Razzball Nation!  The $100,000 Sweet Spot has come and gone (how’d you do Razzball Contest winners?) and we’ve got only one RAZZBALL EXCLUSIVE contest for baseball left this season.  It won’t be this week, but the following week in our normal Friday slot.  I’m not going to give it all away, but the grand prize will be something really, really huge – like Jon Rauch huge – and give you a ticket into one of DraftKings’ Week 1 Kickoff Bash Events for the NFL season, where over $1,000,000 is given away in prizes.  It’s the biggest Week 1 event in daily fantasy, so stay tuned to the Podcast and my Wednesday article next week for the big announcement.

But don’t worry if you’re still jones-in for DraftKings MLB action, with huge $10K High Heat Contests every Tuesday and $25K High Heat Contests every Friday that you can win entry-tickets through qualifiers like this one for as little as $5.00.  I’m still going to be playing this Friday in another Daily Dollar to keep the Friday tradition alive (got 9th last week – triple up the singles!).  And once the MLB season is over, there will be all sorts of huge NFL contests throughout the football season.  Daily Fantasy is here for year-round excitement and I’m ready to crush Razzball Nation!  Ok so I still haven’t come in 1st yet in a Razzball contest, but I beat Rudy every week!  I beat the machines!  I’m like John Connor!

Peering over my shoulder to last week’s Sweet Spot/Daily Dollar picks:

SP – Doug Fister  W  6.1 IP  8 H  2 BB  1 ER  4 Ks  (18.3 Pts)

MI – Hanley Ramirez  1-3  1 HR  2 RBI  R  (16 Pts)

CI – Miguel Cabrera  2-4  1 HR  3 RBI  R  (21 Pts)

OF1 – Curtis Granderson  0-4

OF2 – Jay Bruce  0-4  R  (2 Pts)

UTIL – Khris Davis  2-3  2 HR  4 RBI  2 R  1 BB  (34 Pts)

TOTAL –  91.3 (Previous three weeks: 41.95, 77.95, 55.8)

Long live the year of Chris/Khris Davis!  A huge game from him propelled me into 9th out of 127 to triple up in the Daily Dollar, and hopefully helped a few of you Razzballers in the Sweet Spot win a big chunk of the winnings.  Plus homers from Miggy and HanRam gave me my biggest offensive output this season and one of my best set of article picks on the year. Here’s who I like this week for Friday’s action:

SP – Julio Teheran ($6,700) – I don’t expect this price to hold, as pricing adjustments seem to vary wildly when someone faces the Marlins, but if he’s still in this low range, easy buy pitching at home against the hapless Fish hitters.  K-upside as well.  If that price holds, I’ll be able to also afford Yu Darvish in a saucy matchup against the Twins.

CI – Paul Goldschmidt ($5,700) – No one is more excited to see Tim Lincecum on the hill than Goldschmidt, who has torched Timmy Jim in his career to the tune of .529 (9-197) with an unreal 5 homers and 11 RBIs.  Oh, and it’s in Arizona.  Jeepers!

MI – Daniel Murphy ($3,400) – If you missed it, Murphy absolutely abused Jordan Zimmermann on July 26th when JZ last pitched against the Mets, going 3-4 with 2 homers and 4 RBIs off him.  This one will also be in the much easier to hit Nationals Park, so love him at the value.

OF1 – Alex Rios ($3,600) – It’s a small sample, but Rios is 3-6 with 2 homers against Liam Hendriks and this one is at Texas.  Huge power potential in that great line-up.

OF2 – Adam Jones ($5,200) – Since I’ve pinched a few pennies at SP and MI, I’m going big with Jones against the horrible looking CC Sabathia.  CC has really struggled against the Orioles the past few seasons, and Jones is a solid .300 hitter off him (15-50) with 3 career homers.  Just think this will be a good one from Jones.

UTIL – Martin Prado ($4,800) – For my UTIL, there’s no way I could pick a more apropos player.  Yeah he’s a little pricey, but can fit in in either 2B or 3B in DraftKings and is one of the hottest hitters in baseball since the ASB hitting .361 including a red-hot August where he’s hit .369 with 4 homers and 30 ribbies.  He’s hit Lincecum well at 6-17 (.353) and I like pairing him with Goldschmidt as I see Lincecum getting rocked.  If you like to load up on one team’s hitters, it’d be the Diamondbacks this Friday.

Shoot your DraftKings questions below or tweet me @jbgilpin. And if you’re gearing up for football, start up a Football RCL League for a weekly top scorer shout out on the Razzball Football Podcast, along with DraftKings NFL updates.

Week 1 $1,000,000 Kickoff Bash!

  1. ryanjoe13 says:

    Which start do you like better: Estrada vs LAA or Tai Walker @ HOU?

    • ryanjoe13 says:

      @ryanjoe13: P.S. thanks for the call on Ohlendorf yesterday. Solid streamer that got me a W and big boost for ERA and WHIP

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @ryanjoe13: thanks man! Yea used Ohlendorf in one league as well… Id go Walker if he indeed makes that start, tough not to like

        • ryanjoe13 says:

          @JB Gilpin: thanks. just officially announced that he’s been called up to make the start

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @ryanjoe13: Yup saw that too, think its going to be a great debut to watch, I’d roll with him and hope for that big K upside.

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