos says:

    Keeper league, 5×5, H2H
    Round I’d lose if I wanted to keep player in parenthesis:
    CLee (1) for Kemp (2) DeRosa (19) or
    CLee (1) Danks (12) for Kemp (2) DeRosa (19) if needed

    Which side? Also, Derosa, Hardy, Sanchez. Right order?

  232. paulzone says:

    @Grey: if i cant get manny for haren. i think haren for carlos lee works too. agree?

    i proposed hill/qualls for bourn/papelbon. waiting for reply.

  233. big o says:

    i’d reject all of those offers .

  234. Nick0rz says:

    @big o: Frasor and Accardo were both off limits yesterday since they had pitched the past 3 days.

    The only Jays relievers who were available were Camp, BJ, and Hayhurst, followed by the starters Richmond or Mills.

  235. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Simply Fred: He’s their catcher. But every catcher rests more than regular players.

    @Steve: Sitting Wandy, Reimold

    @big o: I’d take Thames over Jones.

    @Sos: I’d take the Kemp side on both, and right order, yeah.

    @paulzone: Sure, I’d take Lee.

  236. anon says:

    I am currently carrying BJ Ryan and Accardo is available. Should I add Accardo after what we’ve seen since Downs got hurt?

  237. black love says:

    somebody in my league just dropped luke scott, you think i should try and pick him up off of waviers and drop Reimold?
    or is Reimold a better guy to have, this is not a keeper league.

  238. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @anon: if frasor blows 1 more i think accardo gets a chance,b.j -well he`s sucking

  239. Ham says:

    Anyone know of a website that shows team data vs a pitcher. Not like each individual’s numbers but like as a whole. For example like the Phillies beat up righties. I own Maholm but think I would be sending him to disaster if I start him in Colorado today. What you all think about Ricky Romero in Washington today? Better option then Maholm. Need some K’s, and the least threat of getting a Loss.

  240. Broadstreetbrawler says:

    Zobrist for F-her?

  241. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Ham: Pitched one game @ Coors in 08, 7.50 era, 6IP, 8hits, 1 HR, 7Ks. Go to MLB/stats/historical, follow selection options. (not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but a start).

  242. hello, have some roster questions: Have both Kendrick and sean-rod….keep/drop/hold?

    Which MR do you like best? Thornton, Masterson, Defilice, jim johnson etc?

    Good buying opp for either Arod or Youk? Dlee and Cueto/Harang/Garza fair offer?

  243. Ham says:

    @Simply Fred: yeah thanks. He also pitched there in 07 and pitched well. Who knows. I should of added Romero but I had no one to drop really.

  244. hello, have some roster questions: Have both Kendrick and sean-rod….keep/drop/hold?

    Which MR do you like best? Thornton, Masterson, Defilice, jim johnson etc?

    Good buying opp for either Arod or Youk? Dlee and Cueto/Harang/Garza fair offer? Dlee good sell high?


  245. clarification, which middle relievers in general, not just one from the above list, that may be on waivers or that can be in closer mix soon or after trade deadline….thanks again

  246. Jurjjens today at BOS?

    I’m trying to blow this dudes doors off i’m playing its just a little risky…. i think pitching one of my two starters, JURRJENS or WAINWRIGHT is smart, two might be risky…. sit jurjjens?

  247. @matthole: you won’t get arod and most likely not Youk either for DLEE and a pitcher… i wouldnt do it.

  248. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Ham: Pitt @ Col for 2007&2008(sans McLouth): AVG=.248,SLG=.389. Col Home (sans Holliday) vs Pitt: AVG=.285, SLG=.496. Looks as if your boy Maholm will be up against it.

  249. Thank you…

  250. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Broadstreetbrawler: I’d take F-Her.

    @matthole: Lose Kendrick. Thornton. Depends what you’re using to buy Youk or A-Rod. I’d take the Cueto side.

    I guess on D-Lee, but who’s buying D-Lee?

    @Tony Y: Sit Jurrjens.

  251. Thanks…. Khalil Greene worth adding? 3hrs this week or like catchers, do you recommend sticking with one (callaspo) and plugging them in for the yr

  252. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Nah, MIs can change on who’s hot. If you need some power, go for Greene, but you’re liable to want to drop him after a week too.

  253. john says:

    I think Soto might finally be starting to find his swing

  254. AL KOHOLIC says:

    oh STEVO,you still want meche??

  255. black love says:

    that mr. b summary is great!
    freddy sanchez just hit an hr, and hes batting .321 but hes not owned in my league.
    in anybody else’s?

  256. Doug Ault says:

    Accardo just tweaked something,Frasordo may have just become Frasor

  257. Dumbmutt says:

    When is the Cain regress going to happen? Everywhere they had him dropping off, but I cry every week I see him now.

  258. Grey

    Grey says:

    @black love: I’ve owned him all year in a 15 team league. I wouldn’t in a 12 team though.

    @Doug Ault: Hopefully

    @Dumbmutt: He should regress, but guys do go entire years where they don’t. He’d need to be very lucky though. You don’t pay for lucky.

  259. black love says:

    anybody gonna start volstad?

  260. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: Wells spooked me last week,would you have started him?

  261. Prince says:

    A sonovabench 0-for-2 on my pitcher picks today (Wandy, Jurjj). What do you think about Lackey and Kershaw? Thanks..

  262. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: You know if you start them, it’ll be a hitter’s contest. I would start both though.

  263. PhillyYorker says:

    One more trade to analyze: OBP, SLG, Holds league

    I give up: Josh Johnson and Carlos Pena

    I get: Choo, Sandoval and Howell

    I lead in HR’s and am abysmal in OBP. Howell is a throw-in but I think he makes the trade more level.


  264. PhillyYorker says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. Not happy with it either, but need to do something about my OBP and Johnson and Pena are my two marketable and expendable pieces.

  265. Robert says:

    Trade pending: My Garza & Porcello for his Votto. I am hurting for power. Am I making a mistake?

  266. Doug Ault says:

    @Robert: Votto is a headcase,he wanders the streets of Toronto in the winter waiting for the mothership to take him home………or give him ear drops

  267. Greg says:

    Start Cook tomorrow?

  268. Bob says:

    Smoltz or Francisco Liriano?

  269. knighttown says:

    My trade of my Beckett and Liriano for his Crawford went through. That should square up my pesky BA/SB issues. In fact, I’d expect I should get 11’s across the board in hitting with Crawford, Pujols, Fielder, Teixera, Chipper, Braun, both Uptons, Choo, Alexei, Drew, Bruce, Furcal and Wieters.

    Now…what to do about that pesky pitching side of the equation since I’ve dumped my #1 and #2 SP’s in the past week (Beckett and Cain).

  270. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    What happened to CC?

  271. knighttown says:

    Well today’s an odd one isn’t it.

    Pujols and BJ Upton go 8-11, 3HR, 5R, 10RBI.

    Rest of the team goes 4-for-33, 0HR, 2R, 1RBI.

    Is Pujols Jesus?

  272. timSTi says:

    @Simply Fred: Watching the game and there’s still no word. Didn’t look like he was in pain or did anything obvious.

  273. timSTi says:

    CC Sabathia was taken out due to tightness in his left bicep. No tests scheduled. Day to day.

  274. Robert says:

    Sorry to ask again, but I need some advice. Garza & Porcello for Votto. Is Votto really that screwed up?

  275. Doc says:

    Carlos Beltran on tomorrow’s exam/MRI: “I’m a little bit worried to be honest because the way I felt today – it was painful.”

  276. Doc says:

    @Robert: I think it’s a good deal for you.

  277. Robert says:

    Thank you.

  278. Pops says:

    @Robert: I’d also do the deal, especially if you need the homers and can afford to lose two quality arms.

  279. Robert says:

    One more question. Bruce owner is fed up with his avg. and he needs steals. How about Bruce for Bourn?

  280. Vince says:

    Beltran and Werth or Carlos Lee and Granderson? Is it close? (12 teams, H2H, 5×5, non keeper)

  281. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: I’d take Bruce.

    @Vince: Lee side. It’s close.

  282. Ant says:

    Would you trade Aaron Hill for any of these pitchers: Wandy, Edwin,Scherzer, Meche, or Mo? (I have Cano as my 2b).

  283. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ant: I think you can get someone slightly higher up on the starter scale. Think Weaver or F-Her. But if those don’t fly, I’d take Wandy, Jackson, Scherzer or Mo.

  284. cubbies299 says:

    Who’re you buying more? Holland or Cecil? Both had good starts this weekend. Would you consider dropping Coghlan for either if your rotation sat at Verlander/Beckett/Weaver/Bedard/Vazquez/Cook/Braden. I have Zobocop at second alrdy

  285. knighttown says:

    Justin Upton is the 32nd ranked player in fantasy baseball. Is he a sell high? If so, what kind of SP could I ask for in return? Gallardo?

  286. @ Grey: Dlee and wainwright too much for youk? I like wainwright a lot, but like most of my pitchers (shields, harang, garza, etc also still have haren) he has nasty splits like todays game for example, sucks @ KC but awesome at home….as im sure you know….

    Would you pull the trigger? he also has arod and is looking to possibly deal him too, worth throwing wainwright and either werth/mclouth/ellsbury at him for arod? which deal do u like?

    Thanks again

  287. @Robert: votto is due back midweek THIS WEEK. I wouldn’t deal him.

    Not after waiting this long.

  288. wow and kemp batting 8th again with the average up to .319 after his two hits so far, while POS furcal bats 2nd with his HUGE .246 average?

    Does Joe Torre really hate Kemp that much? Or does he just not look at the stats? You can’t tell me a .300 hitter who runs and hits for power should be batting 8th!?

    Kemp would be a 2-3 hole hitting in ANY other line up almost in the MLB.

  289. Doc says:

    @Tony Y: I think he’s getting Votto. At least that’s the way I read it.

  290. @Doc: OH some posts i get confused haha…. if you’re getting votto i’d take it. He homered in his rehab game today. I gotta think there’s more to it than stress and dizziness though. Maybe some traumatic family issue? I dont know how you could be that stressed? He plays baseball for christ sakes! They have pills for that crap now…. but he is canadien? LOL

  291. Looking to go after a Closer on this one guys team, he’s a closer whore, has 11 saves this week!

    Who should I shoot after? I’m thinking of going after OSWALT and a CLOSER for maybe wainwright and? something…

    closers he has: Krod, lindstrom, Gregg, Street, Jenks! haha

    seriously closer whore!!!

  292. i am almost leaning towards street or Jenks?

    I really dont want to attempt going for KROD, i can get the same value and not have to buy the NAME?

  293. Corey says:

    Kemp would be well-suited for five or six, but definately not two or three.

  294. @Corey: anything would be more deserving than 8th…. i dont think a 3 hole actually, but a two hole, he’d be perfect, 5 or 6 hole would work too… the thing is he has kinda choked when they bumped him up, i just dont see why they dont try again. There’s no way i’m batting a .246 hitter ahead of a guy like KEMP…. NO WAY

  295. @Tony Y: and loney goes yard bringing KEMP up with NO ONE on, AGAIN….

  296. Robert says:

    Ya, I am getting Votto. I should be happy, right???

  297. cubbies299 says:

    Hey. Do I unload Verlander for Halladay? It’s a keeper, and I have more faith in Halladay’s consistency

  298. Steve says:

    @Grey: Wandy was well under way by the time I saw your post saying you were sitting him, so I got lucky there.

    Who do you like to pick up the Peavy slack this week?

    Uehara (v FLA, @ WASH), Cahill ( v SF, v COL) or Snell (v CLE, v KC – Grienke).

    Or a mixture?

  299. supermets says:

    Should I do this trade?

    I give: Kemp, Branyan
    I get: Hanley, Aubrey Huff

    I think I should do it because I don’t really trust Torre to play Kemp everyday once Manny comes back, and I think there’s a good chance Huff has a better second half than Branyan.

  300. Joe B says:

    Sit Beltran this week????

  301. How much should I trust Ortiz being back?

    Got offered David Ortiz, Corey Hart and Gavin Floyd for Marcus Thames and Cliff Lee.

    I don’t necessarily want to trade Lee, but for Hart and Ortiz it is pretty tempting.

  302. Joe B says:

    Kemp will NEVER sit!!! I’d take Manny, Kemp, Eithier, Pierre in that order. Kemp is a S-T-U-D. I’d say HanRam is only a bit more valuable than Kemp … check the stats son. Still rather have HanRam at scarce SS, but Branyan surprises me with the average, not the power… Huff is solid, not great. Depending on who your SS is (assuming you have one) I like your side by a smidgeon.

  303. supermets says:

    @Joe B: I would take them in that order too, but it doesn’t mean Kemp will play everyday. Torre already has him batting 8th (9th in interleague) so I really can’t trust him.

    I have Alexei and Zobrist and SS and 2B but both can play SS, 2B, and OF, so position eligibility is not an issue.

    I can’t see Branyan keeping the average up, and in the M’s lineup, he won’t have too many R or RBI. Huff has always been a second half player.

  304. @supermets: I say take this. Hanley is hitting for average and I think will have more power the rest of the way. Definitely think he is an improvement on Kemp, but people sleep on Hanley because he hasn’t been as dominating as Pujols first half.

  305. mc serch says:

    Krispie Young, M. Thames, Rasmus, Judge Reimold or Sheff for the rest of the year?

  306. mc serch says:

    @supermets: I like the Hanley/Huff side. I think we have seen the best of Branyan at this point (good sell high candidate) and Huff has the better 2nd half as between the two. I think Hanley is more valuable than Kemp (although I drafted and still love Kemp)

  307. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Lose Coghlan for Cecil.

    @knighttown: Sure, try and get Gallardo.

    @matthole: I’d do the Lee deal for Youk.

    @Tony Y: Go for Jenks.

    @cubbies299: Verlander for Halladay is fine, but it’s pretty close.

    @Steve: Cahill’s fine there. Actually, Rudy started Wandy since I was away from the computer, so it worked out for us too.

    @supermets: I’d take the Hanley side.

    @Joe B: I wouldn’t sit him.

    @Maitland: I’d take the Hart side.

    @mc serch: Krispie, but he’s dealing with an injury, so Rasmus.

  308. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: i got gallardo and chamberlin,danks,zimm and kuroda,plus 5 closers, i will win this league,,,ill give u the field,do do you want to bet?>????yes grey i meanyou?????

  309. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Sounds like a decent staff. What league?

  310. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Long way to go yet, Al.

  311. Steve says:

    @Steve: Sorry – thought you were bragging about the keeper :-)

  312. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: one of these half way league,i have poa

    sada a-gonz-kinslerzimm,jeter,penabay hunter adam jones,

  313. Grey

    Grey says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I love sada. Great with green chile sauce.

  314. @ Grey: Was hoping for your opinion before I set my weekly rosters.

    Bergsen and Cahill sitting on waiver? seem like good plays for the week, right? But do you see them being valuable long-term or possible replacement if I’d trade one of my current SP starters…

    I have Andrew Miller, Mazzaro, Madson (own Lidge) on my bench….would you drop any of them for either of those guys or in general

    Am starting David Murphy this week based on your recommendation and bc hes facing all RHP….but he could be expendable since fowler is on the bench.

    Lastly, Im starting Kaz Matsui as MI and hes been hitting well since his return….is he a viable option, should he still run? (mcgehee on waivers)

    If I use Kaz cut bait with sean rod and howie kendrick or hold on to them for a few weeks?

    Thanks again

  315. AL KOHOLIC says:

    kinsler,pena,gozalez,posada,zimm,jeterbay,hunter jones(baly)bourne ,heltonplus fu=entesgregg,downs,nelos,frasor wilson,madson

  316. AL KOHOLIC says:

    sorry i could be drunk

  317. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: i will win this mid season league

  318. AL KOHOLIC says:

    im smasmed,and lovin it

  319. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Drop Miller for Cahill. Start Murphy. Stick with Matsui. Cut bait on those other two MIs in a 12 team league or shallower. Hold Miller if you drop one of the MIs.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Nice

  320. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Smasmed? You’ve missed the ‘h’ by a goodly margin there, big fella.

  321. thanks again!

  322. AL KOHOLIC says:

    help,ive fallen andant reach my beer

  323. Steve says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: And the grandkids are playing in the street.

  324. AL KOHOLIC says:

    woa,does anyone else grow 5 thumbs when thier smasHed?found the h ,this is like a re-draft,waking up oblivious to my team.lets have a 3/4 draft,im in lets do it

  325. does this make sense…Cain and Ethier for Manny….currently in first by a pizoint…..

    A Gonzalez
    Han Ram
    A Rod
    Sub–Ian Stewart


    E. Jackson

    IR Doumit

    Thanks fellas for your comments.

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