It has been my great pleasure bringing you plays on this season. I hope it was a profitable one for you all. If it wasn’t, don’t let the lessons learned be easily forgotten. One of the biggest lessons for me every season is that you must continually reexamine your stance on players, especially young ones. Walker Buehler is an excellent example. He had a fine season. Suddenly he’s dominating. It’s very possible he’s taken the step to ace in waiting. Treat him as such. Good luck in your final week of MLB.

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Max Scherzer, SP: Early. It’s your last chance to play Mad Max for the 2018 season. There’s nothing left to play for, except giving the fans one last moment of joy. I like Scherzer to do that in spectacular fashion.

Walker Buehler, SP: Middle. The Dodgers have let Buehler loose the last month. They’ve needed to do everything they can to hold on to the division lead. That’s more critical than ever this week. Walker is their future ace. He’s stepping into that role with a September K/9 of 12.65 and an xFIP of 2.39. His heavy fastball has led the way for much of that.

Touki Toussaint, SP: Late. Yet another of the Braves young pitching embarrassment of riches. Toussaint has acquitted himself well in the four starts he’s made. His overall season line takes a hit if you include one inning in relief where he melted down. I’m happy to overlook it. As a starter, he has a 3.27 ERA and 9.41 K/9, with a 2-1 record. 

Jose Ramirez, IF: Early. I’m betting James Shields has one last DFS gift against the Indians for us this season. That makes JRam my top IF. Rudy’s Optimizer concurs. Get used to seeing him go early, he’s a top 5 pick next year. He stands alone in the 30/30 club for 2018 (until Mookie steals his 30th this week). Power and speed is always a great way to go early.

Jonathan Schoop, IF: Late. It hasn’t been the season Schoop backers had hoped for. I think he gives you a nice day against LHP Austin Gomber to ease the pain some. He still has a .221 ISO against lefties this year. Gomber has some crooked numbers next to his name lately, as well.

Rhys Hoskins, OF: Early. The most reliable of the Phillies bats going in Coors today. We’ve been spoiled by the overabundance of power lately, but Hoskins 33 homers is still a respectable season total. Hopefully, he continues adding to it in Colorado after hitting one yesterday.

Yasiel Puig, OF: Late. Puig gets at least a couple passes at Diamondbacks starter Matt Koch. That’s a matchup I’m after. Puig hits RHP better to the tune of .403/.279 wOBA L/R. I may be buying the playoff race narrative for L.A. if you couldn’t tell.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

It’s going to be tough to play a baseball game in Boston. Even if they do, not sure I want much exposure to it. Keep an eye on New York, as well.

Doing Lines in Vegas

The Teamonator agrees the Dodgers score some runs with a 5.37 projected L.A. runs. That makes the over a decent play at 8.