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AJ Hinch said, “Conor Jackson screams two-hole to me right now.”  That’s what Mexican food does to me.  Speaking of Mexican food, Conor Jackson is in a good position for runs, hitting in front of J-Upside, LaCucaracha, and Mini Donkey.  That’s also a good spot for LaRoche, assuming the D-Backs aren’t facing a lefty and it’s after the All-Star Break.  I tease.  Who knows, maybe LaRoche will get his act together, hit well the whole year and be a decent sleeper in the end rounds at your corner infidel spot.  Both Jackson and LaRoche are being drafted right now like they don’t even exist and, well, that feels wrong.  Anyway, here’s some more fantasy baseball news:

Andrew Bailey – Out for a week with tennis elbow.  No word exactly what caused it, but we’re guessing it’s from all the pressure on his serving when playing with his doubles’ partner, Brad Ziegler.  Stop with your underhand serve!  Wuertz hasn’t pitched yet in the spring, Waking Joey Devine is Walking Wounded Joey Devine until he sees game action, so that leaves Ziegler.  Here’s my IM exchange with Rudy about picking up Ziegler.   Me, “I’m grabbing Ziegler.”  Rudy, “Forget it, Grey, it’s Oaktown.”  He was right; I forgot it.  Bailey could still be ready to start the season, so this isn’t an immediate add, but, as I’ve been saying in the offseason, Bailey’s not that safe.  This could be a bullpen by committee by May 1st and Ziegler’s probably the third man on the totem pole.  Hard to say right now with so many injuries.  If this were in the middle of the season, I would’ve grabbed Ziegler.

Armando Galarraga – Optioned to the minors.  Minor league hitters celebrate.

Angel Guzman – Visited Dr. Freeze earlier this week.  Today, he’s on ice for most of the season.

J.R. Towles – Front-runner for the job of catcher in Houston as he bats .550 so far in the spring.  There’s not much power in his bat, but he could be a post-hype sleeper for the late round catcher brigade.

Scott DownsScott Downs’ Syndrome lives on as Gaston said that Downs is likely to open the season as the set-up man.  Gregg’s my frontrunner for the closer job.

Cliff Lee – Suspended for first 5 games of the season.  He tested positive for surliness.

Brandon Webb – Aiming for late-April.  Anyone wanna take bets that late-April becomes late-May?

Ron Washington – Tested positive for cocaine.  Last year, he fully admitted his transgression to the Rangers and MLB.  Then he admitted it again, then he rubbed his gums, then he asked if anyone had a smoke, then he admitted it again, then he talked at length about the differences between Whit Stillman’s Barcelona and that disco movie, then he went to a diner to “get some grub.”

  1. malacoda says:

    Surliness! Lulz.

  2. mapwheel says:

    Ugh, I did a trade last year that involved me giving away Damon for CoJack (among other lesser players), and what happens a week later? That jungle fever shit he came down with. Not to mention Damon went on to have a year that exceeded his projections. Fuck.

  3. Lava says:

    Poor Wash

    He was a standout guy as the A’s third base coach, and was whom Eric Chavez credited his great defense to. It was hard to see him go, but I was happy that he had a managing role.

    I guess we can only speculate as to what circumstances got him into it, but I’m hoping he makes a great recovery.

  4. I guess Grey noticed my Conor Jackson in the 24th round sleeper pick!

  5. I do like Conor this year, he wasn’t hurt at all…he had a serious viral infection common only to Arizona. Its nasty tho and no wonder he couldnt do anything last year. But I dont see any reason he cant hit .300 with 15+ HR if hes 100%, and if he’s hitting ahead of Upton, thats some nice tuns too. I dont see why Laroche wont hit 25 HR with 90 RBI’s either, he his 25 every year. If that’s boring, draft someione else.

    This is my 80% Accurate prediction of the Dbacks opening day lineup:

    SS Drew
    LF CoJack
    RF JUp
    1b LaRoche
    3b Mini Donkey
    C Montero
    CF Chris B Davis
    2b Scrubly Mc Jackson

  6. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    What do you think of this 16 team slow mock draft so far? I’m drafting 16th… 8×8 H2H – 2C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, 5OF, Util, 5SP, 4RP

    (16) Adrian Gonzalez
    (17) Matt Holliday
    (48) Adam Lind
    (49) Justin Verlander
    (80) Hunter Pence
    (81) Ricky Nolasco
    (112) Jay Bruce
    (113) Ian Stewart

    My next picks I’m aiming at Jose Lopez and Kevin Slowey. Would you have not made any of these picks?

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: This post was written before that, and Rudy’s more the one who’s gaga for Jackson, but, yeah, there’s that. Hey, easy on Scrubly. He’ll have value.

    @Cheese: I think you’re high on power and low on steals and average. Lopez will reinforce that.

  8. More LaRoche ramblings…We had the worst production from 1b in the ML last year. .275 with 25 HR and 90 RBI sounds a damn lot better than that. I liked the pickup personally, it was the best move the team could make within their limited FA budget. Ive been seeing him still on the board around r16-17 ish…

  9. I think if Davis has a repeat of last year Im gonna call him Chris “B Movie” Davis.

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: “B Movie?” Am I having a stupid problem? I don’t get it.

  11. I think Elijah is referring to Chris B Young.

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Oh. I thought he was referring to Ann B. Davis.

  13. Yeah doh, I need some coffee.

  14. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Come to think of it, the Screaming Two-Holes is not a bad name for a team.

  15. As far as Webb goes, not optimistic at all here either.

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, I think people are starting to back off him. For a while, ESPN had him in their top 80, I believe. Not sure if they’ve also backed off that.

  17. No, hes still there at #80, he goes around 100 typically.

  18. Hope this isn’t too long, that was another ESPN League draft I did last nite to warm up for the Big Draft on Sunday, I think I did well again this time. Once again Mauer off the board r1. Webby goes at 78.

    **- Represent your picks

    Round: 1
    (1) Team fitzgerald – Albert Pujols 1B
    (2) Team USA – Hanley Ramirez SS
    (3) Team Tichenor – Alex Rodriguez 3B
    ** (4) Team davis – Chase Utley 2B
    (5) HoF Legends – Joe Mauer C
    (6) Team pisano – Ryan Braun LF
    (7) Team Canada – Prince Fielder 1B
    (8) Team Nguyen – Miguel Cabrera 1B
    (9) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Matt Kemp CF
    (10) The Untouchabl AZ – Carl Crawford LF

    Round: 2
    (11) The Untouchabl AZ – Mark Teixeira 1B
    (12) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Ryan Howard 1B
    (13) Team Nguyen – David Wright 3B
    (14) Team Canada – Tim Lincecum SP
    (15) Team pisano – Evan Longoria 3B
    (16) HoF Legends – Justin Upton RF
    ** (17) Team davis – Troy Tulowitzki SS
    (18) Team Tichenor – Roy Halladay SP
    (19) Team USA – Jacoby Ellsbury CF
    (20) Team fitzgerald – Matt Holliday LF

    Round: 3
    (21) Team fitzgerald – Felix Hernandez SP
    (22) Team USA – Ian Kinsler 2B
    (23) Team Tichenor – Zack Greinke SP
    ** (24) Team davis – CC Sabathia SP
    (25) HoF Legends – Adrian Gonzalez 1B
    (26) Team pisano – Jimmy Rollins SS
    (27) Team Canada – Ryan Zimmerman 3B
    (28) Team Nguyen – Ichiro Suzuki RF
    (29) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Derek Jeter SS
    (30) The Untouchabl AZ – Pablo Sandoval 3B

    Round: 4
    (31) The Untouchabl AZ – Dan Haren SP
    (32) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Robinson Cano 2B
    (33) Team Nguyen – Dustin Pedroia 2B
    (34) Team Canada – Adam Lind LF
    (35) Team pisano – Brian Roberts 2B
    (36) HoF Legends – Jon Lester SP
    ** (37) Team davis – Mark Reynolds 3B
    (38) Team Tichenor – Grady Sizemore CF
    (39) Team USA – Joey Votto 1B
    (40) Team fitzgerald – Adam Wainwright SP

    Round: 5
    (41) Team fitzgerald – Jason Bay LF
    (42) Team USA – Jayson Werth RF
    (43) Team Tichenor – Kevin Youkilis 3B
    ** (44) Team davis – Justin Morneau 1B
    (45) HoF Legends – Cliff Lee SP
    (46) Team pisano – Victor Martinez C
    (47) Team Canada – Justin Verlander SP
    (48) Team Nguyen – Johan Santana SP
    (49) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Brian McCann C
    (50) The Untouchabl AZ – Kendry Morales 1B

    Round: 6
    (51) The Untouchabl AZ – Josh Beckett SP
    (52) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Ben Zobrist 2B
    (53) Team Nguyen – Chris Carpenter SP
    (54) Team Canada – Nelson Cruz RF
    (55) Team pisano – Mariano Rivera RP
    (56) HoF Legends – Andre Ethier RF
    ** (57) Team davis – Curtis Granderson CF
    (58) Team Tichenor – Brandon Phillips 2B
    (59) Team USA – Jose Reyes SS
    (60) Team fitzgerald – Chone Figgins 3B

    Round: 7
    (61) Team fitzgerald – Nick Markakis RF
    (62) Team USA – B.J. Upton CF
    (63) Team Tichenor – Carlos Lee LF
    ** (64) Team davis – Adam Jones CF
    (65) HoF Legends – Howie Kendrick 2B
    (66) Team pisano – Jonathan Broxton RP
    (67) Team Canada – Adam Dunn 1B
    (68) Team Nguyen – Shin-Soo Choo RF
    (69) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Josh Johnson SP
    (70) The Untouchabl AZ – Aaron Hill 2B

    Round: 8
    (71) The Untouchabl AZ – Javier Vazquez SP
    (72) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Jonathan Papelbon RP
    (73) Team Nguyen – Yovani Gallardo SP
    (74) Team Canada – Manny Ramirez LF
    (75) Team pisano – Tommy Hanson SP
    (76) HoF Legends – Torii Hunter CF
    ** (77) Team davis – Cole Hamels SP
    (78) Team Tichenor – Brandon Webb SP
    (79) Team USA – Aramis Ramirez 3B
    (80) Team fitzgerald – Bobby Abreu RF

    Round: 9
    (81) Team fitzgerald – Shane Victorino CF
    (82) Team USA – Billy Butler 1B
    (83) Team Tichenor – Andrew McCutchen CF
    ** (84) Team davis – Gordon Beckham 3B
    (85) HoF Legends – Francisco Rodriguez RP
    (86) Team pisano – Derrek Lee 1B
    (87) Team Canada – Elvis Andrus SS
    (88) Team Nguyen – Ricky Nolasco SP
    (89) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Josh Hamilton CF
    (90) The Untouchabl AZ – Carlos Pena 1B

    Round: 10
    (91) The Untouchabl AZ – Raul Ibanez LF
    (92) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Matt Wieters C
    (93) Team Nguyen – Hunter Pence RF
    (94) Team Canada – Jake Peavy SP
    (95) Team pisano – Carlos Quentin LF
    (96) HoF Legends – Erick Aybar SS
    ** (97) Team davis – Clayton Kershaw SP
    (98) Team Tichenor – Lance Berkman 1B
    (99) Team USA – Johnny Damon LF
    (100) Team fitzgerald – Joakim Soria RP

    Round: 11
    (101) Team fitzgerald – Michael Young 3B
    (102) Team USA – Matt Cain SP
    (103) Team Tichenor – Nate McLouth CF
    ** (104) Team davis – Ubaldo Jimenez SP
    (105) HoF Legends – Chipper Jones 3B
    (106) Team pisano – Wandy Rodriguez SP
    (107) Team Canada – Jay Bruce RF
    (108) Team Nguyen – Alex Rios CF
    (109) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Andrew Bailey RP
    (110) The Untouchabl AZ – Jason Bartlett SS

    Round: 12
    (111) The Untouchabl AZ – Jason Heyward RF
    (112) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Heath Bell RP
    (113) Team Nguyen – Stephen Drew SS
    (114) Team Canada – Dan Uggla 2B
    (115) Team pisano – John Lackey SP
    (116) HoF Legends – Chad Billingsley SP
    ** (117) Team davis – Denard Span CF
    (118) Team Tichenor – Nyjer Morgan LF
    (119) Team USA – Carlos Beltran CF
    (120) Team fitzgerald – Francisco Cordero RP

    Round: 13
    (121) Team fitzgerald – Huston Street RP
    (122) Team USA – Jose Lopez 2B
    (123) Team Tichenor – Alexei Ramirez SS
    ** (124) Team davis – Carlos Gonzalez LF
    (125) HoF Legends – Brian Wilson RP
    (126) Team pisano – Jason Kubel RF
    (127) Team Canada – Jose Valverde RP
    (128) Team Nguyen – Brad Hawpe RF
    (129) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Asdrubal Cabrera 2B
    (130) The Untouchabl AZ – Michael Bourn CF

    Round: 14
    (131) The Untouchabl AZ – Matt Garza SP
    (132) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Juan Pierre LF
    (133) Team Nguyen – Ian Stewart 2B
    (134) Team Canada – Roy Oswalt SP
    (135) Team pisano – Scott Baker SP
    (136) HoF Legends – Jered Weaver SP
    ** (137) Team davis – Alfonso Soriano LF
    (138) Team Tichenor – Jair Jurrjens SP
    (139) Team USA – Brett Anderson SP
    (140) Team fitzgerald – Adrian Beltre 3B

    Round: 15
    (141) Team fitzgerald – Yunel Escobar SS
    (142) Team USA – Miguel Montero C
    (143) Team Tichenor – James Shields SP
    ** (144) Team davis – David Aardsma RP
    (145) HoF Legends – Julio Borbon LF
    (146) Team pisano – Michael Cuddyer 1B
    (147) Team Canada – A.J. Burnett SP
    (148) Team Nguyen – Max Scherzer SP
    (149) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Rajai Davis CF
    (150) The Untouchabl AZ – Trevor Hoffman RP

    Round: 16
    (151) The Untouchabl AZ – Rich Harden SP
    (152) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Clay Buchholz SP
    (153) Team Nguyen – Francisco Liriano SP
    (154) Team Canada – Chris Davis 1B
    (155) Team pisano – Franklin Gutierrez CF
    (156) HoF Legends – Nolan Reimold LF
    ** (157) Team davis – Dexter Fowler CF
    (158) Team Tichenor – Tim Hudson SP
    (159) Team USA – Vladimir Guerrero DH
    (160) Team fitzgerald – Billy Wagner RP

    Round: 17
    (161) Team fitzgerald – John Danks SP
    (162) Team USA – Chad Qualls RP
    (163) Team Tichenor – Ted Lilly SP
    ** (164) Team davis – Carlos Marmol RP
    (165) HoF Legends – Hideki Matsui DH
    (166) Team pisano – Gavin Floyd SP
    (167) Team Canada – Rafael Soriano RP
    (168) Team Nguyen – Frank Francisco RP
    (169) Chattanooga Caddyshack – J.A. Happ SP
    (170) The Untouchabl AZ – Ryan Ludwick RF

    Round: 18
    (171) The Untouchabl AZ – Ryan Franklin RP
    (172) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Rick Porcello SP
    (173) Team Nguyen – Adam LaRoche 1B
    (174) Team Canada – Brian Fuentes RP
    (175) Team pisano – David Price SP
    (176) HoF Legends – Todd Helton 1B
    ** (177) Team davis – Alcides Escobar SS
    (178) Team Tichenor – Ryan Theriot SS
    (179) Team USA – David Ortiz DH
    (180) Team fitzgerald – Rafael Furcal SS

    Round: 19
    (181) Team fitzgerald – Scott Kazmir SP
    (182) Team USA – Chris Coghlan LF
    (183) Team Tichenor – Juan Rivera LF
    ** (184) Team davis – Ryan Dempster SP
    (185) HoF Legends – Jorge Cantu 3B
    (186) Team pisano – Jorge Posada C
    (187) Team Canada – Jorge De La Rosa SP
    (188) Team Nguyen – Bobby Jenks RP
    (189) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Stephen Strasburg SP
    (190) The Untouchabl AZ – Edwin Jackson SP

    Round: 20
    (191) The Untouchabl AZ – Placido Polanco 2B
    (192) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Martin Prado 2B
    (193) Team Nguyen – James Loney 1B
    (194) Team Canada – Cody Ross CF
    (195) Team pisano – Joe Blanton SP
    (196) HoF Legends – Kerry Wood RP
    ** (197) Team davis – Jonathan Sanchez SP
    (198) Team Tichenor – Derek Lowe SP
    (199) Team USA – Octavio Dotel RP
    (200) Team fitzgerald – Ryan Doumit C

    Round: 21
    (201) Team fitzgerald – Wade Davis SP
    (202) Team USA – Mike Gonzalez RP
    (203) Team Tichenor – Joel Pineiro SP
    ** (204) Team davis – Yadier Molina C
    (205) HoF Legends – Lastings Milledge LF
    (206) Team pisano – Vernon Wells CF
    (207) Team Canada – Geovany Soto C
    (208) Team Nguyen – Garrett Jones 1B
    (209) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Carlos Zambrano SP
    (210) The Untouchabl AZ – Mark Buehrle SP

    Round: 22
    (211) The Untouchabl AZ – Brian Matusz SP
    (212) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Magglio Ordonez RF
    (213) Team Nguyen – Mat Latos SP
    (214) Team Canada – Brad Lidge RP
    (215) Team pisano – Rickie Weeks 2B
    (216) HoF Legends – Leo Nunez RP
    ** (217) Team davis – Mike Napoli C
    (218) Team Tichenor – Russell Martin C
    (219) Team USA – Hiroki Kuroda SP
    (220) Team fitzgerald – Kelly Johnson 2B

    Round: 23
    (221) Team fitzgerald – Brandon Lyon RP
    (222) Team USA – Bronson Arroyo SP
    (223) Team Tichenor – Mark DeRosa 3B
    ** (224) Team davis – Jon Rauch RP
    (225) HoF Legends – Everth Cabrera SS
    (226) Team pisano – Chase Headley 3B
    (227) Team Canada – Scott Sizemore 2B
    (228) Team Nguyen – Matt Capps RP
    (229) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Randy Wolf SP
    (230) The Untouchabl AZ – Bengie Molina C

    Round: 24
    (231) The Untouchabl AZ – Ben Sheets SP
    (232) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Maicer Izturis 2B
    (233) Team Nguyen – Corey Hart RF
    (234) Team Canada – Paul Konerko 1B
    (235) Team pisano – Kevin Slowey SP
    (236) HoF Legends – Aaron Harang SP
    ** (237) Team davis – Phil Hughes SP
    (238) Team Tichenor – Brett Gardner CF
    (239) Team USA – Daisuke Matsuzaka SP
    (240) Team fitzgerald – J.J. Hardy SS

    Round: 25
    (241) Team fitzgerald – Alex Gordon 3B
    (242) Team USA – Jason Frasor RP
    (243) Team Tichenor – Marco Scutaro SS
    ** (244) Team davis – Nick Johnson 1B
    (245) HoF Legends – Luis Castillo 2B
    (246) Team pisano – Conor Jackson LF
    (247) Team Canada – Chris Young CF
    (248) Team Nguyen – Kurt Suzuki C
    (249) Chattanooga Caddyshack – Troy Glaus 3B
    (250) The Untouchabl AZ – Aroldis Chapman SP

  19. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, that’s a little long.

  20. charlie batch says:

    Thanks for everything youve done Grey. I cant say I understand why you put the time in to help people like us every day (unless you got a free hot tub out of it) but I can say that I appreciate it. Youre smarter than anyone at espn or yahoo but as far as I know you dont make the salary (whatever that salary may be).

    This is my first draft this year! Using altered rankings of yours and your tiering system, I drafted this team. I had 12th pick (of 12), with H2H 6×6 rules (standard scoring, plus quality starts and triples), and 2 starting 1Bs (c, 1b, 1b, 2b, 3b, ss, of, of, of, util, sp, sp, rp, rp, p, p, p, p, bn bn bn).

    With that said, this is my team! Let me know what you think:

    (12) Longoria. Was hoping for Miggy but he was taken the pick before.
    (13) Lincecum. All the good 1Bs were gone after Miggy. It was either lincy or Holliday, and I thought it might be a stretch that early for him. Either way I wasnt thrilled with this pick.
    (36) Youkilis. Needed 1Bs, asap. After Youkilis there was only 1 good 1B left, which lead to…
    (37) Morneau. Pleased with these last two picks in a two-1B league. I feel theres a large dropoff after Youky (adam dunn).
    (60) BJ Upton. Pleased with this.
    (61) Adam Lind. Not pleased at all. I was praying Johan would slip to me at this turn, but he was taken 1 pick before my 60th. Lind was taken out of panic.
    (84) Hamilton. Not bad, he could be awesome. Made mental note to take decent backup OF later in draft.
    (85) Hamels. Knew I needed to start looking at SPs even though I had lincy.
    (108) Quentin. Wanted him. A very good fit for a Util spot, if a bit early. Could be the steal of any draft.
    (109) Billingsley. Kinda pissed, was waiting for Ian Stewart to fall at this turn but was taken a few slots before. Put a bit of a strain on my 2B/SS pickins but Bills isnt that bad.
    (132) Andrus. Knew I needed to reach a BIT for an MI when Stewart didnt made it back to me. Not thrilled here but Ill take it.
    (133) Garza. With QS a stat, I figured getting a few of the half decent SPs before theyre gone couldnt hurt.
    (156) Marmol. Needed to start looking at RPs and was a bit surprised to see marmol still there.
    (157) Aardsma.
    (180) Oswalt
    (181) Clint Barmes. Either him or Rickie Weeks. Could have waited perhaps? I needed a 2B.
    (204) Jon Sanchez. Everyone needs a 6th starter…
    (205) Octavio Dotel.
    (228) Nolan Reimold. Flummoxed that he was still here. So happy he fell!! Great backup to Hamilton/Quentin’s wheelchair!
    (229) Bobby Jenks.
    (252) Soto. Love leaving catcher to last pick!!

    What should I be looking for in trades to balance out, if it isnt too much trouble!

  21. @Grey:

    OK, sorry about that.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:

    @charlie batch: Thanks for the kind words! Looks like some solid hitting, minus the steals, which makes your runs a little low too. Upton and Andrus are decent for steals in H2H, but they’re not good for Runs. You have such good power elsewhere though, that I’d let the chips fall where they may in the beginning of the year then maybe trade a hot starter for someone like Jeter. I know, blech, but on your team it could work. Your pitching is great, if anything maybe too strong.

  23. Brian says:

    I’ll take Washington off my sleepers list. Thanks!

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Brian: Yeah, don’t think he’s much of a sleeper.

  25. charlie batch says:

    just offered this: my adam lind/clint barmes for his brandon phillips/michael bourn

  26. Eddy says:

    Hey Grey, I joined a random public league in Yahoo because I felt that the RCL and my other league wern’t going to satisfy my cravings this year.

    I wanted to know in what order would you put these guys:

    Rauch, F.Morales, Zeigler, The Pigeon That Dave Winfield Killed’s Vengeful Grandson, in the order that they’ll have the greatest success at closing.

  27. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: That order.

  28. Eddy says:

    All right thank you very much.

  29. JoeC says:

    Why does Kevin Gregg win ever closer’s job that he competes for, even though he clearly sucks eggs?

    Does he know some weird voodoo curse that only works during Spring Training?

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JoeC: He’s got moxie.

  31. Steve says:

    @Grey: “Wants the ball in the ninth inning.”
    Opposing hitters want him to want it too. Ah Cheap Trick, where have you gone?

  32. DonSlaught'sOnslaught says:

    Let’s see Eric Karabell bring out a Last Days of Disco reference.

  33. Van Hammersly says:

    @DonSlaught’sOnslaught: @Grey: Haha, I thought Ron Washington would’ve been talking about how it “blew his mind” when some of the characters from Metropolitan reappeared as twenty-somethings in Last Days of Disco. I love all those Chris Eigeman movies.

  34. Steve says:

    @Grey: Well, I am 20 hours ahead of you.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Van Hammersly: Yeah, I wish Stillman would do more films. Instead Kevin Smith keeps working. Alas…

    @Steve: I should’ve had you fill out my brackets.

  36. Steve says:

    @Grey: Didn’t think you were a basketball guy.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’m a gambling man! Joking. I’m not, actually forgot to fill it out. Oh well.

  38. Steve says:

    @Grey: Me neither, although as a fan of US sport I do kinda follow, and like to know how these things work. p0rk has kindly been givng me lessons.

    I do remember seeing MJ make The Shot for UNC against Georgetown on TV back in the day, though.

  39. royce! says:

    In a ten team league in which I project to be in need of R and SB, should I grab CoJack or AusJack?

    Also, thanks for the previous post, which confirmed that I need R and SB.

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I’m not a fan of football, but I like it more than basketball.

    @royce!: Grab AusJack. No problem, the last post was mostly Rudy, I just posted it.

  41. Eddy says:

    Yuck, I got the 7th spot in my draft.

    I’m hoping i can nab Tex (he’s at 8th). Do you prefer Wright or Kinsler in the following round?

  42. Commish Cauda says:

    No love for Brad Kilby as the possible future Closer in Oakland?

  43. Eddy says:

    I can see this is the league that’ll probably need the least attention. Utley actually fell to me at 7. Dude before me picked Kinsler…

    So far I’ve got Utley, A.Gonzalez, and Zimm.

    Shootin’ for Werth followed by Grandy

  44. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Thanks for the heads up!

  45. Jon says:

    Re: Brandon Webb

    I feel at this point they need to specify late-April of what season

  46. Eddy says:

    I have Utley, Andrus, Pence, and Werth as my only Sb guys.

    Do I use a Util spot on Reimold or Borbon? Or any other suggestions?

  47. Will says:

    Bossman Junior, Sizemore, Granderson, CarGo – too risky an outfield? Or just risky enough that it might work?

    Also, I loved the Ron Washington comment.

  48. Eddy says:

    I ended up going with CarGo….in the 17th round.

    God, I thought only mocks were this terrible.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jon: Ha!

    @Eddy: How many teams is this?

    @Will: Thanks! Looks fine, not too risky.

    @Eddy: Okay.

  50. David_C says:

    Thanks you guys can’t keep your mouths shut about anybody, it sucks for those that do their research

  51. Eddy says:

    It’s a public yahoo league, 12 teams H2H. I’ll post up my team in a few minutes. 2 guys weren’t there and one was apparently throwing the draft which took the fun out of it. But whatever, another 1st place trophy is looking pretty damn good.

  52. Bob says:

    In a league where I drafted 6 legit closers (which I use as trade bait for people who forget), I have been offered my K Rod and Strasburg for his Josh Johnson. My current other SP’s are Hamels, Oswalt and Clay Buchholz.

    I’m not sure how much Strasburg is actually going to be worth this year.

    This is a one-year league I really want to win. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @David_C: This is your research, no?

    @Eddy: Gotcha

    @Bob: I’d take Johnson there. Immediately.

  54. Eddy says:

    My team. I at least hope that 1/4 of the people will still be there by July. Sorry for the weird format I pasted it in. I guess when you finish real drafts they don’t email you the results. And yes, my arm still hurts from that reach on Zimmerman, but hey I got Gonzo anyways right?

    FlufferNutters McGee

    1. (7) Chase Utley
    2. (18) Ryan Zimmerman
    3. (31) Adrián González
    4. (42) Jayson Werth
    5. (55) Adam Lind
    6. (66) Johan Santana
    7. (79) Justin Verlander
    8. (90) Hunter Pence
    9. (103)Cole Hamels
    10. (114)Carlos Quentin
    11. (127 )Elvis Andrus
    12. (138)Carlos Mármol
    13. (151)Geovany Soto
    14. (162)David Aardsma
    15. (175)Roy Oswalt
    16. (186)Jonathan Sánchez
    17. (199)Carlos González
    18. (210)Ryan Franklin
    19. (223)Octavio Dotel
    20. (234)Ervin Santana
    21. (247)Johnny Cueto
    22. (258)Everth Cabrera
    23. (271)Jon Rauch

    Any weaknesses you see off the bat?

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Really love the Everth/Andrus combo. They’re a perfect match to this team. Well done overall on the hitting front. Your pitching is very solid too. Good base and solid upside fliers later on. Nicely played.

  56. Eddy says:

    Thanks, I only wish I could draft this team in my money league. Oh well, a guy can dream!

  57. Bob says:

    @Grey: Thanks.

  58. David_C says:


    Not really I just log in and look to see if you have pulled the cat outta the bag on some of my targets…
    And you guys consistently have… :-(

    I complain about this because there’s alot of guys in my lgs that check this site from time to time..

    I just wish you revealed late round gems after spring training… all my drafts should be done by then :-)

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: You’re showing your age, old timer.

  60. Steve says:

    @Grey: Tis true, so true. But someone needs to remind you young people that TV is not all about reality shows.

    Now get off my lawn!

  61. Adam says:

    Any thoughts on this team? I’m thinking AVG might be a bit low, but other than that I feel pretty good…

    10 team 5×5 Roto Keeper (5)

    Feliz-y Does It

    C – Napoli
    1B – Teix
    2B – Utley
    3B – Mini-Donk
    SS – Drew
    MI – Theriot
    CI – RoboJones
    OF – Ellsbury
    OF – Grandy
    OF – Werth
    OF – Sparkakis
    Util – CarGo
    Bench – Reimold
    Bench – Coghlan

    P – Lincecum
    P – Greinke
    P – Hamels
    P – Wandy
    P – Slowey
    P – Wolfman
    P – Wells
    P – Hughes
    P – Feliz
    P – B. Wilson
    P – Gregg
    P – Rauch
    P – Guerrier
    P – Street
    P – Morales
    P – C. Perez

  62. Adam says:

    @Adam: I’ll have a few extra roster spots once Street is placed on the DL and the Rauch/Guerrier situation is settled (hopefully), but that’s how it’s looking now

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I was just getting my ball from your yard, chillax.

    @Adam: You’ll struggle on average, but that’s not a major issue. Your hitting looks real balanced other than that. Like how you’re getting speed and power from most guys. Your pitching is obviously stacked. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can even flip a guy like Hamels sometime in the beginning of the season for another bat.

  64. Another league I joined to test out a 12 team 5×5 roto std format draft. Feels like I need more SB.

    C- Weiters (95)
    1b Pujols (2)
    2b B Phillips (47)
    3b R Zimmerman (23)
    SS Al Escobar (170)
    MI I Stewart (143)
    CI Robot Jones (194)
    OF C Granderson (50)
    OF A Jones (71)
    OF D Span (98)
    OF CarGo (119)
    OF C Rasmus (263)
    Util CoJack (242)

    Bench T Snider (266)
    Bench C Maybin (290)

    SP Z Greinke (23)
    SP C Hamels (74)
    SP AJ Burnett (146)
    SP R Dempster (191)
    SP K Slowey (239)
    SP J Sanchez (218)
    SP J Cueto (287)

    RP J Valverde (122)
    RP D Aardsma (167)
    RP L Nunez (215)

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elijah: No, I think the steals are all right as long as Alcides brings what he can to the party. If anything, you feel light on power on the hitting side. Might be the Greinke pick that did that. Your pitching is obviously fine.

  66. @Grey:

    Yeah I just told myself I wanted one team with Greinke this year. Probably would have been better off with A Gonzalez.

  67. The Dude says:

    12 team, 6×6 (+OPS, +Holds) keep 5:


    That’s the order I’m currently thinking to keep. I bumped Reyes down to the 5 slot when the thyroid hit the news. Would you keep Aramis or Beckett over him now?

  68. The Dude says:

    @The Dude: Forgot to mention this is H2H – but doubt it matters much…

  69. Adam says:

    @The Dude: I’d stick with what you have. Aramis would be an ironic replacement selection if injuries are your main concern, and I’m never a big fan of keeping pitchers (aside from those named Lincecum, obviously). Your scoring categories seem to favor hitting over starting pitchers even more, as there are 6 categories for a hitter to potentially contribute, and only 4 for a starting pitcher.

    Lincecum is the best pitcher in the game, AGon gives you a great source of power, Reyes gives you a great source of speed, Kemp gives you both, and Upton could potentially be both…Stick with what you’ve got

  70. Terrence Mann says:

    If this fluff piece has teeth and isn’t base-less, the Ron Washington press from the blotter pushes Cruz’s value up. With flaky Washington on the pine, Cruz is currently in line to bat sixth (even with all his pop and homers). A lot of things could happen that bump him up and let him have a crack at cleanup. Hamilton could get hurt. Hamilton could relapse. He hasn’t exactly been a rock at number 3. Washington could relapse (I don’t really believe his bunk). The Rangers could play like junk, be left in the division’s dust, and Washington could get fired, anyway. I don’t wish ill will on anyone struggling with narcotics addiction and won’t throw barbs but this whole turkey could snowball. Cruz riding in on his white horse and hitting 4th would be a dream and paradise for his roto owners.

    Not foo-foo stuff. Heavy stuff. Not trying to blow smoke or just be a goofball, here. Cruz owners are amped. Happy trails, razzers.

  71. Shogun says:

    @Brian: @Grey: I’d come here just for the coke jokes. (Yes, that’s a compliment.)

  72. Colin says:

    WTF is Washington doing coke for? At his age when he’s not playing baseball, he should be watching CSI with his feet up on his ottoman smoking a pipe. Cocaine? Holy shit that’s hardcore at age 57.

  73. Colin says:

    Should say when he’s not managing baseball.

  74. Andre says:

    I hear Ron Washington’s hiring Doc Gooden as pitching coach… fill in your own cokey punchline.

    Pretty new to the site but I have to say in a short time it’s become my favorite fantasy baseball blog. Not only informative but funny as fuck! Keep doing your thing guys.

    @Dude… Wait a sec, are you in my league? Nah we declared our keeps already… Weird another owner in my league has similar roster.

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