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Please see LineupLabs’ tutorial for questions on the optimizer. Please leave feedback and questions in the comments. FAQS for the projections can be found here. LineupLab’s NFL Lineup Optimizer and NBA Lineup Optimizer – using other sites’ projections – are also available.

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  1. Bob says:

    The form the tool is housed in is too small to see the whole tool (using Chrome).

      • Bob says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks, Rudy. This is awesome. When will the filters (salary, pts, avg) and “diversify” feature be available? They’re grayed out right now.

        • @Bob: Pinging Lineup Lab on this. We’ve been talking about a change to the filters.

        • @Bob: This is strange and I have only heard of this happening one other time. The filter/sliders and ‘Diversify’ work fine from my view. Can you give me some details on the browser you are using? Are you on a tablet/phone? Throw me as many details as possible and we will look into it.

        • @Bob: If your device is both touchscreen & mouse capable, one might be taking priority over the other. So if you cant grab the slider with a mouse, you should be able to grab it with your touchsreen and vice versa. Let me know if this is the case and we are working on a fix soon.

          • Bob says:

            @Lineup Lab: Bingo, my laptop has a touchscreen. They work fine if I use my finger. Thanks much.

  2. W says:

    I get the “Subscribe to the DFS premium plan…” message here, but my Streamonator works. Are these different accounts?

    • @W: You are all signed up w/ DFS Premium. You probably just need to re-login into CoinTent.

      • W says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Rudy, I cleared my cookies and re-logged into Cointent, but I still can’t access this tool (or DFSBOT). Streamonator still works

  3. Charles says:

    Not seeing and games or players today?

    • Charles says:

      @Charles: looks like something is up with the Game Time Filter.

      • Sorry about that. LineupLab made an update and their API to load our salaries got tripped up. It was fixed earlier this afternoon.

  4. Charles says:

    Am I seeing FD prices on the DK page? Awfully low today, if this is DK.

    • Alex says:

      @Charles: I was wondering the same thing. I checked and they’re definitely FD salaries.

    • @Charles: good catch – had accidentally put the FD widget in there this morning. fixed.

  5. Mike says:

    Hey Rudy, really appreciate this and other tools at RB. I was wondering if there is anyway the DFS Optimizer can be updated to account for DraftKings lineups that require you to use at least 3 MLB teams in your lineup? My early experience has seen the bot return a fair number of lineups that exclusively feature hitters from the two teams at Coors, eg. This is not a big problem if I’m looking for one optimized lineup to play in several games, but when I am looking for maximum (100%) diversification to use multiple lineups in one long shot tourney, it is more of an issue since some unusable lineups have now already “counted” the players listed and exclude them from the additional results.

    • @Mike: Hi Mike and thanks for the note- I have seen this too, and we are actually almost finished with a pile of fixes that includes this one. I expect to see an algorithm update soon and will post a comment as soon as it goes live. Thanks again and keep the suggestions coming!

  6. Charles says:

    7/23- I think something is misfiring with the StL/KC game not being in the filters but all the players showing up as available. Also, I can’t find any Brewer bats.

  7. Charles says:

    7/27- some crazy values loaded in today. 26.9 for Hanigan? Would be nice. Same issue in the FanDuel model too.

  8. Teddy Heater says:

    DK isn’t coming up, but Fanduel is. I tried through, Safarai, Chrome and Mozilla with no luck.

      • Teddy Heater says:

        @Rudy Gamble: No worries, thank you for always being so prompt!

        • thx. made a bunch of changes today and must’ve inadvertently screwed up the lineup widget. thx for heads up!

  9. Datdudeab says:

    Any thought given to providing these with upside points?

    • @Datdudeab:

      Definitely. Was really hoping to get it in there sooner but if all goes well, we are hoping to have that data incorporated sometime next week.

  10. Charles says:

    Anyone else getting the No Solutions error when running it on only 2 games? I don’t have the No Hitters vs Pitchers box checked.

    I also got the error on 3 games when I selected the No Hitters vs Pitchers box.

  11. Terry Bledsoe says:

    I don’t know what I wasted my money on here.

  12. Teddy Heater says:

    Rudy Roo!!! (like Whoody Who) There’s a new bar in the mix here, can you explain the upside points variance and in your experience where do you adjust the Salary, Pts, $/Pts, Diversify and Number of Results. I’ve played around with it, but I feel like the tutorial and FAQ’s aren’t giving me the insight I’m looking for. I like to reference this when I’m doing a late or turbo match-up, so any help would be appreciated as I think this is great, I’d just like to get some feedback directly from you as J-Foh and I had a conversation about DFS at the Angels game a few weeks back.

    • @Teddy Heater: Yes, been working w/ Lineup Lab to get that into the optimizer for a while now! We just got it in yesterday. I have some experience with optimizing on the upside points because I started the year using Excel Solver.

      Here’s the basics that I’ll elaborate on a bit in the FAQs (hope this helps):
      1) A hitter’s ‘Upside Points’ represent a near ‘best case’ night for them. In stat terms, it’s their 86th percentile outcome whereas the average is 50th percentile outcome. In stattier terms, it’s 1 standard deviation from the average.
      2) A hitter’s upside points is similar in proportion to their average points (e.g., Mike Trout excellent in both, Brendan Ryan awful in both) but has a larger impact on power hitters vs single hitters as total bases (and particularly HRs) drive a hitter’s upside. I’ve done analysis on a year’s worth of hitter data to identify how much to weight a player’s power when determining their upside points.
      3) The slider from 0 to 100 allows the user to blend in a player’s average vs upside points. A 100 means every hitter’s upside points (86th percentile). A 0 = 50th percentile. A 50 would equal 68th percentile.
      4) The general advice is to stay near 0 for Cash games and near 100 for GPP.
      5) The impact on the lineups will be mild (a lot of the same hitters) but you’ll likely see non-power hitters (particularly at OF) drop off as you up the slider.

      1) A pitcher’s upside points also represent the 86th percentile outcome.
      2) While hitter upside points are not 100% proportional to their average points (because power has some impact), I have found no stats for pitchers that drive one’s upside potential. So a pitcher’s upside points is 100% proportional to their average stats.
      3) The reason why pitchers might change as one moves the filter is driven by the changed value in the hitter points.

      • Teddy Heater says:

        @Rudy Gamble: You’re the man and YES all that information was extremely useful. THANK YOU for taking the time to thoroughly answer my question. I was a stats buff in college, so it’s all coming back to me, Normal Distribution, Bell Curve, Mean, Median, Mode, damn my brain stored that shiz away! Good job brain. Thanks again and I’m looking forward to playing with your new toy!

  13. Charles says:

    Nope- I can’t see anything now. It was working this morning. I don’t even see the CoinTent login.

    • @Charles: Being looked at now. Should be fixed by tomorrow’s games. WordPress hates short slates.

      • Charles says:

        @Rudy Gamble: looks good! Even has the wider view on my sh!tty iPhone.

  14. Mike says:

    I keep getting the message “oops there are no solutions. This is probably related to a rule of your DFS site.” I’ve tried a few different lineups. Please help.

    • You need to add the players to the right box first by hitting the green plus button.

  15. Charles says:

    Page crashes when I try to filter by position.

    • Lineup Lab says:

      @Charles: Hey Charles, can you tell us what kind of device/browser you are using?

      • Charles says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I’m using an iPhone 5s / Safari. No issues filtering on the DK optimizer. And I can run the FD optimizer; I just can’t filter by position to remove players like Peralta and Franklin.

      • Charles says:

        @Rudy Gamble: having the same issue for both FanDuel and DraftKings optimizers on 4/4.

        • not sure what’s going on right now but i’d try desktop version until this resolves.

          • Charles says:

            @Rudy Gamble: unfortunately I don’t typically have a desktop option. Is this a known issue or is it only me?

            • @Charles: I’ve been trying it all day on my iPhone 5s. Hadn’t seen issues in the past. Just feels like the optimizer pages takes forever to load today. I’ll confer tomorrow with LineupLab to investigate.

  16. Joe Dec says:

    Is there a way to exclude players not in the starting lineups? When I calculate, most of the lineups that are presented have players in it that aren’t in the starting lineups of their team.


    • @Joe Dec: You bet joe. click on the filters tab and select “confirmed players only”. Obviously this feature works better as more lineups get announced!

      • Joe Dec says:

        @Lineup Lab: Thank you for the help. I didn’t see that box on the filters page before I asked. I’ll try to be more observant next time.

    • @Joe Dec: Talking w/ LineupLab about a filter for that. It’s a tough balancing act since it’s possible those players make the lineup and, in that case, could be very valuable. For now, I’d just manually remove those guys.

  17. Rich says:

    Am i missing something here? How do i take the lineups and bulk upload them to Draftkings? Do i have to manually enter 20 lineups?

    • Yes, you need to manually enter them. We/LineupLab currently do not support scripts. Those seem to be on the path towards being outlawed.

  18. J says:

    The late slate optimizer is not working for me

    • @J: Working ok on this end. Was the optimizer not loading or did it load and it was inoperable? What browser are/were you using?

      • J says:

        @Rudy Gamble: I’ve used both firefox and chrome for the dk hitters and it comes up “oops there’s no solution, its probably related to rule set by dfs site” I’m just trying to get the optimizer for the last two games.

        • @J: You will have to disable ‘no hitters vs. pitchers (far bottom right, scroll down, open advanced options). With a 2 game slate and DK requires 2 pitchers, you are forced to play against yourself. So flip that feature off and all is well.

  19. Charles says:

    The time filters by contest period are great, but they never seem to line up with the actual games. For instance, I click the 7pm start time and I get the 1pm early-only slate of games. Then I’ll click 8pm and get the 10pm slate.

    Also, BJ Upton has the wrong price : 2400 vs 3900

  20. Charles says:

    Rudy- optimizer working great on iPhone today! One thing: Justin Upton costs $4400, but in the model for $4200.

    • @Charles: Glad its running nicely! Runs well on my iphone as well. And sorry about Upton. Should be fixed now-

  21. Rich says:

    I’m getting this message. Your current subscription is “DFS Premium 2016 (Month)” and costs 9.99/monthly. This content requires you to upgrade your plan to access. I’m confused here. Optimizer has been working until today. I just wanted the Optimizer. The rest of it, I cant even understand. Is there something wrong with my account?

    • The Optimizers were always part of an upgraded package at $19.99/month, $99.99/season. I had turned off the permissioning while we were debugging the lineup widgets in preseason and forgotten until yesterday to add it back. So you got a free preview :) you can upgrade for just $10 a month or $50 for the season.

  22. Jacob Twilleager says:

    Ummm…My first time testing the DraftKings Lineup Optimizer and it gave me 7 Dodgers batters. Does the optimizer not factor in the stack restrictions?

    • LineupLab looking into this one. Why can’t DK price Coors opponents right – breaking algorithms!

    • @Jacob Twilleager: Hi Jacob, did you try submitting the lineup? I’m only getting results with a max of 5 LAD players. 2 COL guys, which makes for 7 total players from that game, but still fully compliant. Maybe I am not calculating in the same way as you? Any other details you can share about how you are getting 7 Dodgers batters? Happy to help!

      • Jacob Twilleager says:

        @Lineup Lab:

        That’s what I get for rushing lineup entry after drinking whisky. MY APOLOGIES! It would help if I actually read player names first. Thank you for the prompt responses. I appreciate it.

  23. Charles says:

    Rudy- I don’t see a change in points for pitchers when I use the upside slider. As a result, the proportions between hitters and pitchers change, and the optimizer stacks with big bats and mediocre pitching. Per the FAQ, we should see a change in the pitcher value when using the slider to offset the change in proportions. Could you please take a look and confirm it is operating as expected?

    • LineupLab is looking into it as it’s correct in the datafeed I send him.

  24. Rich says:

    Jhoulys Chacin is not in the lineup for Philly pitcher. It’s Eickhoff at $8000 (draft kings)

  25. Charles says:

    DraftKings is using the 1pm BOS/KC game with Wright and Kennedy, not the 8pm Price/Volquez matchup. Can you update the Optimizer to reflect this?

  26. Rich says:

    Aaron Altherr is not 2900 he’s 3300

  27. Patrick says:

    Why are there no SP listed today?

    • @Patrick: DK’s salary API wasn’t working this morning. Just downloaded/imported the salaries. all up and running now.

      • Patrick says:

        Salaries are still incorrect

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