When I say uptick, I mean that with the slightest bit of tick that any tick can offer.  But any positive in a stat that was headed for the extinct list like that Rhino on Tinder is a fantastic thing.  Through the first month of the season, there were 28,022 plate appearances across all games in MLB, accounting for 399 stolen bases.  This number is better than it was last year, but way off the pace it was in 2015, 2014, and 2012.  So for all the hub bub that I created with the stat being a dying entity, and one that really has fallen by the wayside of chasing, there may be a pulse.  Albeit a slight one.  Steals still don’t have a face, but for stat purposes and chasing, there may be a nose.  Maybe half an ear and maybe some dimples.  Welcome to the Terrorome of speed and saves.  As I drop some stupid goodness and general domineering debauchery that only Smokey and Razzball can deliver… Get comfy, it’s late Tuesday let’s get crazy, but home before the street lights come on.

As I said in the lede, steals are sorta noticeable.  No more prominent than Billy Hamilton, who is on pace for 100 steals on the year through his 29 games played.  I am not saying that he comes close or eclipses it, but it would be great for the speed game if he gets there.  Heck, it would give the Reds some rah-rah capability in a few months.  He is well on his way to eclipsing this century’s high water mark of 78 by Jose Reyes in 2007.  The only problem for Billy is his OBP and it’s sustainability in his quest to beat Reyes mark.  Currently sitting at .307 and a career mark below that .304, is that going to be enough for him to get to that 78 number?  Since 1970, there have only been two instances where one person’s stolen base total has eclipsed 78 and had an OBP under .310.  Vince Coleman in 1986 with .301 ending the year with 107, and Omar Moreno in 1980 with .306 totaling 96.  The game has changed, I get it, but is he so much different than Vince in his game?  The key is multiple SB’s in one at bat or times on-base.  Something Hamilton has done three times already.  Just a little food for thought as we pass the 1/5th of season mark this week.  here are some other tidbits for the waiver wire and news worthy or non-news worthy guys in both saves and steals.

  • In the world of steals, quantity matters.  Unfortunately, not when it’s Bad Miller.  I mean Brad Miller.  Him of the steals this past two weeks.  Also with the .083 batting average and his also as hard to do .083 slugging percentage over the same time.  Steals are not worth that much.
  • Can Joey Rickard carve out enough at-bats to be relevant?  Has been dabbled in the lead off spot, and may just have some spot start streamability versus non-lefties.
  • Is Aaron Hicks more trustworthy than Jacoby Ellsbury and his injury history?  Wish I had money like that to be leery on.  Hicks has 3 in his last 7 games and seems to becoming a fixture for the Yanks whether in a defensive role or other.
  • The Rockies team is not about speed, and it really shouldn’t be.  The have 5 steals on the year.  This is bad for Chuck Blackmon owners, but not worrisome as he should get his in the end.
  • It feels like the death march for K-rod, Francisco Rodriguez.  MPH are gone from his game, and he ain’t missing many bats as they like to say.  Saves matter and cuffing them is even more important.  I have it Justin Wilson/Austin Wilson/Joe Jimenez in the event of a change.
  • The Nationals have officially had five guys be in a save situation now that Albers and the mess of names there are patching it together.  This team is way too talented offensively to not have a solid named closer.  Koda Glover is the for now, Herrera or Robertson should be the later.
  1. Count de Monetball says:

    Smokey, if you are right, it is going to be fun watching an outfielder pitch the 8th for the Tigers, probably an improvement over K-Rod! Oh wait, you probably mean Alex Wilson. I get it, it’s clear the Tigers love Wilson’s more than Tom Hanks in Cast Away and will try to pry Austin away from Seattle…

    • Grey

      Grey says:


  2. David says:

    I need wins, another manager needs a MI. Would J. Peraza for Severino or Villar for Archer work? Which would be better? Thanks.

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @David: over paying for Severno, a little…. and I don’t mind the trade for Archer

  3. Count de Monetball says:

    By the way, didn’t take long for J. Wilson to take over after you soothsayed it… What do you think? Strickland or Law as the pickup with Melancon on the shelf?

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Count de Monetball: both, I think they mix and match. Was Law today but he was middling at best

  4. Papa Jean Seugra says:

    K-Rod a straight drop at this point?

  5. Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves says:

    NL only redraft with saves and holds sold separately. i have benoit/neris/ramos/knebel. earlier i thought it wise to have both PHI guys to lock up a 2nd closer, but now benoit is so bad it’s not looking possible that neris loses that one. kelley was just dropped, and these others are around (rank top 2 or 3):
    fields (moving up at LAD, straight up sick K rate)
    nicasio (moved to 3rd in line)
    blevins (the boring old white man version of rivero at NYM)
    drake/c.torres (probably not here)
    dunn (we probably have a 2nd place here)
    george of the roses (albeit i already have bradley in a SP slot on hope he gets back to SP, but with godley also looking great doubt it, (wink i also added godley yesterday)
    my guess is this goes kelley/dunn/the viz

    • Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves says:

      @Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves: if you really think kelley ends up closing i’m possibly better off going holds on purpose here with somebody else. also kelley comes off waivers and i’m not using my 5th (out of 10) as anybody that comes over from AL in trade that waiver could have serious value later.

  6. goodfold2 says:

    best holds guy
    rosa (ARI) /j.smith/vizcaino

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