Minnesota Twins 2010 Minor League Review
Overall farm ranking via Baseball America (2010):
2010 (7) | 2009 (22) | 2008 (18) | 2007 (8) | 2006 (6) | 2005 (4) | 2004 (5)

Record of Major and Minor League Teams
MLB: [94 – 68] AL Central
AAA: [49 – 95] International League – Rochester
AA: [44 – 98] Eastern League – New Britian
A+: [64 – 74] Florida League – Fort Myers
A: [71 – 65] Midwest League – Beloit
Rk: [41 – 25] Appalachian League – Elizabethtown

The Run Down
As a Twins fan I try to be as objective as possible, typically leaning towards harsher judgments of their players and prospects. For example, Danny Valencia inspires as much excitement for me as receiving a sweater from my dear me-ma. Pleasantly to every non-Twins fan – who thought he’d be the second coming of Adrian Beltre – Valencia provided great value for a team that hasn’t had a solid third basemen since Corey Koskie in the early part of the past decade. This year, the pitching is thin behind Kyle Gibson but the Twins pulled off some major amateur signings of Miguel Sano and Max Kepler-Rozycki. Aaron Hicks is developing slowly and 2010’s first round draft pick has the potential to perform like the 2010 Kyle Gibson. With a 2011 farm ranking of 13, the Twins ranking slipped due to trading Wilson Ramos to the Nationals for Matt Capps.

Graduated Prospects
#6 (3B) Danny Valencia; #17 (RHP) Alex Burnett; #20 (RHP) Jeff Manship; #27 (C) Jose Morales;

Arizona Fall League Players – Peoria Saguaros
Pitchers – (LHP) David Bromberg; #7 (RHP) Carlos Gutierrez; #16 (LHP) Tyler Robertson; (RHP)
Kyle Waldrop
Hitters – #14 (1B/OF) Chris Parmelee; #13 (OF) Joe Benson; #5 (OF) Ben Revere

Players of Interest
All rankings are from Baseball America 2010 with information from Baseball America 2010 and 2011 along with John Sickels Prospect Handbook 2010 and 2011.

#5 Ben Revere | CF | D.o.B: 5-3-88 | Stats (AA): .305/.331/.363 | 361 AB | 15 XBH | 1 Hr | .056 ISO | 41:32 K:BB | 36/13 SB/CS | .339 BABIP
All speed and no power make Revere the perfect horsemen to shout, “Juan Pierre is coming!” See Scouting the Unknown for further details. Current BA ranking is number five.

#13 Joe Benson | OF | D.o.B: 3-5-88 | Stats (A+/AA): ..259/.343/.538 | 459 AB | 65 XBH | 27 Hr | .279 ISO | 136:47 K:BB | 19/9 SB/CS | .350 BABIP (A+); .300 BABIP
Aggressive hitter who is prone to strikeouts. Has five-tool abilities but is average across the board. Great raw power. Scouts say he has “center field range with a right fielder’s arm.” Speed trails only Ben Revere’s in the system. Could replace Michael Cuddyer as early as 2012. Still has work to refine his game. Could be a nice 30/20 with poor average player if all goes well. Current BA ranking is number four.

#14 Chris Parmelee | 1B/OF | D.o.B: 2-24-88 | Stats (A+/AA): .285/.356/.401 | 491 AB | 38 XBH | 8 Hr | .116 ISO | 81:56 K:BB | 3/3 SB/CS | .410 BABIP (A+); .313 BABIP (AA)
Parmelee has struggled to hit for power at the higher levels as stated by his slash line of .275/.341/.389 in 411 AB at Double-A over the past two years. He has plus-raw power but hasn’t be able to utilize this feat within his line drive swing. Defensively, he is adequate at best manning first. It feels like Parmelee has been touted forever because he has; this will be his sixth professional season and local sports writers have been watching him since day one. He needs to refine his hitting approach, increase defensive play and tap into his power to have any relevance going forward. Parmelee is a member of the 40-man roster. At just 23, he’s nearing the end of his prospect glory days. With Morneau’s concussions, he could be up sooner if things start going his way. Watch him start at Double-A to start the 2011 season. Current BA ranking is number 19.

#12 Rene Tosoni | RF | D.o.B: 7-2-86 | Stats (AA): .270/.369/.422 | 185 AB | 16 XBH | 4 Hr | .152 ISO | 52:25 K:BB 3/1 SB/CS | .351 BABIP
After a career year in 2009, Tosoni injured his right shoulder in spring. He attempted to play through the injury and struggled before being placed on DL in June. Even with an injury ridden season, he was added to the 40 man roster. Tosoni has 20/10 potential with a solid average. He could be another Hunter Pence or just another fourth outfielder. Current BA ranking is number 12.

#3 Kyle Gibson | RHP | D.o.B: 10-23-87 | Stats (A+/AA/AAA): 7.5 K/9 | 2.3 BB/9 | 152 IP | 2.96 ERA | 2.92 FIP (A+); 3.08 FIP (AA); 3.20 FIP (AAA) | 1.15 WHIP | .4 Hr/9 | 8.1 H/9 | .274 BABIP (A+); .304 BABIP (AA); .245 BABIP (AAA)
He’s a top 35 ranked prospect in all of baseball. He has a 86 to 92 MPH fastball with good command. He has a two-seamer with good movement (sink and cut). He also throws a plus slider and a plus changeup. Has the ability to induce a lot of groundballs (2.77 GO/AO). His strikeouts decreased at each level. In 43 1/3 innings at High-A he had a 8.3 K/9, in 93 innings at Double-A he had a 7.5 K/9 and in 15 2/3 innings at Triple-A he had a 5.2 K/9. Ceiling is a number one starter. Floor is a number three starter. Should start at Triple-A and receive a midseason promotion to save arbitration time. See Scouting the Unknown for further details. Current BA ranking is number one.

#9 David Bromberg | RHP | D.o.B: 9-14-87 | Stats (AA/AAA): 6.7 K/9 | 2.9 BB/9 | 151 1/3 IP | 3.75 ERA | 3.62 FIP (AA); 4.68 FIP (AAA) | 1.32 WHIP | .4 Hr/9 | 9.0 H/9 | .315 BABIP (AA); .257 BABIP (AAA)
Had solid year but nothing spectacular. Sounds like they should give him a 4 year $16 million contract to him a la Nick Blackburn. He throws the same average fastball between 88 and 92 MPH with an average curve and a sufficient changeup. Could get some action as a spot starter or a righty killer from the bullpen. Current BA ranking is number 13.

Scott Diamond | LHP | D.o.B: 7-30-86 | Stats (AA/AAA): 7.0 K/9 | 3.1 BB/9 | 158 2/3 IP | 3.46 ERA | 3.15 FIP (AA); 3.34 FIP (AAA) | 1.39 WHIP | .3 Hr/9 | 9.4 H/9 | .355 BABIP (AA); .291 BABIP (AAA)
A Rule-5 Draft pick, Diamond must stay on the major league squad or be returned to Atlanta. He throws a 86 to 91 MPH fastball with good sink (read: groundball pitcher) with a slider and changeup that are average at best. His ceiling is a number four or five starter. Nothing special but in deep leagues could provide solid value over other retreads. Current BA ranking is number 29.

Anthony Slama | RHP | D.o.B: 1-6-84 | Stats (AAA): 10.2 K/9 | 4.4 BB/9 | 65 1/3 IP | 2.20 ERA | 3.44 FIP | 1.12 WHIP | .7 Hr/9 | 5.6 H/9 | .235 BABIP
High strikeout reliever alert!  Slama has a deceptive delivery but average stuff. He throws an 88 to 92 MPH fastball and slurve and a changeup. His stats stated he should be given an opportunity to pitch from the bullpen. We’ll see if Gardenhire is willing to bypass his fickle ways. Current BA ranking is number 28.

Honorable Mentions
#1 Aaron Hicks | CF | D.o.B: 10-2-89 | Stats (A): .279/.401/.428 | 423 AB | 41 XBH | 8 Hr | .149 ISO | 112:88 K:BB | 21/11 SB/CS | .359 BABIP
I don’t see him being as exciting as local writer or prospects mavens. Maybe that is because I am skewed by fantasy baseball. Power upside is 20 to 25 home runs, but he doesn’t appear to be hitting that ceiling. His 2010 season was quite a success even if he stayed at Single Low-A for the second year in a row. He has a patient hitting approach, good raw power, above-average speed and good defense. BA projects him to be another Denard Span with better defense. Any Twins fan should be excited about that, just not excited for the next Mike Cameron or any other 25/20 player you can think of. I expect him to be more of another 20/15 type player. Current BA ranking is number two.

#4 Miguel Sano | SS/3B | D.o.B: 5-11-93 | Stats (Rk): .291/.338/.466 | 148 AB | 18 XBH | 4 Hr | .175 ISO | 43:10 K:BB | 2/2 SB/CS | .422 BABIP
Eventually Sano will receive a Scouting the Unknown article. However, he still hasn’t played above Rookie ball. He has tremendous raw power – best in the system, think 30 home runs per year – with good bat speed, strong leverage and knack for recognizing pitches. Projects to play third long term. Current BA ranking is number three.

#10 Max Kepler-Rozycki| OF | D.o.B: 2-10-93 | Stats (Rk): .286/.346/.343 | 140 AB | 7 XBH| 0 Hr | .057 ISO | 6/1 SB/CS | 27:13 K:BB | .354 BABIP
The German son of ballet dancers, Mr. Kepler-Rozycki is still very raw. Projecting him isn’t something Baseball America even tries to do. Instead, they just stated to be aware that he could be moderate power hitter with good defense and speed. Needs more at-bats in the minors before anyone can truly say anything relevant. Current BA ranking is number 11.

Alex Wimmers | RHP | D.o.B: 11-1-88 | Stats (A+): 13.2 K/9 | 2.9 BB/9 | 15 2/3 IP | .57 ERA | 1.22 FIP | .70 WHIP | .0 Hr/9 | 3.4 H/9 | .200 BABIP
Drafted in the first round of the 2010 draft, Wimmers projects to be a perfect middle-of-the-rotation pitcher. He throws a 88 to 92 MPH fastball with good command and control. He also throws a changeup (his best pitch) and a curveball. Should return to High-A and be promoted mid-season to Double-A if all goes well. Current BA ranking is number 7.

Liam Hendriks | RHP | D.o.B: 2-10-89 | Stats (A/A+): 8.7 K/9 | 1.1 BB/9 | 108 2/3 IP | 1.74 ERA | 1.35 FIP (A); 2.14 FIP (A+) | .84 WHIP | .2 Hr/9 | 6.5 H/9 | .203 BABIP (A); .284 BABIP (A+)
Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oye! Oye! Oye! This Aussie skyrocketed up the Twins farm rankings. Hendriks 2010 season was one of the few bright spots – sure wasn’t their upper minors win-loss record. He throws a 86 to 91 MPH fastball with sinking action and finished the season sitting between 90 and 93 MPH. He also have a good changeup and a curveball that is slight above-average. With great command, a strong work ethic and these numbers, Hendriks will force himself into the major he can do this again. Expect to see him return to High-A to start the year. Current BA ranking is number six.

  1. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    @grey In a vacuum…in a league that counts QS and Sv/hlds which side are you on for this trade:

  2. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    @grey thanks for your response to the above question. I noticed it on the Beachy piece. Daiquiri for you!

  3. Matt S. says:

    Burnett isn’t graduating this year. He’ll be back at AAA. Morales is off the team, too, traded to Col. Am I just not understanding that section?

    No love for Luke Hughes? Should at least merit a mention, since he’s a likely call-up if he doesn’t make the team.

  4. SwaggerJackers says:

    Question for the Razzball experts: Who’s a better play for my utility spot to start out the year: Chris Johnson or Trumbo? I’m looking for RBIs.

  5. Exile in Dixie says:

    So how much does the declining strikeout total for Gibson concern you? That is to say, if you’re a Twins fan playing in a mixed league with minors spots, is this guy worth picking up for some mid-season goodness, or does is the early career Scott Baker comp still a good one (er, bad one for fantasy)? I’m inclined to say, “yo, don’t be cute, just punch your league mates to get to the front of the Moosetacos line…”

  6. Stephen says:

    @:Matt S.: These are the prospects that gathered/accumulated enough AB or IP in 2010. re:Luke Hughes: I’m not sure he’ll have any reevamce like a Danny Valencia. He could be more of a deep AL-only play if he can play 2B.

    @Exile in Dixie: I think he’ll (Gibson) will be better than Baker. He’ll be better than Baker. He’ll be like a Ted Lilly for fantasy. Solid but not spetacular. The decline in ‘s shouldn’t bean isse. He’ll be 7.5 K/9

  7. Francis says:

    Can I get some assistance, please? 14 team , mixed, 6×6 (OPS and QS). Should I trade Uggla for Weaver? My team is:

    1B – Prince
    3B – Wright
    CI – K. Morales
    2B – Uggla
    SS – A. Escobar
    MI – Pedroia
    OF – Stubbs
    OF – Quentin
    OF – Raburn
    OF – A. Gordon
    UTIL – Lind
    Bench – L. Morrison
    Bench – J. Lowrie

    P – Grienke
    P – Kuroda
    P – Kennedy
    P – Matusz
    P – A. Sanchez
    P – Braden
    P – Pineda
    RP – F. Cordero
    RP – Lyon
    RP – Hanrahan

  8. Nomar Mr. Nice Guy says:

    I would not trade Uggla for SP help in Weaver. Uggla could have a monster year, especially given his splits playing away, his average at home was very poor (maybe it was the heat?). If you go by Grey’s rankings, its a no- brainer Uggla – 36, Weaver – 61
    Keep Uggla and celebrate with an Uggla Sweater Party

  9. ken plane says:

    A report Tuesday, March 22, that Atlanta Braves SP Brandon Beachy had won the final rotation spot over SP Mike Minor was premature, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s David O’Brien. The team could lean toward Minor to have a left-handed pitcher in a rotation full of righties.

    2011-03-23 11:52:08 | Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – David O’Brien

  10. Mr2Bits says:

    Another loss for Ogando and the Texas bullpen today. Expect to see Feliz back in the closer’s position come weeks end as the offense won’t be able to get a 5 run cushion every game .

  11. wayne says:

    Im in a 10 team mix and really really really need to know which team you guys would rather have Doc please weigh your stash on this too

    TEAM !
    c-V. Martinez
    1b-M. Moreland
    2b-B. Zobrist
    3b-C. McGehee
    SS-H. Ramirez
    2b/ss- A. Escobar
    1b/3b- I. Stewart
    of- S.S. Choo
    of-M. Stanton
    of-D. Stubbs
    of-T. Snider
    of- D. Span
    util-D. Fowler

    TEAM @
    c-V. Martinez
    1b-M. Moreland
    2b-B. Zobrist
    3b-A. Beltre
    SS-Star Castro
    2b/ss- A. Escobar
    1b/3b-C. McGehee
    of- A. Rios
    of-S.S. Choo
    of-M. Stanton
    of-D. Stubbs
    of-T. Snider
    util-C. Pena


  12. Hellboy says:

    hi, Grey. i’m korean and your fan since 2009.
    your articles are very helpful and funny for me. so i appreciate it. here’s my team of 10 teams roto.
    i’m not satisfied with pitching. how can i do? Heyward, Anderson, and Desmond are on my trading block. need your help. thanks :)
    c – Wieters
    1b – Ad Gonzo
    2b – Phillips
    3b – Sandoval
    ss – Tulowitzki
    ci -Lind
    mi- Raburn
    of -Braun
    of – Holliday
    of – Heyward
    util – Gardner

    sp – Liriano
    sp – Haren
    sp – Brett Anderson
    rp – Marmol
    rp – Valverde
    rp – McGee
    p – Vazquez
    p – Colby Lewis
    p – Capps

    bn – Sean Rod, Desmond, Gaby Sanchez, Hellickson, Travis Wood..

    and should i drop Vazquez for Burnett or Bedard??
    i wonder how you think about Burne and Bedard..

  13. Stephen says:

    @Exile in Dixie: Sorry for the grammatical errors. I was at a conference all day and had to reply via my T-Mobile phone. Nevertheless, Kyle Gibson will be better than Baker, more like a Ted Lilly. I think Gibson will have about a 7.5 to 8.0 k/9 ratio with 2.75 BB/9. So a number two starter for fantasy in his prime. That’s his ceiling.

  14. Stephen says:

    @elwood blue: jackson.

  15. elwood blues says:

    @Stephen: Thanks, making sure it wasn’t the Cub Fan in me over-rating him

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