Welcome to another beautiful Wednesday slate.  I was so pumped for this slate until I looked and realized Clayton Kershaw $12,900 is on the bump..Don’t get me wrong I love Kershaw; he’s an amazing pitcher.  My only issue with him is he makes the DFS slates he’s in very tough.  You basically have to use him, even in GPPs.  If you don’t and he goes off for 13 ks over 9 shutout innings, you’re screwed.  Today is no different as he’ll be pitching against the Rockies (remember that almost perfect game??) and the total is only 6.5 right now.  Don’t overthink this;  play Kershaw and try to find low owned value plays to build around him.

Now onto the picks…

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Nick Hundley, C: $2,600 – Anytime the Giants are facing off against a LHP and Hundley is in, you need to consider him.  He started his career cold against LHP but the last 2 years (and a handful of abs this year) he’s been much better.  With Vargas on the mound for the Royals, this seems like a good spot to trust the last couple years and ride with Hundley and other Giants bats.

Greg Bird, 1B: $2,700 – Being able to plug Greg Bird into your lineup for 2,700 is like a nice ocean breeze smacking you in the face.  He’s the perfect first basemen at the perfect price for a Kershaw lineup.  He has good power against RHP and he’ll be facing a very bad one in Dylan Covey.  I like a lot of Yankees today.

Starlin Castro, 2B: $2,800 – Once again I’m going to go to the Yankee well.  Castro has been on fire to start the season and I expect that to continue at least through today.  He’s a proven player that can drive runs in and has some pop.  Really can’t ask for much more out of a 2B on FanDuel today.  The price is the icing on the cake as $2,800 is a steal for a player of his talent.

Aaron Hill, 3B: $2,500 – Ok, I know you’re probably thinking ‘did this guy really just suggest me use Aaron Hill…HEAR ME OUT.  I told you how much I liked playing against Vargas today and Hill also hits LHP better over his recent career.  He has great bvp numbers in a small sample size ( 4 hits, 1 double, 2 home runs and a .500 batting average.)  Finally, he’s cheap and you need cheap players when your using a almost $13,000 pitcher.

Brandon Crawford, SS: $2,700 – The last Giant I’ll be discussing for this slate.  Crawford seems like a weird pick at first but If you look into his numbers you see he hits LHP better then RHP.  Seems odd to say this but you just got to go with it.  I actually love him today and I expect a big day for Crawford and company.  If you look into Vargas’ splits you’ll see LHB hit better against him.  They should complete a nice stack for GPPs, play the Giants with confidence and reap the rewards.

Billy Hamilton, OF; $ 3,000 – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re playing in a GPP, you need to have Billy Hamilton in your lineup.  His speed can win you a GPP if everything works out well and I think everything works out well today as Castillo is above average at throwing runners out.  That gets cancelled out because Jimenez is very slow going to the plate and below average at holding people on.  He’s also wild and tends to walk guys from time to time because his delivery gets away from him.  Hamilton will have plenty of chances as long as he gets on base.

Josh Reddick, OF: $2,800 – Another cheap option today that could go double dong!  I’ll play guys like this all day, every day in GPPs.  Reddick mashes RHP and JC Romero sucks against left handed hitters.  Lefties own around a .400 OBP against him over Romero’s career…

Aaron Hicks, OF: $3,000 – Hicks is a player I’ve had a lot of interest in this season.  He’s killing RHP and now hitting in the 2 hole of a pretty dangerous Yankee lineup.  I mentioned before I liked the Yankees as a stack today and Hicks has to be apart of that stack.  His stats have come down some but that’s because he’s getting everyday ABs and he just cant hit LHP right now.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Today’s weather has a couple hiccups and then a big hiccup.  As of right now the Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins looks like it could be a downpour.  If it stays like this a ppd would be likely.  Watch the weather closely in Minnesota.  Elsewhere, looks like a few showers early in Atlanta and storms after game time (hopefully) in Kansas City.  Finally the wind is also blowing out to left field in Kansas City which makes me like RHB even more on the Giants.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Kershaw is the massive favorite of the slate at -300! The Yankees aren’t far behind at -220.  That means Masahiro Tanaka could be a option as well if you want to go that way.  With a over/under of 9 1/2 in Cincinnati you may want to stack a lineup or two with players from that game as well.  I think money will start moving to the over in Kansas City by tomorrow (Bumgarner has screwed the line a bit).

  1. FrankGrimes says:

    Harper/Murphy mini stack is my pick to click today.
    They both own Julio!

    • Troy: The Collector

      Troy: The Collector says:

      @FrankGrimes: they do i love them as well, if you arent playing kershaw then thats the way to go! goodluck to u grimes

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