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Casey McGehee Projections & Stats

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TeamDET ESPN1B/3B Age33
BatsR Yahoo1B/3B RCL Owned %0
$/GS (RHP)-7.4 $/GS (LHP)-4.2
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Last 7 Days
Last 30 Days
ROS Proj14585213515105100.2490.3150.3450.6600.295-32.6

Casey McGehee Projections | Hittertron (Subscribe for all hitter daily MLB projections)

Casey McGehee daily MLB projections and fantasy value for next 7-10 days.

Casey McGehee Projections | DFS (Subscribe for all hitter DFS MLB projections)

Casey McGehee daily fantasy baseball projections for DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel.
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Casey McGehee Projections | Rest of Season, Pre-Season, Next 7 Day

Next 7 Days (Hitter-Tron)
Next Calendar Week
Rest of Season (Steamer)14585213515105100.2490.3150.3450.660-32.60
Pre-Season (Grey)
Pre-Season (Steamer)4211410225102111110200.2460.3120.3410.653-32.41249

Casey McGehee News

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Casey McGehee Stats | Season

Casey McGehee stats and 5x5 fantasy value from 2010-2016. Click link on bottom of table for full majors/minors stats.
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2013 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
2016 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Casey McGehee Stats | Monthly

Casey McGehee 2016 fantasy value by month for 5x5 leagues.

Casey McGehee Projections | Platoon Splits (RHP vs LHP)

Casey McGehee projected to 150 Games vs RHP and LHP with 12 team mixed fantasy value. This helps identify a player's platoon value for fantasy baseball based on pitcher handedness. These projections by Steamer are a MUCH better indicator of a hitter's platoon splits than in-season stats since it involves multiple years of data and has been properly regressed to league averages. Since games are neutralized across players, values for everyday players may look smaller than for preseason/season to date/rest of season where they benefit from playing time advantages vs other players. In general, left-handed hitters have larger platoon splits.
vs. RHP6505895786060.2450.3060.3370.643-7.4
vs. LHP6505766196350.2580.3330.3610.694-4.2

Casey McGehee Hitting | AVG vs BABIP

Players exceeding projected BABIP are more likely to see a regression towards Expected AVG. Vice versa.

Casey McGehee Game Log | Last 30 Days


Casey McGehee Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN-40.5-8.7-15.9-9.8-14.9-2.92.0521227
MLB 10 Y!-63.7-11.3-24.2-15.1-22.7-5.02.3531229
MLB 12 ESPN-32.6-10.5-13.2-8.0-12.4-2.12.1521228
MLB 12 Y!-57.3-13.8-22.1-13.7-20.7-4.32.5531229
MLB 14 ESPN-26.3-12.4-11.1-6.6-10.4-1.42.2521228
MLB 14 Y!-51.6-16.2-20.2-12.4-19.0-3.62.6531229
MLB 15 ESPN-24.6-13.3-10.6-6.2-9.9-1.22.2521227
MLB 15 Y!-49.5-17.5-19.5-11.9-18.3-3.42.6531229
MLB 16 ESPN-22.0-14.3-9.7-5.6-9.0-1.02.3521208
MLB 16 Y!-44.7-18.7-17.9-10.8-16.8-2.92.7531229
AL 10-18.2-7.9-8.1-4.7-7.5-0.81.927594
NL 10
AL 12-9.5-9.5-5.2-2.7-
NL 12

Casey McGehee Fantasy Baseball | Rest of Season Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

5x5 (OBP) ESPN 12-32.2-10.6-13.1-7.9-12.3-
5x5 (OBP) Y! 12-48.9-13.8-19.2-11.7-18.0-
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 12-28.3-10.6-12.1-7.3-11.3-
6x6 (OBP) Y! 12-45.9-13.9-18.5-11.5-17.4-
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 12-28.0-10.7-11.9-7.2-11.1-
6x6 (OPS) Y! 12-45.3-14.0-18.2-11.3-17.1-

Casey McGehee Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater

MLB 10 ESPN-18.5-8.4-5.3-1.9-6.3-1.3-4.933671
MLB 10 Y!-36.1-11.2-9.8-4.6-11.2-2.9-8.630749
MLB 12 ESPN-13.5-10.0-4.0-1.0-4.9-0.7-3.833604
MLB 12 Y!-29.7-13.4-8.1-3.3-9.5-2.2-7.529734
MLB 14 ESPN-9.6-11.6-3.0-0.4-3.9-0.3-3.133562
MLB 14 Y!-23.1-15.6-6.5-2.2-7.8-1.5-6.228717
MLB 15 ESPN-8.5-12.3-2.7-0.2-3.6-0.2-2.933542
MLB 15 Y!-20.6-16.7-5.8-1.8-7.1-1.3-5.628700
MLB 16 ESPN-8.0-13.0-2.50.0-3.5-0.2-2.833549
MLB 16 Y!-18.5-17.7-5.3-1.4-6.6-1.0-5.228693
AL 10
NL 10-3.3-6.5-1.11.1-2.10.1-2.315262
AL 12
NL 121.0-

Casey McGehee Fantasy Baseball | Season to Date Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

5x5 (OBP) ESPN 12
5x5 (OBP) Y! 12
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 12
6x6 (OBP) Y! 12
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 12
6x6 (OPS) Y! 12

Casey McGehee 2016 Projections | Preseason

Our Steamer hitter projections are based on Steamer rate stats vs RHP/LHP and we adjust based on our projected playing time and RHP/LHP Plate Appearance split. Grey projects his stats as part of his 2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings. Both $ estimates are based on 12 team 5x5 mixed leagues with a 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
Pre-Season (Grey)
Pre-Season (Steamer)4211410225102111110200.2460.3120.3410.653-32.41249

Casey McGehee Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections for 5x5 leagues with 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
MLB 10 ESPN-37.7-8.3-15.7-6.5-13.9-4.11.6501252
MLB 10 Y!-53.8-10.9-20.3-13.2-18.8-4.52.0411252
MLB 12 ESPN-32.4-9.1-12.7-6.4-12.6-3.21.5501249
MLB 12 Y!-50.0-13.3-19.0-12.3-17.7-4.12.2411252
MLB 14 ESPN-23.1-9.7-8.9-5.3-9.7-1.81.6501239
MLB 14 Y!-44.7-15.6-17.3-11.1-16.1-3.52.3411252
MLB 15 ESPN-19.7-10.0-7.5-4.9-8.6-1.41.7501209
MLB 15 Y!-42.7-16.8-16.7-10.7-15.5-3.32.4401252
MLB 16 ESPN-15.2-10.3-6.0-4.1-7.1-0.81.7501189
MLB 16 Y!-35.8-18.0-14.4-9.1-13.3-2.52.5401252
AL 10-13.7-7.5-7.0-2.4-6.1-1.11.825606
NL 10
AL 12-9.5-8.1-5.0-2.1-4.9-0.51.924605
NL 12

Casey McGehee Fantasy Baseball | Preseason Player Rater (non-standard 5x5)

Based on our adjusted Steamer projections with a 67/33 hitter/pitcher split.
5x5 (OBP) ESPN 12-26.7-9.0-10.9-5.4-10.8-2.51.847526
6x6 (OBP) ESPN 12-24.8-9.2-10.4-5.3-10.3-
6x6 (OPS) ESPN 12-25.5-9.4-10.4-5.3-10.3-
5x5 (OBP) YAHOO 12-44.5-13.3-17.3-11.0-16.0-3.52.342526
6x6 (OBP) YAHOO 12-41.4-13.4-16.5-10.7-15.3-
6x6 (OPS) YAHOO 12-39.5-13.7-15.6-10.1-14.5-

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