Fantasy Baseball Weekly Hitter Planner

Our Weekly Hitter Planner provides park and opposing pitcher factors for a team’s upcoming next 7-10 games, shows RHP v LHP games, top streaming plays for the week, etc. Click here to learn more about it.

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  1. Joe Randall says:

    Your 7 Day Hitter Planner by Team does not download correctly, please fix.

      • Joe Randall says:

        Still not downloading correctly

        • @Joe Randall: The ‘next week’ version is only available Fri-Mon. You can see the next 7 days lower on the page.

          • Joe Randall says:

            Sorry I forgot it was Tuesday, was thinking its Monday.


  2. Brett says:

    Hi guys — last week of the season, why no weekly pitcher planner? Was there last night but gone this morning. Let me know, ned it to close the season out – thanks! (I’m a paid subscriber)

    • @Brett: The ‘Next Week’ version for the hitter planner is only up from Friday-Monday since i don’t run ‘Next Week’ projections until Friday. But if you scroll down, you’ll find the ‘Next 7 Days’ version. The Pitcher planner is a rolling 10 days and is up at

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