Any of you who play in Yahoo! leagues have been frustrated by the fact that players like Johnny Cueto and Alexei Ramirez took FOREVER to become available on the Yahoo! FA/waiver wire.

Below is an explanation from Brad Evans’ mailbag on the situation. I’ve posted it below to spare you from reading the rest of his tripe.

For the record, Razzball disagrees with their policy. If it were up to us, every player on AA and AAA rosters would be available. Prior to rosters being set, it would be everyone invited to spring training. There is no reason why Johnny Cueto shouldn’t have been available to be drafted if he was on the Reds active roster at the time.

It’s pissing us off more in our Razzball league since there are a whole lot more crappy players being added to MLB rosters throughout the year than good ones.

Pittsburgh just called up a math major from the University of Pitt who is going to fill the size 6 shoes of Jack Wilson for the next two weeks. You know when shows a faceless pic that you’ve got a great Razzball prospect!

But he probably won’t show up in Yahoo! for another f***in’ week. Thanks a lot Yahoo…thanks for nothing!

Anyway, here’s the mailbag entry and explanation:

What is the procedure for people being added to the Yahoo! player pool? It seems like it is almost a random assignment based on the whims or someone or opinions on who is going to make the team. For example, Longoria/Rasmus/ Bruce are all in without having had an at-bat, but pitchers like Cueto are not. What gives?– Matt, Chicago

Noise: Many devoted Yahoo! players probably think the people in charge of player pool assignments look like this. But in reality, we’re a hard-working team who has made a concerted effort to be more consistent with player additions this year. Longoria, Rasmus and Bruce were available because they made the initial overall rankings cut. Unfortunately, guys like Johnny Cueto and Alexei Ramirez, who were barely blips on the radar when the list was compiled in January, didn’t make the original cut. Deciding not to force Cueto/Ramirez through the system manually, we delayed their availability until rosters were finalized on March 29.

Instead of throwing players into the free agent pool at random times this season, premiere prospects (e.g. Clayton Kershaw) won’t be added until they are officially promoted to the bigs. We will advertise the availability of bigger names throughout the season in our columns and in the Y! Fantasy Blog once they enter the system.

Oh, and if you haven’t already noticed, Ramirez clears waivers on Apr. 3 and Cueto Apr. 4. Personally, if I had a high wavier priority, I would hold onto it for Kershaw. Eventually, he’ll baffle hitters with his wicked 12-to-6 curve probably sometime in June.

  1. Matt says:

    I am the “Matt, Chicago” that asked the question.
    I made sure to include an insult to their intelligence, because it seems thats a requirement for them posting questions, and was successful. Here are my thoughts on their dumb policy that I posted in a league of mine:
    I somewhat understand their logic:
    “Regardless of what level the start at, guys like Bruce/Longoria/Rasmus/etc. are easily top 300 players, and since we (yahoo) need to provide player rankings of at least 300 players, they should therefore be included and in the system.”
    This logic, to me, is awfully fallicious, because it depends strictly on their judgement to determine who is and who isn’t valuable. Especially in a world where Cueto was firmly on people’s “radar” back in January and coming into March it was a huge ass blip.
    What makes it even MORE foolish is that Cueto was ON the team way before Yahoo put him in. Unless there is no waiver period at all (or, like in my keeper league, I drafted him in an online draft and had the commish add him to my league immediately) every single new Cueto owner missed his first start.

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    Matt, you are awesome and, more than likely, a hero to many. Way to stick it to those morons.

    Here’s my take, plain-and-simple, if the players are added willy-nilly it sucks. The players ARE added willy-nilly so it sucks. You want to be able to draft who you want, when you want. There’s a reason Y! (and ESPN) do it like they do, and it’s an economics decision. They’re cutting corners. Is it lame? You betcha. Is it enough to not use them in the future? I think for most discerning owners, it should be. For my most important leagues, I use CBS Sportsline. They have maybe 1 glitch for every Y! or ESPN ten glitches.

  3. keep up the good fight, matt!

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