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Hittertron is the ultimate streaming hitter tool. It has 7 days of starts with projections and dollar values. Updated throughout day as starting lineups post. For more information, see the Hittertron FAQ or our Subscriptions page. Monthly subscriptions start at just $4.99/month and daily passes as low as $0.99/day.

Hittertron Info

FAQ: Click here.


Razzball Hittertron (aka Hitter-Tron):  This tool is designed to identify attractive short-term hitter pickups and to determine when to start/sit hitters on your roster.  (For Daily Fantasy Baseball games, check out DFSBot)  The higher the $ value, the more attractive the start.  Hittertron MLB hitter projections rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as a foundation and then adjust based on several game-specific factors that include quality of opposing starting pitcher, hitter’s performance vs. the handedness of opposing starting pitcher, park factors, whether the game is home or away, and predicted batting order spot (for Runs, RBIs, and Plate Appearances).

What Is The Expected Accuracy Of Hittertron Projections?:  Please see the Razzball Ombotsman for correlations between the Hittertron projections and actual stats.

Filtering Results:  You can filter multiple fields at the same time.  The text fields below the column headers enable several methods for filtering the data.  Here are some examples:

Function Symbol Example Explanation
ANY MATCH ‘B’ in Pos Typing B in Pos will filter to any player with 1B, 2B, or 3B eligibility.  Type in more details to filter further – e.g., “1B’, “1B, 3B”, etc.
OR | 2B|SS Requires exact match on both sides – so 2B|SS returns anyone who has 2B or SS eligibility but not anyone with 2B/SS, 2B/3B, etc.
NOT ! !OF All players who do not have OF eligibility.
NOR ! | !1B|OF All players who do not have 1B eligibility NOR OF eligibility.  Just use the ! once.
GREATER THAN > >30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than 30.  Does not work for Date.
LESS THAN < <30 in $ All players whose $ is less than 30.  Does not work for Date.
GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO >= >=30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than or equal to 30.  Does not work for date.
LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO <= <=30 in $ All players whose $ is less than or equal to 30.  Does not work for Date.

Position Eligibility – 20 Games in last season for ESPN and ’2 Catcher’ formats.   5 Games for Yahoo.

$ Values – A hitter’s projected stats for the game are multiplied by 150 and then valued for a 12-team MLB league using the ESPN/CBSSports roster format (13 hitters, 9 pitchers) and a $260 team budget.  While the $ values would vary for any other league format, we would expect the rankings to remain relatively the same.  The ‘$U’ estimate is position-neutral and is the value to use when looking at players for Utility slots.  We have found this is the key $ value for ‘Daily’ roster changes.  Position-adjusted $ can be found in the Weekly Hittertron and in the Hittertron projection on the player pages (accessible by clicking on the player name).

%Start – This is the estimated percentage that a player will start in a game.  This takes recent playing time into account including the handedness of the pitcher for platoon hitters.  It does not take day-to-day injuries into account – either for the injured player or the fill-in player.  Recently called up players who are not undisputed starters may take a couple weeks before their playing time estimate matches reality (until then it’s underestimated).  More info can be found in this post.

Own% –  Based on ownership within the Razzball Commenter Leagues which consists of 84 12-team MLB leagues using the standard ESPN roster format

  1. Buckeye Dan says:

    The 4/6/15 hittertron does not list Eric Young Jr???

  2. OhBilly2134 says:


    I’m logged into the website and subscribed to the hittertron/streamonater service over the weekend. It worked for me yesterday, but now it’s not loading. Any help in accessing these tools would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I need to get in touch with support for further assistance.

    Thanks so much,


  3. zgv says:

    After subscribing to Hittertron I would like to use it on other browsers, my laptop, other devices like tablet & phone. How do I “log in” on other devices?

  4. Goose! says:

    How do you get Travis d’Arnaud’s name to work in the hitter tron? I am trying to get a list of my guys in there and I have Travis and when I type his full name it won’t output him, regardless of where in the chain he is

    Yasmani Grandal|Albert Pujols|Kolten Wong|Todd Frazier|Danny Santana|Brett Lawrie|Lucas Duda|Mike Trout|Corey Dickerson|Matt Holliday|Lorenzo Cain|Juan Lagares|Jose Iglesias|Travis d’Arnaud

  5. Carlos says:

    How do I log into this jawn?

  6. Jake says:

    All the Oakland A’s seem to be missing…

    • Mostsuckass says:

      @Jake: Yes, as do all the Kansas City Royals.

  7. Tom says:

    Like others I have subscribed, it worked a couple of days and now it won’t let me back in and there is no place to log in. What’s going on?

    • Tom says:

      @Tom: Ooops.. I found it. I was in something greyed out and not obvious. Might make it more obvious. Thanks.

  8. Annie's Boobs says:

    I love this site. Been using it for years and subscribed for the tools because I appreciate its value. But Arenado is a NEGATIVE 3.6 today on 4/13/15 — is this thing on???

  9. Joseph says:

    Is this not working for anyone else today?

    • 108 Stitches says:

      @Joseph: Yeah – no go on any of the tools for me either.

        • 108 Stitches says:

          @Grey: Thanks!

  10. Dick Pole says:

    Kris Bryant not in HitterTron yet. Should I start him today or Trevor Plouffe?

    • hit refresh. he was added about 20 minutes ago.

  11. Tim says:

    Hey guys. New subscriber.

    Are you still able to link the data to excel via web query? I was able to do this last year and can’t do it now. Does the paywall make this impossible now? Thanks.

    • @Tim: The paywall screws it up. I tried the other day. Excel just doesn’t have the patience to wait for the page refresh. Sorry.

  12. Jacks says:

    Rudy: I have a fanduel account but never made a deposit. Your terms say I’m eligible (deposit based not account creation based), but there’s nowhere to enter the Razzball promo code on FD once I am logged into the account. Don’t want to go forward with it unless I know I can be credited. Might this be something you would have to do manually? Thanks!

    • I believe the stipulation is a new account and a deposit. If possible, I’d create a different account on FanDuel or a new account on DraftKings or FantasyFeud.

      • Jacks says:

        @Rudy Gamble: The language is “first time deposit” not new account, but if it’s less trouble I will create a new account:

        OR Make a first-time deposit at one of the following DFS sites and open a free Cointent account (click here) with the same e-mail address to activate your subscription. It may take up to 24 hours for your Razzball account to go live – it should go live by 4PM EST.

  13. tbill87 says:

    I purchased the 1 day pass to try out your projections this morning (4/20), the stats I see are for yesterday (4/19). When will they be updated for today?

  14. Nut Butter says:

    If I sign up for fanduel for $10 is the fee waived for the Hitter-Tron and Stream-o-Nator?
    If so, when does access expire?

    • @Nut Butter: If you sign up for DFS Premium via opening a new account in FanDuel + deposit the minimum via the link on razzball.com/subscriptions, you will get free access for the 2015 season to Streamonator, Hittertron, the Weekly Planners, and DFSBot.

  15. Alex says:

    Are you guys going to update the projections to reflect the actual starters for today?

    • @Alex: It is updated. We usually update around 10AM EST. You can visit the Hittertron Tomorrow link before then to see the projections.

  16. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    Rudy, couple of things. The bots are working great. Except the “weekly hitter planner” link from above at top of page seems to not work. It says “wait a couple of seconds to refresh” but then doesn’t do that. I’m guessing that page might be too large maybe? The weekly pitcher planner does work.

    Strategy ?
    i have a dynasty draft coming up fairly soon (not sure exactly we still are filling the league), and have never drafted this deep into a season before. I know i can’t use the preseason ranks, nor can i really use the to this point player rater page too (it has devon like 4th overall). Then of course there’s the complication of it being a dynasty league too. I’m guessing i should do something like this; take 1/6th the value of the existing to this date player rater numbers (since roughly 1/6th of the season will be about done when i draft) and add that number for each player to his ROS player rater (OPS for hitters, QS/H for pitchers). And then somehow add in the not yet in MLB prospect types also. Of course bump up Addison Russell types who have MUCH more future value than this season value of course.

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Rudy Gamble: when i said this i meant that “ROS player rater (OPS for hitters, QS/H for pitchers)”. Ok, i got it with next week only goes up during weekend now.

  17. jamie says:

    I just signed up through fanduel, received the cointent email. after clicking on the cointent link nothing else made sense. Played around with it for like an hour. Theres gotta be a better way.

    • Hi – just shot you an email to get you all set up.

  18. Buckeye Dan says:

    Hi Rudy – Great job!! I just wanted to point out that I can’t find Lorenzo Cain on the 5/6/15 hittertron. Keep up the good work

    • good catch. he had a 2-game suspension and our feed provider hadn’t turned him active yet. it’s been fixed.

  19. Jon says:

    Is historical hittertron data available?

    • @Jon: I archive it for testing and determining correlations vs actuals for the Ombotsman (razzball.com/ombotsman). Why do you ask?

      • Jon says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        I was wondering if I could compare previous days, I’m wondering if it could predict days that will be big on hitting vs big on pitching.

  20. FantasyBBallGuy says:

    @Jon: I was wondering the same thing, if historical data was available. You see, I have a specific daily fantasy game I play that focuses heavily on hits. I have bought the hittertron data the last few days and it looks good, and I am thinking to subscribe. I would like to figure out the best way to filter the players every day most likely to get a hit. I don’t care about other stats or the other hitting stats and pitching I already have a system for. So historical data could help be determine what sort of filters I should use to find the hitters most likely to get at least one hit the next day. I am thinking probably some combination of H and $ filters.

    Any guidance you could give me with this gets me closer to a full subscription. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • All you need to do is sort by Hits and make sure the guy is in the lineup (%St is my pre-lineup estimate).

  21. Steve says:

    Would you start Lomo against Gray today? Hittertron says yes, but Gray is a stud. Alternative is Lawrie, who hittertron doesn’t like….

    • @Steve: I don’t think Gray is a stud – you need at least 8+ K/9 or < 2 BB/9 to gain consideration there. I'd roll with Lomo at home in a better lineup spot vs Gray than Lawrie.

  22. datdudebp says:

    For some reason David Ortiz isn’t showing up on hittertron today.

    • Dick Pole says:

      @datdudebp: He was suspended yesterday. Data hasn’t updated to show he’s reinstated.

    • @datdudebp: It’s been updated – Ortiz is now in. (our feed provider forgot to turn him ‘active’ after his 1-game suspension)

  23. DFSer says:

    Moustakas not in hittertron for today?

    • good catch. our feed didn’t catch he’s back. updating now.

  24. John OB says:

    I haven’t checked my statement, but I’m fairly sure I paid the $20 for the full season of Roto Deluxe. I had to get a new credit card in the last week (new number due to ID theft). And now I cannot access the SON/hittertron. I assume cointent is trying to charge the card for this month, but I’m confused since I thought I paid in full for the year.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    • Chris says:

      @John OB: I’m having the same problem this morning. No access to Hittertron or Streamanator and I paid for a full season.

      • @Chris: Are you logged into CoinTent? (link in lower right of subscription box)

        • Chris says:

          @Rudy Gamble: Yep. Everytime I open the browser to get to both Hittertron and Streamanator, it logs me in to Cointent. I’ve already contacted Cointent, but they haven’t responded.

          • Ok so you are logged in but it doesn’t remember you – can you include me in CoinTent email thread?

            • Chris says:

              @Rudy Gamble: Sure will. I contacted them sometime around 2 hours ago and they haven’t responded yet.

    • @John OB: Are you signed into CoinTent? (Log in link in lower right of subscription window)

      • John OB says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Yeah Rudy, sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I thought for sure I paid for the year, but cointent says I ordered the monthly. I haven’t checked the statement but I can’t imagine why I would do month-to-month. But, I’ll figure it out with them. Thanks!

  25. John says:

    No Votto in the rankings?

    • Updating now. These 1-day suspensions are a killer. My feed provider keeps forgetting to turn guys back to Active.

  26. John says:

    Update for Springer today?

    • @John: He’s in there now – my feed still had him inactive.

  27. Hello, I know you probably have bigger fish to fry, but i wanted to ask your opinion if i should trade corey dickerson for strasburg? Pre-season i loved Stras, and see ROS projections say it’s about even money, but Stras has just been awful thus far. Thanks for your time, and all you do.

    • @warrior1203v: I have some faith in Strasburg but I love me Dickerson as well. If your team is strong enough in pitching, I can get behind this move.

  28. Aaron says:

    Man you really do not like Vogt tonight vs a young rookie?

  29. Goose! says:

    Why is Swihart missing today?

    • Bonafide says:

      weird no Boston players at all actually

      • Apologies. On the road this week (in NYC, seeing family and celebrating wife’s birthday) and there was a random issue that kept Red Sox hitters out of Hittertron/DFSBot. The only solace is they were facing F-Her so there was no reason to play any Red Sox unless your other option was an empty bench slot. Fixed the underlying error tonight.

    • Apologies. On the road this week (in NYC, seeing family and celebrating wife’s birthday) and there was a random issue that kept Red Sox hitters out of Hittertron/DFSBot. The only solace is they were facing F-Her so there was no reason to play any Red Sox unless your other option was an empty bench slot. Fixed the underlying error tonight.

  30. John says:

    Is anyone else having a problem viewing this on their phone? I have a subscription but the log in option for coin tent is not showing up. This is the first time this has happened to me. Any thoughts?

    • MLD says:

      @John: Same thing is happening to me in Chrome on my laptop browser.

  31. Jon says:

    Why doesn’t H divided by AB equal avg?

  32. John says:

    Will there be an adjustment made now for Rusney or is it too soon to project his stats for today?

  33. datdudebp says:

    Josh Hamilton isn’t in hittertron yet. Interested to see what kind of values he’ll have vs RHP

    • @datdudebp: i sometimes miss a guy if he’s activated that day since my data feed is from the morning. But i’ve been trying to read the headlines so i can add a guy in if this happens.

  34. Aaron says:

    Joey Gallo gonna be listed soon?

    • @Aaron: Got him in shortly after you posted this. Hittertron LOVES his power against RHP.

  35. MLD says:

    Having trouble getting Stream-o-Nater to load. Just sits on the Preview Image. Usually it processes the login and then reloads. I don’t see any links to login either if I somehow got logged out. I am using Chrome.

  36. Brian says:

    Hey Rudy, would you trade Bautista for Marte in a 12 team H2H league? My team has plenty of power and I’m short on speed, but mostly Bautista’s shoulder is a big concern to me and I’m in 1st place and propably looking at a playoff spot. So far their stat lines look similar except Marte has 9 stolen bases. And the player rater has Marte above Bautista, although the rater is more for Roto purposes. I’d really like to hear your opinion on this trade. Thanks a lot!

    • @Brian: Yes, I’d make that trade given the uncertainty with Bautista’s shoulder.

  37. datdudebp says:

    KC hitters aren’t in hittertron today

    • @datdudebp: Thx – just fixed it a couple minutes ago (Alex ‘Chi Chi’ Gonzalez messed it up temporarily)

  38. Dan says:

    Hi Rudy – Is there a way to tag guys as favorites or the like to make it easier to view projections for the day, particularly on the Hitter-Tron? I find myself searching out the same players daily for bench rotation and thought I’d ask. No biggie if not and maybe a suggestion for future versions. Thanks and love the tools!

  39. Hi Dan – There isn’t a way to currently do that. Requires a good amount of development and we prefer to keep prices low :). A recommendation would be to just to save those players separated by | in an email and then cut/paste them in with each session in the Name filter – e.g., Denard Span | Adam Eaton | Melky Cabrera.

  40. chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble

    I don’t see Francisco Lindor listed for 6/16.

    Also, will Kyle Schwarber be added today?

    • @chadaristic: Thanks for the heads-up. Lindor back in (fixed a patch where players with 0 starts and 1+ appearances in last 30 days fall out). Schwarber added.

  41. Dave says:

    95% Chance Schwarber starts today even without the DH? Is that because he was just added to the system

    • @Dave: i put his % start time very high based on the DH. so it’s definitely too bullish for today

  42. chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    Addison Russell is not showing SS eligibility for ESPN leagues for some reason.

    • @chadaristic: Good catch. Fixed. Weird – could’ve sworn ESPN was making him ‘earn’ SS eligibility. Those default positions for rookies can be so arbitrary (like Schwarber shouldn’t have C-eligibility).

      • chadaristic says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Yeah I know, same with Olivera and 1st base I believe.

        Anyway, thanks for the quick fix.

  43. chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    It seems Toronto is not listed today (6/27).

    • Ran about 15 min later as i needed to get Matt Boyd included in our player universe. Thx.

  44. Jon says:

    Do your formulas ever change during the season? I’ve noticed the hits projections have been lower the past few days. Is that just unfavorable situations for the hitters?

    • @Jon: I’m in the midst of launching some big enhancements but there hasn’t been any notable change since late May/early June.

      Here’s a breakdown of average projected vs actual Hits for starting players since May 30th. Our average across all 30 days was 0.97 hits. Actual was 0.98.

      # Date, Hit_Proj, Hit_Actual, Index
      2015-05-30, 0.98, 1.05, 93
      2015-05-31, 0.96, 1.00, 96
      2015-06-01, 0.97, 0.95, 103
      2015-06-02, 0.99, 1.00, 99
      2015-06-03, 0.98, 0.99, 99
      2015-06-04, 0.99, 0.99, 99
      2015-06-05, 1.03, 1.03, 100
      2015-06-06, 1.00, 0.98, 102
      2015-06-07, 1.02, 0.94, 108
      2015-06-08, 1.03, 0.99, 103
      2015-06-09, 0.97, 0.95, 103
      2015-06-10, 0.99, 1.04, 96
      2015-06-11, 0.97, 0.88, 110
      2015-06-12, 0.96, 1.00, 96
      2015-06-13, 0.97, 1.03, 95
      2015-06-14, 0.95, 0.99, 96
      2015-06-15, 0.97, 0.89, 108
      2015-06-16, 0.97, 1.05, 92
      2015-06-17, 0.99, 0.94, 105
      2015-06-18, 1.00, 0.88, 113
      2015-06-19, 0.95, 1.01, 94
      2015-06-20, 0.96, 0.89, 108
      2015-06-21, 0.96, 1.06, 91
      2015-06-22, 0.95, 1.14, 83
      2015-06-23, 0.97, 1.06, 91
      2015-06-24, 0.96, 0.94, 102
      2015-06-25, 0.98, 1.09, 90
      2015-06-26, 0.92, 0.99, 93
      2015-06-27, 0.92, 0.95, 97
      2015-06-28, 0.92, 0.78, 118
      2015-06-29, 0.95, 1.07, 89

      • Jon says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks. I know the projections are good. I was just curious if the scoring had changed, as the last few days have had many less H > 1.2. Guess just not good days for hitters, which is accurate :)

  45. Streaming Leake says:

    Hi Rudy, while I find SON very valuable I have my doubts about Hittertron. When Miggy went down I decided to look for 1b/C playing in Coors, as I have Grandal. Tron had Cron highly rated for 7/7-8, so I used one of four picks to grab him. He did not play, as Pujols did and no DH in Coors. Okay, I should have known, but what about Tron? So I drop Cron and pick up Rosario for 7/8. Highly rated. Not playing. Will hold him and pick up Mauer, at least he plays every day. Doubt I will consult Tron again.

    • My projected playing time is a formula leveraging last 30 day lineups as well as a player’s expected role (e.g., Jacoby Ellsbury was very likely to start today despite missing 30+ games).

      I tested my projections against actual start/sit and the results were posted in the forum:

      I know it’s frustrating to get bagels instead of ABs. i think my projections are solid but there’s a reason why sites posting starting lineups (baseballpress.com being my go-to) get so much traffic.

      • Streaming Leake says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Of course it’s an inexact science, because as all Yankee fans know, you just can’t predict baseball Suzyn. For some reason my league likes next day transactions, which makes it more difficult to adjust to MLB starting lineup changes, especially since a proven roster strategy in this H2H league is to skimp on offense bench. I am new to Hittertron and I am sure that with some practice on my part it will be a big help. Thanks for your imaginative efforts in putting the tools together.

  46. sashasdad says:

    This comment may be posted twice as i originally posted under “tomorrow’s hitter projections”. I watch the % number under the chance to start. It helps me on deciding on who to pick up if he does not have a high % to start say. It def helps me out as i am not familiar with lesser know names on many teams. If you are newer to using hittertron, give it some time. It seems to take the park and opposing SP and gives you a rating, and seems to works well for the couple years I’ve used it anyways.

    • Streaming Leake says:

      @sashasdad: Thanks. As per my reply to Rudy, I will take your advice and give it (and me) some time.

  47. sashasdad says:

    hello, just wanted to check in to see if the hittertron will be updated tomorrow morn? not to sound picky here, but i noticed some dates on some players jumped from 18th to 23rd for example. i also noticed not all teams or players have a projection for tomorrow? if you are waiting to get a more complete SP schedule possibly, i apologize in advance. thanks again for all you do.

    • Yup this is all because of probable pitcher uncertainty – will be resolved in next day or two as they get confirmed

  48. Chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    I believe we are missing the Astros in today’s Hittertron.

    • yup, needed to get ROS projections for Martin Perez. all fixed.

  49. Aaron Ever says:

    Says Piscotty should be in there but he ain’t

    • @Aaron Ever: took a few times to get him in there but he’s been in there for at least an hour.

  50. Jon says:

    I just noticed the note “Updated 1:42PM EST – projection methodology upgrade” Was that today? Do you expect these upgrades to affect the level of hits being projected or just the accuracy? Thank you for all you do.

    • @Jon: yes. there have been a few minor upgrades this week. there are no significant changes to AVG or # of hits but hoping the change increase accuracy.

  51. Jon says:

    Is batting average for time of day a factor? I’m worried about Melky Cabrera tonight, he bats .255 at night this season.

    • datdudebp says:

      @Jon: That’s not a thing. Unless you have blue eyes like Josh Hamilton

    • @Jon: It’s not a factor at the player level. I’m not sure if there is a measureable skill difference between players at day/night but it’d be hard to calculate. I’ve contemplated a day/night factor to be applied to all hitters/pitchers but the averages are so close that it feels unnecessary. Here are the AVG/OBP/SLG averages for 2010-2014:

      Day games: 0.2524/0.3194/0.395
      Night Games: 0.2552/0.3192/0.3996

  52. Chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble:

    Hey man, I think we are missing Tulo (7/29).

  53. Tim says:

    No Tulo / No Reyes. Games are starting soon….. (7/29)

    • @Tim: Grr, stupid data feed glitch. Currenlty experience database issues and can’t get in to fix it. Reco is to start Tulo or Reyes.

      • Tim says:

        I’ve got both! I’ll go Tulo. Thanks

  54. Shidesthelimit says:

    I have purchased my subscription but have no idea how to login. This seems to be a recurring problem among commenters here.. How do I login to this thing???

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Click subscribe, it’s there

  55. Colin says:

    Just a heads up, Tyler Saladino has 3B/SS dual eligibility on ESPN. You’ve just got him at 3B.

  56. Charles says:

    For the past couple weeks, the chart is taking several minutes to load. Is there something going on? I tried clearing my cache and browser in general to help but was wondering if it something other people are experiencing also.

    • you’re not the only one. our developers and cointent have been investigating this. for now, best bet is just hit refresh if it doesn’t redirect you after your username/password have been approved. apologies for the inconvenience.

      • Jon says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I’ve been having that issue as well, sometimes it just says thanks for subscribing and spins, but never does the reload to actually get the data. Today I just tried logging out of cointent and logging back in and that seems to work. It’s a pain, but better than keep reloading and having the issue again.

        • We’ve got our engineers who helped speed up the site talking w/ the CoinTent engineers. Hopefully resolved very soon.

  57. Bob says:

    The Hittertron is hanging at load. Hit F5, doesn’t help.

    • @Bob: I’ve got it working for most people. Have you tried clearing your browser history?

  58. Brian says:

    First off, Hittertron is the bomb, I use it daily. Secondly, there are some ESPN players that don’t reflect their full positional eligibility, e.g. Delino Deshields Jr. should also have 2B eligibility for ESPN leagues. Would it be possible to resync to the current ESPN positions? Thanks again for such a great time saving tool.

    • @Brian: just resynched. the discrepancies all came from espn’s default positions which seem to be a bit more liberal than i expected.

  59. Jon G says:

    Hey guys, the search field is not appearing for hitter-tron

  60. Jon says:

    I can’t get the sort to work today.

  61. Beware the Shit Rope says:

    just today first time i’ve seen this it shows all the players but doesn’t have a bar to put in a name

    • Beware the Shit Rope says:

      @Beware the Shit Rope: it also somehow put my comment that is months later than may 19th above may 19th.

  62. phenomenot says:

    Meh – no worries about the glitch – still a tremendous resource, and a good bargain ta’boot!

  63. Hugman says:

    Hmmm. Overall ranking numbers not showing up in far left column today. Tried it in Safari and Chrome.

    • DancinHomer says:


      you’re not alone. been really buggy for a couple weeks now. Oh, well.

  64. Hugman says:

    Weird. My comment vanished. No ranking number in far left column for me today. I’ve tried it with Chrome and Safari.

    • @Hugman: Resolved this one pretty quickly. Was tied to an issue w/ the script that also handles sort/filter.

  65. Scott says:

    Norris (oblique) will in fact start Wednesday’s game, as Anibal Sanchez (shoulder) has been scratched, MLive.com’s Chris Iott reports.

    • @Scott: Thanks. Caught an issue that wasn’t enabling Norris’ projection. Running now.

  66. torenado says:

    I don’t have access to this anymore, why?

  67. Scott says:

    FYI for everyone, I noticed that it doesn’t like it when multiple razzball windows (or tabs) are open. Try opening cointent.com first, then click Subscriptions, then click the Razzball link, a new window (tab) should open, then click on Hittertron or Stream-o-nator, same window (tab), and give it a minute for the scripts to run. Hope this helps!

  68. chadaristic says:

    @Rudy Gamble: It looks like hittertron and streamonater are both broken at the moment. As if I wasn’t anxious enough about the last day in my championship matchup lol.

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