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The image of eating salt always reminds me of one of my favorite Futurama quotes.  The “Death by snu snu” scenes are easily my all-time favorites though.  Enough about Futurama though and let’s talk about my boy, Charlie Morton.  Morton has been by streaming delight in the RCLs since he returned in early July.  In that time span he has never given up more than 4 earned runs and has never struck out fewer than 5.  Those numbers scream safety, which also means, boring.  I wouldn’t go in thinking Morton is winning you a GPP today, but he’s a perfect cash game play at a nice price ($17,400).  He’ll be squaring off against the California Angels of LA and/or Anaheim who are third to last in team OPS.  Granted, Mike Trout is back now, but I’m still comfortable with picking on the Angels.  So, pass the salt (Or, as he’s going by this week, “Ground Chuck”) in cash games and let’s take a look at who we’ll be pairing up with Morton and who to look at in those GPPs below:

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Dan Straily, SP: $15,600 – I’m usually one to pay up for starters in cash, but with Darvish fresh off the DL and Carrasco fresh off a whooping, I’m tentative on both.  That leaves me looking at Archer and his $24,000 or Dan Straily for almost $10K less.  Straily gets the Padres at home and we can pretty much stop the conversation there.  Really, I’m done here, let’s move to the next blurb.

Carlos Carrasco, SP: $22,800 – The exact same reason I’d avoid Carrasco in cash is the reason why I’m all over him in GPPs today.  Does that make sense?  It should.  Carrasco could have lower ownership with his beating fresh in everyone’s mind.  Carrasco has been all over the map lately mixing gems in with occasional dumpster fires.  I’m sure he’s burned everyone at least once by now.  We can cross our fingers together in GPPs though as he takes on Eric Skoglund <–REAL NAME! — and the Royals.  A gem and a win are certainly in play.

Patrick Corbin, SP: $22,400 – I would use Corbin in cash or GPP, but would prefer the cheaper guys above.  Still, if you’ve been riding Corbin at all the past four starts, you know it’s been a fun ride.  That ride included a near complete game shutout in Houston and a 10K effort vs. the Giants in San Francisco.  While the hitting environment gets friendlier in Arizona, I’m not worried much.  The Giants are dead last in MLB in team OPS at .688 and dead last vs. RHP with .692.  If Corbin can shut down Houston and their .838 team OPS, San Fran should provide no trouble.

Eduardo Nunez, IF: $9,300 – Wade Miley comes into today with a 5.11 ERA and a 5.05 FIP.  He can’t even say he’s been getting unlucky, he’s just been plain old bad.  Despite this, it’s been almost exclusively righties that have clobbered him this year (.855 OPS vs. .588 for LHB).  Therefore, stack up those Sawx righties and Nunez should be leading off for that group.

Josh Donaldson, IF: $8,800 – You might start to notice a theme here as I lay out the pitchers I’ll be picking on today.  Kyle Gibson has a 5.76 ERA and 5.11 FIP, both are what we call, horrendous.  Unlike Wade Miley, Kyle has been an equal opportunity punching bag, allowing both right and left handed batters an OPS north of .850.  Dongaldson has been on fire and I wouldn’t look for him to cool off today.

Jose Abreu, IF: $8,700 – Speaking of hot fiyah, Jose Abreu has 5 HRS in his last 11 games and gets to tee off on Matt Boyd today.  Boyd is the worst of the bunch so far, sporting a 6.24 ERA.  Boyd at least has a case for getting unlucky as his FIP is 4.77.  Still, Abreu has already taken him deep twice in his career and is obviously seeing the ball well.  Deploy.

Hanley Ramirez, IF: $7,800 – As I mentioned in the Nunez blurb, all Sawx RHBs are in play, even Hanley.  Ramirez should occupy his typical spot in the four hole and will try to improve on those measly 49 RBIs.  Hey, the price is right, it doesn’t mean we have to roster the guy all year or anything.

Miguel Cabrera, IF: $6,600 – I will continue to play Miguel Cabrera for better or worse until he eclipses $7,000.  Maybe his 3 for 4 with a HR yesterday is the start of something good.

Amed Rosario, IF: $6,600 – Maybe the recent 0-fers have driven the price down here, but that power/speed combo is still so tempting.  Rosario is a nice price break with Miggy if you’re looking to squeeze in Carrasco or Archer.  Tim Anderson at $5,400 is also a fine choice.

Starling Marte, OF: $7,500 – Well, I’m ready to forgive and forget, but FantasyDraft still seems to be punishing Marte via his price tag.  Jump on that mistake.  Marte faces Tyler Mahle, a fresh call-up and has had the power (2 HRs) and speed (4 SBs) on full display the past two weeks.  I could think of worse things than a Pirates stack today.

Billy Hamilton, OF: $7,600 – It doesn’t seem possible, but somehow Billy Ham has 2 HRs and steal off Jameson Taillon already.  Maybe this whole game is a low-key stack option.

Matt Joyce, OF: $8,400 – The hot-hitting Matt Joyce some decent success of AJ Griffin with three HRs in 12 ABs.  Still, it’s nothing compared to…

Hunter Pence, OF: $6,600 – If you do decide to fade Patrick Corbin and think Pence has some oompf left in his bat, check out his BvP data: 15 for 31 (.484), 4 HRs.  Not too shabby.

Gerardo Parra, OF: $8,700 – Parra is the definition of consistency, the perfect cash game play.  Much like Morton, Parra won’t win you a GPP, but he’ll sure help cash in those head to heads.

Rajai Davis, OF: $7,200 – Another Sawx righty and one that really only starts vs. lefties.  Thing king of SAGNOF joins a team in the Red Sox that has looked like a team of little leaguers on the basepaths at times.  That all comes from being aggressive.  It’s a mantra the Sawx coaching staff has held all season long.  Rajai gives them another weapon, and one they need to get comfortable with before playoff time.  Look for Rajai to have free reign today.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

The rain has gone away, it will come again another day.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Yu Darvish and the Dodgers are the big favorites on the day, and why wouldn’t they be with their 91 wins?  This game also features the smallest run total of the night with 8.  Still, I’m leery of throwing Darvish out there.  Maybe I shouldn’t be and it will be bite me, but I’m sticking to my guns that Darvish won’t be worth that $25,600 price tag.  [email protected] and [email protected] both have over/unders of 10.5 runs.  Target as suggested.