We’ve made it to the first quarter mark of the season! Now what? Well, based off his extensive experience of climbing out of the gutter, Grey is here to help you figure out a strategy. After that, we go on to discuss some of the hot, and cold, performers from May and where they might fit in the positional ranks moving forward. We talk about some of the newest callups and what leagues we are scooping them up in. Then, we finish up with some bullpen and waivers talk to help all of you SAGNOFers and streamers.



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1 month ago

49:40 time stamp

eflin is a solid number 3? ??

he is literally horrendous. I’ve never seen more hittable stuff.

hes awful man watched the whole game. eflin stinks.

cant believe you spent 5 minutes talking about this bum eflin. completely useless.

Reply to  lolmets
1 month ago

eflin has amazing command, its so good hes able to throw the ball directly into the center of the opposing hitters bats.

when jeff mcneil takes you second deck you know the pitcher is throwing absolute meat.