Okay, who put Jerry Blevins 498th?  He’s the greatest LOOGY of all-time… OF ALL-TIME.  Kanye shrug.  We’re using Yahoo for our Fantasy Razzball leagues. (You can win a mother-bleepin’ hot tub; are you kidding me?  Seriously.  Yes, I brought out the one word, “Seriously,” sentence, then brought out the expository sentence to mention I brought out the one word, “Seriously,” sentence.) Yahoo’s drafting and fantasy baseball team setup-ma-whosies is fine.  ESPN has its minuses, Yahoo has its pluses, then read that again in the mirror.  And just like there were problems with ESPN’s fantasy baseball rankings, I have issues with Yahoo’s.  I can’t go over every single difference of opinion, but you could just go to my 2010 fantasy baseball top 300 and use that.  Or go to the Point Shares and use that.  Or buy me an all-exclusive trip to Dubai and I’ll draft for you while skiing in a mall.  Sheik, if you want to go to the food court, may I suggest the ski lift?  That sounds splendid, I hope they have Chik-Fil-A. Anyway, here’s some huge differences in Yahoo’s fantasy baseball rankings compared to mine:

Troy Tulowitzki – 7 at Yahoo, 16 here.  Hey, I like Tulo just as much as the next man, but obviously not if that next man works at Yahoo.  As I’ve said many times before, Tulo’s career high in steals last year was nearly triple his previous career high, including the minors.  And he doesn’t start hitting until June.

Joe Mauer – 8 at Yahoo, 28 here.  I already dropped a Joe Mauer schmohawk bomb.

Justin Upton – 18 at Yahoo, 24 here.  I do enjoy J-Upside, but him at 18 and above Holliday?  Holliday was more valuable than Upton last year, and the year before and the year before and you get it.  No reason to think it suddenly stops this year for Holliday.  In the 2nd round, I want as close to a lock that I can get.  Sorry, Yahoo, now get your shinebox!

Ichiro Suzuki – 27 at Yahoo, 43 here.  I’ve been over his overratedness so much I’m beginning to think overratedness is a word.

Pablo Sandoval – 29 at Yahoo, 58 here.  Here’s what Grey (that’s me!) said about Sandoval, “It’s hard to not like a chubby guy who goes by the nickname, Kung Fu Panda.  Who doesn’t love pandas?  It’s unpatriotic (in China).  I love pandas so much I want a freakin’ panda dog.  If I had a kid, I’m dye the kid to look like a panda.  So, I do like Pablo Sandoval.  But there’s caveats.  He’s not really a home run hitter.  It would not shock me to see him hit 22 homers in 2010.  Also, his average last year looks to be on the high side.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a .300 average instead of .330.  I like him, just be careful what you’re expecting.”  And that’s me quoting me!

Aramis Ramirez – 47 at Yahoo, 94 here.  Aramis overrated, underlined it.

Yovani Gallardo – 58 at Yahoo, 107 here.  That makes my job passing on him so much easier.

Michael Young – 64 at Yahoo, 93 here.  Young is a nice complimentary pick if you have a few low average guys, but, in a vacuum, Young bores.

Carlos Quentin – 164 at Yahoo, 54 here.  There’s a Carlos Quentin sleeper post and I have him over a 100 spots before in my rankings.  You think I might end up owning Quentin on a few teams?  Rhetorical!  Now remember what I said in the rankings companion piece.  Draft Quentin before someone else does, but that doesn’t mean wa3y before.

Geovany Soto – 172 at Yahoo, 127 here.  I wrote the Geovany Soto sleeper post for a reason.  Recognize!  Or don’t, your choice.

Dexter Fowler – 290 at Yahoo, 151 here.  My Fowler sleeper post was written in September.  Prescient ain’t just a word I can’t spell without Dictionary.com, it’s a state of mind!

  1. DrEasy says:

    Thanks Grey, this is going to be really useful for me. Just can’t bring myself to leave Yahoo for some reason (that’s why I’m still hesitating to join the RCL), and I was hoping for a post like this to adjust the pre-rankings. I mean, we can’t just re-rank everything according to the Razzball top 300, cause then we’d be drafting some guys too early. It’s great to know I can afford to wait a bit before drafting Quentin or Soto, for example.

  2. Steve says:

    Grey – You’ve said previously that you want a stacked OF in a 3 OF league. If that league is extra shallow (no CI or MI), do you see Quentin more as an OF or (given the risk he carries) more as a Utility guy?

  3. Levo says:

    Gotta agree with all of those except the sandoval one. I wouldnt shock me to see him hit 30, although 22 is a possibility. I dont however see a drop in avg, in fact I think he beats last years mark.The lineup’s gotten better (ever so slightly, but better nonetheless) and just dont think he’s hit his ceiling at age 23. Also what about David Price at 237 i think and Chris Davis at 301?

  4. xxxthetoadxxx says:

    What about Reyes at 48!!!

  5. Atherton32 says:

    Recently did an autodraft on Yahoo and put in your rankings. Changed a few but not very many and here’s what I got: Wieters, Teixera, Jose Lopez, Beckham, Reyes, Lind, Hamilton, Ethier, Fielder. Santana, Peavy, Price, Cueto, Buckholz, Street, Aaardsma, Nunez. Bench: Morneau, Barmes, Fowler, Chris Davis. Garrett Jones.

    I already put a waiver out to get Liriano and drop Barmes.
    I feel I lack SP. Who are the best options I have to trade and who should I go after with those picks.


  6. Eric H. says:

    @Grey: Cliff Lee is #54 at Yahoo and #54 at Mock Draft Central. You have him at #73 (I’m telling you this like you don’t know) but you also have him as a guy you’d own. How early would you take him? I draft 11th in a 12-team league and I’m trying to figure out if I have a shot at him. Thanks.

  7. Tony says:

    I am beginning to like the YAYhoo ranks. At first after using MDC for months and getting use to that yahoo pissed me off, but now i’m seeing the light. Some guys I thought i’d get I just have to forget about. I hated tulo at #7, but now i’m like eh? whateva…. I am actually loving that TULO is at 7, mauer and lince at 8 & 9. All that did was push all the master blaster 1B bats to 12-15, which are huge values. If i draft 12th and have a good shot at a choice of Tex, miggy, fielder, and howard? I couldnt ask for more.

    Choo at 44 is ridiculous.

    I really wanted to own Choo but not til about the 6 or 7th round. OH WELL, if someone see’s him at 44 and takes him about there then I have to pass. You just have to know whats right and whats wrong i guess and know who you might end up with and who you WONT end up with….

    For now they’re really setting me up to own a big 1B bat and a 3B in my first two picks.

  8. EmporersMonkey says:

    Yeah, just look at where Jenks and Aardsma are ranked. They wont be the most valuable RPs out there, but they are way too low.

  9. David says:

    Quentin, Soto aren’t sleepers , grey

  10. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    You have Granderson as the 11th best OF… Yahoo has him as the 12th best… ESPN (where I play) has him as the 14th best. No real difference, but I have a conundrum. I play with Yankees fans, most of who are willing to pay a “Yankme Tax” (<– the earlier pick or extra auction money a manager throws away to yank a player from their favorite team off the available list, named after the countless Yankees fans who do this every year without fail). I would actually like to get Granderson, but I'm wondering how much I should be willing to pay in my 10 Team auction league ($260 to spend) to get him. The mindless managers will surely go over the $15 ESPN is telling them Grandy is worth, but what should my personal cut off be? I'm thinking $18-20.

  11. Bearsharktopus says:

    @Tony: I’m with you. Drafting 8th in an 11 team league, I normally would be hesitant to grab Kemp, but with the Yahoo ranks I knew I’d have one of those 1b coming back, so what the hay. Ended up with Kemp and Cabrera.

    Also, I’m ending up with a lot of Gordon Beckham and David Price. And for some reason, nobody is drafting Ray Durham anymore, so I’ve got him on a bunch of teams!

  12. Josh says:

    @David: Quentin absolutely is a sleeper if he’s being ranked #164.

    Some other guys I think they have too low: Reyes (48), Werth (49), Granderson (52), Ibanez (105), Beckham (136), Oswalt (171), Montero (176), Webb (189), George of the Rose (194), Robot Jones (211), David Price (236), Aardsma (272), Chris Davis (300), Alcides Escobar (334), Iannetta (795?!), Kelly Johnson (847).

  13. David says:


    Quentin is not being taken on that pick.

  14. Penguin says:

    I recently did my league draft over at Y!, and I loved quite a few of their rankings. Only 1-2 other guys in my league really check out other sites, so I was able to snag quite a few sleepers. Got Quentin in the 13th (12-team, I drafted last), Webb in the 11th (not a huge fan of a pitcher coming back from arm trouble, but pitching’s so deep, I’m happy to play the FA pool if he doesn’t pan out), Liriano in the 14th, Ervin in the 17th, and Doumit in the 18th (Montero and Soto went earlier in the 18th).

  15. mc serch says:

    @David: Well, it depends on how you define “sleeper” (and not the Woody Allen kind….pass the Orgasmatron, would you?)…if your definition is a player nobody has heard of, then you are correct. But I believe the most commonly used meaning would be someone who is capable of well outperforming his current draft position, particularly if that someone has kinda dropped off people’s radar for whatever reason [i.e., post-hype sleeper, post-injury sleeper, etc.] so that they can be had in the late rounds….with Quentin often going in the 12th or 13th round and Soto going in rounds 14-16, I’d say these guys are both like a handful of Ambien…nighty night wittle wabbit….

  16. Critter Nagurski says:

    prescient state of mind. well played

  17. Nate Marcum says:

    @Atherton32: Don’t you love how low Morneau is going in most mocks. I am guessing you got him in rd 4/5, which is great value for steady production. On that note, I would look to deal him, and try and get a Hamels tier type of player. With Peavy, Price, Cueto, and Buckholz, you have a lot of upside, but also a lot of risk. I would look to see what you could get for one of those 1B.

  18. Terrence Mann says:

    If you happen to be looking for Jason Heyward on your yahoo rankings….uh, keep scrolling. He’s #1341.

  19. Frank Rizzo says:

    Soto and Quentin are steals on both Yahoo and ESPN, no doubt about it. I tend to go against the grain here on Aramis though. I do believe the 5th/6th round is fair value. He’s stated his shoulder is 100% and although we probably aren’t going to see 30 HR’s again, unless he goes D Lee circa 2009 on us, we’ll still get 25 HR’s to go with a solid BA and big RBI numbers at a position that is very scarce imo. 47’s a bit high but I’d say 57 would be fair.

  20. Sean says:

    Thanks for the post, Grey.

    I’m in a 12-team, 5×5 mixed league that uses OBP instead of AVG. I recently traded Kemp/my 10th draft pick for M-Cab/Lind. Kemp’s OBP concerns me, esp. when batting out of the 4-slot (.267 OBP last year vs. .390 out of the 7-slot). It’s as though he completely alters his plate approach when hitting higher in the order, i.e. he’s constantly swinging for the fences. Do you like this trade?

    Also, there’s obviously been a lot of speculation that A-Gonz will not be in a Padres uniform come mid season. Do you think Jed Hoyer will make the move? And should such speculation impact A-Gonz’s draft position?

  21. Tony says:

    @mc serch: @David: ya sleeper is an overused term, its pretty much just a guy who outperforms his draft position. I think in Quentin & Soto’s case they’ve been kinda forgot about, they had their one good year, let alot of people down and now people are sleeping on them…

    @Josh: reyes in the yahoo ranks is about where i’d REALLY take him…. i like the montero, soto, and price placement…

    there’s some good values.

    @Bearsharktopus: Ya but in my real league if I ended up with miggy/kemp i’d almost wanna quit, i’d be happy because its a money league, but still. I really wanna believe I play in a league that WOULNDT let that happen.

  22. ichirosan says:

    Yahoo has some decent writers, but their problem is that many others are on crack when they do their rankings.

    One of them actually had Adrian González as his 60th overall player in their last rankings, so this dragged him down all the way to 46th.

  23. Luke says:

    I read your blog alot, and I have to say I agree with 95% of what you say. You’re opinions on players I think are better then yahoo or ESPN. One guy though I think you’re wrong on for this post is Yovanni Gallardo. My opinion on him that in this case the hype-machine is actually right. Check out his WHIP in the minors at 1.05, 1.01, and 1.25. And he struck out well over a guy per inning. His numbers will go up, and in reality if he sniffs at those numbers in the minors after a few years experience in the Show he will be a top 5 pitcher. Another 6-3 RHP who had very similar numbers at age 22 – Felix Hernandez..

  24. Eddy says:

    Grey I’m planning on using the first 5 rounds of my draft to secure OF that have speed and power (Werth, Grandy, Holliday for example). With that in mind, I also plan on having two more OF for the two Util. spots. Who would you prefer?

    Bruce or Quentin?

    Borbon or Fowler?

  25. majortommy says:

    Sometimes I think they are just trying to be different. Let’s say Tulo ends up whacking 36 hr’s with 120 rbi and hitting .310(which I would love to see) they can be like, I told you so he is a first round talent. And if he doesn’t no sweat off their nuts.

  26. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Eddy: I’m not Grey, but I’d take Quentin and Borbon.

  27. Eddy says:

    @Frank Rizzo:
    What’s your reasoning?

  28. Atherton32 says:

    @Nate Marcum : Yeah got him in the 4th round. Appreciate the help.

  29. Omnificent says:

    According to your rankings v yahoo, Mark Reynolds starts to look like a good value pick at 46. In some yahoo 12 team mock drafts he is falling to me in the 4th-5th round, which feels like good value. Is he still overrated for 2010?

  30. Tony says:

    @Omnificent: ya thats one i forgot ( i cant see the ranks right now). I’d have to think reynolds there is a good value? At least not HALF as risky as people at MDC taking him in the 2nd round. I’ve ended up with him in a FEW yahoo mocks…. usaually i see arod, longo, wright go…. then reynolds…. then youk, zimmerman, panda…. and reynolds going after the youk/panda/zimm tier seems solid?


  31. royce! says:

    Anyone know how the Verducci Effect applies to cases like Gallardo’s where the year in which he pitched a comparable amount of innings is not the previous year but a year prior? Gallardo had 188 IP in 2007, got hurt in 2008 and only pitched 39, and then had 185 IP in 2009. So there was a significant leap from 2008-9, but I don’t know if such a leap matter if a pitcher ahs previously pitched a comparable amount of innings.

    @grey- “minuses” is missing an “s”.

  32. majortommy says:

    @Eddy: I would take Bruce because he has way more upside( I am thinking high 30’s to low 40’s HR’s this year) and I am not only on his bandwagon, but I may be driving it.
    And then I would go Borbon because he will almost definitely get more at bats(real log jam in Colorodo OF unless someone gets traded), steal more bases, score more runs and you can wait longer to grab him.

  33. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Eddy: Borbon leads off for the Rangers, may have a little more power than Dexter, and most projections have him hitting about .280 with 35-40 SB’s. And Fowler may be fighting for AB’s since Colorado has Hawpe, Seth Smith, Spilborghs, and CarGo all getting AB’s too.

    Quentin plays in a solid hitting lineup, at a hitters park, and has proven he can put up big numbers when healthy. Bruce hasn’t put it all together yet. It depends on where they go in drafts but if they are the top 2 OF’s on my list when I get to mid-late rounds in the draft, I’m taking Quentin.

  34. Buddo Chezuski says:

    Thanks Grey…really love razzball. I have a question about my 10 team keeper H2H 6×6 (OPS and Qual Starts). I have 3B,SS,2B locked up with Longoria, Tulo, Cano. I’m also keeping King Felix, Adam Jones for cheap.
    I have the 10th and 11th picks in the upcoming draft and the following top guys will already be off the board: Kemp, Mauer, Lincecum, Kinsler, A-Gon, Ellsbury, J Upton.
    I’d love for one of the top 1B to be there but I have a bad feeling the highest rated guy will be D Wright. Do I go with Holliday as 1 of the picks? Who else? Any thoughts are appreciated.

  35. Nate Marcum says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I agree with Borbon over Fowler for those same reasons, but I am indifferent with the Quentin vs. Bruce argument. Both play in hitters parks, I would give the nod to Bruce in that category. Both are in the middle of a solid lineup, maybe the nod goes to Bruce with Phillips and Votto around him, but that’s a push.
    Bruce had an OPS of 1.078 after his return from the elbow injury, still only 23, only needed 345 ab’s to belt 22 hr’s while hitting a robust .220 vs LHP (only hit .190 in 08 while belting 30 hrs….I guess that’s improvement)
    I like them both to outproduce their ADP and be bargains on draft day. Let’s just hope they both stay healthy.

  36. Eddy says:

    @majortommy: @Frank Rizzo:
    ok you guys have me sold on Borbon, but I’m still undecided for Quentin/ Bruce. A hitters park is not the determining factor here, since they’re both in one (and Bruce is in the better one). I like that Quentin has SOME speed, compared to Bruce. Then again, the power is tantalizing with Bruce…. And a quick note on Borbons ADP on Yahoo, I think he’s actually ranked a bit high and by the 11th/12th I’d need to make a move for him. Which is surprisingly earlier than what Bruce is going!

  37. Tony says:

    @Eddy: bruce has enough speed to steal 7-10 bases.

    Where is borbon ranked on yahoo eddy? (again i can’t see the ranks right now)

  38. Eddy says:

    My apologies man I can’t see them either at the moment, but I’m 90% sure that it’s inbetween 110-120. 111 sticks out to me, which is around where Andrus is too.

  39. royce! says:

    @Eddy: @Tony: He’s at 113.

  40. Tony says:

    @Eddy: haha its cool. I know he’s somewhere in there… I haven’t really looked at borbon too much, so i was just interested, been reading up on him more and more…

    ya if your SS isn’t filled and its a choice between the two you have to go andrus….

  41. Eddy says:

    damn, off by two. Not bad for not having drafted in about a week!

    Btw Razzballers, just thought I should throw out that today at 1:05pm ET the first exhibition between two MLB team begins. Mets v. Braves. Hanson going for Braves, Nelson Figueroa for Mets.

  42. majortommy says:

    @Tony: @Eddy: Bruce can steal bases and I think he has better protection hitting behind Votto than Quentin does. But honestly they are very similar players, it just comes down to personal preference. You want the older guy or the younger guy?
    Borbon is 113 on yahoo

  43. royce! says:

    @Eddy: @Tony: @majortommy: I don’t agree that Bruce and Quentin are the same type of player. Quentin will consistently have a high FB% and a low LD%. Assuming he retains his power, that means he will hit HRs but never have a very good AVG. Last year, Bruce seemed to be heading in that direction, but I think he’s more likely to have a higher LD% and thus a higher AVG. Bruce’s minor league numbers are more consistent with an increase in LD% and AVG.

    All that said, they could end up with very similar stat lines if Bruce’s AVG increases, but not as much as I expect, and Quentin’s does as well. Except, as majortommy said, there are the steals.

  44. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Guys, I think Bruce proven to have put his wrist injury to bed with September performance. Think it reasonably likely Quentin’s foot injury not completely behind him and may flare up on him. Injury risk the difference-maker for me.

  45. Tony says:

    @royce!: oh i think bruce can top CQ this year, but right now its a coin toss, will CQ bounce back? will bruce step up? Bruce’s minor league batting average points to that he is NOT a .200 hitter more towards .280-.300. Will he get there this yr? thats to be decided, right now i’d take Bruce… I just think he’s gonna take that step this yr….

  46. Tony says:

    @Simply Fred: thats exactly what i was thinking as i hit submit…. CQ’s injuries are what have really held him back…

  47. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Omnificent: With Reynolds, it really comes down to: do you have enough AVG upside to offset Reynolds’ downside. If you are borderline, adding him, could put a serious hurt on you. If you have AVG cushion, he’s worth it.

  48. majortommy says:

    @royce!: I can’t take credit for the steal factor(as much as I love being patted on the back) Tony mentioned it first.
    Beware power hitters with leg/foot injuries.

  49. Kid n' Play says:

    Grey, I’m in a keeper league, 12 teams H2H, 7X7 (extra cats are obp, slg, k/9, k/BB) Standard Yahoo positions. My 6 keepers are: Utley, Fielder, Reynolds, Werth, Markakis, CarGo. I took a big risk with trading Haren for Werth but I felt that the power available in the draft would be weak. Now I have the dilemma with my pitching. Santana is in the draft but he will definitely be taken before me. Next down the line is Hamels who has a slight chance of falling to me. Should I do everything in my power to get one of those two? Because the next pitcher available from your ranks would be Peavy, Wandy, Bills, Weaver, Baker… I also think these are the guys will be available: Abreu, Victorino, Hunter, Span, Rios, Wieters, Ibanez, Nathan, Papelbon etc… So as you can see the top of the draft is very weak… Paired with my keepers, would you first go ahead and just draft as many of the top pitchers as I can?

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Kid n’ Play: I’d take two pitchers in the first two rounds. Santana, Hamels, Wandy, Bills, Baker, Peavy, Weaver… IN that order.

  51. peter says:

    @Tony: Just to touch back on Choo… I’m not as high on him. He went 20/21 last year. Of note, he hit 4 HR in the last week of the season. If he hadn’t been hot that week, he would have finished with 16 HR – which is way less impressive. Sure, you could say this kind of thing about anyone, but it rings especially true for the guys who just barely touch 20/20. Meaning, they can go from pleasant to yawnstipating at any time.

    I’d still draft Choo if I could get value, but I just don’t think he’s going to have more power upside for the first time in his career. Also worth mentioning: he needed over 660 plate appearances to come up with last year’s numbers.

  52. Tony says:

    @peter: OH YA i know… i liked him more when i got him in the 15th or 16th round last year. Just another case of paying for the year befores stats. With a healthy grady and some younger guys hopefully stepping up some you’d think he’ll have a nice year. I think the 7th round is reasonable. I do understand the barely going 20/20, but he did clip .300 on the season and in my league thats pretty solid, 10X10 counting indvidual hits, singles, doubles, trips, HR’s, etc…. again he’s enticing if he falls to a certain point, like alot of players.

  53. Tom Reale says:

    Just figured I would throw out a Yahoo value team for the Razzers:

    C- punt (on first down just to keep them off balance)
    1B- Morneau
    2B- Stewart
    3B- Beckham
    SS- Reyes
    OF- CarGo
    OF- Bruce
    OF- Quentin
    Util- Snider(Really late)
    SP- Sanchez(not sure if any of you have heard of him?)
    SP- Hamels
    SP- Liriano(again. really late)
    SP- Price
    CL- Dotel
    CL- Capps
    CL- Lyon
    CL- Gonzalez

    Not that I’d want all of these guys on the same team, just a bunch of value plays.

  54. Ryan says:

    Thank god someone else wrote an article about yahoo’s rankings. ( I wrote one in my blog) I’ve been doing research for months now, had my draft laid out how i wanted it to go, and then yahoo had to come out with their rankings. I had Tulo in the second round, only to find him @ 7 at Yahoo. Funny how they came out with a top 60 ranking article today, and he was ranked a 16. Wish they could change their draft rankings. Keep up the good work, great writer.

  55. jamiesonmj says:

    Grey, how does hamilton’s recently bruised shoulder affect his draftability in your eyes? Is it something to worry about or to fluff off.

  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: You have 1 and three-quarters pitchers. It’s not good unless that’s a 16 team league, but I don’t know cause you didn’t say.

    @Ryan: Cool, thanks!

    @jamiesonmj: Not worried about it. Yet.

  57. agarthered says:

    @Tom Reale you forgot Aardsma who I think besides Quentin is the steal of any yahoo draft.

  58. Dean says:

    I know most people are down on Javy Vazquez with him going to Yankee Stadium but I have a chance to keep him for just $13 in an auction league (10 team, 5X5, $260). That seems like pretty good value – pull the trigger?

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dean: $13 is good value, go for it.

  60. Mike says:

    Keep up the good work, Grey. Recently did 10 team ESPN Mock with the 8th pick. Thoughts/comments?

    C – Soto (188)
    1B – Howard (13)
    2B – Utley (8)
    3B – Zimmerman (33)
    SS – Bartlett (113)
    1B/3B – Morneau (48)
    2B/SS – Y.Escobar (133)
    OF – Sizemore (28)
    OF – Granderson (53)
    OF – Abreu (73)
    OF – Bruce (93)
    OF – Coghlan (168)
    UTIL – Tejada (208)

    SP – J.Johnson (68)
    SP – Jimenez (88)
    SP – Kershaw (108)
    SP – Oswalt (148)
    SP – Sanchez (193)
    SP – Harang (233)
    RP – Wilson (128)
    RP – Wagner (153)
    RP – Aardsma (173)
    RP – Dotel (228)

    BN – Prado (213)
    BN – Snider (248)

  61. Tom Reale says:

    @agarthered: Good call. Aardsma @ 272

  62. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: I realize that I wasn’t that clear. But, what I was trying to do, was to show where there was value at every position on Yahoo. Expand upon your list, instead of ask you where is this guy and so on. This was not a mock draft. Instead where there is a gap, between Yahoo and Razzball, in the rankings at every position.

    Would a Chik-fil-A in Dubai still be closed on Sundays?

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: Ah… Didn’t get it. Actually, closed on Saturday.

  64. malacoda says:

    Sports Illustrated is the absolute worst when it comes to fantasy rankings. What a plum job, and you don’t even have to know how to write or win. Here is what they have for 3rd base:

    4. Mark Reynolds
    5. Michael Young
    6. Aramis Ramirez
    7. Panda
    8. Chipper
    9. Zimmerman. Seriously, #9!

    Toot toot all aboard the failboat!


    Jareth Cutestory

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @malacoda: Didn’t even know SI had fantasy. A failboat indeed.

  66. Peoria says:

    @ Grey: Just mocked in a 12-team ESPN league and got Ryan Doumit in Rd 15 (pick 179)…really bad, right? Soto went 208th but I’m a Cards fan who refuses to own any Cubs to ensure I never have to root for any of them in any sense. Napoli went 222nd in Rd 19 and Ianetta went 260th in Rd 22.

    I guess my question is: If I decide to not grab the top 3-5 catchers (Mauer, McCann, VMart, Wieters, Montero), should I just wait it out as long as possible and take Napoli or Ianetta? Someone else maybe (can’t do Soto, I just can’t)?

    And also: Is it ever ok to take Doumit in hopes that he’s almost DUE to stay healthy?

    I’d appreciate the insight!

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Peoria: Wait as long as possible and take Napoli or Iannetta. Doumit’s fine to take, as long as it’s near the last rounds.

  68. Mark says:

    Hey Grey or anyone who wants to chime in, in an H2H which includes OPS and k’s for hitters as extra cats, does that vault Zobrist in front of Reyes in your rankings.

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: He’s a bit too risky for that sorta jump, but he could outproduce him, I just don’t fully trust Zobrist.

  70. Mark says:

    Hi Grey, I notice a lot of ranking have V-Mart around 300, about 18-23 HR’s, 100rbi’s. I know Great numbers for a catcher…but….

    I figure he will outproduce those numbers. I know they say he doesn’t hit that well while playing DH, but I figure he is only 31, contract year(?), plays at Fenway, always seems to hit 300, never slumps, and is still in his prime in a really good Red Sox lineup. Is there any reason he will not have career highs in a number of categories.

    Essentially, Why is VMart not projected/expected to have huge numbers, say close to 30 hr’s. 110rbi’s, 300 avg by anyone? What crucial stat am I missing?

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: Catcher position puts a lot of wear and tear on a player and he’s only one year removed from being terrible.

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