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FAQ - Please click here for the DFSBot FAQ. Razzball DFSBot for DraftKings:  This tool helps identify which starting pitchers to choose for today on DraftKings.com. DFSBot projections rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as a foundation and then adjust based on several game-specific factors that include opponent strength vs. the pitcher’s handedness, whether the start is home or away and park factors. DraftKings Salary (DS $) are directly from DraftKings.com.  All other stats/projections are from Razzball. What Is The Expected Accuracy Of DFSBot Projections?:  Please see our FAQ or the Razzball Ombotsman. Filtering Results:  You can filter multiple fields at the same time.  The text fields below the column headers enable several methods for filtering the data.  Here are some examples:
Function Symbol Example Explanation
ANY MATCH ‘B’ in Pos Typing B in Pos will filter to any player with 1B, 2B, or 3B eligibility.  Type in more details to filter further – e.g., “1B’, “1B, 3B”, etc.
OR | 2B|SS Requires exact match on both sides – so 2B|SS returns anyone who has 2B or SS eligibility but not anyone with 2B/SS, 2B/3B, etc.
NOT ! !OF All players who do not have OF eligibility.
NOR ! | !1B|OF All players who do not have 1B eligibility NOR OF eligibility.  Just use the ! once.
GREATER THAN > >30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than 30.  Does not work for Date.
LESS THAN < <30 in $ All players whose $ is less than 30.  Does not work for Date.
GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO >= >=30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than or equal to 30.  Does not work for date.
LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO <= <=30 in $ All players whose $ is less than or equal to 30.  Does not work for Date.
  1. Eric the Actor says:

    This is a fantastic resource. In my opinion, one improvement would be to post the projections a day in advance. Right now, they go live at some point mid-morning on gameday and being able to use it to make a lineup the previous day would be awesome. Thanks, guys!

    • @Eric the Actor: Thanks! I don’t have access to DraftKings $ values a day before games so not able to deliver it a day before games. Will look into ways to post these values sooner in the day.

  2. Brad says:

    I’m a new user of Draft Kings after the DraftStreet/Kings buyout. I used your services daily for DraftStreet. What times are projected points for Draft KINGS typically available? Thanks and this is a wonderful website.

    • All the tools (DFSBot, Streamonator, Hittertron, Player Rater) are usually updated by 9:30 EST at the latest but last night was a rough one in Austin. Slow start to the day. Should be up by the time you read this comment though.

  3. sean says:

    Is there any way you could add a early game/late game filter?

    • The GT column says the game time. Add a >6 in the filter fled to remove day games

  4. James Kallas says:

    Can you swap out Shelby Miller for Wainwright please?

  5. Anthony says:

    I’m surprised at the high value for Shelby Miller today considering he’s been so bad lately. Is this driven that strongly by matchup/ballpark? Inverse could be true for Capuano, would be curious to get some input on what is driving that if possible. Thanks!

    • @Anthony: Shelby’s influenced pretty high by opponent/ballpark. STL is a pitcher’s ballpark (97 index for runs, 91 for HR). Cubs – while exciting – aren’t a great offense and have contact issues. It also seems like there’s a lot of just okay starts today – in SON, this is only a $12 start which is rather low for the 3rd best start.

  6. Nugs says:


    I picked up Wacha today on my waiver wires. A good day by him today could put me in great position to be in the money.
    Does everybody like him that much today even coming off his shoulder issues?

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