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Baseball’s hot stove season has been largely dominated by the new-look Marlins. The last time a Miami team made such headlines in free agency, it was the controversial Miami Heat “Dream Team.” Although they did not have their own hour long ESPN special and subsequent public hatred like Lebron and his gang, the new-look Marlins have come to play.

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Baltimore Orioles 2011 Minor League Review

Organizational Talent Rankings via Baseball America:

2011 (21) | 2010 (8) | 2009 (9) | 2008 (14) | 2007 (17) | 2006 (12)

2011 Affiliate Records

MLB: [69-93] AL East

AAA: [56-87] International League – Norfolk

AA: [75-66] Eastern League – Bowie

A+: [80-59] Carolina League – Frederick

A: [55-85] South Atlantic League – Delmarva

A(ss): [24-51] New York-Penn League – Aberdeen

The Run Down

With guys in their system like Manny Machado, Jonathan Schoop and Dylan Bundy, Baltimore is not without exciting prospects. 

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The Brewers signed Aramis Ramirez to a deal worth between $34-37 million.  Wouldn’t you love to make so much money that there’s a gap of three million between what you might make?  “Hey, Aramis, you got a second?”  “I was just rolling up hundred dollar bills to make kindling.”  “Just wanted to see if you’ll take a deal for somewhere between $34-37 million.”  “There’s a three million dollar gap there. 

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Oh, boy, Bill James has gone and done it again.  His misguided love for all things Chris Davis has reemerged for Paul Goldschmidt.  He gives him the 2012 projections of 93/32/99/.266/9.  Wow.  Maybe after Goldschmidt’s done curing cancer he can also invent a Facebook Dislike button so I can properly grade all of my so-called friends’ posts. 

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