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Please see LineupLabs’ tutorial for questions on the optimizer. Please leave feedback and questions in the comments. FAQS for the projections can be found here. LineupLab’s NFL Lineup Optimizer and NBA Lineup Optimizer – using other sites’ projections – are up now.

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  1. Charles says:

    Anxiously awaiting April 3 update… Would like to use subscription from opening day!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rudy, I signed up for DFS Premium via the FanDuel promotion and that is working fine. Now, I’d like to upgrade to the optimizer for yahoo but I’m not finding any method of doing this short of paying the $99 on lineuplabs site. I saw elsewhere on this site that there should be an option to upgrade for 50 bucks for the year.

  3. TylerMarty says:

    Hi Rudy. I just paid for the FanDuel promotion and opened up a new account with a $10 deposit. I’d like to take advantage of the Optimizer features. How do I verify that I’ve opened up the FanDuel account? Thanks.

    • @TylerMarty: Hi Tyler – the FanDuel promotion should activate your DFS Premium subscription no later than 4PM EST but could be sooner. BUT, the optimizer is not part of the deal. The FanDuel promotion gets you access to all the projections for DK, FD, Y!, and FantasyDraft + Stackonator + Teamonator. The Optimizer is part of an upgraded package that costs $50/year more (retails for $99.99/year). If interested, you need to put your purchasing information at https://cointent.com/u/account#paymentSettings, After that, you should then see an ‘Upgrade’ option when u visit this page. Or, you can trial the optimizer for $3/day if you want a feel for what you’re upgrading to. (Note: the upgrade gets you unlimited optimizer use for DK, FD, and Yahoo).

      Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Charles says:

    How quickly and how frequently are lineup changes factored into the model? And in the optimizer? It is automated?

    • Most of the process is automated but there is a manual button push or two. I think lineups are incorporated within 15 minutes of their posting. You can see when a lineup has been incorporated because the %Start field becomes 100 and the Lineup field turns green and says ‘Live’.

  5. Charles says:

    After running the optimizer, I see lock and “x” icons next to the players. It would be awesome if you could use those to eliminate players and then recalculate the lineups. A lot of times the model has benched players in the output. Rather than having to go back and manually exclude them from the player population, eliminating them by clicking the “x” would save a lot of time.

  6. Luke says:

    I cannot find away to purchase the lineup optimizer. Have sent emails. Please advise

  7. Brian R says:

    Hey guys,

    When using the optimizer, I notice the lineup that is produced when I use 100% upside points is often the same lineup that is a result of leaving upside at 0%. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can adjust that will result in the lineups including players with more home run potential? It seems like I was getting lineups with more home runs when I was extracting ISO from your daily projections and using that in excel solver, but I love the optimizer’s speed and ability to provide multiple lineups with good variance.

    Thank you!

    • @Brian R: Hi Brian – I just did a test using 0% and 100% on the Upside slider and, while I see some of the same players, I am seeing differences in the lineups. It’s not impossible (though improbable) that the same lineup could show up under both. Can you retry and email the lineups you’re seeing at 0% and 100% on the upside slider if they are the same?

  8. Bob Lawrence says:

    Pitchers are not showing up on the FD optimizer, can you look at it?

    • @Bob Lawrence: LL might empty the optimizer at some point after all games are finished. it’s been up and running for Monday since early AM.

  9. Joe says:

    Pricing for Chris Young (BOS) on FanDuel is incorrect. He’s $3100, not $2800.

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