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Below are all players who should start the year with multiple position eligibility in leagues where a player must have 20+ games in the previous year to qualify for a position.  I believe this covers most formats other than Yahoo fantasy baseball whose 2014 multi-position eligible players can be found here.

You can use the text boxes on top of the grid to filter to a certain position (e.g., ‘SS’ shows all multi-position players with SS-eligibility).

Please let us know if we’re missing anyone and apologies for those of you who searched for ‘fantasy + multiple positions’ and expected more stimulating content.

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Kevin Frandsen 1B, 2B
Jeff Keppinger 1B, 2B, 3B
Ed Lucas 1B, 2B, 3B
Juan Francisco 1B, 3B
Darin Ruf 1B, OF
Brandon Moss 1B, OF
Nick Swisher 1B, OF
Sean Rodriguez 1B, OF
Mark Trumbo 1B, OF
Mike Carp 1B, OF
Chris Carter 1B, OF
Allen Craig 1B, OF
Chris Parmelee 1B, OF
Jesus Guzman 1B, OF
Lucas Duda 1B, OF
Kyle Blanks 1B, OF
Garrett Jones 1B, OF
Matt Carpenter 2B, 3B
Alberto Callaspo 2B, 3B
Martin Prado 2B, 3B, OF
Kelly Johnson 2B, OF
Alexi Amarista 2B, OF
Skip Schumaker 2B, OF
Steve Lombardozzi 2B, OF
Dustin Ackley 2B, OF
Emilio Bonifacio 2B, OF
Jordy Mercer 2B, SS
Jed Lowrie 2B, SS
Cliff Pennington 2B, SS
Jonathan Herrera 2B, SS
Daniel Descalso 2B, SS, 3B
Nick Punto 2B, SS, 3B
Maicer Izturis 2B, SS, 3B
Ben Zobrist 2B, SS, OF
Don Kelly 3B, OF
Chris Herrmann C, OF
Ryan Doumit C, OF
Evan Gattis C, OF
Buster Posey C,1B
Carlos Santana C,1B
Eduardo Escobar SS, 3B
Mike Aviles SS, 3B
Jeff Bianchi SS, 3B
Joaquin Arias SS, 3B
Jose Iglesias SS, 3B

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  1. Jay29 says:

    I play at CBS, and I know that last year there were a couple guys that were MI-eligible without being 2B- or SS-eligible (Prado and M.Young, maybe?) because they totaled 20 games between 2B and SS without reaching 20 at either.

    Does this list neglect those types of players or are there not going to be any this year? (Same concept goes for 1B, 3B, and CI.)

    • @Jay29: Good request . Hadn’t thought of that. I have the following three guys being MI-eligible but not 2B or SS (Willie Bloomquist, Andrew Romine, Robert Andino. I don’t have anyone eligible at CI that isn’t eligible at 1B or 3B.

      • Jay29 says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Cool, thanks, Rudy. Heh, looks like we can safely ignore the MI-only factor this year!

  2. Tom says:

    Jamey Carroll is eligible at 3b and MI, but not 2b(18) or Ss(3)…at least according to CBS. Certainly didnt watch every twins or royals game…seeing as how im not hanging from my ceiling fan…

    Further, andino (ss-18) and bloomquist(2b-15) played more games at their position, albiet not 20, than any other, thus making them eligible for that position as their primary plus then mi additionally…at least thats how it works in my league…

    also interesting for those of us in deeper leagues are guys that are only eligible at dh/util (ortiz, reimold, vmart, butler, pearce, giambi, valencia)….
    as well as those that won’t be eligible at the position they’re actually playing until week 2: furcal(ss no 2b), kelly johnson(2b/of no 3b), bogaerts(3b no ss), castellanos(of no 3b), miggy(3b no 1b), mauer(c no 1b), and possibly lomo(1b no of)…so i guess the only one of consequence there is probably bogaerts…ah, nothing like tons of wasted time at work…

    • Thanks. My list only includes players on 40 man rosters and Carroll is just on a minor league contract.

      Good points on Andino and Bloomquist + the players who will be getting multi-position eligibility in the first few weeks!

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