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The trading deadline for the Razzball Commenter Leagues went out with a bang on Friday with 19 trades being completed, 9 on Friday alone.  I still don’t understand why ESPN insists on the noon trade deadline time, but there it is.  I maintain the opinion that if the deadline was midnight Friday night there would be more last minute deals.  The trade deadline expiring while I’m settling into my lunch break at work just doesn’t feel right.  Who’s with me?  Week 8 saw 19 trades and week 14 saw 20.  In a 4.5 day week we got to 19, not a bad pace.  There were 232 total swaps made this season.  Cougs R Us finished the year with 16 deals made, the most of all RCLs.  Two other leagues finished in double digits, ECFBL (12) and DFSers Anonymous (10).  Is it coincidence that those are both leagues commished by your RCL Updater Extraordinaire?  I think not.  There were 16 leagues that didn’t make a single trade this year.  That makes me sad.  Billy Hamilton was traded 8 times this season, as was Rougned Odor.  Wade Davis takes the cake though, being involved in 12 separate trades.  Gotta get those saves.  You can find all the saves for the year right HERE.  It’s not the best formatting in the world, but if you’re curious about these sort of things like I am, the data is still interesting to wade through.  Let me know in the comments if you find any other interesting nuggest.  Jump below for more about the trades this week and all the other happenings in the week that was, Week 19:

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Each week we’ll peek in at our resident ‘perts to see who is laying claim to best “expert” RCLer in the land.  We’ll take notes, check the standings and generally stalk them.  The heading is also hyperlink, so feel free to follow along as we go.

‘Perts League appears to be a two man race.  Ralph has climbed right up into the near triple digits with Grey and they are playing a mean game of see-saw.  It should be fun watching these two duke it out down the stretch.  Also of note, these two are neck and neck in the Master Standings this week.  That 107 league index for the ‘Perts League is a nice boost and when both teams are flirting with 100 roto points, that will make good things happen.

Rudy made the biggest jump this week, riding Giancarlo’s hot bat and Chris Sale’s arm to a two position jump from 5th to 3rd.  If you followed Rudy’s Point Shares at all in the preseason you likely drafted Giancarlo and Sale and are likely making similar moves up your league standings.  Don’t forget to buy Rudy a ‘fro pick to say “Thanks”.

JB was the biggest loser this week, falling from 6th to 7th thanks to a four point drop.  JB was in 2nd place back in week 11 and has steadily dropped since then.

TOP 10

For those too lazy to check the MASTER STANDINGS, I present to you, the current top 10

1 Cram It Sponge-worthy Anti-Dentites 103.5 111 102 93.3
2 Vottoman Empire DFSers Anonymous 102.9 104 106 93.1
3 Returning Champ The Giant and the Jew 101.1 107 101 93.5
4 Rudy is Snooty Take On [email protected] 3 100.2 105 103 90.5
5 Swamp Donkeys Straight Cash Homie 99.6 106 99 95.1
6 Team Albright Razzball ‘Perty ‘Perts 99.5 99.5 107 89
7 Prospector Ralph Razzball ‘Perty ‘Perts 98.2 98 107 88.1
8 South Side Hitmen Von Hayes and Confused 97.3 105 98 92.2
9 Team Studer It’s Time For Dodger Baseball!! 96.8 105 100 88.6
10 50 Shades of Jon Gray Master Batters 96.3 101 101 90.7

Cram It is back atop his perch in the catbird seat.  He did lose Bryce Harper this week (I feel your pain in ‘Perts League my friend) but the perfect season isn’t out of the question.  Cram It will be looking for some WHIP help down the stretch but as long as that 102 league index can stay above 100, a 110-115 finish should be enough for Cram to double dip in RCL glory.  What an RCL beast!

Vottoman Empire reclaims the #2 spot after sitting in 4th for a couple of weeks and Returning Champ returns to 3rd after sitting in 5th last week.

The bot (Rudy is Snooty) slips one spot to 4th and the Swamp Donkeys fall from 1st all the way back to 5th.  That 99 LCI isn’t doing the Donkeys any favors.

Grey maintains his 6th position, but he is joined by Prospector Ralph in 7th.  Ralph jumps up from 15th last week to make his debut in the top 10 overall.  Keep up the great work Ralph!

South Side Hitmen hold strong in 8th this week and former 7th place, Team Studer falls to 9th.

Rounding out the top 10 overall is 50 Shades of Jon Gray, who two weeks ago was in 27th overall.  Nice couple of weeks for the Grays.


All the trades that have gone down in the past week.  Public ridicule is not only allowed, but encouraged.

8/11/2017 Jobu Needs A Refill
Kevin Cash Me Ousside traded Nolan Arenado to Team Regression for Max Scherzer
8/11/2017 Take on the Jay 2
Poison Control traded Edwin Diaz to Lucky Bucky for Charlie Morton
8/11/2017 DFSers Anonymous
Johnny Utahs traded Paul Goldschmidt to MattTruss223 (Me) for Hanley Ramirez & Jacob deGrom
8/11/2017 Frequent Commenters League
The Great Knoche traded Billy Hamilton to Rube Waddell’s Shiny Objects (Me) for Jake Lamb
8/11/2017 Cougs R Us
Mrs White Is Dead traded Edwin Diaz & Alex Colome to Malibu Deadbeats for Jake Lamb & Gerrit Cole
8/11/2017 Johnson’s Ornithology E.O.D.
Johnny Utahs traded DJ LeMahieu, Alex Colome & Sean Doolittle to Montgomery Biscuits for Daniel Murphy
8/11/2017 BATTAMANIA
Coach Teacher traded Adam Duvall, Eduardo Nunez & Roberto Osuna to Sea Dogs for Miguel Sano & Stephen Strasburg
8/11/2017 Johnson’s Ornithology E.O.D.
“Don’t Panik!” traded Yuli Gurriel to Johnny Utahs for Trevor Rosenthal
8/11/2017 South Side Titans
8/10/2017 Cougs R Us
#Sozo traded Travis Shaw & Sean Doolittle to Legal Roster for Billy Hamilton & Andrew Miller
8/10/2017 The Giant and the Jew
Hot Ham Water traded Carlos Martinez to Returning Champ for Wade Davis
8/10/2017 Take On [email protected] 3
Pitchy Mcpitchface traded Chris Sale to Man or Stroman? for Giancarlo Stanton
8/10/2017 ECFBL
Johnny Utahs traded Freddie Freeman to Team AL KOHLIC for Yoan Moncada & Max Scherzer
8/9/2017 The Giant and the Jew
JB traded Andrew Benintendi to Hot Ham Water for Didi Gregorius
8/9/2017 The Giant and the Jew
Hot Ham Water traded Aaron Judge, Trevor Story, Danny Salazar & Jackie Bradley Jr. to Los Angeles Dongers for Manny Machado, Jake Lamb, Trevor Rosentha & Ryan Braun
Team arteaga traded Manny Machado & Andrew McCutchen to Sea Dogs for Miguel Cabrera, Domingo Santana & Alex Wood
8/8/2017 DFSers Anonymous
The People’s Champ (Teddy Heater) traded J.D. Martinez to Vottoman Empire for Adrian Beltre, Billy Hamilton & Ken Giles
Prague Defenestrators traded Kenley Jansen to A Special Odor for Aaron Nola

Billy Hamilton was moved 3 times this week as teams assess their situation and make plans accordingly.  I was one of those Billy Hamilton snaggers this week as I currently sit 4 points of first in FCL with an easy 4 points to gain in stolen bases alone.  If Billy Ham goes Ham, I have an outside shot at the league lead and 6 points gained while also passing the league leader in steals who happens to be the team currently in first.  Got all that?  Basically I think I have a shot at a 6 point gain in the category while also stealing a point from the team I’m chasing, netting 7 points essentially.  Best laid plans, but this is the reason I love roto so much.  I’m leading the league in HRs, so Jake Lamb was expendable, especially with Joey Gallo recently pulled from waivers.  I love analyzing my teams in this way, breaking down each category to see where points can be gained and could be lost and making deals to tighten things up.  No trade leagues just aren’t that fun to me as you lose this part of the game.  Hopefully, you all did a little self analyzing of your own this trade deadline and made some moves to help you win your league.


The best of the best from the week that was.

R – 63 – Swamp Donkeys (Straight Cash Homie)

HR –26 – 3 Teams Tied

RBIs – 65 – Team Ticky (Take on Jay)

SB – 13 – 3 Teams Tied

AVG – .367 – Team Canada (Take On The Jay)

K – 128 – Captain Morgan (DeadPool)

W – 9 – 4 Teams Tied

SV –  17 – Rudy is Booty (We’re All Winners)

ERA (Min. 40 IP) – 1.02 – MPH MPH (The Humidor) (in 53 IP)

WHIP (Min. 40 IP) – 0.73 – Team Duncan (Razzmonsters) (in 44 IP)

There were no new weekly records set this week.


Our weekly shout out to the team that killed it the previous week.

Team: Team Frost

League: Cougs R Us

Stats:   H/AB: 99/315, AVG: .314, R: 57, HR: 22, RBI: 56, SB: 7

IP: 73.1, ERA: 2.70, WHIP: 1.27, K: 85, W: 3, SV: 6

Summary:  Team Frost is chasing the Malibu Deadbeats in Cougs R Us in what is sure to be one of the better finishes in the RCLs this season.  Half a point separates these two in one of the three leagues with a 107 LCI (‘Perts & ECFBL are the others).  In other words, it’s a very competitive league and these two are separated by the thinnest of margins.  If Team Frost can keep putting up weeks like this though they will soon be Team FIRST.  Team Frost got big offensive weeks from Ryan Braun, Josh Donaldson, Brian Dozier, Cody Bellinger and Mike Moustakas.  That’s 12 HRs and about a .400 average between them in case you were wondering.  On the pitching side, surprise, surprise, it was the Chris Sale show with 25 Ks in his 15 innings of work this week leading the way.  This should one fun finish, good luck Frost!

Want to be Matt’s Twitter pal?  That’s kinda creepy, but you can follow him here: @MattTruss

  1. Michael W Kane says:

    Hi Matt, Just sent this exact note to Grey, who didn’t see a problem with it, but referred the question to you:

    Is it allowed to set up an RCL league with League Manager powers. My league this year (Cougs R Us) was basically held hostage by two rogue participants, who went into anarchy mode (shedding entire rosters, etc.). LM powers could have fixed it.

    I don’t see that it’s expressly NOT allowed by Razzball, but steering league creation to Custom goes away from LM powers. Would appreciate some clarity. Thanks,

    Malibu Deadbeats

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      BTW, What teams were abusing drops?

      • Malibu Deadbeats says:


        Short version. Wytheville Brewhas didn’t like a longstanding league rule —-> dropped his entire team twice ——> the commissioner gained LM powers long enough to kick him out (which apparently was a struggle with ESPN’s IT team) —–> But the players he’d dropped in protest that were still floating around began a chain reaction of ill will —–> one participant who changed his name to Legal Roster added one —–> Other gentlemen’s agreements to leave players untouched were ignored ——> commissioner’s decisions such as not to trade with Legal Roster, who himself acknowledged he was playing in protest and likely trading to sabotage were ignored, likely out of individual self-interest. In short, it’s a mess.

        The idea would be that League Manager powers could at least be used judiciously to clean up messes in case of arsonists such as the since-booted Wytheville Brewhas (who renamed himself Don’t Have to Cheat) and the currently named Legal Roster.

        • Grey

          Grey says:

          @Malibu Deadbeats: That sucks, but it sounds like you guys figured out a somewhat equitable solution

        • Legal Roster says:

          @Malibu Deadbeats:

          ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. Grey – A. I don’t agree with not rostering a catcher – it isn’t fair to the rest of the league. The counting stats alone gained by an extra position player during the week over what one would gain holding a Hedges or Grandal or the like give a team an unfair advantage. When a major league team goes 4 days without rostering a catcher, I’ll be ok with it. B. Kane is such a stupid fuck he can’t even remember who he is mad at. I manage Legal Roster (formerly Wytheville Brewhahas) and if you look into it you will see that I NEVER dropped my team, and there is a whole lot more to the pickup of an “unrostered” player than Kane would like you to believe. It’s funny Maeda was one of those players and when he was rostered not a peep was to be heard from Kane who went on a personal crusade when I picked up Dickerson (the player that upsets him so). C. Check the trades…”not trade with Legal Roster”? I am guessing I made more trades than anyone in the league. I certainly didn’t trade with Kane, nor offer him any trades – so why he would think that any sabotage was occurring is ridiculous. He is a very dishonest person and this post proves the point I tried to make with the rest of the league months ago. In fact I’m sure Kane was responsible for organizing vetos of trades that were completely fair – the one that I remember distinctly was Rizzo for Goldy. This was very early in the season when they were 3 spots apart on the player rater. Finally, if I was sabotaging or tanking, would I have held first place in the league for a good bit…only recently falling off primarily due to shit pitcher streaming.

          Anyway – not that you would care all that much – but I’d be happy to put together and share all the message board posts detailing all this, that will show just about NOTHING Kane says here regarding my management of my team is true (I did pick up Dickerson completely legally and not outside the realm of any gentleman’s agreement if you look at the facts. Kane doesn’t like facts)

          • Legal Roster says:

            @Legal Roster:

            And to make things even more clear. I have continued to remain more than competitive despite having been “banned” from winning monies. It isn’t that much money – that’s not why I play.

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Nah, no issues with that. I run my two money RCLs as LM Leagues because I enjoy being able to make my own LM Posts. I make a weekly post much like this one specifically for ECFBL. We suggest the ESPN custom one since it’s easiest for people that don’t know each other to set up and get done. Nothing wrong with running an LM league so long as the commish doesn’t abuse the power obviously. Clearly those rouge participants should not be invited back. It’s very important to get a group together for any money league. People can go loco, as you’ve seen in Cougs R Us this year.

      • Malibu Deadbeats says:


        Appreciate very much the clarification. Thanks, Matt

  2. Cram It says:

    I own Harper, Trea and Pollock. Gah! I’ve been slowly getting chased down in HR’s and SB’s. I’ve also owned between 5 and 6 closers all year, yet only 10 up in saves. I’m certainly not coasting. Work to be done!

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      Harper, Correa and Brantley in ‘Perts League for me, as well as Trea and Correa in ECFBL. I feel your pain man.

      • Vottoman Empire says:

        @MattTruss: Waiting on Trea and Strasburg to return, and just lost Paxton as well. Feel ok about holding my #1 spot in DFSers Anon but these Master Standings are gonna be wild the last 6-7 weeks.

  3. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Looks like Grey and Ralph could also be moving up a couple of pts at the end of the year if Jay fails to reach the IP minimum.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @VinWins: Ah, 7 weeks, should make it.

      • MattTruss

        MattTruss says:

        Yea, as long as no one hits the DL, he should be fine

        • VinWins

          VinWins says:

          @MattTruss: I thought we were closer to the end. Who can keep track of time?

          • Grey

            Grey says:

            Calendar manufacturers

            • VinWins

              VinWins says:

              @Grey: They’re just guessing.

              • Grey

                Grey says:

                Whoa…*mimes brain blowing up*

  4. The Big Yabu says:

    I definitely wasn’t happy to see you get Billy Hamilton in the FCL. And remember that I had him for the first part of the season; maybe I traded him too soon?
    My strategy is to try to make up ground in ERA and WHIP — .05ish in ERA would gain me 5 points, and .004ish in WHIP would gain me another 2. I think that I’ve got a group of SPs who can pull that off (Darvish, Carrasco, Severino, Greinke, Maeda). I’ll just need them to do their thang (I’m glaring at you, Severino!), and then I’ll need to be good/lucky with a few streamers and MRs.
    I’m expecting a battle down to the wire!

    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      The battle for the belt wages on!

  5. BravesfanintheUK says:

    Hi Matt,

    Always enjoy these write ups, not least the fall outs elsewhere….

    Our RCL has been a much more sedate league and whilst i’m not winning it, we have had a few trades go down etc and some high scorers.

    But we never get a mention, i think because [email protected] had to move us as we were wrongly set up with a 200 starts limit rather than a 180 starts limit., you may not have us in your database.

    This is us:

    Any chance we can get included?


    • MattTruss

      MattTruss says:

      The GS is an issue AND [email protected] set you up to not be publicly viewable, so we have no way to access your league info. Sorry man. Thanks for reading and commenting though!

      • BravesfanintheUK says:

        @MattTruss: No worries, this was my first year in a RCL, so prob best to wait til next year for when i know what i’m doing before showing my talents to the world!

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