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This week’s Fantasy Roundtable is being hosted by the roundtable creators over at Fantasy Baseball Generals.

THE TOPIC: What sleeper has the best chance to get 20 steals for the rest of the season?

I wasn’t able to contribute this week but it’s nice to see that the roundtable is pretty liberal when it comes to the word ‘sleeper’….

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  1. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Very clever… I doubt Ellsbury will be on anyone’s radar!

  2. Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    You were sorely missed at the roundtable, Rudy. I scanned the whole thing looking for the Gamble then thought maybe they’d kicked you out for impertinence.

    Now excuse me while I go research this Ellsbury fellow….

  3. Yeah, I was pretty busy and I’m not really a scavenger for SBs. I draft a team with a few decent SB threats and then maybe one later round heavy hitter like Pierre, Victorino, or Bourn.

    I checked all my leagues, though, and Ellsbury has been nabbed. Damn expert leagues.

    If you check the comments on the link, I think the guy who wrote that apologizes for sleeping during his sleeper pick….

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