Do you remember the last time you swung and missed?

Maybe it happened at your beer league softball game? Or maybe it was during last week’s company-wide meeting when you thought you’d tell that funny story about the peanut butter thing but screwed up the beginning, and nobody laughed—not even Amber from accounting who giggles at everything—so you sat down all hot faced, feeling stupid all day?

Or maybe you’re thinking of that day you finally asked out Amber from Accounting, and that time she did laugh?

Nobody likes to swing and miss, is all I’m saying. And nobody likes that awkward what-what of trying to save a story from a bad opening line. Here’s some baseball-related proof:

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Prospecting is hard work. Have you seen Deadwood? Bottom line, people can die out here looking for gold. Al Swearinger will see to that. 

On the off chance you find some gold, shizz just gets more dangerous. Remember what happened to Tom Waits in that Ballad of Buster Scruggs? He was all alone out in the nothingness of nature’s beauty, working his ass off surrounded by an embarrassment of resources waiting to be swallowed up by the coming monsoon of hyper-capitalism. 

Scary solitude. 

And that’s kind of my goal here. I want to be early on scene, digging for veins of gold that’ll be just waiting for you to take back to your leagues anytime you happen upon my efforts. 

So welcome to the Prospect Index—your portal to a rundown for every minor league system in baseball! 

Please, blog, may I have some more?