Fantasy baseball trading deadlines are right around the corner, time is slipping…slipping…slipping into the future and your fantasy baseball teams need to lose yesterday’s lunch or get off the pot.  The worst feeling is coming within a few points of winning and pulling up short because you held too tightly to your players.  In October, there won’t be an award for being 50 steals greater than everyone else while losing the championship by 1 point because you didn’t trade for power.

If you have a sizable lead anywhere, strengthen weak spots.  For instance, you have a 15 save lead over your nearest competitor, but a 25 save lead over the pack.  You see a trade partner for your Mariano, but they’re only willing to give you Carlos Quentin.  You try to convince yourself to do the trade, but decide Mariano is worth more.  So in the end you fall 5 homers short of 1st place, but you’re 35 saves up on everyone.  A Mariano in the hand is not worth two points in the standings.  In one year leagues, now is not the time to be worrying about the intrinsic value of a player.  Only worry about their value to your team.

Excess saves – chuck ’em for what you need.  Have Bourn, Rajai and Gardner — well, I’m not sure how you’re even competing — but trade them for some power.  Recently, we traded Pence for Bourn in one league because we really needed steals.  Would I have done that trade in March?  Nah, no way, nuh-uh.  But now?  Absolutely had to, or pray Pence steals 25 bases in the 2nd half.  You need to start acting now.  There’s no time like the present… The present is a gift… Sleep with scratchy rear, wake with smelly finger… Fill in your own cliché.  Just git r done!