Hey you guys!
 If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen Goonies about a hundred times. The movie is a legitimate classic, and according to the rumors, a sequel is in the works. If they are looking for someone to play Sloth, look no further than Julio Urias. Yes I know, that is awful, but I felt it had to be done. I know he had surgery on that eye last year, but maybe it was all part of the pre-production plans. Billy Butler can play Chunk. How about Masahiro Tanaka as Data and Frodo Baggins as Mikey. Sounds good to me. Now let’s get filming people!

Since I just burned one of the best pitching prospects in the game, it’s only fair I now say a few complimentary things. At 19 years of age, Urias is probably the best pitcher in the minors. So far in 41 innings in AAA he has 44 strikeouts, a 1.10 ERA and AAA-best 0.98 WHIP. Let’s not forget that he’s pitching in the batter-friendly Pacific Coast League. Even Justin Upton could hit home runs in that league. As for when he will make his MLB Debut with the Dodgers, that’s anyone’s guess. We should see him sometime this year when he will join Felix Hernandez and Dwight Gooden in the list of pitchers to debut at the age of 19. Yes, I know there are more than Gooden and Hernandez, but those are the two I wanted to mention.

I wish I knew what to make of Jon Gray. I was so close to picking him up in a few leagues recently, but was unable to pull the trigger. He was eventually scooped up by another team in both leagues leaving me Gray-less. In 32 innings he has 39 strikeouts. However, he also has given up 24 earned runs (6.75). But wait, that’s par for the course for Rockies pitchers, right? My plan was I’d start him on the road. I was just about to pick him up when his most recent start in St. Louis happened. On the road, away from Coors Field, Gray surrendered nine earned runs over three and a third innings. Talk about a rocky road outing! However, despite being a .500 team, the Cardinals lead the National League in runs scored, and trail only the Boston Red Sox for the Major league lead. I think Gray is going to be a solid pitcher, but this is not the year to own him. He’s just too volatile and streaky. And considering he’s only start-able on the road, how valuable can he be. At this point he’s probably nothing more than a streamer.

For those of you wondering, all two of you, I’m taking Urias over Gray. But that was probably obvious…