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After April 14th, if you take out one start in Fenway and two starts in The House They Built Next To The House That Ruth Built, Brandon Morrow posts a line of 9-4/2.97/1.21/146 in 121 1/3 IP.  And if Tom Cruise were taller, he could see the top of Katie Holmes’ head.  And if I were 14-years-old, I’d be gettin’ slizzard in a G6.  Or at least a vague understanding of what the hell that means.  The fact is Morrow’s final line was 10-7/4.49/1.38/178, but if you’re rolling with Blue Jay pitchers, don’t you bench them vs. Yankees and Sawx?  I kinda do.  His after-All-Star Break line was 5-1/3.69/1.21/67 with a .214 BAA.  I know it probably feels like Morrow has been a touted prospect forever, but he’s only 26-years-old and, because the M’s were yanking his chain for a few years, he doesn’t have that many IP on his arm.  So what can we expect of Brandon Morrow for 2011 fantasy baseball and what makes him a sleeper?

Lots of Ks, that’s for sure.  He had the best K/9 (10.95) for SPs with at least 140 IP.  Right behind him were Lincecum, Lester and Gallardo.  Ever hear of them?  Rhetorical!  Morrow’s FIP was 3.16 compared to his 4.49 ERA.  That’s the biggest discrepancy for any SP with at least 140 IP.  You’re not looking at a sleeper here as much as you’re looking at a downright steal.  You may have a top 15 starter if he can get Wins and rope in his walks a bit.  If he doesn’t get Wins and the walks stay wild, you may simply have the AL version of Filthy Sanchez.  On the positive side, in April and May his BB/9 was 5.14 and 5.59, respectively.  Then in June, July and August it was 2.73, 3.52, 2.97, very respectively.  Hello, marked improvement, nice to see you.  I could see a line in 2011 of 12-9/3.80/1.38/195.  There’s considerable upside on the ERA and WHIP.  Sure, I’m not thrilled to be targeting an AL East starter, but with the stuff he has I’d be more than happy to grab him as my 4th or 5th fantasy starter in mixed leagues.

  1. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    Lee to Phillies. Deal with it

  2. Steve says:

    It’s OK Grey, I can wait until the (ahem) morrow for you to answer this one. Where you drafting the aforementioned? 15th or so? A round or two later perhaps?

  3. Terrence Mann says:

    Really like Morrow and to a lesser extent Romero. You were sales pitching Morrow a lot the last half of the season. I don’t think I’ll be starting anyone at Fenway or NY this season. Maybe Felix. Maybe…but I doubt it. I can see magazines and blogs pimping Morrow in the preseason, pushing his value down. Guess we’ll have to see about that.

    Slizzard is getting drunk (and I think codeine syrup is implied as the means). A G6 is a new private jet that is out of the price range of anyone that uses, or even knows the word slizzard. I’m out of touch, too, and this may be my last chance to translate these kinds of things….so I figured I would.

  4. Peter D says:

    As a Jays fan that followed the team I can give you the scoop on Morrow:

    When Morrow first came to the Jays he thought he had to throw the ball as hard as he could to get people out. The team kept telling him that even if he took something off his fastball the hitters wouldn’t be able to catch up to it, but he’d have much better command. He finally listened to them and thus the improved June, July and August numbers.

    As long as he doesn’t revert back to his old way of thinking, I see no reason for him not to continue this success. However, I feel like everyone is talking about how Morrow is a sleeper, so I don’t expect him to be a sleeper. I can see him going as early as the 10th round in some drafts, so I’m not sure he will be much of a value pick in many leagues.

  5. Elijah says:

    Jon Heyman of confirmed late Monday night that Cliff Lee’s new deal with the Phillies is worth $120 million over five years.

  6. mic says:

    keep: alex rios or b.j. upton (just need reassurance)?

  7. Tony says:

    as long as Cliff didn’t sign with the Yankees or Boston I’m happy…. although the Phillys are about as bad now…. lol

    Their entire staff is comprised of other teams aces. Except hamels. sick. PuKe.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Moonlight’s Grahams: Thanks for the heads up!

    @Steve: 15th what? Overall pick? I’m not drafting him there.

    @Terrence Mann: Thank you for your translation!

    @Peter D: Thanks for the breakdown. He’ll go later than the 10th round.

    @Elijah: Thanks for the heads up!

    @mic: Upton

    @Tony: Yup

  9. Jake in Columbus says:

    @Peter D: The Morrow hype train is already moving at a pretty strong clip. He could still outperform his ADP but I agree, he probably won’t be as big a big steal by the time it really gets rolling in spring. Fangraphs has been doing a crowdsourcing series to gauge where people think players will be drafted and he was the first example chosen.

  10. Eddy says:

    What’s up guys!

    Just wanted to inform you all that there are 2 spots left in tomorrows mock draft that takes place at 4pm EST on MDC. As Elijah mentioned earlier, you can definitely participate by making a free account.

    The password is “mustache”

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Nice password.

  12. Howard says:

    @Eddy Pardon my ignorance but what is MDC?

  13. Tony says:

    @Howard: mock draft central

  14. Terrence Mann says:

    @Howard: Mock Draft Central.

  15. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Morrow went #108 in current draft on Couch Managers. A lot to like, but not sure he comes cheap.

  16. Steve says:

    @Grey: Give me some credit! What round?

  17. Steve says:

    Oops. Should have said THE 15th in my original question. It was late, there was wine…

  18. Howard says:

    @Terrence Mann @Tony Thanks! I should have known that because I’m a member! Duh!

  19. Back To Minors says:

    @Steve: I think it’s pretty clear that you meant 15th round.

  20. Back To Minors says:

    So the Phillies have a scary, scary rotation.

  21. Eddy says:

    I decided that every week the password will be created with some razzball flavor.

    Btw, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but you’re more than welcome to join us as often as you’d like in these mocks.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ah… See when you said aforementioned, I thought you meant Cliff Lee because of the comment above you. 15th would be great. I took Morrow in the 12th round of a draft. Seems about right.

    @Eddy: Cool…


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