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FAQ – Please click here for the DFSBot FAQ.

Razzball DFSBot for DraftKings:   Need help with your daily fantasy baseball picks?  This tool provides daily fantasy baseball projections to help identify which hitters to choose for today on DraftKings.com.  DFSBot projections rely on Steamer Rest of Season projections as a foundation and then adjust based on several game-specific factors that include quality of opposing starting pitcher, hitter’s performance vs. the handedness of opposing starting pitcher, park factors, whether the game is home or away, weather, and spot in batting order.  Position and DraftKings Salary (DK $) are directly from DraftKings.com. All other stats/projections are from Razzball.

What Is The Expected Accuracy Of DFSBot Projections?:  Please see our FAQ or the Razzball Ombotsman.

Filtering Results:  You can filter multiple fields at the same time.  The text fields below the column headers enable several methods for filtering the data.  Here are some examples:

Function Symbol Example Explanation
ANY MATCH ‘B’ in Pos Typing B in Pos will filter to any player with 1B, 2B, or 3B eligibility.  Type in more details to filter further – e.g., “1B’, “1B, 3B”, etc.
OR | 2B|SS Requires exact match on both sides – so 2B|SS returns anyone who has 2B or SS eligibility but not anyone with 2B/SS, 2B/3B, etc.
NOT ! !OF All players who do not have OF eligibility.
NOR ! | !1B|OF All players who do not have 1B eligibility NOR OF eligibility.  Just use the ! once.
GREATER THAN > >30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than 30.  Does not work for Date.
LESS THAN < <30 in $ All players whose $ is less than 30.  Does not work for Date.
GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO >= >=30 in $ All players whose $ is greater than or equal to 30.  Does not work for date.
LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO <= <=30 in $ All players whose $ is less than or equal to 30.  Does not work for Date.

%Start – This is the estimated percentage that a player will start in a game.  This takes recent playing time into account including the handedness of the pitcher for platoon hitters.  It does not take day-to-day injuries into account – either for the injured player or the fill-in player.  Recently called up players who are not undisputed starters may take a couple weeks before their playing time estimate matches reality (until then it’s underestimated).  More info can be found in this post.

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  1. AMolnar says:


    The link to the “teamonator” is wrong. It takes you to the daily baseball data.

  2. Ryan Kauchak says:

    Nothing pops up on this page. I used Razzball-tools-dfsbot every day last year with no issues.Subscription is up to date.

    • @Ryan Kauchak: What OS/browser are you using? I’ve heard a few people with similar issues and they were all using Internet Explorer. Can you try another browser and let me know if it works?

  3. j says:

    Chris Bassit pitching for Oak tonight

  4. Jake says:

    Anyone else having trouble with filters not working? Can’t get them work on PC or mobile since yesterday.

    • Jake says:


      Seems to be working now.

  5. Jim says:

    Players who didn’t play yesterday don’t seem to have projections today, and COL/SD projections are horked up.

  6. Jim says:

    Missing projections for players who didn’t start yesterday.

  7. Jim says:

    Same as yesterday—missing projections for players who didn’t start day before. Also, Friedrich is going for SD today, not Cashner.

  8. Jim says:

    Missing projections for players who didn’t start day before.

  9. Matt says:

    Missing Projections for players that didnt play the day before

  10. Matt says:

    Missing Red Sox v. Royals Hitters and pitchers

    • now in there. those teams’ players were missing for whatever reason from this morning’s DK salary feed. thx for heads-up!

  11. Jim says:

    Missing Reds and Dodgers.

  12. I just renewed and when I try to look at anything I get recycled to right back to the page I selected from

  13. Yao says:


    How do I view projections for previous dates this season? Thanks.

    • I archive them but don’t post them on the site. I update the accuracy every morning and post at Razzball.com/Ombotsman. If u want some previous days, just let me know the days, the DFS site, and where to send it (assuming you are a subscriber or are considering becoming one).

      • Yao says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        I’m interested to analyze all the data this season for not only accuracy but accuracy/variance for each and every player individually and each predicted column (R, RBI, K, etc.). Also interested to see histograms / scatterplots for these stats.

        I think a few days of data wouldn’t do any good. I understand this is an unusual request, thanks for answering.

        • I’m sorry but that is too big of an ask to give you every stat projection from this year. I do not feel comfortable sharing that level of data.

  14. Dave Wilson says:

    Hi Rudy, New subscriber here,
    I would love to have a few days of DraftKings so I can compare to my real results. thanks

  15. Matt says:

    Hitters look to be matched up with their team’s SP and not the Opponent’s starting pitcher. Projections look to be correct though.

    • Matt says:

      @Matt: Nevermind it correct right when i posted, thanks

  16. Jim says:

    No projections for Tommy La Stella. I believe this has happened with him before.

    • @Jim: He was recalled today so he wasn’t projected until he was formally announced in the Cubs’ lineup.

  17. Jim says:

    Dodger projections have gone screwy.

  18. Jim says:

    Having issues with Tony Renda and Daniel Descalso projections, a few days running now.

    • @Jim: Both were having issues because of some position reference issues. Should be projecting fine by the time you read this.

  19. Jim says:

    SEA and LAA projections are wonky today

  20. Jim says:

    Missing Brewers/Mariners projections.

  21. Jim says:

    A half dozen rookie callup projections are screwy (Tapia, Moncada, etc.)

    • @Rudy Gamble: @Jim: resolved a couple for today’s game. rest should be resolved and all through next week in 15 minutes.

  22. Jim says:

    Players who sat yesterday don’t have projections.

  23. David says:

    Missing CIN vs PIT projections

    • Just reimported their salary feed and DK doesn’t have salaries for that game. Maybe it is off because it starts at 12Pm EST?

      • David says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Ah yea they don’t have game but they have the 6PM CIN vs PIT game

        • I don’t know when they post salaries for that. Can try to re-run after the 1st game

  24. Jim says:

    Missing DET vs MIN. DK screwup because of doubleheader again?

    • @Jim: yes, DK double-header nonsense again. will reload after the first game starts.

  25. Jim says:

    Any chance we could get a fix for Trey Mancini?

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      The 80s lounge singer of the Golden Nugget?

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