I figured what better for a weekend double shot than a dual Luis Garcia post. Why you ask am I so enamored with the name Luis Garcia? Particularly when this unholy example of Garcia walks amongst us. This version of the Phillies Luis Garcia is a toolsy shortstop who made his stateside debut this summer in the GCL. Signed out of the Dominican Republic for $2.5 million during the July 2017 signing period. A top ten player in the class, he was, much like the Nationals Luis Garcia, a player heavily praised for his defensive prowess with a split camp on the quality of his hitting. We got some looks at Luis Garcia this summer in Florida. While it’s nowhere near enough information to determine his future value, it was a glimpse of an exciting player to come. Let’s dig in a little deeper…

Defense is far more important to fantasy value than many of us would like to admit. Particularly when it comes to young players in the lower minors. The glove can carry a profile, and when paired with at least average hitting can help avoid potential roadblocks along the way. Everything we’ve seen, heard, and read about the switch-hitting shortstop fits the latter description. A strong fielder, with advanced hitting for a 17 year old. It’s tough to truly project out future MLB power or speed totals for players at this age. Growth happens rapidly, adjustments, and challenges from each level are all part of the process. What often does standout is hitting. Bat speed, barrel control, plate coverage, discipline, and approach. In the lowest levels this is often what separates the elite from the rest. With a slashline of .369/.433/.488, a 8% Bb% to an 11.2% K%, and a wRC+ of 162, Garcia certainly separated himself.

My colleague, co-owner of Prospectslive.com, and constant source of top notch info Jason Woodell caught Garcia down in Florida his summer and here’s what he had to say.

Jason is right, in deeper dynasty leagues this is definitely a player we should all be targeting this offseason. As you can see in the swing it’s geared toward line-drives at the moment, but displays quick hands, strong wrists, and lots of top spin on balls he puts in play. His swing, from most reports, is better from the left side than the right but the above looks good to me. While no burner, Garcia is an above-average runner, and has shown the ability to steal some bases, and make an impact on the bathpaths. The combination of his switch-hitting contact profile, and speed, make him a future leadoff candidate.

2019 should see a full season assignment for the Phillies farmhand. Likely to be assigned to Low-A Hagerstown of the South Atlantic League. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Garcia struggle out the gate getting acclimated to the cooler temps early in the season and the grind of the full season, but I’d be shocked if it takes him more than a couple of months to get settled. The opportunity for a big value jump is setup nicely. Be a shrewd manager and take advantage of that now.

Conclusion: Garcia was well outside the Top 100 at mid-season, but could easily find himself within that company by early to mid 2019. Go git’em!

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  1. Dave Funnell says:

    Which prospects in your top 500 may have bumped up in your projected ETA? Last day of the season, I like to drop players I won’t keep or whose contracts are expiring and pick up $1 alternatives for next season. Kiriloff is still available, but he’s 2020. I’ll probably still pick him up, but are there any that haven’t debuted yet that you think are worthy of a potential 2019 pickup now? Some available names:

    J. Sanchez
    C. Kieboom – though I have Tatis and Rodgers too.
    L. Robert
    K. Lee
    Mountcastle – though I have Vlad.

    There are others too. Wander Franco hasn’t been added to Yahoo. Anyways was curious on your take from these guys and others who have leaped up in your rankings.

    I’ll be dropping Arenado (exp contract), Puig (exp contract), a few relief pitchers, 3 streaming starters, Schwarber and maybe more. So I’ll ha e spots available.

    Hope I didn’t make this too long. Thanks I’m advance and happy offseason!

  2. Another Dan says:

    Hey Ralph,

    Hope things are good.

    Prospects live is looking mightily impressive but I’m glad you are hanging around razzball. Will be checking both.

    Have a question regarding dynasty roster improvement. In my 30 team league I have been targeting hitters much more than pitchers because they are more reliable IMO. Pitchers have relief risk and also are much more likely to succumb to injuries that derail their career. However another owner commented that he’s most drafted pitchers and a third said ‘draft P, buy hitters, not a bad strategy’. Who you with ? I am confident in my strategy in smaller (12 team) leagues since the number of prospects owned is smaller and Every year pitchers always rise from nowhere. Plus their are good pitchers on the waiver wire all the time.

    Fantasy update : been dumped out of all (well still in one, but will be out tomorrow my H2H playoffs. Hate it when teams clinch and then rest players. Should win my first ever roto this season though.

    Football update : we got knocked out of the FA Cup after a dire performance. But have since won 2 in the league and now sit 3rd (small sample size warning!!).

    Best wishes,

    Another Dan

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