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Another week older and closer to the all-star game. Where we can look forward to listening to about 600 comments about the waterfall in Kauffman Stadium. We get it, it’s a waterfall in a baseball park; my koi pond has one too but you don’t see them sauntering about with uniforms having a home run derby. Of course they can’t, they are fish, but if you close your eyes tight enough you can picture it happening. No? Well, then, it’s just my glaucoma. So this is an interesting week, lots of veteran guys to choose from and some of the typical re-treads that I write about every thrice week. Yea, I know that makes no sense, but I bet a friend that I would put some magic words in this week’s read. So enjoy the haberdashery and the freshly baked oatmeal fudge bars, and with that I win the bet. (Please keep in mind that pitchers and match-ups change)

One-Start Streamers:


Joe Blanton vs Col — White

Dillon Gee vs Bal — Matusz

Jarrod Parker vs LAD — Eovaldi


Joe Kelly @ KC — Chen

Kevin Millwood @ SD — Ohlendorf


Garrett Richards vs LAD — Capuano

Alex Cobb @Phi — Kendrick

Two-Start Options:

Jake Arrieta (@NYM vs Dickey, Was vs Wang) You’re praying that the Orioles out-slug the other guys. Unfortunately pitching stats count too. WHIP-tard that will ruin your week on Monday…pass.

Kevin Correia (Min vs Manship, Det vs Porcello) You see that barrel over there? Well, we scraped the bottom of the previous one and Corriea was left. Take that with a grain of sea salt, or don’t.

Jerome Williams (SF vs Cain, LAD vs Harang) The next starts by Johan and Humber after their no hitter/perfect games this year haven’t been pretty. If I had two coins to rub together I would gamble that Cain gets chased early.

Randy Wolf (Tor vs Drabek, @CHW vs Peavy) I saw Lon Chaney Jr walking with Mel Queen. Only one ER in last 2 starts. For veteran preference, he takes this week’s cake. Hey… wait a second, others want some cake too.

Mike Minor (@NYY vs Sabathia, @Bos vs Buchholz) Everyone is still waiting on-line to pile back on the hype bus. Pitched decent enough to get the win in his previous start against the Yanks; too bad Venters went all, “I’m going to burn this mother down.” You could do worse than roster this guy as a 7-8 SP.

Jonathan Sanchez (@Hou vs Happ, STL vs Lynn) Filthy/Dirty is back from a month long DL stint. His first start back was typical 5 innings pitched, 413 pitches; has moderate K upside for a guy that goes less than 6 innings.

Derek Lowe (Cin vs Latos, @Hou vs Happ) Groundballin’ never gets old. It’s like your go-to dance move, you know the one I’m talking about where you actually feel like you know how to dance. Meanwhile everyone else thinks your having a seizure.

Jeff Manship (@Pit vs Correia, @Cin vs Latos) Hopefully filling in for the injured P.J. Walters, because his name is fun and I feel like nothing is going to stop him now. Except maybe Hollywood with a fire hose.

Chien-Ming Wang (TB vs Price, @Bal vs Arrieta) Starting to get a little more stretched out, when in doubt go with a groundballer. The chase for wins this week starts here for me.

Hector Noesi (@Ari vs Miley, @SD vs Marquis) I personally think this may be his last 2 shots to stick in the rotation. Capable arms are waiting in the wings so watch his starts and get the waiver wire finger itching for Hultzen.

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  1. JG_ism says:

    We like Beachy or Hammel today?
    Kinda leaning towards Hammel….

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @JG_ism, Beachy at home

  2. Fister Furbush says:

    In the two start section, I believe you’re leaving out these two fine options…

    Scott Diamond @Pit and @ CIn
    Mark Buerhle Vs TOR @ BOS

    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @Fister Furbush, Buerhle is owned in over 80% of leagues, Diamond may not get 2 starts, which is why I put Manship up.

      • Fister Furbush says:

        @Smokey, true i know what you mean. I just haven’t seen manship get the start yet on their website. If scott diamond is a 2 start I would put him in my lineup with trust.

        Also, how much do you like Dillon Gee from here on out? Do you think he is legit as his numbers have been?

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @Fister Furbush, I like Gee, he is a great 4-5 starter.

  3. JK Smiles says:

    With Longo resurrecting in the next week, I need to clear some chaff. Who to cull? Mixed 10 team H2H points league:


    • Smokey

      Smokey says:

      @JK Smiles, Tough call really, would try to trade first

      • JK Smiles says:

        @Smokey, My league is quite trade averse, especially after my recent acquisition of Longo for Furcal, Worley, and Morrow (day before his injury).

        • Smokey

          Smokey says:

          @JK Smiles, Yea well that’s stingy, pray for an injury to swap longo for someone for stashing purposes.

    • Fister Furbush says:

      @JK Smiles, That’s easy, cut Rasmus over anyone else.

  4. Wake Up says:

    Is it Man’s Hip or Man Ship?


    We’ve got a new leader – soxpats74 of Norwood, MA (really? you’re from Massachussetts. Never woulda guessed) with 220 points thanks to 4 players: Joey Votto (45), Michael Cuddyer (85), Adam Dunn (65), and Jose Bautista (25). Green Eggs and Slam of Oakland, CA (is that you, Hammer?) also has 220 points thanks to three players – Brandon Phillips (90), Joey Votto (45), and Michael Cuddyer (85) but trails soxpats74 in tie-breaker questions 3-2.

    As for the top 2 players, it shouldn’t be any surprise: Brandon Moss and Trevor Plouffe. They were on zero and five of the entries, respectively.

  6. Terrence Mann says:

    I was pretty thrilled with myself after streaming Cobb and Richard last week.

    Decided to take it a step further and streamed Sanchez, Alvarez, Wolf, and Williams this week. Also, I’ve got Myers closing everywhere.


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