The Milwaukee Brewers promoted the 24-year-old, unranked third baseman Taylor Green. Has a solid swing, controls strike zone and make consistent sound contact, power is average at best. Defensively is where he stands out, showing above-average skill. This year at Triple-A (Pacific Coast League) he has a dominant slash line .336/.413/.583 in 420 at-bats with 59 XBH (22 Hr) and a 72:55 K:BB ratio. Keep in mind this came with a .359 BABIP and within a very friendly environment for hitters. It’s expected Green will primarily be a part-time third base and pinch-hitter down the stretch. If he continues to hit in the majors when given the opportunity, could provide a nice spark in H2H leagues.

Travis d’Arnaud | TOR | C: Named to the Eastern League (Double-A) Post-Season All-Star squad and named League MVP. Slashed .315/.376/.543 in 400 at-bats with 52 XBH (19 Hr) and a 93:31 K:BB ratio. Would not be surprised to see him in September. An all-around prospect, plays good defense, has a solid bat (think 15 to 20 home runs in the majors) and a strong arm. Doesn’t have the same power potential as J.P. Arencibia.

Brad Peacock | WAS | RHP (SP): Was also named to the Eastern League postseason All-Star squad, even after getting promoted to Triple-A. Speaking of promotions, Peacock, along with two other teammates (see below), are getting promoted to the Majors come September according to With a power arm and high ceiling, Peacock is the more intriguing pitcher play while …

Tom Milone | WAS | LHP (SP):  Is a soft tossing lefty who relies on the ghost of Jamie Moyer and strong command and control to succeed. Risky play.

Steve Lombardozzi | WAS | 2B: Gap power, decent speed, fair plate discipline (72:37 K:BB) and reliable defense. Sounds like Denard Span at second base, the same player they tried to acquire from the Twins but refused to part with.

Eric Surkamp | SF | LHP (SP): Also a soft-tossing lefty, Surkamp received a promotion to start yesterday. Fastball sits in the upper 80s with heavy sinking action. Changeup and curveball are both plus pitches. Has a three-quarter delivery that creates good deception and he has strong command of all his pitches. I’d monitor in mixed leagues and pick up in NL-only and deep leagues. I’d take him over Milone.

Nick Hagadone | CLE | LHP (RP): Was recalled on Thursday from Triple-A. At one point was a starter, but due to command issues – struggled to repeat mechanics – he was moved to the bullpen. He throws a mid-to-high 90s fastball and a “put away” slider. Could be a reliable source of high-strikeouts if needed.

Ryan Lavarnway | BOS | C: Returned to Triple-A as David Ortiz was removed from the DL. I highly recommend holding onto Lavarnway as he’ll return when the rosters expand in September.

Dayan Vicideo | CHW | OF: Will replace Carlos Quentin’s roster spot as he was placed on the DL. He’s the Cuban Delmon Young.

Drew Pomeranz | COL | LHP (SP): Had an emergency appendectomy 8/20/11. Has likely pitched his last inning of the season. Could see in Arizona Fall League. I don’t expect the Rockies to promote him to the majors.

James Darnell | SD | 3B: The Padres optioned James Darnell back to Triple-A. For every Eric Hosmer, Desmond Jennings, Brett Lawrie and Freddie Freeman this season, there has been a Darnell, Rizzo, Moustakas, or Dee Gordon.

Shelby Miller | St.L | RHP (SP): Returned from his suspension (team alcohol policy violation) Tuesday night and went 4 IP, with 2 ER, 5 baserunners (3 BB) and 3 Ks. One of the top pitching prospects in the game has gone 126 2/3 IP with 155 strikeouts and only 20 walks. His mid-to-high 90s fastball while have to wait in the minors until 2012. I don’t expect him to receive a September call-up.

Tyler Skaggs / Jarrod Parker | ARI | SP: It’s been reported that the Diamondbacks will allow both pitchers to compete for a starting rotation spot in Spring Training of 2012.

Carlos Tocci | PHI | OF: Phillies agreed to terms with Venezuelan outfielder Carlos Tocci. “According to Ben Badler of Baseball America, the 16-year-old outfielder will receive $759,000, which is one of the highest bonuses the organization has ever given an international amateur free agent. Tocci is highly-regarded for his plus-speed and hitting potential.” Yeah, it’s gonna be a while before Tocci will be spoken about again.

  1. pubscout says:

    keeper league question: belt v. brandon allen v. goldschmidt v. rasmus?

  2. chiasports says:

    hey grey…

    im having a great year in baseball thanks to razzball,grey,rest of the team,cheers!

    so… using razzball football rankings over my other source is tempting..can i trust doc like i trust you?lol

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    Trevor Bauer to Arizona bullpen yet this year?

  4. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @pubscout: Rasmus, Belt, Goldschmidt, Allen

    @chiasports: Yes.

    @Paul Wilson: That’s the rumor.

  5. Cbass says:

    Would you drop T. Hafner in a keeper league to pick up Lavarnway? This is all about next year.

  6. Child Please says:

    6×6 (OBP, QS)

    In my current match-up, My opponent is leading in K’s by 1, I am up by 3 in QS, we are tied in Wins, I lead ERA 3.584 to 4.018, and I lead WHIP 1.301 to 1.375

    Would you start Karstens @STL and/or LeBuke @ARI today? My opponent has Norris @SF.

  7. Child Please says:

    btw, sorry about the typo, LeBuke = Luebke

  8. Random Collmenter says:

    u think matt moore will receive a call-up in september?

  9. Matt says:

    Should I start Colby Lewis at home tonight against Weaver? Lewis owned the angels last week in their ballpark and Weaver is on short rest. I need K’s and W’s at this point of the season. Thanks

  10. pubscout says:

    as of today, how likely is a mesoraco septmeber call up?

  11. Matt Moore Sr. says:

    A list without matt moore jr is hardly a list at all. NO MATT MOORE NO CARE.

    Do you see him getting a sept. call up, with potential to start the year in the majors in 2012?

  12. Rags says:

    So I’m in an NL-only roto keeper league and have no shot at finishing in the money. In the off-season, I signed Casey McGehee to a two year contract at $13 (out of a budget of $260). I’ve suffered through this year, but I’m unsure what to do next year. He’s been heating up and someone offered me Sappelt for him straight up. I can drop McGehee next year but there’s a real-money penalty of $26 (about 1/4 of our entry fee). So even if I end up dropping Sappelt, it’s better than dropping McGehee.

    So should I do the deal? Is Sappelt going to be worth anything next year? Or do you think there’s a chance McGehee picks it back up from here on out, and I keep him at $13 again for next year?

  13. Random Collmenter says:

    ya’ll seeing what desmond jennings is doing today? holy balls.

  14. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Cbass: mmh … I would, yes.

    @Child Please: Luebke

    @Random Collmenter: I sure hope so. I think he deserves a few innings.

    @Matt: Colby Lewis has been inconsistent. If desperate, start him.

    @Matt Moore Sr.: You’re son has been on every list for nearly two months straight. Yes.

    @Rags: I’d Keep McGehee.

    @Random Collmenter: Was worth the wait.

  15. ducat2 says:

    Eric Surkamp- soft-tossing lefty. Fastball sits in upper 90’s. I think you meant 80’s. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

  16. chiefroy says:

    Surkamp – “soft-tossing lefty”, “fastball sits in the upper 90’s” ?

    Well, which is it, young feller? You want I should freeze or get down on the ground? Mean to say, if’n I freeze, I can’t rightly drop. And if’n I drop, I’m a-gonna be in motion.

  17. Phil says:


    a bit obscure, but keeper league…

    Bauer vs Rasmus?

  18. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @ducat2: Yup, a typo. Fastball sits in the upper 80s.

    @chiefroy: See ducat2’s comment and my reply.

    @Phil: Rasmus

  19. Ryan says:

    Any of the guys mentioned in this article worth the #1 waiver in a dynasty league where guys like Matt Moore are already owned?

    Peacock is available but is he worth it?

  20. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Ryan: Peacock’s ceiling is a strong number three starter on a strong team (Matt Cain ceiling at best). If the top tier prospects are already gone and you want your waiver to help for 2012, then yes, it could be worth the risk.

  21. Adam says:

    What are your thoughts on Gary Brown? He’s not getting nearly as much press as Mike Trout did in his breakout year, but check out the comparisons:

    Trout (2010, after which he vaulted to top 5 status)
    [18 yrs old] — .341 – 106 runs – 10 hr – 58 rbi – 56 sb
    Fielding (CF) — 1 Error – 10 Assists

    Now here’s Gary Brown:
    [22 years old] — .334 – 104 runs – 12 hr – 78 rbi – 49 sb
    Fielding (CF) — 3 Errors – 15 Assists

    I’d rather Brown’s numbers. Am I missing something or will he get plenty of love in next year’s preseason?

  22. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Adam: The level of play. Home ballpark. Most importantly the large gap in age. Trout’s numbers are still more impressive. Brown will be considered in the Top 100 prospects but I don’t think a top 20.

  23. Derek says:

    If I have an option of keeping Jarrod Parker, Brad Peacock, or Yondor Alonso. Who would you keep and how would you rank them?

  24. Derek says:

    Sorry meant to put this in the same post.

    Which two would you choose out of these options to make the biggest impact right away next season: Leonys Martin, Yonder Alonso, Jerry Sands, or John Mayberry Jr

  25. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Derek: Peacock; Martin and Alonso

  26. Derek says:

    I just realized Brandon Belt is also available. Should I take him over Martin or Alonso? I really like Alonso I am just worried he will not get regular at bats with the Reds since their OF is so crowded and Dusty Baker historically doesn’t like to play rookies.

  27. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @Derek: Belt over Alonso.

  28. Derek says:

    Thanks for your help Stephen, keep up the great work.

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