Now that Juan Pierre has lost his starting job to Andre Ethier, one question hangs over the fantasy baseball community like the smog over Chavez Ravine: What will happen to Juan Pierre’s power numbers?

Juan Pierre

While the expected reduction in ABs will cut down on his RBI opportunities, we think the additional time off plus a newly discovered well of anger into which he can tap will inspire Pierre to surpass his 2006 career high in AB/HR of 226.

Original estimates: 615 AB, 0.6 HR, 43 RBI

Revised estimates: 350 AB, 0.5 HR, 24 RBI (that’s 175 AB/HR!)

Plan accordingly.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    According to your revised estimates, Pierre’ll get .5 home runs this year. So is it fair to say we’re looking at one double?

  2. I think that would be a tad presumptuous. Over the past two years, he’s average a double every 25-33 ABs so he’s on tap for double-digits even with 350 ABs.

    But the new, jacked-up Pierre will face a challenge. As teams play farther back, it’ll be more difficult to hit it over their heads. It’s much easier when the CF is playing right behind the second base bag.

    I think the new-found respect for Pierre will lead to a decrease from 10 to 5 doubles that actually make the wall on less than 10 bounces, an increase from 0 to 1 bunt doubles and 5 to 6 more pop fly doubles. Assuming his doubles down the line stay the same, we’re looking at a continuation of historical trends….

    So put me down for 15 doubles.

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    Are you factoring in steroids testing?

  4. The words ‘pure’ and ‘urine’ can be spelled with the letters in Juan Pierre.

    You know what can’t be spelled with those letters – ‘cheat’

  5. if i see proof that he was on steroids, i’ll scale down his power projections…

  6. This is perhaps the best fantasy column I have ever read. You can spell pure and urine from Juan Pierre?? Way too funny, Great job!!

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