Travis Hafner is coming back.  We’re picking him up for our UTIL slot right now…in our 40 team mixed league.  Brett Myers, who has been a marginal mixed league starter since returning from a bullpen stint 2 years back, may be out for the year with the latest – or should we say hippest – new injury….the torn labrum in the hip.  It’s the new oblique.  We had him on the risky list this year, but thought his elbow would be the first to go after throwing so many sliders last year.  If any Phillie pitcher was going to get a new hip, we would’ve bet Jamie Moyer.  (Incidentally, he’s also first on our list of most likely Phillie pitchers to get a new gall bladder.)  Anyway, here’s what else we saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Grady Sizemore – [sarcasm] Huge game for Grady as he went 1-for-3 with no runs or RBIs or steals.  Watch out now! [/sarcasm]

Clete Thomas – Batted leadoff for the Tigers yesterday.  I’ve figured out Jim Leyland’s master plan!  Anderson had been leading off, but he’s the left fielder and he sat out.  So Clete Thomas was the left fielder yesterday so he led off.  When Clete Thomas was the right fielder, he batted third.  Leyland’s got the positions written on his lineup card and only enough Liquid Paper to change names.  Mystery solved!

Anthony Swarzak – This guy sounds like a guy everyone went to high school with (Dude, did you hear Swarzak bought a Camaro?!) but he’s in fact another intriguing young Twins starter after 2 solid starts in a row… Well, until you look at his AAA and MLB K totals. 6.5 K/9 in AAA and 6 Ks in 2 starts sounds a lot like Glen Perkins Jr.  Avoid him in mixed leagues.

Dan Haren – 8 IP, 2 ER. In the 8th inning, he twisted his ankle and fell.  I began to weep.  He got up and finished the inning (giving up a run).  He looked like he’ll be okay though.  Godspeed, Danny!

Ryan Roberts – I swear every time Daron Sutton says his name, I say to myself, “Brian Roberts was finally traded to a different team?”  Anyway, forget Ryan Roberts, he’s 29.  But that’s what they said about Junior Spivey!

Randy Wells – 4 major league starts now and 4 solid (albeit winless) starts.  Nearly a K an inning and a 1.80 ERA / 1.16 WHIP. He spent the last 2 1/2 years hanging in the Cubs AAA with our pal, IowaCubs, alternating between starting and relieving.  If you’re in an NL-league, hope for a Dempster ride.  In mixed leagues, avoid the Dumpster dive.

David Hernandez – The 4th Baltimore rookie pitcher this year to win his first major league start.  We’re naturally weary of any Orioles starter, but Hernandez warrants monitoring.  His minor-league K rate is very impressive — over 10 in the past two years in A and AA and 12.5 K/9 (!) in AAA this year.  He’s also had some control issues in the minors which extended to his first start (4 walks in 5 IP).  He’s not a top prospect, but neither was Daniel Cabrera and look how well…oh, right….

Luke Scott – 2 HRs yesterday.  Ring, ring… Who’s there?  Cheap power.  Hey, c’mon in, you want a seltzer?

Nolan Reimold – HR yesterday.  Oh, and, um, PICKUP REIMOLD!!! (Caps and heavy hand on the exclamation marks for emphasis and people reading over your shoulder.)

Matt Kemp – 1-for-4 with 2 steals, while he batted eighth yesterday.  Torre said he would’ve batted him ninth but he didn’t like how Wolf matched up with Wells.

Derrek Lee – We had a rare D-Lee sighting last night as he went 2-for-4.  He hit two warning track fly outs too.  I’m not paying to see if this is a start of something, but if you own him, it might be.   Cross your fingers.  But cross two you don’t use much like the pinkie and ring.  Leave the middle one free in case D-Lee comes down with another case of sucking.

Randy Wolf – 7 IP, 7 Ks, 2 ER, has a 1.80 ERA on the season and 64 Ks in just over 76 innings.  No, his ERA won’t stay there, but he could give a 3.50.  Pays to go with the boring guys sometimes.  Oh, and we were just about to see the Wolf take on the Fox when Troncosco relieved Wolf.  This would’ve been the first time we had an all-animal matchup since Paul Byrd threw a tennis ball to his schnauzer, Daisy.

  1. DrEasy says:

    Ryan Roberts used to be in the Blue Jays minor league system. He’s usually posted a high AVG in the minors. K’s a lot, walks a lot. Good pop for a 2B (which was his initial position IIRC), not enough for a 3B. Unless he has 2B eligibility (he’s only listed as a util in Yahoo), I wouldn’t bother.

  2. DrEasy says:

    Oh and Brandon Lyon eats Paul Byrd for dynner.

  3. and1mcgee says:

    Swarzak. isn’t that just teasing you for not being Swayze?

  4. Quintero says:

    Did someone in Y! compare him with JJ?(It’s Brad Evans? Hmm..? Huh?)
    I would LOVE to hear IowaCubs’ insight on Randy Wells, especially about his skill sets and mentality. Thanks in advance.

  5. Tony says:

    Threw Haren and Beckett yesterday and the fantasy gods were smiling.

    Does anyone else think that major league baseball or whoever does the scheduling could do a little better of a job to ensure there’s not nights like last night where there’s only 8 teams playing? Then 90% of the other nights there’s EVERY SINGLE MLB team playing? Couldn’t they give a few teams nights off on some of those nights, have a few more games on nights like last night, and then i’d have more fantasy numbers to watch? Isn’t MLB really all about our fantasy numbers?

    ***If the cavs can steal one in ORL sat night i’m feeling darn good about this series, they actually looked great last night, well Lebron always looks good, but others were contributing, one game at a time baby…. GO CAVS***

  6. Tony says:

    oh and when i say the cavs looked good last night i’m talking about AFTER they blew their 22 pt lead…. well maybe they didn’t even look that good haha, but they won… and its all about the “W”

  7. BSA says:

    I have been referring to DLee as my player who has been killing me softly with his swing. I can’t drop him yet can’t trade him either. Ugh. Hopefully I will be loving his song come August.

  8. sean says:

    @Grey: Wolf v. Fox was the perfect opportunity for another great “Elias Sports Bureau” bit. Never gets old.

  9. mc serch says:

    That Swarzak/Camaro line is what keeps me coming back (aside from the serious baseball knowledge being dropped). Classic.

  10. Eric says:

    Not sure about Reimold’s value since he is a rookie. Should I cut Cuddyer for Reimold or stick with Cuddyer?

  11. Swass says:

    @Eric: A vote for Cuddyer is a vote or Lasik. But seriously, I think you know what you get with Cuddyer so you should go with him. If you aren’t relying on either guy each day, I’d go with Reimold for potential’s sake.

  12. Eric says:

    Thanks Swass.

    I have Cuddyer active right now because of an injury to Xavier Nady. When Nady is back, maybe I should cut Cuddyer to pick up Reimold and stash him on the bench.

  13. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Tony: I agree about those empty schedule days. I had one offensive starter yesterday — one. Thankfully, Pierre did his best with 2/4 and a steal. He just will. Not. Stop. Hitting.

    That said, I’m sitting John Pete against Lilly tonight and starting The Bruce against Braden Looper, unless someone here convinces me otherwise. I need donks.

    re: Cavs — I’m rooting for LeBron and the boys, though I did realize that if Orlando wins it will save me roughly 28 hours of my life, because only a LeBron/Kobe final will get me to watch.

    I liked the Swarzak line too, though I have to admit I thought a Dorothy Zbornak joke was coming. You know, ’cause Bea Arthur died recently.

    Between Swarzak and Nolan Reimold, this does seem to be the Year of Hot Young Prospects Who Sound Like Certified Accountants.

  14. Mr Baseball says:

    Matt Kemp – maybe Torre should use him as a pinch hitter instead of batting him 8th

  15. and1mcgee says:

    that’s the first time i’ve heard someone thank “swass”. I hate sweaty ass, myself…

  16. @Mr Baseball: it will be fun when Torre decides to bat the pitcher 8th.

  17. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    “Leyland’s got the positions written on his lineup card and only enough Liquid Paper to change names.” Ha!

    There are only two Clete’s I have ever heard of – Thomas and Boyer. I guess if you are Clete, ya gotta play baseball.

    Can’t recall too many players with animal names, although there was Nellie Fox and Jimmy (Double X) Foxx. Also Steve Trout. But baseball lore is filled with animal nicknames, with an abundance of Moose, (Mussina and Skowron), a mudcat (Grant), a catfish (Hunter); of course, all of us readers are familiar with the donkey and mini-donkey. Several named Goose (Gossage and Goslin). Dogs include Jim “Bulldog” Bouton, as well as O-Dog, and my personal fav, Fred McGriff as “Crime Dog”. Two Bulls – Luzinski, and Cepeda (the Baby Bull). Cats are common, with Jim “Kitty” Katt, “Big Puma Berkman, and “Big Cat” Gallaraga. Of course, the recently deceased Mark “The Bird” Fidrych, Ducky Medwick, Rabbit Maranville, and Ron “The Penguin” Cey. Continue the theme with “Rhyno” Sandburg, Fred “The chicken” Stanley,Dave (the Cobra) Parker, Leon (Bull) Durham, Al (The Bee) Bumbry, and Andre (The Hawk) Dawson. And one can’t forget the Iron Horse, Gehrig. That’s enough for the day; the Missus has chores for me to do.

  18. Mr Baseball says:

    Beckett Outduels Swarzak by the score of 3 – 1

    next weeks box score

    Cleveland mystery starter since I have no clue who they will start next week against Swarzak

    cleveland’s mystery starter Outduels Swarzak by the score of 11 – 10

  19. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Ha

    When did you become Roberta Flack?

  20. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: I am a bit more updated – Fugee Style! DLee is available if you want to have that song in your head for awhile.

  21. Jobu's rum says:

    I’m a filthy saves whore, but is it worth dumping Grabow or Izzy for Reimold?

  22. Fresh says:

    Drop Lind for Reimold?

  23. cruisinkc says:

    10 team keeper league 6 X 6 categories including QS and OPS… traded for Carlos Quentin about 3 weeks ago and he hasn’t helped due to his injury. Today was just proposed a trade including quentin. I would get Corey Hart and two 6th round picks in next years draft and he would get Quentin. Do you think Hart will be better than Quentin the rest of the way? The team that proposed the trade also has Jay Bruce with I thought about trying to get him in the deal. Basically I need someone to fill my UTL spot because right now Derrek Lee occupies the spot and he is stinking up the place. Let me know what you think.

  24. Pops says:

    Any thoughts on Clayton Richard? He’s got a permanent spot in the rotation and faces the Royals tonight. Cust kayin….

  25. BSA says:

    @cruisinkc: Gee Cruisin if you like DLee in your other league why not have a matching set with the RCL? He can go for a song.

  26. cruisinkc says:

    @BSA: Haha, no thanks. I think I need way more help then that in the RCL league

  27. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Time to celebrate – the god of Ludd is coming back!

    Lineup questions – current status for today? HanRam, Posada, and, of course, Luddwick

  28. BSA says:

    @cruisinkc: Shoot, you and I are joined at the hip I think.

  29. Mr Baseball says:

    Chris Berman’s nicknames

    Bob ”Ebony Eyes” Welch
    Chuck ”New Kids On” Knoblauch
    Tim ”Purple” Raines
    Tom ”Heard it through the” Glavine
    Albert Winnie The Pujols
    Alan Have Gun Will Trammell
    Roberto Remember The Alomar
    Gregg The Wrath Of Zaun
    Scott Supercalifragilisticexpiala Brosius
    Eddie Eat, Drink and Be Murray
    My Cousin Vinny Castilla
    Lamar Tell Me Where it Hoyts
    Bob Intentional Walk
    Jeff Dream Weaver
    Robin Ventura Highway
    Rafael Emerson Lake and Palmiero
    Jim Hey Abbott
    Adrian Bats In the Beltre
    Jay Thurston B. Howell III
    Mike Loggins and Mussina

  30. Jackie says:

    I can only keep 2 of these 3: Ad LaRoche, Blalock, Mike Jacobs.

    Which one goes?

  31. albertalbert says:

    so i’m a proud new owner of fox, but i keep thinking: ummmmm, this guy’s not really gonna play though, right? so i own him becauseee….

    sounds like lou and the GM don’t want to play him (except for a few sympathy ABs) and that they’re sending messages to AL teams to make an offer. i don’t feel like hanging on that long. anyone else agree or disagree?

  32. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @albertalbert: Sounds about right to me. No where to play him on the Cubs, Lou doesn’t like rooks to begin with, especially if they can’t field worth a lick. May get some at-bats during interleague play. I would think that he is virtually useless fantasy-wise unless he is traded to an American league team.

  33. brad says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: traded to an AL team, or the Brewers

  34. bobbo says:

    Is it sad that I’ve been starting Juan Pierre over BJ Upton for the past few days and am content to do so for the foreseeable future? (My other OF’s are Ibanez, Beltran, and Adam Jones)

  35. boyle says:

    I’m with fresh on the Lind for Reimhold thing. I would assume keep Lind, but good question.

    Chris Volstad, Jordan Zimmerman or Tommy Hanson?

    I am stashing Tommy Hanson on the bench…but Volstad was just dropped?

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Ha!

    @and1mcgee: Ha!

    @Quintero: Like Beatlejuice, say his name three times and he appears.

    @Tony: Agreed, needed more games last night.

    @sean: Yeah, went a different way.

    @mc serch: Hehe

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Ah… Dorothy. “CPAs” — Hehe

    @Mr Baseball: Don’t give him ideas.

    @and1mcgee: That’s hilarious.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Where were you yesterday I had to go to a schnauzer line because my brain turned to mush?

    @Mr Baseball: Totally.

    @Jobu’s rum: I keep potential saves over everything, but I think you can drop Grabow for Reimold.

    @Fresh: I wouldn’t.

    @cruisinkc: I think getting Hart is selling a bit too low. I would do the trade for Bruce though.

    @Pops: That matchup is fine, but he’s not more than a matchups pitcher. I’m not a fan.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Those aren’t questions, those are just three names.

    @Mr Baseball: That seems like something Berman would have assistant do. “Now go around to related websites and list my nicknames. I must stay relevant!”

    @Jackie: Later, LaRoche.

    @bobbo: Play the hot guy, makes sense.

    @boyle: Lind — Volstad.

  37. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @brad: Nice.

    Did colleges stop teaching fielding, or something? Did Dave Kingman open a Baseball Academy? What’s with this influx of stone-handed lummoxes?

  38. JR says:

    @albertalbert: I think he’s going to play 3B.

  39. Curly Day says:

    Drop Sheffield or Jose Guillen for Reimold?


    Luke Scott or Reimold?

  40. Swass says:

    Grey, I’m locked in an h2h battle pitching wise this week. I have 5 wins, 1 loss, 1 CG, 40 Ks, 1.16 ERA and a 1.03 whip. Guy I’m facing has a 1.90 ERA, .91 Whip, 5 wins, 36 K….

    Do I start Chris Young @ COL and James Shields v. Minny today? I have them both benched for now. He’s not no one going today, and I still have Wainwright and Greinke tomorrow.

    I’m also loving Randy Wolf…got Wolf as a toss in when I traded Bay and Uggla for Utley and him, and he’s been arguably the best player out of the bunch since that trade went down a few weeks ago.

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Curly Day: Lose Sheff or Guillen, dealer’s choice. Go with Reimold.

    @Swass: Sit Young, start Shields. Nice on Wolf.

  42. royce! says:

    There are 4 SP who have pitched at least 20 innings who have a FIP lower than Randy Wells: Greinke, Carpenter, Lincecum, Verlander.

  43. Swass says:

    Also, to anyone, what SPs can I feasibly dump Adam Lind for?

  44. What do people think about Jorge de la Rosa? I have tops in era and whip, and I can’t really lose any points in ERA, although I could a coupe in Whip. My K’s are above average but not a step below elite. Is it worth it to pick up DLR to try to gain in Ks? He also kind of relates to the start/sit piece, is he someone I just start everytime and take the ~4+ era but with good Ks, or do I try to be smart and maybe get burned?

  45. I picked him up to start against Sand Diego, decide what to do after I suppose.

  46. Tony says:

    @Swass: who’s that other owner have going and do you have a MINIMUM innings? My league has a min innings of 32, if you have stats like that (which i do this week) and once you hit your min we bench…. win the stats you can win… with it as close as you are one blow up could ruin your week? i’d hold off pitching anyone today depending, wait for greinke tomm… again it really depends on some of the settings.

  47. Would I be crazy to play Chris Davis in this doubleheader today? Ron Washington will help me out and sit him for one of the games, right? Don’t need an 0/8.

    My only other option is Adrian Beltre.

  48. cruisinkc says:

    @Grey: Now he wants to put Rios in the deal instead of Hart… He isn’t willing to give up Bruce.

  49. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Quintero: Randy Wells was converted from a catcher in 2004 and sported a 7+ K/9 over his AAA career (roughly 2 years). He’s never been regarded as a true starting pitcher until last season, when he had his best season as an Iowa Cub. The Cubs have always groomed him to be a reliever, so long outings will be few and far between.

    I think the numbers that he put up last season in the Pacific Coast League, a very hitter friendly league, are what you could expect from him in his very BEST scenario as a 5th Cubs starter…

    19 starts
    118.2 IP
    4.02 era
    1.36 whip
    1.14 HR/9
    7.74 K/9

    He throws a fastball around 91-93, but I’ve seen him touch 96 on occasion in games. I’ve read that he has the BEST change-up in the Cubs organization, so as an injury threat, he’s very low risk. He throws the slider for strikes, and usually in fastball counts, which is why he gives up so many homeruns. If he sticks to the fastball/changeup routine with the 10% slider rate, he could approach those AAA numbers, but I’m expecting him to give up lots more homeruns and many fewer K’s.

    My wager is that when the weather warms up, you’ll see more of a 4.50-ish ERA with a 1.45 whip and 6.5 K/9.

    In other words… let someone else fart around with him in your leagues.

    You’re welcome.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Hmm, that’s interesting.

    @Swass: Maybe Wainwright.

    @Maitland: I’d play Davis.

    @cruisinkc: Rios for Quentin? Sure, if you need speed. Don’t count on more than 15 HRs.

  51. In the Land of the Lost, who do you want, Swarzak or Cha-Ka?

    The lizard-like Swarzak has the intimidation factor of those bulbous eyes and green skin, but Cha-Ka is younger and hairier, and might be a better value as a keeper.

    I’m torn.

  52. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: I’d also like to add that if you pick him up now and he has another good start, you should be able to flip him for something more tasty, like a shitty closer.

  53. Billy says:

    Trade i was offered, 16 team h2h, -1k

    Davis and Snider for Mauer

    Duncan would fill in for Davis and Mauer would replace Barajas

  54. Tony says:

    God could matt holliday do something today please. DH’er in texas which is pretty much his old home a few hours south…

  55. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Swass: @Grey: Are we dumping Adam Lind already? If that’s the case, would I want to be the one trading Wainwright for him?

  56. Tony says:

    @Billy: i’d doit, you’regetting the best player, i think the idea of davis hitting 45 HR’s this year are gone, he could still hit 35 but he’s gonna K 250 times PLUS…. mauer is a huge upgrade and duncans hitting in front PUJOLS…. i’d def’ly do it.

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @naughtandcross: Cha-Ka, but only because I don’t know who he is and I do know Swarzak.

    @IowaCubs: Don’t think we’re dumping him. Someone asked what was a fair starter for him.

    @AL KOHOLIC: I’d want the Peavy side.

  58. bobbo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I’d want Peavy and Cano and it isn’t really that close. If Kemp is gonna keep batting 8th his value is way down… and Hairston is a Padre not named Adrian Gonzalez.

  59. Tony says:

    WOW the yahoo note on alexie ramirez says he owes like 450K to some cuban talent scout for a signing bonus and 115K for some “contract” he signed down there….. and they’re sueing him for 20 MILLION!? How does that work? LOL He owes around 500K maybe and they’re sueing for 20 MILLION!!! I love people….

  60. AL KOHOLIC says:

    we all though mauer could up his power a bit but 30 doubles a year and 9 hr`s dont explain the sudden burst in power, ave and obp are a given,but can he keep hitting the long ball?i know id want him

  61. Raleigh Bob says:

    Gamel or Reimold for this year?

    With 3 keepers per team each year, any chance either (or both) of them is a keeper for 2010?

  62. Hardcore Midget says:

    Drop Krispie for Reimold in a 12 team H2H keeper?

  63. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I’m playing Soto at C and V Mart at 1B…..opinions on offering V Mart for Lance Berkman? The Berkman owner is playing K Suzuki at C right now.

  64. Swass says:

    @Grey: I own Wainwright in that league, but nonetheless, no one will take Lind. I’ve offered Lind for Volstad, Liriano, Dice K, Lester, Danks and all of them have been rejected. Maybe I should just let him ride the pines. I

    I’m in the first year of a 12 team keeper (OBP, Doubles, Triples added offensive stats) league with Sandoval, Miggy, Kinsler, Tulo, Longoria, Beltran, Kemp, Cruz, Rios, Votto, with Lind and Cuddyer on the bench and Aramis on the DL. You’d think someone might want to take some offense from me in an offensive league. I’m thinking I’ll just save Lind as insurance.

  65. bobbo says:

    @mgeoffriau: Seems like it would work for you, depends on what the other guy has to fill in at 1B. I say offer it and see what happens.

  66. Tony says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: healthy and a year older explains the power… the dude was all state in 3 sports, he’s like 6’5″ of diesel…. he’s a stud, those all bode well for power and HR’s

  67. Tony says:

    and i say all those things about mauer and i dont own him and to be honest i really dont like him!

  68. bobbo says:

    @Raleigh Bob: With only 3 keepers per team I’d think you’d have WAY better options than Gamel or Reimold (unless its like a 20+ team league). I know in my league we keep 5 offensive guys and 5 pitchers… and I’m not even considering keeping Gamel (who’s riding my pine).

  69. Colin says:

    “Matt Kemp – 1-for-4 with 2 steals, while he batted eighth yesterday. Torre said he would’ve batted him ninth but he didn’t like how Wolf matched up with Wells.”

    LoL! I love it. This is why I always come here first thing in the morning. Pure gold. Keep it up guys.

  70. @Raleigh Bob: Reimold has assured himself playing time, Gamel hasn’t so it’s gotta be Reimold. and for next year I think it’s likely that both of them are viable last keeper options, maybe not Gamel, he still would need garaunteed PT at some point this year or next.

  71. check that, didn’t realize it was only 3 keepers per team…yea I think you should try to quit that league if either of those are considered keeper.

  72. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Swass: I’m an Adam Lind believer, or a Lindeiver if you will! I’d trade Danks for him in a minute. If I was a Lind owner, I’d keep him.

  73. @bobbo: I’ve heard the fact his homers are oppo as reason why he isn’t going to keep hitting them. Funny, not sure what to think.

  74. bobbo says:

    @bobbo: And for some reason that link is bringing up Mauer’s 2008 tracker. Just change the year to 2009 guys… my bad.

  75. Tony says:

    @bpasinko: no way! a guy thats hitting homers to opposite field means he’s seeing the ball best and taking the pitch wherever it needs to be taken…. I coach high school baseball and the toughest thing to do is to teach a kid to go oppo. There’s so much power that way if they can do it. Most people want to pull everything, a ball outside has to go oppo, if you try and pull it, it’s an auto groundout to 3B or SS…. Him hitting the ball away is a good thing.

  76. Mike says:

    Hi, my name is Mike, and I am a Lind owner.
    (group: Hi, Mike)

    I think Lind is worth holding onto as well. But what if I could get Wandy for him?

  77. Suck My Wieters says:


    Im desperately trying to trade BJ Upton for some infield help. I am in a 12 team keeper with 2B 3B OBP BB. No matter what ive been offering im getting a big fat rejection. Who should I be targeting?

    I am having a little trouble distinguishing who to target since this is a keeper league and the fact that Upton is only 25 yrs old.

  78. Scott says:

    Luke Scott or Kelly Johnson as my U?

  79. airlifting says:

    slim pickings @ 3rd in my 14t roto league. w. aybar, mora, beltre, wigginton…i went with aybar today because i previously had wigginton who had been benched two straight games. figured if i picked up mora, wigginton would start (and probably hit a 3r HR). aybar long term? i have breadwencarnacion, but who knows what he does the rest of the year. shift sandoval to 3b after he comes back & hold onto tek the rest of the year? such wonderful options, i have.

  80. p0rk burn says:

    Alex Rios just got dropped, he’s an upgrade over Bourn, right? Or is he destined to suck the rest of the year?

  81. Swass says:

    @Scott: Luke Scott for now. Johnson anywhere above the 5 spot in the order is not worth sitting around for. Play the hot hand there.

  82. Scott says:

    @Swass: Did I mention his 6 games next week are at Seattle and Oakland?

  83. Joel says:

    Joe Torre is making me mad. Very mad.

    I’m still needing to solve my excess OF issue.

    Thinking of offering Ellsbury plus one of (Guerrero, Wolf, Edwin Jackson, Ervin Santana, Joba Chamberlain) for Dan Haren. Do any of those combinations sound enticing?

  84. Scott says:

    @Joel: Not if I were a Haren owner. If he needs steals, he may do it. I would least like to part with Edwin of that group.

  85. p0rk burn says:

    @Tony: From the league that brought you drops of D.Lee, Cueto, Wainwright, and Swisher. I’m debating throwing Swisher back and I missed out on the Cueto sweepstakes, but this is getting ridiculous. I could have drafted nothing but 25th round caliber players and constructed a contender out of the cast-offs.

  86. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Another owner and I are discussing a trade of bench pieces….my Garrett Atkins for his Liriano….both players are just sitting every day, so we’d just be banking on the likelihood of the other player turning it around.

    Stick with Atkins or hope for a Liriano rebound?

  87. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: It’s a needs thing. That’s a fair trade. I’d prefer Wandy, because it’s easier to find homers in the outfield on waivers.

    @Suck My Wieters: I’d probably need to go after a guy of lesser talent to get the deal done. Think Hill, Alexei or maybe Roberts, but I wouldn’t do the last one.

    @Scott: Depends what you need, I’d prefer Johnson though.

    @airlifting: Sorry, that’s a confusing comment. But I’d want Edwin over Aybar, if that’s what you’re asking. I wouldn’t count on Tek long term either.

    @mgeoffriau: Grab Liriano.

  88. Scott says:

    @mgeoffriau: Atkins has seen decreases in each of the past 3 years in his triple crown categories, as well as OBP, SLB, and 2B, but there is something wrong with Liriano. His fastball doesn’t have that same life. I don’t know if he’s hurt again or afraid of getting hurt or just lost it. That said, I would go with the player where a rebound would help the most, pitching or hitting.

  89. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    Is J.A. Happ for real and is he worth pursuing in a keeper league – but ideally with decent help for a team this year too?

  90. Mike says:

    *16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League*
    With Soria coming back this weekend, I need to open up a roster spot. Who goes?

    K. Davies
    Jon Sanchez
    K. Kawakami
    Clayton Richard

  91. Mike says:

    Anyone else tired of waiting for Kawakami?

  92. Scott says:

    @Mike: Sanchez. At least the others CAN have a game where they don’t walk half the lineup.

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jif & The Choosy Mothers: I like him for his next two starts, after that I wouldn’t trust him just yet. Not crazy about his home park.

    @Mike: I dropped Kawakami the 2nd week of the season and haven’t looked back.

  94. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Carlos Quentin to the DL.

  95. sean says:

    @Grey: Any chance it’s time for the Carrasco experiment in Philly to begin with Myers going on the shelf? Or do they play it safe and bring Chan Ho Suck back as a starter?

  96. Bob from Germany says:

    Someone dropped Nolasco right now!

    I’m stashing Tommy Hanson at the moment.

    Should i grab Nolasco???

  97. Bob from Germany says:

    oh, and it’s a keeper league

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mgeoffriau: About time.

    @sean: I don’t think they promote him until September, but I hope so.

    @Bob from Germany: I’d prefer Hanson for now. But if you can manage to get Nolasco and stash him, it’s a decent flier.

  99. Tony says:

    @mgeoffriau: i’d rather have liriano i think, who knows, crap is crap…[email protected]p0rk

    burn: thats insane, i hope its an 8 team league HA!

    @mgeoffriau: awesome, fricking CQ, i hope he at least just rests and gets better and comes back strong, shoulda been on the DL a week ago, rididuclous….

  100. Tony says:

    at least now i can DL CQ and grab someone instead of him just burning a frickin spot on my bench!

  101. Greg says:

    I traded Carlos Quentin and Brandon Phillips for Ian Kinsler before the season started… now I’m really glad I did.

  102. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Unfortunately the Quentin DL doesn’t help me since I was already using up my 2 DL spots on Jose Reyes and Elijah Dukes (not to mention Manny burning ANOTHER bench spot). I’m hoping Dukes comes back in a few days.

  103. Greg says:

    Grey – you feed my fantasy baseball addictions… loving it. Sometimes work just plain sucks…

  104. Infamous says:

    Aaron Hill and Hart for Sizemore?

  105. @Infamous: In one year leagues I’d be a little worried about Sizemore if he’s actually hurt, but I’d still do it.

    Vernon Wells, Porcello, and Gerardo Parra for Bay in a keeper league (12 teams you keep 10)?

  106. Panti Jose says:

    Who to keep for the rest of the year, assuming no particular needs:

    smoltz or andrew bailey?

  107. Mike says:

    *16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League*

    Trade A-Rod & Tulo for Alexei and Justin Upton? Do I need to even add in Tulo?

  108. AL KOHOLIC says:

    parra and wells speed helps but i couldnt get rid of bay for near that

  109. Mike says:

    I have Edwin Encarnacion coming back to play 3B, with Braynan to fill in until he returns.

  110. s221506 says:

    Have Wieters:

    Trade:Soto, Pierre, Manny

    For: Markakis, Dukes?

  111. s221506 says:


    Holiday, Soto

    For Markakis, Dukes

  112. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @s221506: id rather loose holiday soto

  113. Mike says:


    I’m fine with trading Soto, but Manny and Pierre is too much to give up for Markakis and Dukes


    Better…but I still think it’s a tad too much. I guess it’s because I still beleive in Soto and don’t care for Dukes

  114. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Greg: Thanks!

    @Panti Jose: Bailey

    @Mike: You don’t need to trade Tulo too. I wouldn’t make that trade either. Even if you have EE.


  115. I have Quentin, Dukes, and Delgado on the DL, but only two spots. Tell me its ok to put Delgado out to pasture.

  116. Grey

    Grey says:

    @naughtandcross: Pretty sure I said it was okay to drop Delgado right when he hit the DL. Go for it.


  117. Raleigh Bob says:

    Care to reorder your best-to-worst “Gamel, Reimold, Coghlan, Parra, LaPorta” sequence?

  118. Quintero says:

    @IowaCubs: Thanks for the insight and advice. Can’t get better than that.

    @Grey:I did that before me sleep, and it works!

  119. ScoutAbout says:

    @mgeoffriau: It’s about effing time! Now I hopefully pick up a little power off the waiver wire because right now I need it.

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