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This table is updated on Friday-Monday mornings to reflect the upcoming Monday-Sunday baseball week.  Only includes players on active 25-man roster (not on DL or minors) as of the day that it is updated.  (So if a guy is due off DL mid-week, he will not in here).

Click to sort and text boxes to filter.  See more in footnotes.


Hitter-Tron Info:

Razzball Hittertron (aka Hitter-Tron):  This tool is designed to identify attractive short-term hitter pickups and to determine when to start/sit hitters on your roster.  (For Daily Fantasy Baseball games, check out DFSBot)  The higher the $ value, the more attractive the start.  Hittertron projections rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as a foundation and then adjust based on several game-specific factors that include quality of opposing starting pitcher, hitter’s performance vs. the handedness of opposing starting pitcher, park factors, whether the game is home or away, and predicted batting order spot (for Runs, RBIs, and Plate Appearances).

What Is The Expected Accuracy Of Hittertron Projections?:  Please see the Razzball Ombotsman for correlations between the Hittertron projections and actual stats.

Filtering Results:  You can filter multiple fields at the same time.  The text fields below the column headers enable several methods for filtering the data.  Here are some examples:

Function Symbol Example Explanation
ANY MATCH ‘B’ in Pos Typing B in Pos will filter to any player with 1B, 2B, or 3B eligibility.  Type in more details to filter further – e.g., “1B’, “1B, 3B”, etc.
OR | 2B|SS Requires exact match on both sides – so 2B|SS returns anyone who has 2B or SS eligibility but not anyone with 2B/SS, 2B/3B, etc.
NOT ! !OF All players who do not have OF eligibility.
NOR ! | !1B|OF All players who do not have 1B eligibility NOR OF eligibility.  Just use the ! once.
GREATER THAN > >30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than 30.  Does not work for Date.
LESS THAN < <30 in $ All players whose $ is less than 30.  Does not work for Date.
GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO >= >=30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than or equal to 30.  Does not work for date.
LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO <= <=30 in $ All players whose $ is less than or equal to 30.  Does not work for Date.

Position Eligibility - 20 Games in last season for ESPN and ’2 Catcher’ formats.   5 Games for Yahoo.

$ Values - A hitter’s projected stats for the game are multiplied by 150 and then valued for a 12-team MLB league using the ESPN/CBSSports roster format (13 hitters, 9 pitchers) and a $260 team budget.  While the $ values would vary for any other league format, we would expect the rankings to remain relatively the same.  The ‘$U’ estimate is position-neutral and is the value to use when looking at players for Utility slots.  We have found this is the key $ value for ‘Daily’ roster changes.  Position-adjusted $ can be found in the Weekly Hitter-tron and in the Hitter-tron projection on the player pages (accessible by clicking on the player name).

Own%  Based on ownership within the Razzball Commenter Leagues which consists of 84 12-team MLB leagues using the standard ESPN roster format.



  1. Homer at the Bat says:


  2. Domo Arenado, Mr. Roboto says:

    First of all, hat-tip to Rudy for the “Next Calendar Week” projections on HitterTron. So very useful for weekly leagues. That said, how much stock can you put in the fact that HT is really down on Rockies hitters on the road next week 5/26, (@PHI, @CLE). Dare I start Gattis ($1.7) and Moobs ($17.5) over Rosario ($-17.7) and my mainest man Nolan ($-1.5)?

    • @Domo Arenado, Mr. Roboto: Good catch w/ Rosario. His playing time in Hittertron was underestimated because of his recent DL stint. That’s been fixed going forward. He’s now worth 60 cents!

      I’d go Gattis/Moobs over Rosario/Arenado. The Braves play 7 games, Rockies 6. Gattis gets two lefties (Lester, Wolf) and Rosario one (Hamels). I’d go Moobs over Arenado. Arenado’s barely startable when on the road.

  3. Chris says:

    Grey, do you think the Dodgers will call up Pederson to replace Crawford? If you had to drop one of these guys to make room on your roster, who would it be? Wong, Gyorko, Prado.

    • @Chris: I think there’s a small chance they bring up Pederson and an even smaller chance that he gets to start over Kemp and Van Slyke. I wouldn’t drop anyone for him.

  4. Charles says:

    Everything working okay for the next week (7/28) rankings? It looks like every team/player is missing a game.

    • @Charles: yeah, missing 8/2 probable starters. hoping to get them in later today

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